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    Paper Reverse Tuck Box

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    Kraft Reverse Tuck Box

    Kraft reverse tuck box is lightweight and is usually perfect for small products like soap, lipstick, etc.

    Cardboard Reverse Tuck Box

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    Perfume Reverse Tuck Box

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    Dried Food Reverse Tuck Box

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    Gold Stamping Reverse Tuck Box

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    Spot UV Reverse Tuck Box

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    Matte Reverse Tuck Box.

    Matte personalized reverse tuck box would be perfect for any kind of product boxes. Send Best4U your detailed requirement

    Best4U Professional Engineers and Advanced High Technology Machines

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    UV Printing
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    Reverse Tuck Box
    Reverse Tuck Box
    Reverse Tuck Box
    Dried Food Reverse Tuck Box..,
    .Reverse Tuck Box
    .Reverse Tuck Box
    Skincare Reverse Tuck Box
    Perfume Reverse Tuck Box.

    “Best4U CAn Satisfy The Needs of Your Custom Reverse Tuck Box”

    Best4U is known to be producing top-grade reverse tuck box for different brands worldwide. Custom reverse tuck box usually used for packing products. This is a way to secure your products from any damages. Reverse tuck box also provides beauty and safety of your products.

    Custom reverse tuck box used by almost every industrial company. These are commonly used to package everything from cosmetics to technological products. Reverse tuck box is required for all types of packing. Best4U offers a wide selection of reverse tuck box at a very low price in response to the growing demand for packing boxes.

    Best4U has all types of reverse tuck box to meet every requirement for your reverse tuck box. We provide a variety of reverse tuck box to help your business grow, assist you in every way we can, and give your brand a unique style and character for your reverse tuck box.

    Best4U specializes in customization. Customizing your reverse tuck box helps you promote your brand and restore the uniqueness of your business. Best4U assists you in customization with our 3 professional designers. If you do not have yet a layout for your reverse tuck box Best4U’s team will give its hand to make sure every detail that you need for your reverse tuck box is being applied.

    Your personalized reverse tuck box is easy to open and close. It is usually great for packing not just 1 item but with different products like food, cosmetics, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and many more. Best4U personalized reverse tuck boxes are available in all shapes and sizes depending on the demand of your brand or product.

    Best4U’s reverse tuck boxes are in high-quality material. Material options for your reverse tuck box such as cardboard paper reverse tuck box, kraft paper reverse tuck box, corrugated paper reverse tuck box, textured reverse tuck box gold/silver paper reverse tuck box. Your reverse tuck box will be more noticeable as a result of this. It protects your product and lowers the risk of brand damage. 

    With Best4U’s premium quality printing arts that will give your personalized reverse tuck box a premium look. Options that you may select for printing arts are UV reverse tuck box, CMYK reverse tuck box, PMS reverse tuck box, emboss reverse tuck box, and hot stamping reverse tuck box. Choose the printing arts that best suit your brand. 

    Best4U has its large manufacturing lines that can produce and give you more than 30000 reverse tuck boxes in just 5 hours. We accept large orders of you customize reverse tuck box and send them to you within the day. Call our team and we will process your orders immediately.

    Best4U customer service will be with you before and after the sales. Our team will make sure that all are in place from the details and layout of your reverse tuck box to shipping and after delivering your products. Best4U’s team prioritizes the needs of your reverse tuck box so we guarantee you 100% satisfaction. 

    As trusted by more than 1000 global brands. Best4U continues to deliver services to you. Contact our team and send them the details and layout that you need for your reverse tuck box and Best4U will make it happen. Best4U makes sure that the trust you give us will be taken care of. 

    We serve the market for more than 10 years and continues to manufacture high-quality custom reverse tuck boxes. We ensure the quality of each product before sending it to you. The team that checks the quality of each product has 4x QC checking. 

    Best4U manufactures not just custom reverse tuck boxes. We also have a different kind of packaging and custom boxes that fits your brand like a customize cosmetic box packaging perfect for your cosmetic products and gives the beauty of your brand. We also have a customized soap box packaging that would make your soap products more interesting.

    If you are outside China, Best4U can still supply you with the custom reverse tuck box that you need. With our Fast-shipping services, we assure you that your products will arrive on time of schedule. We can ship customized reverse tuck boxes anywhere in the world. 

    Best4U accepts small orders with our minimum order quality of 1000 pieces of custom reverse tuck box at a very affordable price. 

    Best4U also offers a sample of custom reverse tuck boxes that you can check before ordering big numbers of the custom reverse tuck box. And we assure you that Best4U manufacture only high-quality custom reverse tuck box with an amazing design. 

    Best4U ensures that quality is in place during the shipping of products. The custom reverse tuck box is placed inside strong boxes that avoid possible damage to your custom reverse tuck box, especially during the shipment.

    Call us now and be satisfied with the Best4U custom reverse tuck box!

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide – Reverse Tuck Box

    Create a functional packaging that can make your product safe in a various ways.

    We will help you discover what kind of packaging is the reverse tuck box that might boost your branding image in the business industry.

    This guide has informational details that will assist you in the selection of customizing your reverse tuck box, how is it made and so on.

    1. What is a reverse tuck box, and how does it work?

    The reverse tuck box is extensively used in the packaging of items for storage, product advertising, and event keepsakes, among other things.

    reverse tuck box

    It is built of high-quality materials and is used by a wide range of brands around the world.

    It merely covers the items and prevents them from being exposed and being damaged.

    The reverse tuck box can be assembled easily with both side folds.

    Customers will be enticed by creative designs on this form of packaging, which will increase its visible look.

    2. What products are appropriate for use in a reverse tuck box?

    The reverse tuck box is ideal for any product that may be simply handled.

    It can pack different items such as:

    • Pharmaceutical products
    • Cosmetics
    • Food products
    • Perfumes
    • Toys
    • Essential oils
    • Skincare products
    • Electronic products
    • Grocery products

    There are a lot more industries that a reverse tuck box that can be used that can help your lives easier.

    The reverse tuck box is very useful and necessary to have in a retail business, homemade products, and big-time businesses these days.

    It has many purposes and is a big help to those who are just starting their line in the business sector.

    3. What is a spot UV reverse tuck box?

    The spot UV printing is very famous for printing packaging boxes.

    Spot UV reverse tuck box

    Spot UV is the process of varnishing the surface of the material with UV inks.

    It runs smoothly with a UV machine that prints out a luxurious reverse tuck box.

    This printing process will highlight the images, text, and brand logo with a glossy effect.

    The spot UV reverse tuck box is one of the top choices of branded products because it delivers a beautiful output to every product you display on the shelves.

    4. Is it good to construct a water-resistant reverse tuck box?


    The water-resistant reverse tuck box is the best choice to protect the product from any liquid that can cause damage to the packaging.

    It is laminated with plastic to support the packaging and safeguard it.

    One thing you have to remember is to make your reverse tuck box water resistant.

    There are some benefits of a water resistant reverse tuck box.

    See below:

    • Prolong application
    • Can endure different liquid splashes
    • High durability
    • The prints are intact
    • Cost-effective

    Thousands of product brands use this kind of packaging that is waterproof and it has a big assurance to make the packaging last for a long period of time.

    5. How to make the reverse tuck box manually?

    You can make a DIY reverse tuck box at your home.

    DIY of reverse tuck box

    You need to have the materials such as cardboard paper, cutter, glue gun (adhesive), measuring tape, printed cover, and plastic cover for lamination.

    These are the steps to make a reverse tuck box manually:

    • First, get the measurement of the product and the measurement of the reverse tuck box you will make. ( The width, height, and the length )
    • After getting the dimensions, cut accurately the cardboard paper into its exact size and fold the flaps as well.
    • Let the cut material join together using the glue gun or any kind of adhesive you have.
    • Leave it for 10 – 20 minutes to dry it up.
    • After drying it up, cover the reverse tuck box with a printed cover to make it presentable and beautiful to look at.
    • To make it water resistant, cover it with a plastic cover properly.

    After all those steps. You can try to put your product inside the finished reverse tuck box that is done manually.

    6. What are some of the benefits of a reverse tuck box?

    This reverse tuck box is a well-known packaging in the business industry and it is being utilized by many companies globally for how many decades.

    These boxes are amazing in every way.

    We have a list of some benefits of using the reverse tuck box. See the list below:

    • Low costs packaging
    • Incredibly simple to use
    • Products will be secured
    • Can be in various artwork designs
    • Unique packaging for all items

    The reverse tuck box is a genuinely stunning packaging box that can be used in a multitude of ways.

    It is an excellent option to ensure high-quality packaging without spending big bucks.

    7. How to make a well-designed personalized reverse tuck box?

    It is an advantage to pick a good packaging that can be personalized within your demands.

    The good thing is that this reverse tuck box is customizable according to your specific needs.

    personalized reverse tuck box

    It was really cost-effective to employ them and get fantastic outcomes for your business.

    When you personalize the reverse tuck box, you have to set your requirements so that it would be easier for you to come up with a good result.

    Set up the right dimensions of the reverse tuck box, the materials, printed designs, and the shape of the box you need.

    Customers tend to attract more to the items that are with bright colorful designs and with bold letter texts.

    It can be with different themes, like striped designs, floral, rainbow, vintage, etc.

    Making your reverse tuck box well-designed is one way to make consumers pick your brand and bring it home.

    8. What printing methods are available for reverse tuck boxes?

    The reverse tuck box is made to be shelf-ready.

    The printing methods can enhance the look of your packaging.

    Without the prints, your box will look ugly and dull.

    You can choose the following printing arts to customize the reverse tuck box.

    Printing Methods:

    • Embossing
    • Hot stamping
    • UV printing
    • CMYK printing
    • PMS printing
    • Debossing
    • Digital printing
    • Offset printing
    • Flexography

    All of these printing methods have a different process in the way they are applied to a specific material.

    However, these are all quality standard printing techniques for custom reverser tuck boxes.

    Offset Printing

    For large-volume printing on the reverse tuck box, it provides greater image quality and cost-effectiveness.

    Newspapers, brochures, stationery, and books are just a few examples of how it’s used including packaging boxes.

    In printing, offset printing, also known as offset lithography or litho-offset, is a popularly used printing in all kinds of materials and packaging.

    It is the procedure in which the text, logo, or images is being printed on the surface and transferred into the material or paper.

    CMYK Printing

    Brands that want a customized reverse tuck box and demand multi-colored inks to provide a genuine graphic or design will be benefited from CMYK printing.

    Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black are abbreviated as CMYK.

    It works like this: a mix of these four colors is utilized to achieve a certain color.

    9. Is it possible for me to manufacture any size reverse tuck box?

    Yes, of course.

    The size of the reverse tuck box may vary from the product’s size.

    You can modify the sizes of your box as you want.

    We have some preferred sizes for the reverse tuck box that you can apply.




    Reverse Tuck Box

    Sr. No.

    Packaging Size ( inch )


    3.63″ x 3.63″ x 2.25″


    4.13″ x 4.13″ x 1.25″


    3.75″ x 3.75″ x 2.00″


    3.11″ x 3.11″ x 1.28″


    3.50″ x 3.19″ x 1.06″

    The reverse tuck box is ideally perfect for any items to protect them inside the packaging box.

    This really requires the right size so that the item will fit perfectly inside the box.

    10. Is the reverse tuck box possible to utilize on any occasion?

    Yes, of course.

    There are different occasions that you can utilize the reverse tuck box, including graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, gender reveals, etc.

    reverse tuck box for events

    It is one of the flexible and known packagings that serves as a protective box of an item.

    A tool that will help you boost your marketing and also surprise your guests on your perfect day.

    No matter where the location of your event will be held, the reverse tuck box can stand any weather conditions and it will keep your item safe inside the packaging.

    A customized reverse tuck box can be in any printed design that would exactly suit your theme.

    Design a reverse tuck box that will make your guests amazed.

    11. Can I design the reverse tuck box with a hanger hole?


    A reverse tuck box with a hanger hole is quite popular in retail businesses.

    reverse tuck box with hanger hole

    The hole in the reverse tuck box allows customers to view or hang your products on retail display shelves or hook panels.

    You can simply put the product inside of it.

    However, if the product’s size and weight are too huge, you can choose the appropriate material that can sustain the weight and size of the item.

    One of the advantages is that products packaged in reverse tuck boxes with hanger holes are more likely to be seen on the shelves especially on public markets.

    Hang your products on the shelves and make your brand enticing.

    12. Why do we have to choose China to order a reverse tuck box?

    We have to make sure that we get a quality reverse tuck box and Chinese manufacturers can produce that kind of standard.

    China can sustain all your needs regarding your packaging needs.

    They are one of the countries in the world that manufactures amazing reverse tuck boxes.

    Chinese manufacturers are creative, reliable, and competitive sources of reverse tuck box even in small orders or bulk.

    They are the number provider of any kind of packaging and cater orders globally.

    Chinese manufacturers are proven to be one of the most standardized and have a strict quality inspection for products they produce.

    Aside from that, they use top-grade equipment for the best output they manufactured.

    13. Is there a minimum purchase in ordering the reverse tuck box?

    There are many manufacturers around the world that produces high-quality reverse tuck box.

    It will depend on the suppliers if they cater orders with minimum purchase.

    But most suppliers have minimum purchase if the reverse tuck box you need will be customized.

    Since customization will take time to do the procedure it is an advantage to have bulk orders if it is customized and it will save your budget more.

    On the other hand, manufacturers also accept a small number of orders especially for personal applications only or just starting their business.

    For small orders, it ranges from 100 – 500 pieces of reverse tuck box. It is very cost-efficient to order from a supplier and they will do whatever you desire for your brand.

    14. What are the materials used to create a reverse tuck box?

    One of the standard packaging options is a reverse tuck box, which is produced by a folding sturdy paper material and made it into a box with flaps.

    There are buyers who will vary with the packaging of the product.

    They tend to trust the brand if the packaging is made with quality materials and that the product will follow and that means the product is also in quality standard just like the outer packaging.

    These are the materials used to create an outstanding and premium reverse tuck box:

    • Gold / Silver Paper
    • Corrugated Paper
    • Cardboard Paper
    • Kraft Cardboard Paper
    • Textured Paper
    • C1S Paper
    • C2S Paper

    The reverse tuck box is perfect usage for any lightweight and medium weight products.

    The most common materials are cardboard paper, Kraft cardboard, and corrugated paper for medium weight products because these types of materials are sturdy and can sustain the heaviness of the product.

    However, every material has its own capacity and durability for any kind of product and the best options for your packaging solution.

    15. What is the difference between the Kraft reverse tuck box and the cardboard reverse tuck box?

    These are some of the materials that are popular in the market to use.

    Both are essential for the packaging of your products.

    Kraft Reverse Tuck Box

    The Kraft reverse tuck box is a flexible box that is a low-cost packaging option.

    Kraft reverse tuck box

    This has a brown color textured surface.

    It is environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

    Many products utilize this type of packaging since it is durable and a good quality choice.

    Cardboard Reverse Tuck Box

    The purpose of a cardboard reverse tuck box is to shelter what is stored inside there and keep the item from any moisture.

    This is a thick and durable material and can be recycled also.

    Both are quality standard packaging that can store lighter and heavier weight items.

    16. What are the requirements that need to be printed on the reverse tuck box?

    The criteria for printing on the reverse tuck box will vary depending on the goods you are selling.

    There are different products that are crucial when it comes to delivering the contents on the packaging.

    For example, if you are selling a cosmetic product you must input all the information needed by consumers for them to inform what kind of product they are going to buy.

    You can input the following contents on the reverse tuck box for cosmetics.

    • Brand name
    • Product name
    • Ingredients
    • Barcode
    • Caution / warning
    • Indications of usage
    • Net content

    These are the details that should be kept in mind and printed on the box.

    Before the consumers purchase the product, they will check the ingredients if the product will suit them.

    As a result, it is very vital that all about the product will be visible on the packaging.

    17. What are the laminations that can be applied to make the reverse tuck box amazing?

    Lamination for packaging is excellent as this can protect your brand logo that is printed on it.

    A plastic lamination is a fantastic option.

    The laminated reverse tuck box can be waterproof, oil proof and tear proof.

    It can stand any weather destructions when it is employed outdoor.

    The laminations for the reverse tuck box are:

    • Gloss lamination

    Gloss lamination gives a package a gleaming and crystal look that brings out the color and vibrancy of the ink when applied to the reverse tuck box.

    As a result, the packaging will become water resistant when gloss laminated is done.

    • Matte lamination

    Because of its velvety surface, a matte lamination typically allows you to handwrite on your box.

    It looks vibrant and smoother with it is applied to the reverse tuck box.

    • Holographic

    This shields the packaging, making it more robust, waterproof, and sun-resistant.

    It has a rainbow-like effect that can capture the attention of people.

    18. Can I use Microsoft Word to customize the artwork design of the reverse tuck box?

    Yes, of course.

    The Microsoft Word tool allows you to edit some images in all means.

    If you know how to use the tool, it would be easier for you to customize the design for your reverse tuck box.

    Aside from this, you can also use other applications for customization, like Canva, Photoshop, CyberLink PhotoDirector 365, Pixlr and more.

    You can make your artwork design beautiful with your own specifications.

    There are also design templates available for free downloads.

    Simply download the template on your device and start modifying using Microsoft Word or other image editing software.

    19. Can I use the reverse tuck box in food storage?

    Yes, it can be used for food products.

    reverse tuck box for food

    However, it will be limited when it comes to food because there are some foods that cannot be stored inside the reverse tuck box.

    You can use the reverse tuck box on pastry products, chocolates, cookies, nuts, candies, chips, and others.

    It can be used as a retail or display box as well as a safe place to store food.

    It is easy to use for delivery and displaying products in your store and it will not consume a lot of space because it has a flat shape.

    Furthermore, your customers will have a one-of-a-kind unpacking experience.

    20. What are the steps to order a reverse tuck box from a supplier?

    In ordering a reverse tuck box from a supplier, you can follow the below procedures:

    • Contact your supplier via email or contact number.
    • Send your quotation. ( custom artwork design, shape, size, quantity )
    • Confirm your orders and add your detailed information. ( contact number and delivery address )
    • Send your payment in full or partial.
    • The supplier will confirm your payment and they will do all the process right away.

    After they finished with your orders, they will contact you that they are ready to ship your orders and deliver it to your delivery address.

    That is how simple and fast to get a reverse tuck box from a supplier.

    21. What is the price range of a reverse tuck box?

    It is a low cost packaging that really helps you with your business.

    The price range of the reverse tuck box will depend on the quantity and customized design.

    It will cost around $0.08 – $0.4 per piece.

    If you order in bulk, the price will be lower and save up your budget.

    22. Is the materials used for reverse tuck box recyclable?

    Yes, it is recyclable.

    The reverse tuck box is suitable for the eco-friendly market and corporate packaging.

    It is 100% recyclable and it is a big help for us to save waste.

    It contains 97% post-consumer trash and is biodegradable.

    In addition, it is safe to use for any type of product because the materials are non-toxic.


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