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Best4U magnetic gift boxes can be very useful in many ways, for gift kits, jewelry boxes, invitation boxes, and more… It is presentable, durable, and of premium quality to ensure that your product is safe.

Custom Logo Printed Black Magnetic Gift Boxes
Best4U offers premium techniques to print your logo on magnetic gift boxes
Fancy Paper White Magnetic Gift Box with Bow
Best4U has many different types textured paper for magnetic gift box
Embossed Logo Navy A5 Large Magnetic Gift Box
Embossed logo on large magnetic closure boxes is very luxury
Logo Printed Rose Gold Small Magnetic Box
Best4U supports to custom magnetic flap box could be in small size as well
Custom Printing Flat Pack Magnetic Folding Box
Magnetic folding box could be flat pack to make small volume, save freight
Custom Brand A4 Magnetic Gift Box with Ribbon
Magnetic gift box could be with ribbon, insert or silk to make it more fabulous
Luxury Custom Print A3 Red Magnetic Gift Box
Red magnetic rigid box is popular for valentine's gift or wedding favor
Hot Stamping Logo Deep Magnetic Gift Box
Magnetic gift box could be with glossy surface, highlight your luxury brand
Christmas Decorative Gift Box with Magnetic Closure
Decorative promotion magnetic gift box for holiday is fashion choice
Custom Pink Jewelry Magnetic Gift Box with Tray
Best4U could make the magnetic gift box with luxury lining
Double Opening Kraft Flip Top Magnetic Gift Box
Unique designs of flip top magnetic gift box are also perfect production in Best4U
Custom Floral Magnetic Gift Box for Wedding
Best4U will choose high quality printing method for full colors designs

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    Best4U is an expert in magnetic gift boxes manufacturing with distinct trendy and colorful designs. Best4U offers your gift box with a magnetic closing lid with high quality and wonderful service, including a variety of options of high standard materials, very good customer service, excellent equipment, and welcoming, and professional designers.

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    For a deluxe result of your magnetic closure gift box, Best4U recommends the premium type of packaging materials for magnetic closure box-like cardboard paper, Kraft cardboard, and corrugated paper, they are suitable for rigid packaging like magnetic gift boxes wholesale.

    Best4U provides special printing arts that you can apply to your personalized magnetic boxes wholesale. You can select UV, CMYK, PMS magnetic gift boxes, hot stamping magnetic gift boxes, emboss magnetic gift boxes, etc.

    Best4U has a huge magnetic box packaging factory in China. Best4U has the daily capacity to supply your gift box with magnetic lid with 30,000 pieces or more and consistently provides you with the highest quantity of orders during peak season.

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    Best4U magnetic gift boxes are everything you need for your products and it is commonly used for a birthday gift set, wedding souvenirs, jewelry box, proposal box, surprise box, and Best4U box with magnetic lid is highly durable, reusable and it is easy to assemble.

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    Your packaging will speak to the quality of your product and brand, you have to choose the right and perfect magnetic box manufacturer that has experienced and proven manufacturer of magnetic gift boxes. We can work together on a sophisticated structural design for your rigid magnetic box, no matter what your requests are, our experts are ready to serve.

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    We provide limitless printed designs for your custom magnetic boxes wholesale. You can put your brand logo or even the name of the receiver of the gift if it is a present for a birthday or holiday. You can do a lot of customization of the rigid magnetic gift box and we will show you how we do the process by sending you our production video, and witness how we do the manufacturing of magnetic rigid gift box with a high accuracy rate.

    We also provide a magnetic paper box sample so you will see how durable our box magnetic flap is. We accept bulk magnetic boxes and small orders. We have the lowest minimum quantity of orders for custom magnetic closure boxes, and a high-level of customization that you need for an impressive look.

    Our rigid boxes with magnetic lids are made with recyclable materials with a beautiful finish, which could be matte or premium glossy magnetic gift boxes depending on your demand. Could be added with ribbons to look more elegant and presentable. We will make your magnetic keepsake box eye-catchy in a unique way.

    You can make every moment valuable using our magnetic gift card boxes with a greeting card attached to it, you can use hemp rope or silk ribbons for the cards that you will put on to your luxury magnetic boxes.

    There are numerous items or products that you put inside your magnetic gift boxes, like jewelry, cosmetics, watches, blanket, gadget, sunglasses, apparel, shoes, etc. You can simply have our magnetic Christmas box for this Christmas season to give presents to your loved ones.

    We can produce different colors and styles of magnetic closure box bulk, such as rose gold magnetic box, grey magnetic gift box, navy magnetic gift box, blue magnetic gift box, floral magnetic gift box, and more. Send what color you love to apply for your magnetic cardboard gift boxes. You can also get magnetic lid gift box wholesale to save your budget and do a lot of customization with us.

    Using our custom magnetic box packaging, it has a lot of benefits compared to using an ordinary carton box for packaging. If you want something unique and make your brand impressive choose to have our personalised magnetic box that stands out.

    Get a hard gift box with magnetic closure lid as much as you need, Best4U magnetic box manufacturer has a huge magnetic gift box factory in China. We have professional manpower, high-grade equipment, and 100% highest quality standard rate for your flip top magnetic box.

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    Magnetic Gift Boxes | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    This guide contains information about magnetic gift boxes and all the relevant questions you might have in your mind before purchasing a magnetic gift box.

    The knowledge from what is magnetic gift box to how they are made, what materials are used in their manufacturing, what printing technologies are used in the process, how you can decorate them, and everything else is stated in the guide.

    1.    What do closure magnetic gift boxes mean?

    As the name employed, Magnetic Boxes are hinged lidded boxes made of various materials that close by magnets embedded in the lid lining.

    closure magnetic gift box

    On the upper flap, a magnet lining is placed inside the upper layer of the magnetic gift box, and an iron piece lining is placed on the inside of the upper layer of the lower flap to which it is desired to be connected.

    Due to embedded magnetic, they get rarely opened during shipping hence provides extra protection.

    The size of the magnet and piece of iron you choose for your magnetic gift box will determine the amount of force and strength it is closed.

    2.    How is the magnetic gift box packed?

    The Magnetic gift boxes can be packed in a variety of ways.

    They are straightforward to get packed as compare to regular or conventional boxes.

    You need to put the product which you want to get packed. Ensure that the size of the product is less than the size of the box to provide a suitable fit.

    Once you have placed the product inside, bring the outer flap closer to the lining embedded in the inner layer.

    The underlined magnetic piece helps these flaps to get closed automatically with a little or no effort.

    3.    Are there collapsible magnetic gift boxes?

    There are collapsible gift boxes that have magnetic closures.

    collapsible magnetic gift box

    The interiors of the boxes are lined with a pad of Velcro to prevent any shifting when the package is closed with a magnet.

    These magnetic gift boxes are less than an inch thick when collapsed, making them suitable for mailing or storage purposes.

    They have magnetic closures that will not hinder in any way the ability to open or close them but adequately will secure it firmly closed when done.

    The magnetic gift boxes offer more security than regular gift boxes with hinges.

    Collapsible magnetic boxes volume can easily be reduced and stored with a minimum space requirement as the name describes they are collapsible.

    4.    What are magnetic gift boxes made of?

    Boxes are available in various materials, all of which add their unique charm to the package you choose to put them into.

    Magnetic Gift Boxes can be made of durable carton board, kraft paper, cardboard, synthetic paper, etc.

    They come in various colors and are wrapped with different kinds of papers to add an extra decorative touch.

    Laminated paper is the most commonly used paper material for magnetic gift boxes.

    There are three types of laminated paper, glossy, matte, and aluminum foil.

    Glossy laminated paper is a coated paper that produces a shiny surface.

    Silver or white can be selected based on the usage & purpose of gift box packaging.

    Matte lamination can produce a soft feeling with a simple texture but not a shiny surface.

    Aluminum foil lamination has the most difference in texture and appearance compared to glossy or matte laminated papers.

    5.    Can magnetic gift boxes be recycled?

    Yes, magnetic gift boxes are 100 percent recyclable and biodegradable.

    A high recycled rate makes magnetic gift boxes reusable, recyclable, and environmentally sound.

    Magnetic gift boxes are entirely recyclable if the magnetic closure is removed from the pack – some people use it to hold kitchen supplies.

    The metal oxide in magnetic gift boxes may be recycled at the local metal recycling center.

    Almost all paper can be recycled if it’s clean and dry, and the glue strips used to adhere cardstock paper to the interior grooves of the box would most likely be recyclable because they are plastic.

    6.    What are magnetic gift boxes with ribbon?

    Ribbon converts magnetic gift boxes into elegant and decorated boxes wrapped around or pasted on a magnetic gift box.

    magnetic gift boxes with ribbon

    There are a variety of ribbons you can use to decorate your magnetic gift boxes.

    Some ribbons are made of synthetic plastic, while others are made of paper.

    Ribbon made of cloth such as silk gives an aesthetic look to the magnetic gift box.

    Some ribbons are not glossy; hence they give a matte look.

    Ribbons that are made of paper or plastic are not costly as compared to other luxurious ribbons.

    You can use silk ribbons of your desired color on the magnetic gift boxes for occasions like birthdays and weddings.

    7.    What sizes of magnetic gift boxes available?

    There are various sizes of magnetic gift boxes to choose from.

    Make sure to keep in mind the size of your gift to be packed in the magnetic gift box.

    The size of the magnetic gift box depends on the gift size, as you might want to pack in some cookies, bracelets, cakes, or shoes.

    sizes of magnetic gift boxes

    Every item will require a different amount of space to be packed safely.

    The most common box sizes are as below:

    Sr. No.

    Product Size Sr. No. Product



    Magnetic Gift Boxes 5” x 5” x 4” 7 Magnetic Gift Boxes 14” x 12” x 4”


    Magnetic Gift Boxes 9” x 6.5” x 2” 8 Magnetic Gift Boxes

    14” x 12” x 9”


    Magnetic Gift Boxes 11” x 9” x 4” 9 Magnetic Gift Boxes

    16” x 12” x 10”


    Magnetic Gift Boxes 13” x 8” x 2.5” 10 Magnetic Gift Boxes

    19” x 15” x 7”


    Magnetic Gift Boxes 13.5” x 9.5” x 5” 11 Magnetic Gift Boxes

    12.5” x 12.5” x 2”


    Magnetic Gift Boxes 14” x 11” x 4” 12 Magnetic Gift Boxes

    20” x 16” x 2”

    Aside from that, you can also custom make your magnetic gift boxes.

    8.    What is the minimum height for foldable magnetic gift boxes?

    The minimum height for a magnetic closure gift box depends upon the depth of the box.

    However, the minimum height is 3cm for foldable magnetic gift box. If you need stable magnetic gift box, then height is OK to be smaller than 3cm. It’s because magnetic gift box manufacturer needs space to install the Velcro.

    The height of the box is determined by the size of the box with items you want to place in it (such as chocolates or rolls of candy) and the amount of space you would like to have at the top and bottom for packaging.

    You can choose from a range of heights so that you can fit your products in the box.

    Leaving some space above the product being packed in the magnetic gift box is essential as you might not want your cake or cookies and shoes or clothes to be ruined.

    9.    What printing technologies are there for magnetic gift boxes?

    There are many different types of printing technologies, including

    • Offset Printing
    • CMYK
    • PMS
    • Ultra Violet
    • Hot Stamping
    • Inkjet-printing
    • Flexo-printing
    • Thermal transfer printing
    • Solid Color Stamping
    • Offset Printing

    Typically, offset printing is one of the most popular options because it produces high-quality text and graphics.

    Offset printing is an ink-transfer method that replaces the press in a traditional printing process.

    It involves applying ink to a rubber sheet, which then travels down a conveyor and transfers ink to a substrate, such as paper.

    • CMYK

    The CMYK color scheme is a combination of three primary colors. The three colors are cyan, magenta, and yellow.

    These are the primary colors used in four-color printing.

    The combination of light created when these three primary colors are mixed creates the impression of white, while the variety of these three inks creates black.

    • Pantone Color Matching System (PMS)

    The Pantone color system is a method for reproducing colors in digital and printed media.

    Fashion companies and the printing industry have widely adopted the Pantone system.

    The Pantone system is widely recognized as an industry standard that reliably identifies colors.

    10.        Can magnetic gift boxes be customized?

    Yes, magnetic gift boxes can be customized as per your demands to give your gifts a personalized aesthetic look.

    There are a variety of options to decorate the magnetic gift boxes.

    You can choose different types of materials to make your magnetic gift box.

    The options in shape, size, and color of boxes also let you choose your desired option.

    You can choose from different printing technologies depending upon your desired final texture and look of the magnetic gift box.

    If you want to give your box a matte look, you might want to choose non-glossy paper to wrap a magnetic gift box.

    You can also print your artwork or pictures on the box to give a more personalized touch.

    Typing a specific message on the inside or outside of the box goes perfectly with wedding occasions.

    You can also print your wedding date on the box and make it a keepsake magnetic gift box later.

    Several types of accessories, such as ribbons, bows, flowers, etc., can make your magnetic gift box match your occasion’s theme.

    11.      What are the options of surface finish for magnetic gift boxes?

    The magnetic gift boxes are available in a variety of colors and different types of finish such as

    • Embossing or debossing

    Put, embossing, or debossing, is the process of raising or lowering a portion of your imprint to create depth and a visual effect.

    It’s a popular technique used in the gift box industry for creating beautiful custom packaging that will impress even the most discerning recipient.

    • Glossy varnish or matt varnish

    Glossy varnish or matt varnish is what gives a surface shine. It is for the outside of the magnetic gift boxes to make it more attractive.

    This varnish will be sprayed on a layer of paint before applying the design, which makes it more aesthetic and smoother.

    • Soft-touch film lamination or hot foil stamping

    Film lamination on magnetic closure gift boxes helps to create a long-lasting appearance even after many uses.

    Hot foil stamping is a full-color technique that uses hot foil temperatures to transfer the design onto the box.

    This gives a vibrant print that lasts for years and adds value to the packaging.

    • Glossy lamination or matt lamination

    Magnetic gift boxes are made by printing on many surfaces, then finished with either glossy laminate or matt laminate.

    Laminating is the process of attaching a thin piece of transparent plastic onto the print.

    The film provides extra protection and durability and enables more design options.

    Glossy lamination generally adds texture to the packaging materials, whereas the cheaper option is matte lamination.

    • AQ coating or spot UV varnishing

    AQ (anti-quake) coating is also known as spot UV varnishing, which can both make the packaging more elegant.

    AQ coating or spot UV varnishing on magnetic gift boxes gives a glossy finish to the gift box’s surface and makes it waterproof and UV resistant.

    Among the textures of the painting, embossed and debossed are most in-demand for packing gifts and other premium items.

    12.      How many sides of magnetic gift boxes can be printed?

    The magnetic gift boxes can be printed on all sides.

    You can print 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 sides of the magnetic gift box, depending on your choice.

    Mainly the front and backside of the magnetic gift box are printed.

    However, the inner flap can also be printed.

    It enables you to convey a specific message to your recipient.

    Your brand’s logos can be printed on the magnetic gift box’s front side or upper flap.

    It helps you promoting your brand and making a prominent market presence.

    The number of sides of the magnetic gift box you want to print will affect the cost required for printing.

    The cost will increase as the number of printing sides increase.

    13.      Are magnetic gift boxes eco-friendly?

    Yes, magnetic gift boxes are eco-friendly.

    The materials used in magnetic gift box manufacturing affect the tendency of a magnetic gift box to be eco-friendly.

    It is recommended to use biodegradable material such as paper boards for manufacturing eco-friendly magnetic gift boxes.

    Avoid your magnetic gift box from any chemical or pigment treatment to increase specific features or characteristics.

    This will make a difference and prevent adverse environmental impacts when disposing of.

    14.      Why import magnetic gift boxes from China?

    Several companies in China are manufacturing magnetic gift boxes with preferable quality.

    You can easily import any magnetic gift box from China to promote your business or strengthen your ties with family and friends on various occasions.

    These Chinese magnetic gift box manufacturers provide an option for custom-made magnetic gift boxes.

    You can select size, shape, material, embellishments, and texture depending on your specific needs.

    The magnetic gift boxes made in China are a very cost-effective solution to your needs.

    You might have to pay a lot more money to get the same product made locally.

    There is also no specific limit imposed on the quantity you order. You can order as much as you want, depending on your need.

    15.      What are magnetic gift boxes with the window?

    Magnetic gift boxes with windows are the boxes that have a window on their upper flap.

    This window helps in showcasing your gift or product that is to be promoted or launched.

    magnetic gift boxes with window

    Magnetic gift boxes with attached windows attract customers and make you develop a strong market presence among your customers.

    Customers believe what they see through the embedded window in a magnetic gift box, and similarly, magnetic gift boxes compel them to buy the product instantly.

    Hence, magnetic gift boxes help you increase your revenue as compare to non-window magnetic gift boxes.

    16.      What is the manufacturing process of magnetic gift boxes?

    The manufacturing process of magnetic gift boxes is listed below:

    The first step in manufacturing a magnetic gift box is selecting the material you want to manufacture.

    The materials include plastic, wood, metal, magnets, glue strips, accessories for decoration, etc.

    At first, you need to determine the size of the magnetic gift box suitable for your product.

    The second thing you need to do is to cut all sides of the material.

    Now assemble all the sides using tape, perforations, or glue adhesive.

    The next step is coating. The coating can be done by wrapping the box with paper and then printing it to give different textures and designs.

    The carving can also be done on wooden magnetic gift boxes.

    The most crucial element in the magnetic gift boxes is the magnet embedded in the lining of the flap that aids them to get closed instantly.

    At last, test your magnetic gift box to judge if it can protect and hold the product you want to put in.

    17.      What are the uses of magnetic gift boxes?

    There are numerous uses of magnetic gift boxes. Some of the main applications are listed below:

    • The magnetic gift boxes offer you an easy, secure, and affordable option for packaging your items.
    • Magnetic gift boxes are used ideally for holding any product.
    • Magnetic gift boxes allow you to store and display small items, such as jewelry, figurines, collectibles, crafts, or other small items.
    • These boxes can be used to package a gift for a friend or family member for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations.
    • You can also use magnetic gift boxes for the promotion of your brand or business.

    18.      What is the cost of magnetic gift boxes?

    In the case of magnetic gift boxes, several factors control the pricing of the box.

    The prices of magnetic gift boxes vary from $0.5 to over $1.5, depending on the material and details.

    The cost of magnetic gift boxes depends on the magnetic gift box order quantity, size, and material.

    Like that, the type of printing and the accessories employed on the magnetic gift box also add to the price of the box.

    19.      What kind of accessories or trays could add to magnetic gift boxes?

    Several accessories are widely employed that add up to the magnetic gift boxes.

    These accessories are as follows:

    • Colorful and attractive label card
    • Artificial flowers, raffia or leaves
    • Fabric handle or plastic handle
    • Texture wrapping paper,
    • Trays like blister, foam or EVA material
    • Silk lining
    • Pull-string ribbons

    Magnetic gift boxes embedded with all these accessories mentioned earlier will make your box stand out from your competitors because of their attention-grabbing aesthetics.

    You can also incorporate divider in your magnetic gift boxes.

    The types of divider used inside magnetic gift boxes are mostly made of paper board, but some are made of cardboard.

    20.      Can magnetic gift boxes be used as keepsake boxes?

    Keepsake magnetic gift boxes are luxurious gift boxes that you can use for keepsake purposes.

    keepsake magnetic box

    As the name suggests, you can give a magnetic gift box to your dear ones, which can keep you from holding your memory.

    Keepsake magnetic gift boxes can hold multiple small items or one large item.

    Keepsake magnetic gift boxes are a great way to store special memories from your wedding day.

    Each magnetic gift box comes with a magnetic closure that keeps its contents safe and secure until you’re ready to retrieve them.

    21.      What is the difference between magnetic gift boxes and flat packaging boxes?

    Flat packaging boxes and magnetic gift boxes are very different from each other.

    The main difference between them is that flat packaging box is manufactured on machines while magnetic gift boxes are more often made manually.

    As the name expresses, the flat packaging boxes are flat-shaped, while magnetic gift boxes can be molded into any desired shape except a flat form.

    Flat packaging boxes do not have a magnetic closure system.

    flat packaging box

    flat packaging box

    The magnetic gift boxes have a magnet that lets them open and closes with safety.

    Different sizes of magnetic gift boxes provide extra room to store items ranging from small to large, while flat packaging boxes do not offer a spare room as they are flat.

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