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Your Best4U perfume labels are made with top-grade materials that will make your products stand out. Choose a wide variety of materials like synthetic paper, coated paper, Kraft paper, PET PVC, BOPP, vinyl, PE, etc.

Foil Stamping Perfume Labels
You can customize the size and your desired design
Matte Perfume Labels
You can choose an elegant look for your label
Clear Perfume Labels
Choose shiny, glossy or clear labels that is perfect for fragrance bottle labels
Spot UV Perfume Labels
Make your label print out beautifully and adhere quite well
Gold Vinyl Perfume Labels
Making your perfume eye-catching and beautiful
Glossy Perfume Labels
Put a touch of sophistication to your perfume with personalized sticker labels
Kraft Perfume Labels
You can also choose your label with these simple and classic labels
Metal Perfume Labels
Embossed can be ideally suited for perfume to make more modern look
Printable Perfume Labels
Check out our varied perfume label design selection with best quality

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    Best4U is a perfume labels supplier in China for more than a decade, manufactures personalized perfume labels worldwide. With professional designers to have satisfactory results of perfume labels printing, it will build a good effect of your product in the perfume industry.

    Best4U has advanced printing machinery that gives the best quality and result of print for your custom perfume labels. It’s important to know the details of your custom perfume label. Best4U, manufacturer of perfume labels will guide you the best design and will help you have the finest custom label for your perfume.

    No need to worry because Best4U has designers to assist your artwork. There will be a guide and will answer all your concerns, Best4U designers will make sure you have the best design for your custom perfume labels. If you have a problem with your artworks, assistance will be given to accommodate you.

    Best4U perfume label factory makes sure that all your personalized perfume labels will go through four times quality checking. Best4U wants you to receive the best and standard quality of each custom perfume label. Every order must pass in the section of quality prior to sending your orders for delivery.

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    Upon delivery of your order, you will choose if you want your goods to be delivered by land or air travel. Best4U assures you that your orders will be safe and packed well and makes sure that there are no defects upon receiving your orders.

    Best4U guarantees a satisfactory result as we have sets of eight imported manufacturing lines. It produces outstanding quality custom perfume labels. Best4U’s expertise will assure you that by customizing every label you need for your business, you will get high-quality and 100% custom labels.

    Best4U your custom perfume labels manufacturer produces excellent custom perfume labels. Has a large range of perfume labels factory that is capable of supplying a large number of personalized custom perfume labels. More than 30,000 pieces of orders in just 5 hours in a day. You can send bulk orders and will surely produce it faster without compromising the quality.

    For any labeling solutions, select from Foil Stamping Perfume Labels, Matte Perfume Labels, Spot UV Perfume Labels, Clear Perfume Labels, Vinyl Gold Perfume Labels, Glossy Perfume Labels, Embossed Perfume Labels, Kraft Perfume Labels, Printable Perfume Labels, etc. Best4U presents these vast selections of materials in manufacturing your custom perfume label.

    If you want to have fancy custom perfume labels, Best4U offers a wide choice of printing materials including CMYK perfume labels, PMS perfume labels, hot stamping perfume labels, UV perfume labels, etc. Just choose which will be the prime choice for your perfume labels and you think the best for your perfume container.

    Your perfume labels printing are different kinds of adhesive stickers that fits your qualifications for your perfume products may it be a glass container or a plastic container. You can use it on different kinds of perfume like eau de parfum , eau de toilette , eau de cologne, parfum, and eau de fraiche. It will help your brand be the choice of the market.

    You may add a touch of modern style in creating your custom perfume labels. You can customize the design, color and shape that suit your requirements, may it be a rectangular perfume label, or square perfume labels, round or oval perfume labels, and transparent, color or white perfume labels, etc. Choice is within you to have a perfect design.

    As your perfume label supplier, Best4U guarantees a full customer support from inquiries, to perfume labels printing and delivery of your custom perfume label. Best4U will keep in touch and will see to it that you would love the result and how it turns out. You will be provided with important guidance that you need if you will have any concern in your custom perfume label.

    Best4U perfume label supplier has proven the best quality of product and service. Best4U received good reviews and feedback from the market. People gave their full trust for how many years. With the quality of service, you will find yourself coming back to your other custom labels printing.

    Aside from custom perfume labels service, Best4U manufactures wedding bottle labels, clear label stickers, Kraft paper stickers, and more. Best4U’s expertise will assure you that by customizing every label you need for your business, you will get high-quality and 100% custom labels.

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    Perfume Label – Your FAQ Guide

    This will be your guide if you’re looking for perfume labels.

    Through this guide, you will have an idea about perfume labels, materials, types, printing format and technologies, and manufacturers in China with their cost.

    1.     What is the benefit of a perfume label?

    There are lots of benefits that perfume labels can give. It will help your perfume stand out in the market. It will also add beauty and can create an impressive look to your perfume.

    Perfume labels are a way to let your customers know what is inside. It enables you to communicate information and it will give identity to your perfume.

    Perfume labels provides identification of your perfume. It provides description of what your perfume is made of. It also helps you compare one perfume to another.

    Meanwhile, perfume labels can decorate your products in big degree, it makes your perfume look luxury.

    perfume label

    2.    Why is perfume label important?

    Perfume labels are very important because it’s the first impression that your products give to customers. When they are looking for a basis to buy, they will just check on the label. Perfume labels affect the consumer’s decision to some extent.

    Meanwhile The label on a perfume allows customer to know what kind of perfume they are using. It’s also important to display ingredients for those who may be allergic to certain ingredients.

    Putting a label on your product makes it stand out in the market. Labels are one way to attract customers that’s why each label should be designed well.

    3.    Can perfume labels be customized?

    Of course! You can make custom perfume labels in any size, shape and printing design.

    Create a design using editor, or get editable files provided on online design tools. Your perfume label will be based on your container design. If you have an oval-shaped container then your design and size must go with it.

    Areas to consider when customizing your perfume labels.

    1. Look for an editing tool that is convenient to you
    2. Think of your product packaging to match your label design
    3. Be consistent in your branding
    4. Make your design clear and readable
    5. Use perfect combination of fonts
    6. Leave enough space each texts and images

    4.    How much does a personalized perfume label cost?

    Some perfume label manufacturers in China are around $0.02-$0.39. You have a lot of choices that you can choose. Choose a supplier that gives good quality and will help you have the perfect label for your perfume.

    Price range is just for reference, perfume label prices are affected by size, order quantity, material, and the printing technology you require for your perfume labels.

    5.    Are there suppliers to manufacture custom printing perfume labels?


    There are a lot of suppliers that manufacture perfume labels with personalized design. Some factories support custom by small quantity, some manufacturers offer perfume labels in cheap price when order quantity is bigger.

    You can custom the perfume labels in shapes like rectangle, circle, square or any other shapes you like.

    Your personalized perfume labels could be in any color printing as well.

    Regarding sizes of perfume labels, it doesn’t have limit neither, you need to double check your perfume container size before deciding the perfume labels size.

    6.    What is the best size of perfume labels?

    Here are just the suggested sizes for your perfume labels that you can follow. But it’s best that you can measure your perfume container before deciding on perfume labels size.

    You can also ask suggested sizes to your found supplier. Or you can ask your professional designer. They will surely give you the best advice for your perfume labels.

    Sr. No


    Size (In)


    0.35ml 3.29cm x 5.59cm
    2 0.50ml

    3.29cm x 5.59cm



    3.29cm x 5.59cm


    0.80ml 3.77cmx8.43cm
    5 100ml





    Different sizes of perfume labels

    7.    Are the perfume labels durable?

    Perfume label durability depends on the materials used. Durable perfume labels are meant to be long-lasting, waterproof, and will not show a sign of peeling. One of the recommended label materials that are durable is vinyl because it is scratch-resistant and has a long-life expectancy.

    When choosing for a material for your perfume label, ask the supplier’s opinion. Telling them the kind of container you’re are using will help a lot. Other containers are not applicable to all kinds of perfume label materials.

    Question NO.17 in this guide will give you some idea about features of different perfume labels materials.

    8.    How do I label a perfume bottle?

    When you label a perfume bottle, you should know the size of the label that will fit your perfume bottle. After having the final size, you have to:

    • Create a design

    By creating design, you should know what are the important details to be included. This includes product name, company name, manufacturer, size, scent and etc.

    • Print your label

    Make sure that you already have your design. Find a professional perfume label manufacturer to produce your personalized perfume labels.

    • Attach the label to your perfume bottle

    Paste your perfume labels on bottles by hand or labelling machines, labelling machines will be the best method.

    perfume bottle label

    9.    How do I remove the perfume label?

    You can use acetone or soap water with acetone to remove the label sticker on your perfume bottle.

    For glass bottles, you can follow these steps

    • Boil a water
    • After heating up, fill the bottle with warm water
    • Pour the water into the sink
    • The heat from the water should loosen the perfume label’s adhesive, allowing you to pull off the label, be careful not to tear it.
    • Pour out the hot water into the sink

    how to remove perfume label

    You can also use the sharp edge of a scissor and scratch it gently. Just be careful because it might slip in your hand and can harm you.

    10.    Are there waterproof perfume labels?

    Yes, there are waterproof perfume labels. Following are some choices could make the perfume labels in waterproof.

    • Choose materials like Vinyl, PVC, PET, Synthetic paper

    They are durable and it doesn’t fade easily, so you don’t need to worry about color fading in the long run.

    Meanwhile hey are scratch resistant and water resistant, your perfume labels will be made perfectly.

    waterproof perfume labels

    • Cover glossy film on surface

    Glossy has high shine effect that adds beauty to the perfume label. Shiny label makes it attractive for a product. It has a smooth texture and shiny effect makes it more attractive. What’s more it could make perfume labels anti splash water.

    glossy perfume label

    • Foil Stamping

    Foils are luxury and could make perfume labels waterproof. It also has a glossy effect that makes it attractive to look. Foil has an ability to print fine label for better result.

    Foil Stamping Perfume Labels

    11.    What is the manufacturing process of perfume labels?

    • Materials checking
    • Print your personalized perfume label design on the material
    • Color printing check for perfume labels
    • Cut the perfume labels in your custom shape
    • Produce checking of perfume labels
    • Perfume labels packing
    • Delivery checking for perfume labels shipment
    • Perfume labels delivery

    12.    What shapes do the perfume labels manufacturers make?

    Perfume labels could be customized in any shape. Popular shapes are like:

    • Circle perfume labels
    • Oval perfume labels
    • Rectangular perfume label
    • Square perfume label

    different shapes of perfume labels

    13.    What kind of surface are there for perfume labels?

    Your perfume labels could be coated with several kinds of film, the different film makes the surface different looking. The following are some common choices:

    • Glossy film: it makes perfume label surface shiny and smoothy
    • Matte film: it’s frosted and elegant surface
    • Holographic film: it gives perfume label colorful rainbow looking
    • Pearl film: like the name, it makes the surface shiny like pearl.

    14.    How many kinds of packing methods are there for perfume labels?

    • On roll – perfume labels on rolls will help you save lot of time if you paste them by labelling machine.

    perfume label rolls

    • On sheets – perfume labels also could be packed on sheets, when it’s small q’ty, this way will be better.

    perfume label sheets

    • Cut into sizes – if you need your perfume labels cut into sizes by individual pieces. It’s also workable

    perfume label cut in size

    15.    How to choose the correct packing method for my perfume labels?

    You must consider this question when you need it pasted by labelling machine.

    If you are pasting your perfume labels by labelling machine, perfume labels need to packed on rolls and there’s roll direction request.

    If you are pasting the perfume labels by hand, roll or sheet packing methods are OK. But normally when your perfume labels order in big quantity, roll packing is the best.

    16.    How to decide the roll direction if my perfume labels are packed on a roll?

    You have to know the roll direction of the packing method so you will know what roll direction you should use. When you already know the difference then you can choose.

    Roll Direction:

    Outside Wound

    • Top first
    • Bottom First
    • Right side first
    • Left side first

    Inside Wound

    • Top edge first
    • Bottom edge First
    • Right edge first
    • Left edge first

    When deciding, you have to consider your labelling machine running direction and the text of the artwork of your perfume label.

    roll direction for perfume label

    17.    What materials are there for perfume labels?

    There’re many material options for perfume labels, and different material has different features.

    • Coated Paper

    Perfume labels in coated paper could be cheaper than other materials. It also could be splash water proof after film covered, but it’s not waterproof or tearproof.

    • Kraft Paper

    Kraft paper gives the products a vintage and soft looking, it’s not waterproof or tearproof either. What’s more if your personalized perfume labels are in colorful design, this material won’t be a good choice, because the original color of material will change the artwork output a little.

    Kraft paper perfume label couldn’t be covered with film on surface.

    • Synthetic Paper

    Synthetic paper is a big improvement from coated paper, it’s cheap but also waterproof and tearproof. This material is used widely and it will make your perfume labels perfect.

    • Writable Paper / Printable paper

    If you need a label for a perfume sample, writable paper or printable paper is a good choice. You can write or print the perfume name on it by yourself.

    • Textured Paper / Fancy Paper

    When perfume labels are with light texture background, it gives customers an elegant impression silently. There’re many different texture choices, for example, water texture, stone texture, splash-gold textures, etc.

    • Destructible Paper

    A destructible paper perfume label will help you if you need some sign label for your products, non-removable and anti-tamper.

    • PVC

    PVC is like synthetic paper, but PVC is little bit thicker than it.

    • PET

    You can choose transparent PET material if you need your perfume labels with “no label“ looking.

    Except transparent, there are also other special color in PET like shiny gold/silver, matte gold/silver and brush gold/silver. Gold or silver perfume labels are also very popular.

    Other colors in PET is more bright, for example, white in PET is much brighter than PVC white.

    • BOPP

    BOPP is more flexible than other materials, it’s mostly used in shrink film label of perfume labels. Non-adhesive kind.

    • Vinyl

    Vinyl perfume label performs like PVC, it’s also another popular material that widely used.

    In the above materials, PVC, PET, Synthetic paper, Vinyl and BOPP are waterproof and tearproof.

    18.    What is the cheapest material for a perfume label?

    If you don’t need to consider waterproof or tearproof points, coated paper could be good choice for your custom perfume label, as it is cheaper than others.

    kraft perfume label

    But if you want it to be waterproof and tearproof, synthetic paper or PVC could be the nice choices.

    19.    Can I reprint the name on perfume labels?

    Yes, you can!

    If you need print something after getting your perfume labels, choose printable paper material so that you can print or write on it.

    20.    How to choose correct materials for my perfume labels?

    For choosing correct or suitable materials, you need to know all the features of different materials (features of different materials are in NO.17 questions).

    Each material has their advantages, deciding which point you care more for your perfume labels. And then choose materials which features match the main point you care.

    21.    What printing techniques are there for perfume labels?

    There are different printing techniques but these are usually used for perfume labels printing

    • CMYK printing – CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black which are the color used for printing process.

    Every color in your design is mixed output by these 4 colors, so if there’s pantone color or special colors, CMYK printing not be the suitable choice for your perfume labels.

    • PMS printing – PMS stands for Pantone Matching System colors. There are so much variation that PMS do in terms of color consistency. What color you set on your perfume label artwork, PMS printing will let color remain when printed.

    PMS printing could make the color difference smaller than CMYK, but of course, printing equipment is also affecting the color difference.

    • UV printing – UV Printing is a unique method of digital printing because it uses ultra violet lights to let ink dry. UV inks are used instead of traditional solvent ink based.

    UV printing makes logo in your artwork glossy and shiny.

    • Hot stamping / Foil stamping – Itis the process of transferring the ink or metallic foil to a surface at high temperatures.

    Your perfume labels in hot stamping / foil stamping could be in solid colors like gold, silver, red, purple, green etc. Another color of hot stamping or foil stamping is rainbow holographic.

    • Cold foil stamping – It is relatively new technique, the cold foil is applied in adhesive image using a standard printing plate. There is no stamping die needed because the adhesive is applied on substrate, and pass under UV light.

    The effect of cold foil stamping is similar like hot stamping, but another improved advantage of cold foil stamping is, even there’s gradual change color in your custom perfume label design, it also could make it come true, not only solid colors

    • Emboss printing – It makes your perfume label logo or pattern raised, like 3D graphics has uneven touch feeling. It’s made by pushing a metal die into the material.

    22.    What to do if I don’t want my personalized design to look faded on transparent perfume labels?

    If you choose transparent material to do perfume labels, this point will be ignored easily. Some factories may also forget, or they are saving little bit cost in this way. Because when your perfume labels are pasted on white container, it won’t has big difference.

    Printing background ink first is very important, then when print your artwork design on the background, it will not make your perfume label look like semi-color or faded.

    23.    How to make custom perfume labels look luxurious?

    Different people have different definition for “luxury”, but speak from the market common choices. Customers think the following kinds of perfume labels are luxury:

    • From material: Kraft paper, textured paper/fancy paper, PET are common choices.
    • From printing techniques: even it’s not above materials, your perfume labels will be printed very luxury by hot stamping/foil stamping, Cold foil, Spot UV or embossed.
    • From surface film: pearl film, matte film and holographic film are good for custom perfume labels.

    24.    How long is the production for a custom perfume label?

    Usually, perfume labels production takes only few hours, but including QC inspection and other process, normally it will need 5-7 days. It also depends on the number of orders you have. But there are perfume label manufacturers that can cater 5 days of production even with bulk order.

    25.    Why choose factories from China as your perfume label supplier?

    China as suppliers of custom perfume labels made them the top choice of manufacturers in other countries.

    In terms of high produce capacity, advanced printing machines and professional exporting environment, perfume label manufacturers from China could offer cheap price with high quality output.

    No matter speaking from cost, produce time or quality, China manufacturers will be the good choice to custom your perfume labels.

    26.    How to import perfume labels from China manufacturers?

    Don’t worry even if you never had experience of importing from China, every step is easy.

    Firstly, you need search a reliable perfume label manufacturer. Tell them your request like perfume label size, quantity, if you have a artwork ready then it will be more perfect and easier to communicate.

    Secondly, your found perfume label suppliers will offer quotation. Compare and select the suppliers not only from price, but also their profession, service, etc.

    Thirdly, arrange payment when you confirm the order to your perfume label supplier. They will do the whole jobs like producing and QC inspection, packing and delivery.

    If it’s not big shipment, choosing door to door shipping service for your perfume label is the best, in this way, you only need seat to wait, shipment will deliver to your door, when it’s in custom clearance, the courier will assist, you just need to follow their guide and pay tax.

    27.    How to edit perfume labels?

    There are lots of editing tools you can use in order to create a design for your perfume label. Some of it are Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, Canva and etc.

    These are the important details you need to consider when editing your perfume labels:

    Look for most important information on your perfume labels such as company name, scent, size, manufacturer and manufacturing date.

    Below are tools and guide when editing perfume labels.

    • Microsoft Word:
    1. Select design
    2. Go to themes
    3. Select themes
    4. Preview themes how it will look like
    5. Start editing
    6. Save
    • Photoshop:
    1. Crate canvas for your perfume label size
    2. Input important information
    3. Add design that will fit your branding
    4. Save
    • Canva
    1. Crate new size
    2. Choose free sample layout
    3. Input important information
    4. Arrange
    5. Save

    28.    How to design my perfume label?

     Once you have decided which tool to use, start editing and consider these guides to be in your perfume label.

    • The name of the company that manufactured the perfume
    • The name of the perfume
    • Perfume labels should have Ingredients, instructions, and warnings for safety purposes
    • Size and ml should be present
    • Scent or smell variant of the perfume should be indicated
    • The year that the perfume has been made

    perfume labels design

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