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    Pink Corrugated Mailer Box

    Best4U will make your corrugated mailer box durable to make your products safe

    Custom Gift Mailer Boxes

    Best4U will make your custom printing mailer box elegant for your brands

    Kraft Cardboard Mailer Boxes

    Best4U manufactures your kraft mailer box elegant and perfect look

    Tuck Top Black Mailer Box

    You can have it in any size and design to make it more presentable

    White Corrugated Mailer Box

    Choose your own desire colour for sleeve on mailer box and Best4U will make it beautiful…

    Rigid Mug Mailer Box

    Rigid mailer box with foam or Eva tray will make your products more luxurious and items are safe

    Holographic Mailer Box

    Holographic mailer box looks like rainbow and bling by different angles

    Spot UV Black Cardboard Mailer Box

    Spot UV mailer box enhance the logo in luxury and impressive way

    Hot Stamping Logo Mailer Box

    Hot stamping makes your mailer box shine, your logo could be red, green, purple etc

    Your Professional Manufacturer Of Mailer Box

    Best4U is an expert designer for your mailer box for over 10 years and always giving the perfect output you deserve…

    Since 2009, Best4U is competitive in the printing industry. To assist your needs, Best4U has advanced machines, creative and expert designers, high-quality materials for your mailer box and your products will be safe here in Best4U.

    You don’t have to worry, because Best4U will check your mailer box individually and must pass the QC system to secure the quality of your mailer box. It will be safely shipped out on time.

    Best4U Ensures The Best Quality Of Your Mailer Box

    Material Checking
    Material Checking Of Mailer Box
    Best4U checks each of your mailer box to secure the premium quality
    Smooth process
    Template Checking Of Mailer Box
    Best4U always check the template of your mailer box for perfect result
    Advanced quality machines
    Mailer Box Printing
    Best4U has digital equipment to sustain the quality of each mailer box
    Delivery Checking
    Print Checking Of Mailer Box
    For excellent quality of your mailer box, Best4U requires checking on print designs
    Film Coating
    Film Coating
    Modernize process to enhance the beauty and nice looking mailer box
    Available 24 hours
    24 Hours Available
    You can send your inquiries and orders anytime at Best4U
    Fast Delivery Process
    Best4U will deliver your mailer box ahead of time
    Shipment Cartons
    Mailer Box Shipment
    Best4U will secure your mailer box to deliver it safely to your doorstep

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    Best4U is a reliable mailer box supplier in China, 10 years in the printing industry, highest quality range of products, capable to export your orders worldwide, great service, expert designers, accommodating staff, modernize type of types of machinery and accurate processing of orders.

    For your mailer box, Best4U has a wide product range to accept a small or large quantity of orders. You can custom print mailer box start from minimum order quantity of 500pcs.

    Best4U is an expert mailer box manufacturer, we can manufacture different kinds of mailer box and the Best4U mailer box is flexible, you can use it in different industries, such as kitchenware, apparel, beauty & personal care products, shoes, electronic products, toys and more…

    Best4U will assist you with your custom mailer box, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have a design yet for your mailer box, because Best4U has creative and professional designers to help you with the designs of your custom mailer box.

    Best4U mailer box is very useful for your business and it secures your products to prevent them from damaging. Best4U offers a wide selection of materials that you can use for your mailer box and it depends on your preferred desire. You can select whether C1S or C2S art paper for light or small products, cardboard paper mailer box, Kraft cardboard, corrugated paper, etc.

    For printing art materials, Best4U has it all. You can choose to have a hot stamping mailer box, PMS printing mailer box, emboss logo mailer box, CMYK, UV mailer box, etc. Printing outside and inside is also OK. You can personalize it to make it more presentable and elegant by adding some stuff to your mailer box. You can put a handle on your mailer box, ribbon, hemp rope, plastic handle, and many more…

    As one of the best mailer box manufacturers since 2009, Best4U always doing its best to handle and manage your mailer box orders according to your satisfaction. Best4U guarantees you the highest quality of every order you need, we will check each of your mailer boxes and should pass strict inspection before delivery.

    A durable and stylish mailer box that Best4U perfectly made just for you. To protect your products with low cost but surely in excellent quality, unique and eco-friendly. After all the efficient processes that Best4U does for your mailer box, we immediately shipped out your orders safely using stronghold cartons to avoid damage.

    You can get a sample of the mailer box upon checking the quality before you set your orders. Best4U will also ship your orders according to your demand and convenience, you can get your orders by sea, or by air. Best4U can also produce any type of packaging, like paper tube packaging, pillow box, reverse tuck box, etc.

    For over 10 years in the industry, it is highly proven that Best4U can always satisfy your needs with 1000+ global brands who trusted Best4U. We are not just working with you, but we love to help you and your brand to be marketable. You will surely love working with Best4U.

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    Mailer Box – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Mailer Box guide is here to accompany you on the journey of knowing what they are and why they are used or preferred by so many businesses worldwide.

    This FAQ guide contains massive information on the available types, styles, printing options, sizes, customizability, industrial uses, manufacturing process, the benefit of ordering mailer boxes from China, and many more.

    1.    What do you mean by a mailer box?

    A mailer box is a packaging material made from thin sheets of paper that are square and folded together into the desired shape.

    As the name suggests, it is usually used to mail products and goods all around the world.

    Mailer Box

    The interlocking flaps and wings make it durable, while the double-sided walls make it more resistant to transit than other types of cardboard boxes.

    This feature of the mailer box helps ensure that the contents stay fresh during transport and reduces the chance of your products being damaged.

    It is designed for storing and shipping items but is also easily constructed and easy to assemble.

    2.    How is a mailer box made?

    Mailer box is made using a different type of paper.

    You can make a custom mailer box with a paper kind that suits your business style and product.

    The types of paper that you can have a mailer box in are:

    • Corrugated paper
    • Textured paper
    • C1S / C2S art paper
    • Paperboard
    • Cardboard paper
    • Kraft paper
    • Recycled paper

    Other materials include accessories that are added to increase the features of your mailer box to make it more dynamic.

    The manufacturing process of mailer boxes is pretty similar to the making of other types of packaging boxes.

    The steps that are involved in the manufacturing of mailer boxes are:

    The materials that are required in the process are obtained.

    The design of a mailer box template is drawn on paper with machines.

    The dimensions of the template are known as die-lines.

    Machine cut the paper according to die-lines.

    When the paper is cut, then it is printed into your desired design.

    After this step, the box is folded.

    Folding gives the mailer box its regular shape.

    Then accessories are added to the mailer box.

    3.    What are the different styles of mailer boxes?

    Mailer box comes in various styles that make this packaging a go-to choice for customers and businesses to ship their products across distances.

    There are the following types of mailer boxes that you can avail of:

    • Mailer box with wings

    This type of mailer box comes with side wings.

    Mailer box with wings

    The wings of this mailer box can be tucked in when you need to close it.

    It is the standard form of mailer box that companies usually prefer.

    • Wingless mailer box

    This style of mailer box is quite similar to the mailer box with wings.

    The difference between both is the side wings.

    Wingless Mailer Box

    The wingless mailer box does not have side wings that can be tucked in.

    It is also known as a literature mailer box.

    • Tear and adhesive strip mailer box

    Mailer boxes also come with extra sealing.

    media box with extra sealing

    Tear and adhesive strip mailer boxes have an adhesive lining to the inner side of the front tuck-in flap.

    You can use this type of mailer boxes to give extra protection to your packed products.

    • Mailer box with sleeve

    Mailer boxes can also be exclusively sealed with another type of secondary protection.

    Sleeves can be used on the mailer boxes with your printed logos or product information.

    mailer box with sleeve

    Mailer boxes with sleeves can lower your printing cost for mailer boxes.

    Mailer boxes with sleeves can be effectively used for promotions.

    4.    What are the types of mailer boxes based on printing technologies?

    There are various printing technologies that you can employ to give a personalized look to your mailer boxes.

    Depending upon the printing technique used in printing mailer boxes, there are the following types of mailer boxes:

    • Hot stamping mailer box
    • PMS printing mailer box
    • Emboss logo mailer box
    • CMYK printing mailer box
    • UV printing mailer box

    Hot stamping mailer box

    The hot stamping printing technique is employed in this type of mailer boxes.

    Hot stamping is a high-tech printing process that uses heated impressions to transfer metal foil or inks onto a surface.

    Hot stamping mailer boxes have precisely cleaned, and an excellent finish with no color bleeds.

    PMS printing mailer box

    Pantone Matching System printed mailer boxes are versatile on their own.

    These mailer boxes lower the overall cost as the PMS printing technique assists the easiness of the printing process.

    Emboss logo mailer box

    Emboss printing technique is used to give a textured feeling to the logo of your mailer box.

    Such mailer boxes have embossed a three-dimensional logo of your brand on them, giving a distinctive presentation to the mailer box.

    CMYK printing mailer box

    CMYK printing technique enables you to print the lightest colors on your mailer boxes compared to the other printing techniques.

    CMYK printed mailer boxes are cost-efficient because there is less color process.

    UV printing mailer box

    UV printed mailer boxes are highly durable as the print does not wither away easily.

    UV inks are environmentally friendly, which means your UV-printed mailer box will also be greener for the earth.

    5.    What accessories can I add to the mailer box?

    There are many accessories that you can add to your mailer boxes to give them a revamped look.

    Accessories can support your product when they are placed inside the mailer box.

    There are accessories that you can use on the outside of the mailer boxes.

    Mailer box accessories

    Some of the attachable accessories on your mailer boxes are as follows:

    • Handle
    • Ribbon
    • Hemp rope
    • Plastic handle
    • EVA trays

    Accessories for Mailer Box

    • Printed Sleeves
    • Inserts

    6.    In which industries mailer box are used?

    Nowadays, several business industries prefer mailer boxes for their businesses.

    These are the few to be mentioned:

    • E-commerce industry
    • Marketing industry
    • Food industry
    • Stationery / Office supply industry
    • Textiles industry
    • Healthcare industry
    • Electronic industry
    • Industrial logistics and supplies
    • Retail industry

    7.    Are there any self-sealing mailer boxes?


    There are self-sealing mailer boxes of different sizes that provide greater protection to your packed items.

    Self-sealing mailer boxes contain a peel and seal closure.

    self-sealing mailer boxes

    Self-sealing postal and mailer boxes are especially recommended for businesses that send sensitive or valuable packages.

    There’s no need to tape the box shut, making the whole process perfect for customers.

    Plus, you get the satisfaction of knowing that all its contents won’t leak out once your customer opens the box.

    8.    Can I make a colorful mailer box?


    You can make your mailer boxes in many vibrant colors.

    colorful mailer boxes

    If you don’t want to paint it yourself or you don’t have a great deal of time, there are also mailer box printing companies that sell pre-made colorful mailer boxes.

    Mailer box companies also match your specific color designs.

    You can send them your design and desired colors to be printed, and they will make you an exotic, colorful mailer box.

    And if you want to make a plain white mailer box, there are still plenty of options for that as well.

    9.    Are mailer boxes good for the planet?

    Yes, mailer boxes are good for the planet.

    You can protect the products inside effectively and efficiently in their normal conditions, extend the life of products, protect the environment, and have many other benefits.

    It is estimated that almost 95% of all the stuff you buy arrives in mailer boxes.

    A standard corrugated cardboard mailer box offers a vast number of ecological benefits over its plastic counterpart.

    Many thoughtful design details can enhance your brand image without adding environmentally harmful materials.

    10.    Can I print on the inside of the mailer box?

    Yes, the inside of mailer boxes can be printed on.

    You can custom print on the inside of the mailer box to make your custom boxes for your business.

    By printing on the inside of the box, you will enhance and protect the print from fading due to sunlight exposure.

    inside print of mailer box

    Printing on the inside of the mailer box can leave an appealing impact on your customers.

    You can choose from different printing techniques such as digital or offset, including CMYK, UV, PMS, Hot Foil, etc.

    You can also custom print your design, whether minimal or full coverage or print on the inner flap for promotional purposes.

    11.    How can I employ mailer boxes?

    Using a mailer box is very convenient.

    You can place your items inside the box and tuck in the front and side flaps with ease.

    You can use mailer boxes to house products of different sizes, shapes, and functions.

    Mailer boxes are especially useful when sending out product samples.

    Mailer boxes are an excellent way to protect your goods from damage during shipping and offer the chance to make your products stand out from your competitors.

    12.    What are the industrial uses of mailer boxes?

    Industry uses mailer boxes for shipping, transportation, bulk mailing supplies, transport items to and from factories, and more.

    Mailer boxes are used to send items advertised under a specific brand.

    They allow customers to view your brand on various mediums, such as clothing.

    You can use mailer boxes for apparel, personal care, kitchenware, electronic products, toys, etc.

    Mailer Boxes are used in the shipping and packaging industry as a lightweight and convenient means for easy transporting items.

    Production industries use it to store merchandise before sales.

    13.    Can I order a custom printed mailer box from mailer box suppliers?

    Yes, you can order your custom printed mailer box from reliable mailer box suppliers and printers.

    You can choose the number of sides to be printed, whether outside or inside.

    You can select the type of design as many mailer box printers have designing teams that can assist you in choosing the best style and design for your mailer box.

    There are several printing options that you can opt from for the best presentation of your mailer box.

    Different printing options have different costs so that you can select cost-effective custom printing for your mailer boxes.

    14.    How can I fold a mailer box?

    Mailer boxes can be folded in several ways to fit specific requests.

    In most cases, the easiest way to fold a mailer is by first folding the top flaps in toward the center and then folding the bottom flaps up and over.

    If you are looking to create a smaller mailer box, it is possible to fold a standard-size mailer box down in half vertically.

    How to fold a mailer box

    Just make sure that your artwork doesn’t fall outside of the main fold line.

    When you have folded your mailer box, you can easily tuck in the side flaps and front flaps inward to see whether it is rightly folded or not.

    15.    How can I seal a mailer box?

    The folding flaps serve as a built-in sealing for your mailer boxes.

    The folding front and side flaps/wings make the closing system of mailer boxes convenient as there is no glue to seal mailer boxes after opening them every time.

    However, you can use glue strips on the inside of the front flap or wing to secure your mailer box in addition to the tuckable side wings.

    16.    What are the different sizes of mailer boxes?

    Mailer boxes are available in various sizes.

    Different Sizes of Mailer Box

    There are some of the sizes that you can have your mailer boxes in.

    Mailer Boxes Sizes

    Sr. no

    Dimensions in cm

    Length x Width x Height

    Sr. no

    Dimensions in cm

    Length x Width x Height


    9.2 x 9.2 x 5 8.

    42.5 x 52 x 18


    24.5 x 19.4 x 2.2 9.

    35 x 25 x 5


    11.8 x 14 x 8 10.

    30.2 x 23.3 x 8.8


    23.1 x 14 x 8 11.

    35 x 26 x 10


    20.7 x 15.6 x 9.1 12.

    32 x 18.2 x 9


    26.5 x 19.5 x 6 13.

    36.4 x 31.4 x 12.5


    44 x 33.9 x 15.9 14.

    26 x 20 x 10.5

    You can also make custom-sized mailer boxes from mailer boxes suppliers.

    17.    Can I use sleeve packaging on the mailer box?

    Yes, you can use sleeve packaging on the mailer box.

    It is generally considered safer for mailing purposes, and it protects the product during the shipping process.

    You can use sleeve packaging of different themes and sizes according to your mailer box’s style, shape, and size.

    If you want your mailer boxes to pose a minimal threat to nature, you can use sleeve packaging made of recycled material.

    Moreover, if you add printed sleeve packaging to your mailer box, you can save some bucks that will otherwise cost you on printing all the sides of the mailer box.

    18.    Can I put inserts in a mailer box?

    Yes, designed to protect its contents, a high-quality mailer box can be made with or without inserts.

    You can put inserts made of foam or paper cut into the shape of your product that you intend to place inside the mailer box.

    inserts in a mailer box

    It offers enhanced protection to your product as the product will stay in the insert and will not move inside the mailer box during shipping or translocation.

    You can also put EVA trays if you do not want foam inserts.

    19.    What is the mailer box with dividers?

    This type of mailer box has dividers inside it.

    A mailer box that has dividers or partitions made of paper makes a mailer box more reliable.

    Mailer Box with Dividers

    It is the best option if you want to place some different but related products inside the mailer box.

    Dividers give your mailer box a concise, clean, and sophisticated look as products cannot entangled when put inside the dividers of the mailer box.

    20.    Can a mailer box be with the window?


    There are mailer boxes with embedded clear and transparent windows.

    Mailer Box with window

    A clear window on the mailing box can add an extra “shout out” to the product it holds.

    A mailer box with a window affords customers a peek at what is in a mailing box, increasing sales and driving impulse buys.

    The window on the mailer box can highlight key features of the product, as in the case of new shoes to signal that they are high heels or sneakers, or shows some co-branding of products held within that may be appealing to the target market.

    21.    Do China mailer box manufacturers make mailer boxes with handles?

    Of course!

    China mailer box manufacturers offer a wide variety of accessories to be added to your mailer boxes, including handles.

    Mailer box with handle

    Handles can be added in the form of rope, plastic handles, and ribbon handles.

    Handles are incorporated on the lower flap of the mailer box.

    You can easily grasp your mailer box by holding the handle, making it easy for you to carry it without any burden.

    22.    What is the use of a literature mailer box?

    Literature mailer boxes are shipping mailers that allow flat shipping items like books, CDs, brochures, magazines, catalogs, or any other flat item.

    Literature mailer box

    Literature mailer boxes are commonly used in bookstores and book distributors to ship books to customers and are also used with various other products.

    The literature mailer box is made of corrugated cardboard, a strong and rigid material that can bear a lot of weight.

    These mailer boxes can be with wings or without wings like standard mailer boxes.

    With standardized sizes & styles, your new literature mailer box can be customized for your business needs.

    23.    Can I ship mailer boxes?

    Sure, you can ship mailer boxes.

    One of the most common uses for mailer boxes is shipping items.

    Every large store uses at least one style of custom box to ship its products to customers.

    You can ship your mailer box directly.

    If you have fragile items placed inside the mailer box, you can also place your mailer box inside the corrugated shipping box.

    In this way, you can add an extra degree of protection to your packed goods during shipment.

    24.    Can I use a mailer box for sending wedding invitations?


    You can make custom mailer boxes for auspicious occasions such as a wedding.

    You can use graphics, designs, accessories like ribbons, etc., and printing options to give your mailer boxes a customized look that goes with your wedding theme.

    You can also place some gifts along with the wedding invitation card while sending it to your dear ones.

    25.    Can I use packaging filler inside the mailer box?

    Without any doubt!

    You can place your items in a mailer box filled with packaging fillers.

    Packaging fillers can protect your items if they are fragile and delicate.

    packaging filler in a mailer box

    However, different colors of packaging fillers can also be employed to enhance the packaging game if you want to send it to your customers for promotion.

    26.    What is the impact of using mailer boxes with void fillers on business and brand?

    Void fillers can make your mailer box suddenly charmful and attractive.

    Customers love personalized packaging, so businesses prefer to use void fillers to have an impactful image on their customers.

    It’s incorrect to think that you only use packaging fillers to protect fragile items.

    A void filler is just as important as a corrugated box, a bag, or a box with a tapered opening.

    When you are trying to display your product in the most favorable light and protect it from damage, you should use a void filler.

    27.    What do you mean by film coatings for mailer boxes?

    Post-print processes can be used to create unique ways to give a finish to mailer boxes.

    One of the most popular and well-known post-print processes is laminating or film coatings.

    It can be used to apply several different types of film laminates.

    Different film coatings can give a unique presentation to your mailer boxes.

    You can choose

    • Glossy film coating
    • Glossy UV film coating
    • Matte film coating
    • Soft-touch film coating
    • Spot glass film coating

    They can be accompanied with embossing, debossing, and foil stamping to ample up the presentation.

    The film coatings add strengthening and protection to make your mailer boxes stand out from competitors and increase resale values.

    28.    Why China mailer box suppliers are the best?

    China mailer box manufacturers are the best because of so many reasons.

    To name a few, you can consider their,

    • Fast turn-around.
    • Designing teams that can aid you in making the best mailer box for your business.
    • Customizable options including size, printing, finishing, accessories, different styles, etc.
    • Cost-effective prices of mailer boxes if you order in bulk.
    • You can confide in China mailer box manufacturers as they have the best printing technologies and types of machinery to offer you high-grade mailer boxes at the lowest prices possible.

    29.    What is the turn-around time if I order mailer boxes from China?

    If you order mailer boxes from China, you can expect a quick turn-around time of 20-25 days, irrespective of your country.

    30.    What is the minimum order quantity of mailer boxes?

    If you order your mailer boxes from China mailer box manufacturers and suppliers, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 500 mailer boxes.

    China custom mailer box manufacturers can make you any quantity of mailer boxes.

    Whether you require 1000 or 10,000 mailer boxes, mailer box manufacturers from China will be able to supply you with the boxes at best possible price.

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