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Best4U sticker labels can be used in various ways, such as cosmetics, chemical products, homemade products, food products, and more… Best4U made it durable, stylish & attractive for you.

Gold Sticker Label
Custom gold sticker label can be glossy, matt or with brush line surface
Kraft paper sticker label
Kraft paper sticker label will personalize your own logo printed with vintage effect
transparent sticker label
Best4U has perfect printing technology to make your logo printing in solid color
textured paper sticker label
Textured paper sticker label can give a luxurious look for your products
PVC sticker label
A waterproof and and tear-proof label and It could be any custom size
Silver Self Adhesive Labels
It could be glossy, matte or brush silver sticker label you want
Gold Foil Sticker Label
Best4U could print it without flaws and in perfect look for your brand
PE Sticker Label
A popular material, because it's cheap but waterproof and last longer
Hologram Self Adhesive Labels
Make your sticker label with rainbow effect with a cheaper cost

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You can choose different kinds of materials for your sticker label…Labels Material


Sticker labels can be used in different ways…

You can choose what is the right art material for your sticker labels…

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Best4U will assist you with all the processes…

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    Create your fun and versatile sticker label fast and easy way here in Best4U, with the highest quality of materials for your sticker label, professionally created with expert designers and automatic production line to create an elegant output of sticker label.

    Best4U sticker label is highly in demand in the market for over 10 years, trusted by 1000+ global brands worldwide. These custom sticker labels can add a visual impact on every product. It is the best way to catch the attention of the consumers and Best4U will give you satisfaction on every sticker label order.

    Best4U sticker label manufacturer is established in China in 2009 and now it is well-known for its capability to create a stylish and elegant sticker label that can make your brands profitable. In whatever business you have you can use sticker labels, like bath products, pastry products, food products, cosmetics, toys, beverages, and more…

    Nowadays, people choose those that are attractive and eye-catching, so that is why Best4U is here to help you out in designing your sticker label in the most creative way.

    Best4U can manufacture any designs, color, size, and shapes of sticker label, you can personalize your own sticker label in whatever design you want. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have a design yet, Best4U can handle that with our creative designer that can assist you all the way.

    You can have your custom sticker label in oval sticker label, square sticker label, transparent sticker label, silver sticker label, gold sticker label, colorful sticker label, etc.

    There are many choices of material types of sticker label that Best4U have, including Kraft paper sticker label, PVC sticker label, BOPP sticker label, PET sticker label, etc. You can select which material is best for your sticker label.

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    Best4U is one of the top sicker label suppliers all around the world. Anywhere you are you can order the Best4U sticker label. We can ship your sticker label on time straight to your place, you can choose whether by air or by land. Best4U will make it more convenient for you.

    You can always send your orders anytime here in Best4U, we are available 24 hours. Best4U can also provide a free sticker label so that you can check first the quality of our output before placing an order to us.

    Best4U accommodates small orders and large orders. We can produce more than 30,000+ pieces of sticker label in 5 hours with our wide range capacity of a production line, you can always have enough sticker label here in Best4U even in peak season.

    As being competitive sticker label manufacturer, Best4U has imported digital equipment to make the highest quality of sticker label, we have 8 different sets of sticker label manufacturing lines to sustain all your orders, so you don’t have to worry because Best4U can always give you the best sticker label that can make your product stand out in the market.

    You can order a variety of sticker label here in Best4U, like matte silver sticker label, PVC sticker label, gold foil sticker label, hot stamping sticker label, UV sticker label, and more…

    Contact Best4U now and send your sticker label orders!

    Sticker Label – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Sticker label FAQ Guide is a list of frequently asked questions about sticker labels.

    Includes but is not limited to common general questions, but also helps you know sticker label material types and features, and much more.

    This guide will provide you the information ranging from basic to technical for which you are striving.

    1.    What are the benefits that sticker labels can bring to your business?

    Sticker Label allows your business to promote your business and products daily quickly.

    Promoting your business through these labels can help grow your company’s revenue.

    Sticker Label provides an easy way to brand products, and the Label makes your business stand out from the competitors and offers convenience to your customer.

    Sticker Labels often allow you to expand your business and are one of the most important ways to add value to your business.

    A brand label is a great way to gain attention to your business and products. Put your name, logo, or website on these labels, and people will immediately recognize your efforts.

    Whether you are looking for a specific look or want cheap custom stickers and labels for your company, label templates can allow you to create and print your customized labels quickly and easily.

    2.    What product field could use a sticker label?

    Several product fields can make use of Sticker Labels. These are given below:

    • Clothing
    • Electrical
    • Medical
    • Food
    • Cosmetics
    • Industrial Products
    • Beverages

    The information on the sticker label may include but is not limited to: brand name, description of contents, ingredients, company name, manufacturer, usage instructions, precautions, warranty information, suggestions and notifications about the product, intended wear use, and much more.

    3.    What are the best mini printers used in printing sticker labels?

    There are several printers present in the market that are used for printing sticker labels. Some of the popular printers are listed below:

    mini printer for sticker labels

    • HP Office Jet Pro 8025
    • HP Envy 5055
    • HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Wireless All in One Inkjet Printer
    • Vinyl Sticker printer Circuit Explore Air 2
    • Vinyl Stricker Printer Silhouette Cameo 4
    • Epson XP 7100 Expression
    • Canon PIXMA Pro 100
    • Epson Stylus R2000
    • Epson Workforce 7710
    • Canon PIXMA TS6220

    The mini printers use quality materials that won’t fade or peel because they use high-quality ink and label materials like full-color labels.

    It should be able to produce using standard color and style options.

    4.    How to choose material for your sticker label?

    The material of a sticker label is significant.  It determines whether you will enjoy happy days for a long time or encounter trouble after a few days or even weeks.

    There are so many factors to consider when choosing the material for your sticker label:

    • Water resistance
    • Tear resistance
    • Durability
    • Corrosion resistance
    • Removable or Non-removable
    • Brightness

    Before choosing a sticker label material, you must be aware of its intended function.

    materials for sticker label

    If it is used on a bottle cap, it will be soaked in water or soda; if it’s a product label, it will spend more time in storage before being sold; if it is a company logo sticker & lettering, you’ll want it to last through many pieces of washing and elements.

    Generally, labels are printed from three materials: Vinyl, Coated Paper, Textured Paper, Kraft Paper, Synthetic Paper, PET, BOPP, etc.

    Except for Coated Paper and Kraft Paper sticker labels, sticker labels in other material can be both waterproof and tear-resistant and usually have more features like die cut shapes, silk screen printing, UV print coating, etc., making the stickers more creative.

    5.    What is die cut sticker label?

    The die-cut sticker label is Label a sheet or web material printed by offset printing or letterpress and then cut out to any size, shape, thickness, and requirement using a laser or manual die cutting machine.

    die cut sticker label

    Die-cut stickers have bright and saturated color, full-bleed printing, which shows no color registration marks in printing.

    Thanks to these features, die curl stickers can be used for highly creative applications. It is a kind of decorative element for your box packing, ornamenting the surface.

    Usually, instead of using the regular adhesive Label on your box, it’s more helpful and attractive to use die-cut shape stickers.

    6.    What is a kiss cut sticker label?

    A kiss cut sticker label is a label that comes with its backing sheet, edges, and corners partially pre-cut to make it easier to place the Label on products.

    The Kiss-cut sticker label is one of the most commonly used labels today.

    kiss cut stickers

    It is a great cost-effective way to create a finished professional look with little effort.

    The advantages of kiss-cut sticker labels are numerous, and they are easy to use, sturdy and durable.

    They are affordable, and you can get them in just about any size and shape imaginable.

    The Kiss-cut sticker label has been widely used in food and beverage product, some promotional products, paperweight, candle, packaging, gifts, and many kind related products

    7.    What types of sticker labels are there?

    There are several types of sticker labels.

    Removable Sticker Label:

    A removable sticker label is a special kind of Label.

    It has an adhesive on one side that allows it to be applied to almost any surface. And it could be teared off without leaving any glue.

    removable sticker label


    Whereas that other side contains a paper-thin layer that has no adhesive, thus allowing you to remove the Label off the surface without damaging it in any way.

    Removable sticker labels are a great alternative to permanent labels or business owners who often change their packaging.

    Destructible Sticker Label:

    The destructible vinyl label will leave a visible imprint on the surface of the item being labeled.

    If someone attempts to remove the Label and replace it, they will also rip the Label into tiny pieces.

    Destructible Sticker Label

    It’s easy to detect if labels have been tampered with. Labels such as these are called tamper-evident because they will show evidence of tampering by destroying themselves.

    Printable Sticker Label:

    A printable sticker label is customized item labels that are printed according to your specific needs.

    Printable sticker labels are an economical, practical, and long-lasting way to promote your business.

    Two of the most popular fields you know is the shipping thermal label and price tag in the supermarket.

    Peel-Off Sticker Label:

    Peel-Off sticker label refers to a product label that can be applied to a product with adhesive backing.

    These labels can easily be peeled on and peeled off for a fresh look every time.

    It’s often called a pressure-sensitive Label.

    Scratch Sticker Label:

    Scratch sticker label comes with a layer of protective film over the surface of the Label.

    This film can be scratched off and help you promote yourself, your company, or the product or service you’re selling.

    scratch sticker label

    Behind the protective film, it could be name, tag, etc.

    Anti-Counterfeit Sticker Label:

    Anti-Counterfeit Label is a sheet of laminate film that is used to protect and identify products being exported.

    Anti-Counterfeit Sticker Label

    The main characteristics of the Anti-Counterfeit Sticker label will help identify and authenticity of products.

    VOID Sticker Label:

    A void sticker label to indicate if a customer has returned an item and to void the transaction.

    Its primary function is to make sure the customers that the product hasn’t been sold. Or a symbol for the warranty.

    Waterproof Sticker Label:

    Waterproof Sticker Label is designed to ensure waterproof, prevent moisture and rust.

    Waterproof Sticker Label

    Waterproof sticker label is commonly used to apply on the surface of the plastic, package, paper, and other kinds of products.

    8.    How to remove the sticker label?

    There are several ways to remove sticker labels.

    You can buy an adhesive remover from your local grocery store, or you can use a commercial adhesive remover cleaner.

    To remove the sticker label, you can use a solvent like alcohol or organic one.

    You can also try a plastic knife, put it under the sticker, and take it away.

    Heat the Label with the hairdryer to peel it off.

    You can also use your fingernails to peel slowly in the right direction.

    9.    Where can I order a sticker label?

    There are two options to choose from if you are looking for a cheap and reputable supplier to buy a sticker label.

    • If you are looking for retail, you can search online stores. These stores offer high-quality sticker labels with the lowest price on the market.
    • In case you need a wholesale or custom sticker label, you can search for the manufacturer in China. These places offer high quality at the lowest price.

    While placing an order, you can customize your own stickers label in many different sizes with different shapes, colors, fonts, and themes.

    Custom sticker labels can help you identify your products quickly, and you can also feel free to add the logo if needed.

    Sticker Labels are shipped directly to your doorstep with clear instructions on how to stick them perfectly.

    10.      Why thank you sticker label is so popular recently?

    The “Thank You” sticker label is becoming popular because they are responsible for great first impressions!

    Think about one day when you open a parcel, at the first moment, it’s a beautiful label with warm words comes to your eyes, what the feeling will you have?

    The “Thank You” sticker label instantly shows appreciation and builds pride in your company.

    Thank you sticker label


    These sticker labels make your customers feel valued and appreciated.

    Whether you are making stickers for a private party, school or church event, or any other event, you can make your customer feel unique with Thank You sticker label.

    Thank You sticker label converts your first-time customers into repeated customers, and thus, it ultimately increases your revenue.

    11.      What is a custom sticker label?

    A custom sticker label is a sticker label that can be customized according to your requests.

    You can make stickers of any size and shape such as rectangle, oval, round, square, hexagonal, triangle, etc.

    You can also add your designs, themes, fonts (Arial, Calibri, Corbel, Dotum, etc.), or words to it.

    The option exists to choose from a variety of colors or add multiple colors at once.

    A custom label is a unique label created to promote your brand. With high quality and affordability, custom label printing can be used to meet a variety of needs.

    12.      How to apply a sticker label?

    There are two ways to apply sticker labels:

    • By Using Sticker Label applicators (Machines)
    • Manually

    If you are using a label applicator, then place your sticker label roll inside the labeling machine and the product you want to label.

    It will automatically put the labels on your product. But in this way, the direction of sticker on rolls is not random, you need to confirm according to your applicators or labeler machine.

    Applying sticker labels manually is a simple process. The titles are peeled off of their backing and pressed onto the surface of the product.

    While applying, keep it straight and never tilt it. First, place its center on the surface, and then with the help of your fingers, press towards the right and left direction.

    They can be applied to any surfaces, either round or flat or rough, etc.

    This will help prevent developing any curves on the surfaces and reduce the chance of air trapped while labeling application.

    13.        How to choose a packing method for your sticker label, on a roll or sheet, or cut in a piece?

    The choice of packing method of your product label is significant if you want to deliver it safely and ensure that the image on the printed Label looks good and stays in place.

    Each method has its own merits, and we recommend choosing a shipping service that delivers your items with care.

    Packing a sticker label in the form of a roll is the best. In this way, there are almost negligible chances that your sticker label gets damaged during shipping, and thus it remains protected from atmosphere effects.

    Delivering sticker labels in the form of sheets is not recommended. Long sheets cannot get easily packed and require huge packaging boxes, which means extra cost.

    Sticker labels that are cut into pieces are also a convenient method of packaging. The volume of sticker labels in this way gets reduced, and they are easily packed.

    14.      Is there any cutting machine for sticker labels?

    Yes, the label scissor die-cut machine can cut any shape and size of labels. It is mainly used for scrapbooking stickers, sports labels, promotional products, and business promotional stationery.

    It has adopted the brand-new technology of waste paper recycling.

    cutting machine for sticker label

    The finished products are just as beautiful as other kinds of stickers and labels, superior in quality than other products.

    Some of the die-cut machines are listed below:

    • Flat Bed Mini Sticker Label Die Cut Machine
    • Rotary Roll sticker label die cutter
    • ZOMAGTC Flatten Die Cutting Machine
    • ZM360 CK Digital Die Cutter

    15.        What material is popular for homemade sticker labels and handmade with love sticker labels?

    Well, the essential criteria in selecting a sticker label are how it will be used.

    Popular materials for homemade with love sticker labels are synthetic paper, coated paper, and kraft paper.

    Nowadays many people choose kraft paper for handmade with sticker labels, because it looks like vintage sticker label, brings people soft feeling and maybe some impression memory.

    But kraft paper is not waterproof, if you need to put the homemade products into the fridge or some wet environment, synthetic paper is a good choice.

    16.        How do I measure sticker label size?

    Label size is the actual height and width of a label.

    It is essential to measure your label size accurately before ordering because there is no option to change it once ordered.

    Measure sticker label size

    To find your label size, take a ruler and measure the height on one side from top to bottom. Then take the ruler and measure the width of your Label on the top.

    You can also measure your label size by using measuring tape following the above same procedure.

    17.      What can you use a vinyl sticker label for?

    Vinyl sticker labels are mainly used for branding; however, they can be used for various other purposes.

    Its primary use is as a packaging sticker label.

    Vinyl sticker label has often given unique designs to help promote the business and attract attention in retail settings

    For example, you can use a vinyl label to organize and label your home or office supplies neatly.

    You can also use a vinyl-based sticker label to identify any belongings you’d like to protect from theft.

    Vinyl sticker label is also used as waterproof labels for long term use without deterioration.

    18.      What is a UV transfer sticker label?

    UV transfer sticker label is a sticker that can go through a particular machine (called UV printer), which applies the artwork on the cheap label paper.

    UV transfer sticker label is printed from CMYK colors, PVC or PET film (matt or gloss finish) of high quality.

    UV transfer sticker label

    It’s die-cut onto the chosen shape of the product itself and allows it to stick on many surfaces from paper to glass and metal.

    UV transfer sticker labels can be used as brand identification, inventory labels, and barcodes, asset tags, retail and promotion labels.

    19.      What makes a sticker label attractive?

    Many factors play a role in making sticker labels attractive to your target audience. These may include shape, colors, quality, and much more.

    An attractive sticker label not only has an excellent shape but also attracts attention with the entire design.

    A great sticker label is made using the best materials and has a quality finish.

    The materials used for the Label should be suitable and compatible.

    It is also imperative to consider the durability of the labels. You don’t want the retail labels to wear out quickly, as people will not buy your products

    An attractive sticker label will attract more attention, which will directly result in the sale of that product. Whether your target market is young or old, people are always attracted to bright colors.

    20.      What paper size do I use for the sticker label sheet?

    The paper size used in printing sticker labels is 8.5″ × 11.0″. This is the same as a standard letter size paper.

    Popular sticker label sizes used on this sheet are 1″ × 2.685″, 2.0″ × 3.5″, and 2.0″ × 4.0″.

    The size of the sticker label determines the number of sticker labels per sheet.

    21.      How long does the sticker label take to dry?

    Sticker label takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to a full business day to dry, and the time it takes depends on several factors.

    The brand you choose, the materials used, the size of the sticker label, and the method of application can all impact drying time.

    The brand you choose affects how long the sticker label takes to dry because every brand has its level of adhesive that determines how long the sticker label takes to dry.

    Several adhesives exist for many brands, so that a heavy-duty glue may take longer than one with a lighter weight adhesive.

    22.      What is the benefit of UV transfer sticker labels?

    UV transfer sticker label could show you almost like printing it on, it’s with “ no label “ appearance. Paste it on your products, scratch it on the place, then peel off the transparent film layer, the logo is on the products.

    UV sticker label is impressive and will make your product look stunning. It also gives extra protection to your products since it is scratch proof.

    It protects your product from water, oil, adhesive, dust, etc., and can be used in any weather condition.

    The sticker label can be printed with any colors, pictures, graphics, or photos in transparent background.

    It is durable to use for a long time, like any other stickers.

    23.      What are the advantages of self-adhesive sticker labels?

    Their main benefit is that they do not require a sealant of any kind to stay on smooth surfaces such as glass or metal.

    Suitable for most smooth and hard surfaces. Permanent once applied, cannot be easily removed, especially in wet conditions.

    Suitable for various materials, including leather, metal(steel), glass, painted fabrics, plastics, and rubber labels are designed to be stuck onto smooth materials including metal, wood, glass.

    Some materials of labels are waterproof.

    It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and you can also write on the labels with permanent markers.

    24.      Do you need special ink for the sticker label?

    Yes, Standard oil-based inks used by typical desktop laser printers are NOT ideal.

    These types of printer inks can cause problems with the adhesive on your custom sticker labels, i.e., cause labels to peel off when exposed to higher humidity.

    The printing ink must be suitable for the particular materials or coating. Commonly, it is recommended to use waterproof and solvent-proof inks for such sticker labels.

    25.        What do you mean by glossy and matte sticker labels?

    Glossy and matte sticker labels are generally the terms used to describe how the surfaces of Stickers look.

    glossy and matte sticker label

    Glossy sticker labels are coated with premium quality glossy film material. This is used to make stickers that give a smooth, shiny, and vibrant look.

    If your project does not require a glossy finish, you can achieve a matte finish. Some matte films get scratch marks easily but don’t worry, if you don’t like that, there’s also anti-scratch matte film.

    26.      Can vinyl sticker labels get wet?

    Yes, vinyl sticker labels can!

    If you stick a custom sticker label on your bottled water, sodas, beer, and wine, energy drinks, or other beverages, make sure that the sticker label you choose is made from waterproof material.

    That way, you don’t have to worry about if they get wet or not.

    27.      Are there any free sticker labels template?

    Browse a large selection of free online Sticker label templates. There are thousands out there to choose from.

    You can select an existing template or make a new one by building tools available on these websites.

    The easiest way is to use pre-made templates to download from the internet or make your new template.

    Sticker label template


    These templates may come with a design already on them that you can choose to replace or leave it as is.

    You are doing a slight change in the size, text, font, colors, themes, etc. You can build a design of your bottle labels.

    After complete formatting, you can print your bottle label and paste it where you want.

    28.      Can I import sticker labels from China?

    Yes, you can import the sticker labels from China.

    The are several advantages of importing from China:

    The price is usually lower than the local market.

    You can order custom sticker labels.

    You can select your desired shape, size, themes, fonts, and colors.

    One great benefit is that there is no minimum or maximum quantity that you can order.

    If you are a small retailer, you can also place an order once you are finished by entering your contact details. You will receive sticker labels within a few days at your doorstep.

    29.      What can a sticker label do for your birthday?

    A customized birthday sticker label can help a loved one remember where they received that special gift.

    You can decorate the outside of your birthday package with a label that will delight recipients.

    Birthday sticker label

    A sticker label can display details about a birthday party invitation and serve as a gift tag to leave a remarkable impression.

    You can also use a sticker label to help people identify several things at your birthday party like reception, sitting area, party area, etc.

    30.      Can I make a sticker label on Microsoft Word?

    There are several different ways to create Sticker labels on Microsoft Word.

    The easiest way is to use pre-made templates to download from the internet or make your new template.

    These templates may come with a design already on them that you can choose to replace or leave it as is.

    You are doing a slight change in the size, text, font, colors, themes, etc. You can build a design of your bottle labels.

    After complete formatting, you can print your bottle label and paste it where you want.

    31.      Is there any transparent sticker label?

    Yes, there is a transparent sticker label.

    These sticker labels are used to provide clean and precise identification of products either in stores or at your home.

    Transparent sticker label

    An ordinary Inkjet printer is used in the printing of clean/ transparent sticker labels.

    These sticker labels are widely used on plastic and glass bottles. With attractive fonts and colors, it makes the product look eye-catchy by employing a glossy finish.

    32.      What is the vector sticker label?

    The vector sticker label is made up of lines and curves, which allow you to scale your design up or down without losing image quality.

    Vector sticker labels are the preferred choice when printing on small labels for a clean and crisp look.

    Vector sticker labels can be made on Adobe Illustrator.

    They are ideal for printing on flat surfaces such as plastic, paper, sheet metal, etc.

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