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Being creative is one way of showing others how we appreciate them even in small things. By using the thank you stickers on your products make them more meaningful and stylish. That is why Best4U is here to help you in making your imagination come true.

You can choose different styles for your thank you stickers and Best4U can surely manufacture what you desire as rectangle thank you stickers, round thank you stickers, floral thank you stickers, colorful thank you stickers, oval thank you stickers, transparent thank you stickers, etc. Besides, we also produce washi tapes, gift hang tags etc.

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As an artistic thank you stickers supplier for over 10 years, Best4U proves that every thank you sticker is made with premium quality materials to meet your needs. Best4U thank you stickers were established in China and trusted by global brands since 2009 in the printing and packaging industry.

Best4U is available 24/7, you can send your orders and inquiries anytime. We have a friendly staff that will serve you all the way in answering your inquiries and processing all your orders. Best4U has a fast and well-ordered system that will make you satisfied with every detail of your custom thank you stickers.

Best4U has a wide capacity of thank you sticker factories to supply and can manufacture a large and small quantity of orders, so you can have your thank you stickers as much as you want and Best4U will make it happen even in peak season.

For you to check the quality of our thank you stickers, Best4U will provide a free sample of thank you stickers before you will send your orders, and you can also get detailed pictures and production videos for every order.

In securing the quality of your custom thank you stickers, Best4U does a quality inspection for each of thank you stickers to acknowledge the standard quality. Best4U will directly ship out your orders to your location and you can select whether you want it shipped by sea or by air.

Best4U offers many kinds of stickers and labels, we have lip gloss labels, candle labels, glass bottle labels, etc.

You can send directly your inquiries and orders of your thank you stickers here in Best4U!

Thank You Stickers – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Thank You Stickers can elevate your business relations with your customers and friends, and family on various prestigious occasions.

This FAQ guide contains all the related information under one roof.

In this article, you can read about materials, usage, printing techniques, manufacturing process, packaging methods, sizes and shapes, customizable options, manufacturers and suppliers of stickers from China, etc.

1.    What are thank you stickers?

Thank you stickers are small adhesive labels placed on gifts or deliveries to show your appreciation for a job well done.

These stickers are small but meaningful labels for packages or envelopes, a practical way to deliver your parcel with love while saving time.

Personalized Thank You Stickers

Thank you stickers are stickers that you can also write on to thank someone for doing something nice for you.

They can be placed anywhere on a thank you note or envelope.

Stickers are a fun way to show gratitude and admiration to those who help make life easier.

They serve as a reminder of how much you appreciate the effort put into making your items or deliveries look so lovely.

No matter how large or small the job is, stickers allow you to show you’re valuing in small but meaningful ways.

2.    What is used to make thank you stickers?

Different materials can be stated that are used to make attractive stickers.

The materials used in creating thank you sticker are an excellent way to make your packaging item stand out with its unique look.

Personalized Thank You Stickers

Placing your product stickers on top of your shopping basket increases the chance of it being noticed among other items.

To further customize the design and appeal of your packaging solution, you can choose from a wide range of materials, including:

  • Coated paper
  • Kraft paper
  • Synthetic paper
  • Textured paper
  • Writeable paper
  • Destructible paper
  • Transparent PET
  • PET
  • BOPP
  • PVC
  • Shiny gold and silver PET
  • Matte gold and silver PET

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is an excellent choice for stickers, but it is not waterproof.

Personalized Thank You Stickers

You can use kraft paper if you want to leave a natural-looking impression on your customers, but do not count on it for protection from rain or other elements.

Kraft paper is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to give your customers a great apprehension without overspending.

Kraft paper thus is an affordable choice for those who want to leave a lasting fancy.

Textured paper

Textured paper is a paper finish made through a process of pressing the paper to impart texture.

The finishes of stickers made with textured paper are visually stunning and tactile.


Personalized Thank You Stickers

Stickers or gift tags are made from BOPP, PET, PE, and PVC.

Thanks to their tearproof, waterproof, and flexible nature, these stickers are popular due to their convenience and popularity.

3.    How do you make thank you stickers?

Manufacturing, thank you stickers can involve several steps, including:

Template checking – checking for misspelled or incorrect labels.

Adhesive checking – checking labels for proper adhesion.

Material checking – ensuring the label is made of the correct material or material type.

Manufacturing – producing the labels by printing, cutting, and sewing.

QC inspection – inspecting finished products to ensure they are free of defects and compliance with specifications.

Packaging – finished packaging products before shipment.

The manufacturing process is the crucial phase that involves the main procedures done to make your elegant stickers.

The steps involved are as follows:

Printing of stickers

Different types of printers are employed based on your printing technique choice.

The artwork and template are printed on the selected material to make stickers.

Cutting of stickers

In this step, machines cut down the die lines of stickers, whether the stickers are cut into shapes or packed onto rolls or sheets.

4.    Why do you use thank you stickers?

There are innumerable reasons that are involved in the wide usage of thank you stickers.

Personalized Thank You Stickers

Thank you stickers are used for various reasons, including sending notes of appreciation, expressing gratitude, providing incentives, and rewarding good behavior.

Stickers make it easy to show appreciation and say thanks.

They are customized for each situation to create a fun and personal touch with simple styling that can be used on packages, envelopes, or labels.

Personalized Thank You Stickers

These self-adhesive labels make it easy to reward children when they have done their chores.

Businesses use thank you stickers to avoid confusion over who has attended the meeting or event, where guests sit at social gatherings and even assign seating arrangements on conference calls.

Customized stickers can be used as announcements about new products or services, as well as greeting card attachments.

These stickers can be used for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries.

5.    Are thank-you stickers used in business?

Yes, they are widely used in business fields.

Various businesses and industries employ stickers to pay gratitude to their customers.

You can also use thank you stickers to boost up your relation with your customers and consumers.

Personalized Thank You Stickers

The businesses that are using thank you stickers for this purpose are:

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Stationary industry
  • Mailing industry
  • Event planning businesses
  • Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry
  • Household industry
  • Electronics business
  • Jewelry business
  • Catering business
  • Beauty and health field

Stickers are used to briefly acknowledge someone for doing something nice or completing a task.

But they can also be used as valuable marketing tools to help build brand recognition and loyalty among customers, employees, and other important people within the company.

Stickers give an impression that your company is always grateful for the effort put forth by its customers.

This can cause a positive attitude in future interactions with your company, resulting in increased sales and word-of-mouth referrals.

6.    How thank you stickers are printed?

Stickers printing is a way to make your stickers look even more impressive.

There are several ways to print stickers for business, and each of them has its advantages.

Printing process is a crucial marketing tool that can be used to make stickers irresistible.

There are the following kinds of printing techniques that you can employ in the process:

  • Inkjet printing
  • Digital printing
  • Embossing
  • Holographic printing
  • CMYK printing
  • Offset printing
  • UV printing
  • Hot and cold stamping
  • PMS printing

Inkjet printing

Inkjet printers are uniquely suited to printing high-quality images.

Unlike traditional technologies like thermal wax, inkjet printing has the advantage of virtually no warm-up time.

Also, compared to other printing technologies, inkjet printing is less costly.

Digital printing

You can consider the digital printing technique for printing stickers because digital printing has several advantages: low cost, fast turnaround, full-color prints, no limitation of colors, etc.

Hot stamping

Hot stamping is a thermal transfer process that can be used on a wide variety of materials.

The process utilizes heat from tungsten or ceramic tip to transfer designs with the use of high-temperature ink.

Hot-stamped, thank you stickers have an elegant and aesthetic look that please people.

7.    Can I have transparent thank you stickers?

Of course!

Transparent thank you stickers are adhesive vinyl stickers.

These stickers are also called clear stickers due to their transparency.

Personalized Thank You Stickers

Transparent stickers differ from opaque stickers as they do not hide the background or surface they are attached to.

The adhesive on transparent stickers is powerful–you can apply them to almost anything without damaging the surface.

They can be used for various purposes, including thank you notes, invitations, and gift tags.

You can also use transparent stickers on your packaging box with a clear window, such as in bakeries, to pack cakes in the clear window packaging boxes.

Transparent stickers are also waterproof and give a shiny look which means they can resist water.

You can custom print any design on clear stickers.

8.    Can I make thank you stickers at home?

Yes, you can.

Making stickers at home does not involve rocket science.

You can hand-make your stickers without any difficulty to impart a personalized and raw touch.

For this purpose, you can check these points to proceed:

  • Material selection
  • Adhesives or glue
  • Template designing
  • Printing of stickers
  • Cutting

You can choose paper of any type that you are available with.

Thank you stickers can be made on regular non-adhesive paper as well as with sticker paper.

If you use sticker stock, then there will be no need for additional adhesive upon pasting.

After choosing material, you can print stickers using your computer and printer.

You can print a template of your choice after modifying its colors, size, style, etc.

Then you can cut thank you stickers with scissors, and paste them on your desirable places with glue.

9.    In how many colors, stickers are available?

There are unlimited colors that allow you to embellish thank you stickers with.

When printing, you do not have to worry about color choices.

Personalized Thank You Stickers

You can print any color of your choice according to your mood and theme of business.

From solid colors to pastel colors, there are innumerable color shades that can go exactly with what is in your mind.

Personalized Thank You Stickers

Based on color selection, you can choose printing techniques accordingly as there are printing options that give the best result for vivid colors and vice versa.

It does not matter if you want a single color printed thank you sticker or multiple colors printed one such as rainbow stickers, you can always custom print your stickers with unlimited options.

10. What to do if I want to stickers for the baby shower?

All you need to do is “Do not worry!”

Personalized Thank You Stickers

Because there are stickers that are specially designed for such pure and delighted occasions.

The baby shower-based thank you stickers are designed with a baby shower theme that you can proudly use in your baby shower party to welcome a newborn and greet your guests for their arrival and gifts.

You can make such stickers with opaque or transparent materials to add a personalized sense to your party.

11. Are black thank you stickers good for business?

Of course!

Solid color stickers are always the best way out to make an excellent packaging and promotional tool.

Personalized Thank You Stickers

Black-colored, thank you stickers can be a unique gimmick to capture your customers’ sight and pour a sense of regard into their hearts.

You can design your black stickers, or you can seek the assistance of the art and developing team to do this job for you perfectly.

Personalized Thank You Stickers

You can make stickers with bold black fonts or a solid black background with more modifying options.

Hot stamping or solid color stamping can also play a significant role in delivering the magic of your imagination to your customer’s doorstep.

12. Can I have the template of thank you stickers?


There are unlimited templates that are available online for you to make stickers.

When it comes to template modifying or designing, you can make them from scratch, on your own, or alter them according to your needs or business theme.

Several websites offer free thank you sticker templates for people to make stickers at home or forward the templates to the thank you sticker manufacturers and suppliers.

You can alter the font size, shape, font style, transparency, background color, border color, shadow, etc., to make them aligned with your demand.

13. What can I print on stickers?

It is all up to your creativity!

You can print whatever you want on stickers along with the sentence “Thank You.”

You can design your stickers with varying levels of creativity and decorate thank you stickers with your unique artist’s impression.

You can print balloons, leaves, flowers, emojis, shapes, cartoons, characters, etc.

There is no limit to creativity, so is the artwork for thank you sticker printing process.

14. Can I custom print my thank you stickers with the logo?

Without any doubt!

Personalized Thank You Stickers

If you are a business and want to make stickers with your brand name or logo on thank you stickers, this is not even a problem.

Thank You sticker printing companies and factories offer their customers custom print stickers with the design of their choice, be it artwork or business logo.

15. How can I use thank you stickers for the wedding?

Thank you stickers make a great wedding thank you gift.

They can be used to deliver notes to the bride and groom or attached to the presents themselves.

Personalized Thank You Stickers

For a more differentiated presentation, choose designs that match your friends’ wedding colors or those of their families.

Customize each sticker with your favorite phrase or design for an added personalized vibe.

These functional stickers will bring joy to both the receiver and writer of your correspondence.

16. Can I use my artwork for thank you sticker printing?


There are multiple options available that you can employ for printing your artwork on thank you stickers.

You can send your artwork in a pdf or JPG file to your thank you sticker printer or manufacturer.

You have control over the choice of color and several other factors to produce great stickers.

17. Can I make cartoon thank you stickers?


Cartoon, thank you stickers have a depiction printed on stickers related to cartoon characters.

Personalized Thank You Stickers

When you custom makes your stickers, it is all in your hand to print whatever you want.

Cartoon, thank you stickers can be well-liked by children.

These types of stickers can be used in the children’s garment business, toys business, et.

18. Are thank-you stickers eco-friendly?

Of course!

The paper used to make stickers is acid-free and sourced from renewable sources.

The ink used in the printing process is non-toxic and water-based, creating an eco-friendly product.

By hand-selecting each sheet of paper, you can ensure that thank you stickers are free of chemicals harmful to the environment, like chlorine or sulfate.

Surface film coating choices are also environmentally responsible and made with non-toxic solutions.

19. What do you mean by personalized thank you stickers?

Personalized thank you stickers are custom-made for each recipient to thank them for their generous gift or added touch at an event.

In personalized stickers, every factor of sticker manufacturing is processed according to your demands.

If you want to make personalized stickers, you can modify size, shape, phrase text, font color, font size, font style, etc.

20. Are thank-you stickers self-adhesive?

By all means!

Mostly all stickers are self-adhesive.

These are the type of stickers that do not require additional glue other than what is layered between the paper sheets.

Sticker stock is used for making stickers that have three layers.

  • Front material layer
  • Adhesive layer
  • Backing layer

All of these layers are made of different materials.

The middle layer imparts the self-adhesive nature to stickers.

The adhesives used in this layer can be:

  • Water-based
  • Oil-based
  • Rubber-based

Water-based adhesive is the most common one.

21. What packaging methods are used for stickers?

Personalized Thank You Stickers

There are three different ways in which stickers can be packed and delivered.

These three methods are:

  • Stickers on rolls
  • Stickers on sheets
  • Stickers cut into shape

You can choose the best option regarding the type of your labeling machine, or you can manually label your products with stickers.

22. What do you mean by laminated stickers?

Laminated thank you stickers are covered with a film material that enhances the durability and strength of stickers.

Laminated stickers are hardwearing than non-laminated ones.

There are a variety of film lamination options such as:

  • Matte lamination
  • Glossy lamination
  • Pearl lamination

All of these give unique surface finishes and properties to stickers.

23. What are the available sizes of thank you stickers?

Stickers are available in many sizes.

The most common thank you stickers are 1.5″, 2″, and 3″ inches.

You can custom make stickers with the size of your demand.

24. Are there different shapes of thank you stickers?

For sure.

Stickers can be made in multiple shapes and designs other than circular shapes, which is the most common one.

Other than a circle, you can make stickers with oval, square, rectangle, heart, octagon, elliptical, etc. shapes or into any different vector shape.

25. What do you mean by die-cut stickers?

Personalized Thank You Stickers

Die-cut, thank you. Stickers are stickers that have the shape of a design printed on them.

A die-cut sticker has the custom shape cut entirely through the sticker’s backing, so you see the entire shape and design of the sticker.

26. What are kiss cut stickers?

Kiss Cut, thank you stickers are stickers that are printed on-demand and cut using a laser.

Personalized Thank You Stickers

These stickers differ from die-cut due to their significantly visible backing material.

While the stickers are digitally printed, this allows for a paper-like feel.

The edges are less sharp than traditional cut stickers, which makes them more comfortable to use.

27. Are there any thank you stickers wholesalers in China?


There are numerous thank you sticker wholesalers located in China.

You can do your research online to find reliable wholesalers to import your next batch of stickers.

28. Why thank you stickers manufacturers from China are the best?

There are many reasons why you might want to order from China.

There are numerous reasons why customers, favor stickers produced in China.

Most customers are impressed with the value, quality, and reliability of stickers made in China.

The materials used in Chinese manufacturing are of excellent quality, and customer services track every production step from start to finish.

Chinese manufacturers have strict quality control procedures that ensure the highest production standards.

If you import stickers from China, you can rest assured that your order will be dealt with outstanding professionalism at economical rates without affecting the quality.

29. At what price can I buy thank you stickers?

You can import thank you stickers at an average price of $0.1 to $1.

The price of stickers is affected by the customizable options such as printing techniques, shapes, size, surface finishes, etc.

30. What is the minimum order quantity if I import thank you stickers from China?

The minimum order quantity depends upon the different suppliers of stickers from China.

But to be stated as an average statement, you can order a minimum quantity of 500 stickers.


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