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Best4U Cardboard Display Box is durable and trendy, it is very useful in various industries such as food products, books, candy products, cosmetics, beverages, etc.

Small Cardboard Point Of Sale Display Box
Cardboard point of sale display box could be with hook
Custom Cardboard Display Dump Bins
Best4U could make you cardboard display in any shape
Custom Cardboard Counter Display Boxes
Counter cardboard display boxes are easy to install
Custom Pop Corrugated Shelf Display Stands
Pop shelf display stands could be in large sizes
Triangle Cardboard Shipping Display Boxes
Best4U makes shipping display boxes will be premium
Custom Paper White Cardboard Display Boxes
Cardboard display boxes could be in any colors
Custom Cardboard Food Snack Display Box
Snack display boxes at counter desk will rise your sale
Cardboard Book Product Display Boxes Rack
Best4U supports small q'ty to custom cardboard display boxes
Black Cardboard Doll Retail Display Boxes
Retail display boxes could be with multi layers
Cardboard Soap Display Carton Boxes
Display cardboard carton boxes helps catching more market
Custom Cardboard Lip Balm Retail Display
Cardboard lip balm display box with dispenser is popular style
Cardboard Lipstick Counter Display Boxes
Cardboard lipstick counter display boxes could be with cut holes

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    Best4U is a certified cardboard display box manufacturers for over 10 years in the printing and packaging industry, with top-quality service, reliable source of materials, expertise, and a wide range of facilities. You can rely on your cardboard display box on Best4U.

    For the latest and trendy designs, Best4U is competent in manufacturing your custom corrugated display since 2009 in service. Best4U has it all to comply with all your needs for your cardboard shelf displays and made it easier for you to personalize your corrugated display boxes.

    Best4U cardboard display box factory in China has a wide capacity of facilities to make your orders done in small or in large numbers of the display carton box. You don’t have to worry, because Best4U can supply and manufacture your custom counter display boxes for more than 30,000 pieces for 5 hours only, Best4U can give you more than that to meet your needs.

    You can check first the quality of the Best4U custom cardboard display boxes before you send your orders. Best4U can provide a free output of cardboard display case to see the quality of the Best4U layout. For customization of your custom counter display boxes, you can choose the size, shape, and graphics and you can have your own style of your cardboard display case such as small cardboard display boxes, cardboard shipper display, etc.

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    Best4U has a variety of materials to meet your needs for your shipping display boxes, including corrugated paper, Kraft cardboard paper, cardboard paper display box, etc. It depends on your demand and we will support you with all the processes to make a high premium custom cardboard display box.

    Best4U is one of the largest suppliers of shipping display boxes in China and is known for its credibility to sustain an excellent quality cardboard display box for over 10 years. Best4U cardboard display box manufacturers is proven and trusted by 1000+ global brands worldwide and has the capacity to supply and manufacture your cardboard display boxes with clear lids accurately.

    For creative and high-quality protective materials for your retail display boxes cardboard, personalize your own like product display boxes cardboard, cardboard display box with dividers, colorful cardboard display box, printed cardboard display box, black cardboard display boxes, white cardboard display boxes, retail display boxes cardboard, etc.

    There are many choices of printing arts that Best4 cardboard display box manufacturers can offer you, such as CMYK cardboard display box, emboss display paper boxes, PMS cardboard display box, UV carton display boxes, etc. To make your cardboard display box presentable and beautifully designed.

    Best4U has affordable rates with high-quality cardboard display boxes wholesale, we provide fast shipping services and you can get your orders on time. You can choose whether you want to deliver it by sea or by air freight. Best4U cares for your convenience and for the safety of your cardboard display packaging orders. We have also different packaging you want, like scarf gift box, soap box packaging, thank you card, etc.

    Best4U conducts quality control of each of the cardboard display box before delivery to secure the quality. All of the corrugated retail display box will undergo the 4 times quality checking and should pass the checking system.

    It is the smarter way to protect your products and promotion of your brands by using the Best4U cardboard display box. We assure you that Best4U is here to help you all the way…

    Best4U is a leading and reliable corrugated display companies in China and is best known for its capabilities that can sustain the packaging needs of every brand in the market. There are many options for cardboard display boxes for sale online and it is best to choose the perfect corrugated display rack.

    No matter if it is cardboard food display boxes, cardboard book display boxes, cardboard doll display boxes, cardboard soap display, cardboard snack display box, cardboard lip balm display, cardboard lipstick counter display, etc. Best4U can sustain the quality of each of your custom cardboard display cases by conducting a strict quality checking to ensure that you are getting a 100% custom printed cardboard displays.

    Best4U provides embellishment options to your corrugated shipper displays to look elegant and appealing, such as Gloss, Matte, Holographic, Gold/Silver, etc. You have the option of  making your cardboard display box beautiful while we are making them durable for you.

    The corrugated display is somewhat essential in displaying your products, it can also be used in various applications. Best4U cardboard display box manufacturers helps you showcase your product with highly attractive cardboard shelf displays.

    We will help you customize your cardboard product display in a colorful and beautiful way to make it eye-catching. It is more important to make your corrugated display boxes design match your products, whether it is food, toys, electronics, clothing, jewelry, skincare products, etc.

    Our cardboard display box is a big help in your branding and showcasing your product in retail stores, supermarkets, public markets, etc. It is highly suggested to utilize promotional cardboard shelf displays for whatever product you have in a very cost-effective way.

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    Cardboard Display Box | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    The Cardboard Display FAQ Guide is comprised of a series of information in the form of questions and answers.

    This guide pertains to information on cardboard display boxes, types, possible shapes, cost, sizes, applications, printing technologies, manufacturing process, and much more.

    This FAQ guide will help you through thick and thin cardboard display boxes, whether you are a newbie or a professional.

    1.    What is a cardboard display box?

    Cardboard Display Box is a type of cardboard packaging shaped into a box for displaying products.

    A cardboard display box can also be defined as a container used to protect or hold goods.

    Cardboard Display boxes have various shapes, sizes, and printing styles to help customize your display.

    Cardboard display box

    You can select any display cardboard box depending upon the type of product you want to display.

    This cardboard display box is unique for showcasing products in greater detail and making them appear larger.

    The cardboard display box can hold multiple or fewer products simultaneously, depending on your need.

    2.    What are the types of cardboard display boxes?

    Several types exist for cardboard display boxes, and each type is available in a variety of sizes. Therefore, you can choose one which best fits your product.

    Some of the widely used types are listed below:

    Floor Stand Cardboard Display Box:

    The floor stands cardboard display box is embedded with a stand divided into multiple sections of varying sizes.

    It has a wide range of sizes and is perfect for showcasing multiple products, from small to large.

    Hook Stand Cardboard Display Box:

    Hook stand cardboard display boxes have multiple hooks attached to the package used to hang the products that have embedded hangers.

    This unit is a little more expensive when compared to a small cardboard display box but can hold more products.

    With Dividers Cardboard Display Box:

    With dividers, cardboard display boxes are generally used in retail stores to display the products inside.

    The shelves are usually made with a combination of cardboard and plastic and come with dividers to help keep the items separate when they’re not on sale.

    These cardboard display boxes have dividers or inserts that are often removable to accommodate large quantities of items at one time.

    Pallet Cardboard Display Boxes:

    If you have a product that requires a large room to show off but also needs to be stored, a pallet display is the best case.

    Trolley Cardboard Display Box:

    Trolley cardboard display boxes are a great source of samples.

    They’re also a great place to advertise. With your hands-free, you can collect pamphlets and brochures and spend less time carrying them around.

    Dump Bin Cardboard Display Box:

    The dump bin cardboard display box is a giant box, ideal for displaying products.

    It’s generally used to pack bulky products.

    In supermarkets, it’s efficient at drawing attention from shoppers and maximizing sales.

    3.    What are the shapes used in cardboard display boxes?

    There are many different shapes of cardboard display boxes used in retail stores to display various products to lure customers.

    Different shapes of cardboard display box

    This will often include Rectangle, Square, Triangle, Circular, Pentagon & Octagon.

    Rectangle: Closed on three sides and open on the fourth is the most frequent shape used in cardboard display boxes.

    Square: four equal sides, 90 degrees each

    Triangle: A triangle is any polygon with three or more vertices and three or more edges connecting them.

    Circular: A circle is a simple closed curve that divides the plane into two regions: an interior and an exterior.

    Pentagon: A pentagon has five sides and five angles.

    The size and shape used in cardboard display boxes determine the overall appearance of the product.

    4.    What are the sizes used in cardboard display boxes?

    There are different size selections of cardboard display boxes based on the purpose of the packaging. But you also can custom your cardboard display box in the size you need.

    An experienced artisan can provide the sizes listed below to fit your needs.

    Sr. No.

    Product Length (in) Width (in)

    Height (in)


    Cardboard Display Box 12 10



    Cardboard Display Box 11 8



    Cardboard Display Box 13 11



    Cardboard Display Box 11 8



    Cardboard Display Box 17 12



    Cardboard Display Box 11 8



    Cardboard Display Box 11 11



    Cardboard Display Box 15 14



    Cardboard Display Box 15 13



    Cardboard Display Box 12 9



    Cardboard Display Box 21 16


    5.    What is a custom cardboard display box?

    A custom cardboard display box is a packaging product that has been specially designed to accommodate retail sales of a specific product or other consumer goods.

    Custom cardboard display box allows you to customize it with your preferred size, shape, color.

    The option exists to add an attractive and colorful paper wrap, or you can also emboss or deboss your logo or image on the surface of the cardboard display box.

    You can adjust material thickness depending upon the strength required by the product you will put in.

    When you need a display box that will stick out from the crowd, your best choice is a custom cardboard display box! It is cost-effective and has many benefits.

    6.    What are the applications of cardboard display boxes?

    Display cardboard boxes have a wide variety of applications. These applications are listed below:

    • Cardboard display boxes are used to display cosmetics, soaps, snacks, and other various materials.
    • Companies and retailers use these cardboard display boxes for counter displays as they are an effective tool for attracting consumers. They are also handy tools for selling products.
    • Cardboard display boxes are used to create or promote familiarity with the specific product to customers.
    • Cardboard display boxes are used for countertop displays, hanging displays, tabletop displays, and much more.
    • Cardboard display boxes are used for the protection and security of the product besides holding it in place.

    7.    What are the benefits of display cardboard boxes?

    There are many benefits of display cardboard boxes.

    • Cardboard display boxes make it easy to put your product out on the counter.
    • These cardboard display packages help you sell more products.
    • These display boxes are fully customizable, can be imprinted with your logo, and look professional and appealing.
    • Cardboard Display boxes can be printed on the exterior with quality artwork that will help you establish a positive brand image.
    • Cardboard display boxes are utilized to make products visible.
    • The use of compartments inside the display cardboard boxes protects the product from damage during shipping.
    • Display Cardboard boxes are the most cost-effective and economical solution for the custom retail display box market.

    8.    What is the manufacturing process of cardboard display boxes?

    A display cardboard box is made up of layers of cardboard that are glued together.

    The manufacturing process of the display cardboard box is listed below:

    To begin the process, you need confirm the size and shapes.

    Select a suitable material for your cardboard display box, if you don’t have idea, cardboard display boxes manufacturer could do recommendation.

    Print a sample to view details like template.

    Printing and coating the surface film for the cardboard display box in bulk, cut them according to cutlines.

    9.    What do you mean by clear lid cardboard display boxes?

    Clear lid Cardboard display boxes are embedded with a transparent or clear top lid to display the product.

    The clear lid lets the merchandise be seen and allows others to see the items you sell in your store.

    clear lid cardboard display box

    A transparent lid cardboard display box is suitable for items or products needed to be consumed and needs protection from environmental conditions.

    The clear lid display boxes are used in the gift and promotional industry to support companies using cost-effective marketing and advertising.

    They are widely used in retail stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, and many other places where product packaging material is highly needed.

    10.        What are the printing technologies for cardboard display boxes?

    There are several printing technologies for cardboard display boxes.

    The most common are offset and digital printing, while the advanced technology includes UV coating, silkscreen printing, hot foil stamping, micro-embossing, etc.

    Each printing technology has its specific features and applications. Consequently, the final finish produced by these technologies varies accordingly.

    The type of inks used in these printing technologies controls the cost incorporated in printing your particular display cardboard box.

    Cardboard display boxes use cardboard with different densities, which significantly impact the type of printing technology employed.

    11.      What is the cost of a cardboard display box?

    The cost of the display cardboard boxes varies from box to box and depends upon several factors.

    These factors include the type of the display cardboard box, the shape of the display cardboard box, size, quantity of material used in manufacturing, amount, artwork, and printing technology employed.

    The price of the dividers offset printed cardboard display box lies in the range of $1 to $5 per piece.

    A clear or transparent top lid food cardboard display box cost varies from $0.15 to $1.5 per piece.

    The price of the countertop cardboard display box differs from $0.3 to $3.0 per piece.

    The cost of the cardboard display box all depends on what you would like your display to look like and how much you want to spend or your budget.

    12.      Where to buy a cardboard display box?

    You can buy a cardboard display box by using different means. These means are listed below:

    • Online
    • Offline

    Both Online and offline stores are best for purchasing cardboard display boxes.

    The online and offline display cardboard box manufacturers provide a custom cardboard display box option to create according to your needs.

    You can customize the color, art, fonts, shape, and size of the cardboard display box.

    By offline, you can physically visit your local retail stores to purchase the desired cardboard display box that best suits your intended function and the product.

    Although it is recommended to purchase from an offline source by physically mapping the looks, type, and size of the box you need.

    Purchasing offline allows you to return or replace it instantly as it exists in your local area, while the online procedure takes a relatively extra amount of time.

    13.      Can you place a window in a cardboard display box?

    Yes. Cardboard display boxes with windows allow you to display your product and enable the customer to see the product without opening a package.

    You can cut a window and place it in a cardboard display box.

    Usually, windows are placed on the front panel for products to add value and make an impression.

    cardboard display box with window

    The size and shape of the window vary depending on the size and shape of your cardboard display box.

    The window materials you choose must be clear or transparent; otherwise, the product cannot be displayed correctly.

    You can adhere the window directly to the cardboard display box using a high-quality acrylic adhesive.

    Cardboard display boxes embedded with a clear window help you stand out from your competitors.

    14.      What do you mean by dividers in a cardboard display box?

    The dividers placed in a cardboard display box allow you to sort and store different types of items in the same box.

    Cardboard display boxes come with slotted flaps, which are interlocked and hold the dividers in place. The dividers can be of any length and different sizes.

    Unique dividers can increase the organization of a cardboard display box.

    cardboard box with divider

    Some dividers are height adjustable, which allows you to use them for organizing items with different dimensions.

    Box dividers provide a protective barrier around the box’s contents to prevent them from being damaged during transit.

    Most of them are optional, and you can change them according to your requirements.

    Cardboard display box with dividers reduces the need for additional boxes requirement.

    15.      What does stand of cardboard display box mean?

    The stand of the display cardboard boxes can be referred to as a flooring device that provides standing support to your cardboard display box in retail stores.

    The size and shape of the stand depend upon the type of cardboard display box you want to locate.

    Usually, the stands are divided into multiple sections or layers, which allows you to place various products of varying sizes within the same place.

    cardboard display box stand

    Some cardboard display boxes come with a pre-installed stand that is attached to your cardboard display box. For example, trolley cardboard display boxes.

    This stand can be either movable or fixed, so it provides you with an opportunity to move around a cardboard display box carrying your products without touching or lifting them.

    You can observe cardboard display boxes in shopping malls, supermarkets, shopping centers, wholesale markets, and other similar places.

    16.      What materials are used in manufacturing cardboard display boxes?

    There are several cardboard materials used in the production process of cardboard display boxes,

    These cardboard materials are listed below:

    • Paper board
    • Matboard
    • Corrugated fiberboard

    Paper board:

    Also known as chipboard, this is the packaging material for bread or cereal boxes, often in a thinner form.

    It’s easy to fold and bend paperboard into small boxes, which makes it ideal for packaging.

    Mat Board:

    Matboard is a sheet of fiberboard cut into a grid to be used as a framing material in picture frames.

    It often has a smooth side and may also be referred to as mat board or card stock.

    Corrugated fiberboard:

    Three layers create typical corrugation.

    The outer layer is a smooth surface with a wavy corrugation pattern on the inside.

    The middle layer is fluted to create the texture. In each layer, the rough side faces out.

    17.      Can I reuse cardboard display boxes?

    Yes, you can reuse cardboard display boxes.

    Cardboard display boxes can be reused as long as the box was not stored in moisture, is free of food residue, and has no rips.

    The maintenance procedure you follow for your cardboard display box also determines if you may reuse it or not.

    The cardboard should be a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) sturdy and not easily dented or damaged.

    Triple-wall cardboard display boxes often contain corrugated cardboard inside, which is a 100 percent recyclable material.

    One hundred percent of the cardboard display boxes that are used to ship your products are recyclable themselves.

    So, most times, cardboard display boxes can be recycled for another use.

    18.      How to measure cardboard display boxes?

    You can measure cardboard display boxes in different ways, depending on how you intend to use them.

    First, take a flexible ruler or measuring tape to measure the size of your cardboard display box.

    Now for your box, measure the length, width, height, or depth of your cardboard display box accurately.

    How to measure cardboard display box

    Determining accurate dimensions for your cardboard display box will help you whether the product will fit what you intend to fill it with.

    Please make a note of its dimensions, ensuring they will fit in your desired location or store shelves.

    In general, small boxes are used for items that can be easily handled like toys, footwear, etc.

    While medium and large cardboard display boxes are used for clothing, home furnishings, kids’ products, shopping bags.

    Larger or extra-large units are used for shoes and other large items.

    19.        Why import cardboard display boxes from china?

    Importing cardboard display boxes from china is a good choice.

    The reason to select Chinese cardboard display manufacturers is that they provide higher quality at affordable prices than locally made cardboard display boxes.

    Chinese cardboard display box manufacturers also offer custom cardboard display boxes.

    You can select the desired material type, size of your box, shape, artwork, color, and much more which suits your product or brand image.

    They deliver the cardboard display box in quantity you desire with hassle-free delivery at your home address.

    20.      What are the printers used in manufacturing cardboard display boxes?

    There are several printers present in the market that you can use for printing Display cardboard boxes. Some of the popular printers are listed below:

    • HP Office Jet Pro 8025
    • HP Envy 5055
    • HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Wireless All in One Inkjet Printer
    • Vinyl Sticker printer Circuit Explore Air 2
    • Vinyl Stricker Printer Silhouette Cameo 4
    • Epson XP 7100 Expression
    • Canon PIXMA Pro 100
    • Epson Stylus R2000
    • Epson Workforce 7710
    • Canon PIXMA TS6220

    Each printer has its specific features and applications. The best printers use quality inks that won’t fade.

    You must select a printer that can produce prints using standard color and style options.

    If you need it print more perfectly, find a professional cardboard display box manufacturer is the best choice, cardboard display box supplier has advanced big industry printing machines.

    21.      Are cardboard display boxes environmentally friendly?

    Yes, cardboard display boxes are environmentally friendly.

    They contain no toxic chemicals and are made from recycled materials.

    All of the raw materials used to manufacture them are 100-percent recyclable (cardboard, ink, adhesive and more),

    They can end up in recycling centers after use for continued recycling instead of landfills.

    In some cases, we can recycle the same cardboard product up to 20 times without sacrificing its appearance or durability.

    22.      Can you make waterproof cardboard display boxes?

    Yes, you can make cardboard display boxes.

    Cardboard display boxes can be made waterproof with the application of a resin that is cross-linked-forming a waterproof barrier.

    waterproof cardboard display box

    You can either use plastic laminated or wrapping paper to prevent it from oil or water.

    Waterproof cardboard display boxes are a good choice when you want to ship your products, and they are exposed to harsh environmental conditions during transportation.

    23.      What is the lifetime of cardboard display boxes?

    The lifetime of cardboard display boxes depends on how much you use them. Heavy usage will shorten the life span of everything.

    A highly treated cardboard display box has a lifetime in the range of four to five years.

    The untreated cardboard display box has a shorter lifespan and lies in one to two years.

    You need to consider the materials and manufacturing process to know how long you want to use your cardboard display box.

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