These are summarizations for popular materials of packaging, label tag, label sticker, shrink label, catalogs, flyers, etc.

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01. C1S

With one side bleached smooth, printing and perfect finishes will be done on one side only.

02. C2S

Two sides coat with smooth surface, you can design your printing on both sides.

03. CCNB

Clay coated news back with one side smooth white finish for premium printing.

09. Clay-coated Kraft Back

With white coated on topside for wonderful printing, and unbleached kraft bottom.

06. White Kraft

White kraft is bleached and could show the printing colorful perfectly.

07. Black Kraft

Black kraft with one color or two colors printing is the best, dark red printing is good.

08. Uncoated Unbleached Kraft

We recommend to print one color on brown kraft, black color is super.

08. Cardboard Paper

Cardboard paper has many different colors, it is one layer but stiffness is good.

09. Pearl Paper

Pearl paper is one of most popular fancy paper, there are many different colors.

11. Metallic

Metallic paper is very popular for cosmetic packaging, it is shiny. There are many colors.

12. Holographic

Holographic paper has many different patterns, like plain rainbow, diamond, rays etc.

13. Textured

Textured paper is very popular for tea packaging, there are many different texture patterns.

14. Natural Kraft Linerboard

Corrugated paper is not only used for shipping cartons, but also used for rigid box when coats with other paper.

18. Grey Chipboard

Grey chipboard is widely used for rigid gift box like jewelry box or watch boxes.

Destructive Paper

Destructive paper is widely used for security seal labels, there are 4 fragile degree options.

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