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Fleck Envelopes
Brown Kraft fleck envelopes look simple, but plays an important role
Business Envelope
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Window Envelope
Window envelope are mostly used for invoice or bill and other mails
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    Envelope | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    This guide contains the information related to the Envelopes.

    It contains details on the manufacturing process, raw materials, custom making of envelopes, the available sizes of the envelope, available printing technologies, decorative methods to embellish plain envelopes, details on ordering envelopes from China, etc.

    1.    What materials are used to manufacture envelopes?

    Envelopes are manufactured from the following raw materials:

    • Coated Paper
    • Kraft Paper
    • Textured Paper

    There are various types of papers that are used in making envelopes.

    Some mostly used paper types for the envelope manufacturing process are:

    Materials For Envelopes

    • Kraft paper

    Kraft paper, also known as brown paper, is strong and has longer fibers than wove.

    It’s commonly used for its durability and versatility as a packaging material.

    However, it would not be ideal for complex graphics or four-color printing because of its long fibers.

    Kraft Paper Envelope

    • Wove Paper

    Wove is paper made from wood fibers. It has short fibers and is a smooth-faced paper with an economical price tag.

    Wove can be found in many weights and colors, as well as its original form.

    It’s great for direct mail, statement mailers, and general mailings.

    Wove paper Envelope

    • Recycled Paper

    Recycled paper is an excellent way to stay environmentally friendly.

    Most commonly, recycled papers used in envelope production are 10 percent to 30 percent post-consumer content.

    Recycled Paper Envelope

    • White wove surfaced enhanced paper

    it is also known as calendarized paper.

    This paper is known for its smooth surface and heavy ink flow.

    It is commonly used in offset lithographic printing, which means it has a high degree of surface gloss.

    Calendarized Paper Envelope

    • Tear-resistant paper

    Tear-resistant paper is highly resistant to tearing and water damage.

    It’s even designed to make envelopes that can survive use around water and other wet environments.

    Tear-resistant Paper Envelope

    Some other types of paper that can be used in envelope making are these:

    • Specialty paper
    • Scrap paper
    • Map litho paper
    • Color paper

    2.    How is an envelope made?

    Envelopes are made in various steps.

    Three main steps are involved in the manufacturing process.

    These steps are as follows:

    • Wood pulp making step
    • Papermaking step
    • Envelopes making step

    Wood pulp making step

    The wood pulp is made from either of the two ways:

    Mechanical way

    Mechanical processes can produce paper, but the resulting product is much weaker than the wood-derived paper used for envelopes.

    Paper made from pulp produced by chemical means is suitable for the making of envelopes.

    Chemical way

    The most common chemical way that wood is converted to the pulp is known as kraft pulping.

    A process in which wood chips are placed in a container and then boiled in a solution of sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide, resulting in the production of purified wood pulp for use in papermaking.

    Papermaking step

    The paper is made from the pulp produced in the pulp-making step.

    The pulp is diluted and spread on the mesh screens.

    In this way, pulp sheets are dried and made into paper sheets.

    Envelopes making step

    A sheet of paper may be fed into an automated cutting machine to make envelopes or be fed directly from the roll.

    If cut outside, it’s cut with sharp blades into proper size, and a stack of sheets is then cut with strong blades into blanks.

    A blank is a template to form the diamond shape of an envelope.

    The paper is cut from paper rolls into blanks by a cutting machine, which cuts the blanks so that there is not much waste produced in the process.

    After this, the envelope is printed.

    In the end, the envelope is folded into shape and is glued in place, and packed.

    3.    What are the different sizes of envelopes?

    There are many different sizes to be found in envelopes.

    There is no standard size because you can make an envelope of any size you want.

    Sizes of Envelopes

    Following are some envelope sizes that you can look for:

    Sr. no

    Envelope name

    Size (inches)

    Enclosure size Max.


    Envelop 6 5-3/4 x 8-7/8

    5-1/2 x 8-5/8


    Envelop 6-1/2 6 x 9

    5-3/4 x 8-3/4


    Envelope 6-1/4 3-1/2 x 6

    3-1/4 x 5-3/4


    Envelope 6-3/4 3-5/8 x 6-1/2

    3-3/8 x 6-1/4


    Envelope 6-5/8 6 x 9-1/2

    5-3/4 x 9-1/4


    Envelope 7 3-3/4 x 6-3/4

    3-1/2 x 6-1/2


    Envelope 8-5/8 3-5/8 x 8-5/8

    3-3/8 x 8-3/8


    Envelope 9 3-7/8 x 8-7/8

    3-5/8 x 8-5/8


    Envelope 9 8-3/4 x 11-1/2

    8-1/2 x 11-1/4


    Envelope 9-1/2 9 x 12

    8-3/4 x 11-3/4


    Envelop 10 9-1/2 x 12-5/8

    9-1/4 x 12-3/8


    Envelope 10 4-1/8 x 9-1/2

    3-7/8 x 9-1/4


    Envelope 11 4-1/2 x 10-3/8

    4-1/4 x 10-1/8


    Envelope 12 4-3/4 x 11

    4-1/2 x 10-3/4


    Envelope 14 5 x 11-1/2

    4-3/4 x 11-1/4


    Envelope 6 x 9 6 x 9

    5-3/4 x 8-3/4


    Envelope 9 x 12 9 x 12

    8-3/4 x 11-3/4


    Envelope 10 x 13 10 x 13

    9-3/4 x 12-3/4

    You can also custom order your envelopes of the desired size from envelope suppliers.

    4.    What are the parts of the envelope called?

    You can name envelope parts and dimensions as follows:

    • Seal flap gum
    • Seal flap
    • Throat
    • Shoulder
    • Side flap
    • Back flap
    • Width
    • Depth

    Parts Of Envelope

    Changing the dimensions and styles of these parts gives you different types of envelopes.

    5.    What are the types of envelopes?

    Many envelopes differ from each other in size, style, and dimensions.

    You can have the following styles of envelopes:

    • DL wallet pocket envelope
    • Block bottom envelope
    • Board-back pocket envelope
    • Commercial square flap envelope
    • Broad pocket envelope
    • Sample pocket envelope
    • Long pocket envelope
    • Eagle pocket envelope
    • String and washer envelope
    • Tissue-lined tuck envelope
    • Topless thumb pocket envelope
    • Tuck and slit envelope
    • Tuck flap envelope
    • Diamond flap envelope

    This is one of the most common sizes of consumer envelopes.

    consumer envelopes

    If you fold it in half, you have a square folded in at the corners.

    The bottom flap and the seal flap are both left unstuck so you can fill it and seal it.

    • Diamond high cut envelope

    In addition to making it easier to protect the contents of the envelope, this revised version of the Diamond Flap offers a bit more privacy and a greater level of presentation than the diamond flap model.

    Diamond high cut envelope

    With the flap concealed, this simpler version is ideal for B2C applications.

    • DL wallet envelope

    DL wallet envelope


    The wallet is intended to take the folded A4 letter shape and make it into a handy, business-oriented wallet.

    • Square envelope

    The flap folds perfectly straight across the top, and its security is great.

    Square envelope

    It is best used for invitations, greeting cards, or other single purchases.

    • DL wallet with a window envelope

    A slightly more transparent version of the regular wallet, this envelope would save time and money.

    Envelope with window

    It also offers a benefit in terms of not having to write on the envelope, which is useful for large volumes or if you’re impatient.

    • Gusset pocket envelope

    A gusset added to the bottom of an envelope allows for more packing space and creates a useful extra layer of support if additional strength is needed.

    Gusset pocket envelope

    6.    In what colors can I make an envelope?

    You can make your envelopes in any color you want, from vivid bright to pastel colors.

    If you want to make colorful envelopes, then you can use colored paper for this purpose.

    Colored envelopes

    Moreover, you can print your envelope in different colors to make your envelope colorful, bright, and eye-catching.

    7.    What printing technologies are there for printing envelopes?

    There are many different printing technologies to create your customized envelopes.

    You can choose from the full color of a design printed in the corner of the more subtle use of color in the background by using different printing techniques.

    The most common printing techniques used in the printing of envelopes are:

    • Lithographic envelope printing technology
    • LED UV envelope printing technology
    • Flexographic envelope printing technology
    • Digital envelope printing technology
    • Offset envelope printing technology
    • CMYK envelope printing technology

    Lithographic envelope printing technology

    Lithography, or ‘Litho’ as it’s commonly referred to, allows for the intricate design of a product to be printed onto a flat sheet of paper.

    The design is cut out, die-cut, folded, and glued.

    It is considerably more expensive than printing on an already made envelope but allows for heavier ink coverage and bleed-proof printing.

    Offset envelope printing technology

    Offset printing is an ideal method for printing on envelopes.

    The range of colors and the wide variety of sizes of this method allows you to create a tasteful design without breaking the bank.

    For most designs, envelopes are printed onto pre-made envelopes.

    This printing technology for envelopes tends to be cheaper when you print envelopes in bulk.

    Flexographic envelope printing technology

    Flexographic printing is a printing technique that produces subtle, light colors and is perfect for large quantities as it reduces the cost.

    It can be used with designs that are less complex to maximize the quality of prints.

    Digital envelope printing technology

    This process is efficient and affordable if you have a home printer.

    You can also print from your computer by using your printer if the quantity is small.

    8.    How to decorate a plain envelope?

    You can decorate your plain envelope to add some clever touch to your mails.

    Decorating Envelope

    There are many ways in which you can embellish your envelopes for loved ones or customers:

    • You can make envelope liners for your envelopes.

    You will need to cut craft or wrapping paper in the shape of the envelope and glue them on the inside of plain envelopes.

    • You can doodle on your plain envelopes to make them look enriched with art.
    • You can use different types of pens and writing styles to hype up the embellishment.
    • You can also use decorative stamps and stickers on plain envelopes.

    9.    What accessories can I use on the envelope?

    You can use various accessories to put a decorative touch on your envelopes.

    accessories on envelopes

    You can use the following accessories:

    • Washi tapes
    • Stamps and stickers
    • Ropes
    • Ribbons
    • Artificial or paper flowers
    • Tassels
    • Strings of different colors

    10.    How do envelope suppliers print an envelope?

    Envelope suppliers print envelopes by using different printing techniques.

    Every printing technique is done with a different type of printing machine.

    Envelope suppliers take care of the following factors while printing envelopes so, you should too.

    • Pocket or wallet style
    • Size of an envelope
    • Envelopes with or without windows
    • The paper type used in envelope making
    • Colors
    • All over print or a logo print

    All of these factors greatly affect the price you spent on printing your envelopes.

    You can also buy printed envelopes from suppliers instead of printing your envelopes.

    11.    What do you mean by a custom envelope?

    Custom envelope means the envelope you make on a custom order from envelope manufacturers.

    Everything in the custom envelopes is made using your custom choices.

    You can make a custom envelope altering different factors such as

    • Paper type
    • Colors
    • Printing techniques
    • Accessories
    • Envelope style
    • Envelope size
    • Printing design or logos

    Buying custom envelopes is a great way to mark your impression on people, be it your family or friends, or customers.

    You can place a custom order for your envelopers from envelope manufacturers as many of them provide custom order options to their customers.

    12.    Can I print it on the inside of the envelope?

    Yes, you can print on the inside of the envelope.

    You can use any design or artwork of any desired color to give a beautiful impression on the inside of your envelope.

    inside print of envelopes

    You can also print your message on the inside easily for occasions like wedding ceremonies.

    13.    How do you use an envelope?

    Using an envelope is very easy.

    You can use any envelope by opening the upper flap that contains the seal and then putting in your money, gift card, documents, etc., inside the pocket of the envelope.

    After placing your item, you can easily seal the envelope using different methods.

    Some styles of tuck-in and tuck-in slit envelopes do not require any sealing material.

    14.    What are the uses of the envelope?

    You can use envelopes in a variety of ways.

    The application of envelopes depends upon the style of the envelope and its purpose.

    However, there are the following applications of the envelope:

    • Used for commercial purposes
    • Used for offices
    • Used for greeting, announcements, and personal purposes
    • Used for advertising purposes

    You can also employ them in creative ways like you can use them for

    • Scrapbooking
    • Storage pockets in the diary
    • Organizing receipts
    • Place cards
    • Storing photographs

    15.    Can I make my envelope?

    Of course!

    You can effortlessly make your envelopes at home.

    All you need is to have paper, scissors, glue, and accessories.

    First, you will need to make an envelope shape on the paper of any style you want and then cut it into shape.

    You can decorate it with pens before or after gluing the edges of envelopes.

    You can also use any type of accessories to make it look more personalized.

    16.    Can I print on envelopes?

    Yes, if you are an artist and love painting things, you can paint your envelopes.

    Just keep in mind the type of paper you used to make envelopes as different writing types have varied capacities to hold the ink or paint.

    If you want to paint your envelope, then prefer using envelopes made with kraft paper.

    17.    Are envelopes environment friendly?


    The environment-friendly aspect of the envelopes is determined by the raw materials used in the manufacturing process of envelopes.

    If you have envelopes made from paper rather than synthetic material, you can easily dispose of them as they are made from wood, a natural material.

    18.    How can I reuse an envelope?

    There are a bunch of ways to use your envelopes even before you recycle them effectively.

    You can use them for

    • Gift baskets
    • Organizing seeds
    • Organizing tax receipts
    • Making tiny houses
    • Making small envelopes
    • Making notepad/to-do lists
    • Gift wrapping
    • Doing Mail art
    • Covering other envelopes
    • Storage boxes
    • Making funnels
    • Making flowers
    • Books as bookmarks
    • Making journals
    • Decorating napkin rings
    • Making stickers

    You can use them in any way you want as they offer adequate space for storage purposes and cut them to make something cool and creative before disposing of them.

    19.    In what business fields can envelope be used?

    The following business fields use envelopes as the way to communicate their business or brand image with their customers:

    • Mailing industry
    • Commercial industry
    • Advertising industry
    • Stationery industry
    • Shipping industry
    • Retailing industry
    • Direct mail industry

    20.    Can I put the money in the envelope?


    You can use cash envelopes to gift money at different events such as New Year’s Eve.

    Banks also use money envelopes to control the flow of cash among customers.

    You can save your excess money in the money envelopes to use them later for several purposes.

    21.    How do you bind an envelope?

    You can use different materials and methods to bind or seal your envelopes.

    You can employ any method from the following ways that best suit your convenience.

    • You can use glue sticks or liquid glue to bind the seal of the envelope.
    • Self-adhesive labels or sellotape can also be used.
    • Using a wax seal to seal your envelope is the oldest method that still gives the old-time vibes.
    • Peel and seal or self-seal envelopes can save you from using any sealing method as they are pressure sensitive and the adhesive glue becomes activated when you apply pressure on the seal of the envelope.

    22.    What kind of glue is used on envelopes?

    The glue used on envelopes is made from gum arabic, made from the acacia tree’s hardened tree sap.

    This glue is edible for human beings and has an E number of E414.

    23.    How can I open an envelope?

    You can employ different methods to open an envelope.

    You can use

    • Envelope or letter opener
    • Scissors
    • Damp cotton method
    • Steaming method
    • The freezing your envelope method freezes the glue, and you can easily open it up.

    Make sure not to harm the documents inside while opening your envelopes.

    24.    What is an envelope template?

    An envelope template is a mold that is used for guidance while making an envelope.

    The envelope template has to mark dimensions and is cut into the shape of the envelope.

    envelope template

    It also has the markings on where to fold the flaps and close the envelope.

    You can use envelope templates to make your envelopes at home.

    25.    Can I make my envelope template?

    Yes, you can make your envelope template.

    You can use and follow the guidance available on the internet to make an envelope template on any piece of paper.

    However, you can also use older commercial or any type of envelope at home as envelope templates.

    Just carefully unglue the flaps and open the envelope, and then you can use it to make more envelopes.

    26.    Can I put heavy things in the envelope?


    Envelopes are designed to put lighter stuff like documents, money, paper, etc.

    You cannot put odd-shaped or bulky things in the envelope as it can tear the envelope, and it will also increase the postage cost.

    27.    What do you mean by a self-seal envelope?

    The self-seal envelope is the envelope that seals on its own.

    These envelopes have a glue strip covered with a thin piece of paper on the flap.

    self-seal envelope

    You peel the paper piece from the flap, and the glue is exposed, then you gently press close the flaps after putting in your items.

    And then the envelope is self-sealed without you having to put any glue.

    28.    Can I buy envelopes from China?

    Absolutely Yes!

    You can buy any type, style, and color of envelopes from China.

    China envelope manufacturers make premium quality envelopes at a cost that does not burden your pockets.

    They also provide custom order options to their customers that you can avail of.

    China envelope manufacturers and suppliers are exceptional for their fast deliveries of bulk orders.

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