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    Die Cut Embossed Logo Sustainable Hang Tags

    You can select premium printing arts for your hang tags, like Embossed, UV, hot stamping, CMYK, PMS, etc.

    Small 1.5 Circle Vintage Printing Brown Paper Tags

    Custom design to attract consumers with highlighted logo, you can have hang tags in any shapes.

    Custom Printing Folded Jewelry Hang Tags Label

    Perfect way to promote your products with hang tags in custom size, shape and color that you want.

    Custom Shape Plain White Thick Blank Hang Tags

    Best4U manufactures different thickness hang tags, with printing or blank without as you wish.

    You can custom adhesive sticker on unversal hang tags, make them individual for different products.

    Logo Printing Seed Paper Hang Tags With String

    Seed paper is a popular new material, it also could be in any color printing, you can plant the hang tags.

    Luxury Custom Premium Hang Tags For Clothing

    Clothing hang tags with lock string in hot stamping or UV printing makes your garment luxury.

    Unique Custom Logo Printed Bottle Neck Hang Tags

    Bottle neck hang tags make your brand famous and elegant, Best4U provides high quality printing.

    Custom Size Blank Manila Tags With Elastic String

    Manila hang tag could be writable, you can custom them in any size you need or any color of string.

    Custom Printed Small Paper Luggage Hanging Tags

    Enhance your product with branded hang tag, better for your customer with writable feature.

    Custom Holographic Logo Printed Sock Hang Tag

    Choose the Best4U high-end materials with holographic logo or metallic look gold foil hang tags.

    Branded Vintage Thick Denim Hang Tag With String

    You can customize hang tag using your own ideas, Best4U will assist you with our expert designers.

    Custom Printed Merchandise Hair Swing Hang Tags

    Hang tags could be with two sides printing. Best4U supports small quantity to custom your brand.

    Square Shape Custom Perforated Hang Tags Label

    with Perforated line in hang tag label, you can fold it better and easier to tear them apart.

    Personalized Aesthetic Printed Boutique Hang Tags

    Aesthetic boutique hang tags express flower mind better. Best4U designers help you with artwork.

    Simple Custom Printed Thank You Hang Tag For Gifts

    Thank you gift tags is very popluar in any season or company promotion. Best4U offers cheap price.

    Custom Printed Large Hotel Room Door Hang Tags

    Custom the door hang tags with your hotel brand, make your hotel luxury in every single detail.

    Luxury Modern T Shirt Black Hang Tags With String

    Modern hang tags for fashion make your brand more luxury. Best4U has high standard QC system.

    The Extraordinary Supplier Of Hang Tags

    Best4U is known for being a reliable manufacturer of hang tags since 2009 in China. We specialized in customizing high-quality hang tags to turn into sophisticated and beautiful ones that can help your branding effective.

    You can be stylish in creating your custom hang tags with high-end machines that can print out high-resolution images and brand logos. You can always be satisfied here at Best4U.

    Start enhancing your capability to establish your brand in the market.

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    Material Checking
    Material Checking For Hang Tags
    To create a wonderful hang tags, Best4U will accurately check each materials to provide a great quality
    PMS Printing
    Digital technology Machines
    Best4u has digital type of machineries to print out high resolution layout
    Packing method
    Packing Of Hang Tags
    It will be packed safely with strong boxes
    UV Printing
    UV Printing For Hang Tags
    It could be a perfect choice for your hang tags to be bolder and elegant
    Hot Stamping
    Hot Stamping For Hang Tags
    To highlight your logo ang design for your hang tags to attract consumers
    Delivery Checking
    Quality Checking Of Hang Tags
    Best4U will strictly check the quality of your hang tags to give you a 100% satisfaction
    Labels Delivery Checking
    Delivery Checking Of Hang Tags
    We will check all your hang tags orders before shipping to secure the quality
    Fast Shipping
    Fast Shipping Of Hang Tags
    Best4U has fast delivery service for you to receive your hang tags orders as soon as possible

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    Gold Stamping Hang Tags
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    Clear PVC Hang Tags

    The Reliable Supplier For Your Brand

    Your personalized hang tag can be more beautiful at Best4U using high-grade machines to print out a beautiful appearance and can attract consumers in the market. It could be wonderful to add a great effect to your custom hang tags, you can get it right here at Best4U hang tag supplier at a competitive price.

    There are many choices to make your swing tag attractive, you can be creative in styling your own using your smart ideas. You don’t have to be panic about your artwork, Best4U hang tag manufacturer is an expert in customizing your paper tag with over 10 years of experience in making perfect hang tags with string that can amaze everyone.

    These days, many people are engaging their selves in any businesses that they want to and looking for the perfect fit of hang tag supplier that could give their desire to help you maximize the branding of your product. Don’t hesitate to contact Best4U as your hang tags supplier, we are always here to produce high-quality personalized hanging labels that will absolutely give you what you desire.

    For material options, Best4U recommends Kraft hangtag label, cardboard hang tag label, C1S paper tags with string, C2S swing ticket, corrugated custom swing tags, etc. You can make your paper hang tag elegant by applying these highly premium materials, you are free to choose any of these that suit your needs.

    Best4U hang tag manufacturer can also produce custom hang tag printing using top-grade printing arts, including UV swing tag printing, CMYK sticker hang tags, PMS paper luggage tags, and hot stamping tag hang. The hot stamping method has one solid color like gold, silver, red, blue, green, purple, hot pink, etc. You can also choose a holographic effect that can highlight your brand logo.

    Your personalized swing tag design has wide applications, whether you have a small business or big-time business, you can use product hang tags on shoes, clothing, garments, bags, suitcase, wine bottles, books, etc. Best4U hang tag supplier supports a small number of orders, and you can also order in large quantities. We can manufacture more than 30,000+ pieces of custom luxury hang tags for just 5 hours.

    You can always get folded hang tags as much as you want even in peak season. As your reliable hang tag manufacturer in China, Best4U will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your cardboard tags with string that comes in custom size, and shape that you prefer to have. Your swing tag string could be, a round label hangtag, rectangular custom printed hang tags, square custom hang tags with string, oval hang tag thank you, etc.

    Best4U has had many accomplishments since 2009 in the service, making a lot of successful paper label tags for different companies worldwide. Best4U hang tag supplier is one of the competitive companies nowadays that could bring your brand on top, and many consumers will recognize your brand in the market using Best4U’s beautiful and durable custom hang tags.

    Professional designers and a polite team that could assist your needs anytime and you can always trust Best4U your hang tag manufacturer with a wide capacity of hang tag factory that uses digital and advanced production lines. Best4U caters to fast production services and an accurate system to produce in-demand custom paper tags.

    You can get a free sample of hang tags, so you can check the quality of our output before ordering a large number of cheap hang tags. Best4U hang tags supplier is very strict when it comes to quality assurance by checking all your orders accurately, your die cut hang tags must undergo precise quality checking to secure the highest quality before the delivery date.

    That is why Best4U is trusted by 1000+ companies since 2009 in making perfect embossed hang tags in China. Best4U also provides 100% compensation or a money-back guarantee if there are quality problems with your orders, but we assure you that we make everything accurate just to serve you the best that we can.

    Best4U will pack your door hang tags in stronghold boxes to safely deliver them to you. Your Best4U hang tag supplier provides fast shipping services all over the world. We will ship it by sea, or by air. You will receive your orders as soon as possible.

    Aside from personalised swing tags, Best4U also manufactures different packaging boxes and labels, you can order thank you sticker labels, wine bottle labels, packaging cards, pantry labels, hologram labels, thank you card, die cut stickers, etc. You can always contact Best4U for your orders anytime, we are available 24/7.

    Here at Best4U, your logo hangtag is printed in high resolution which could be very attractive and amazing. You can start planning and looking for the right hang tag supplier for your branding solution. Best4U can also produce jewelry hang tags, bottleneck hang tags, thank you hang tags, folded hang tags, door hang tags, black hang tags, etc.

    You can send a message to us and we can talk regarding your hangtags and labels needs, the materials you need to have, printing arts of your personalized hang tags, colors of hang tag logo like white hang tags, shapes like round hang tags, etc. We give you the luxury swing tags that could help your brand notice in the market.

    We help you personalize your custom merchandise tags. Your brand hang tags can be printed with your brand logo, product name, item size, item color, etc. We not only manufacture your cardboard hang tags as an accessory, but we make adhesive hang tags for brand awareness. Utilizing our wholesale hang tags is an excellent way to make your consumers know about your product.

    The Best4U vintage hang tags are economical, that can help you save more of your budget. We have various collections of swing tag labels including hang tags with elastic string, boutique hang tags, hair hang tags, denim hang tag, small hang tags, square hang tags, sock hang tag, black swing tags, etc.

    Every hang tag packaging we produce is recyclable and eco-friendly and we utilize safe materials in manufacturing your unique hang tags. You have a lot of options in choosing the right hang tag string suppliers to complete and simplify your needs into an amazing one.

    We make your printed paper tags sophisticated and make premium hang tags that are an accomplishment for us to make you satisfied. Have cardstock hang tags now for your branded products in any items you have and at any events. A wide options of making your brand  unique with our perfect creation of black swing tags, embossed swing tags, hangtag barcode, round paper tags, black hang tag string, folded swing tags, holographic hang tags, etc.

    You can also order hang tags with barcode from us, a printed swing tickets can enhance the outlook of the item and can be easily seen by customers. We will give you proper guidance on how to design your premium swing tags with our experienced designers so that you will not have to doubt of choosing us as your hang tag manufacturer and supplier.

    Best4U is considered the leading perforated hang tags manufacturer since 2009. With the highest ability to ensure the highest standard quality of the materials we used in manufacturing your hang tag card. There are 90% proven recommendations from our valued customers around the world and repeat orders of cardboard swing tags from different countries.

    Whenever you are located, Best4U high quality hang tags can be shipped internationally. For beginners in building their business, we can help you and will offer you a very affordable custom cardboard tags that would make your brand recognized in the market. For any of your requests for your custom folded hang tags, Best4U is a reliable source you must choose to be partnered with.

    One of the Best4U variety hang tag are circle swing tags, letterpress hang tags, hang tags for hair, custom round hang tags, door knob hang tags, hangtag thank you, hair extension hang tags, brown paper luggage tags, self adhesive hang tags, square swing tags, 1.5 circle hang tags, etc.

    Our thick cardboard hang tags are premium and durable, you can use cardboard tags with wire as many times because we make them recyclable. Our high-technology machines can produce millions of cardboard hangtag and we ensure that we are giving you free error foldover hang tags and quality round hang tags custom printing that you can personalize on your own.

    Other types of hang tag we have are maintenance door hang tags, paper luggage tags with elastic, jewelry foldover hang tags, large paper luggage tags, hanging folder tags, plain white swing tags, and a lot more to have.

    Get an instant quote for custom hang tags for an easy process of your order. We accept bulk custom paper luggage tags and open for small quantities of small printed swing tags or any type of custom hang tags you need.

    Choose Best4U for your hang tag now!

    The Definitive FAQ Guide | Hang Tag

    Most businesses use hang tags, which is why we created this article to provide some information on how to use hang tags in various applications.

    This section covers all you need to know about hang tags, including the printing process, cost, manufacturers, how to personalize hang tags, shapes, sizes, and lamination, among other things.

    Read on to discover more about hang tags.

    1. What is the purpose of a hang tag?

    A hang tag is attached to any kind of merchandise that contains information on the product’s material and how to properly use and care for it.

    hang tags

    It is used not just to sell the product it’s related to, but also to promote your brand.

    Information that directs users to your company’s website can be printed on the hang tags. It is indeed a chance to promote the item as well as just communicate basic facts about it.

    A hang tag increases your brand’s potential value, which is the customer’s assessment of a product’s capacity to meet a need and deliver greater satisfaction.

    Many companies and branded products utilize hang tags all around the world. Hang tags are also recommended for individuals who are just starting out in business.

    Tags are non-adhesive labels that are attached by different methods such as tying or hanging.

    Hang Tags have been found in studies to captivate interest and upgrade sales in shopping establishments.

    2. What does the term “hang tags” mean?

    A “hang tag” is a piece of a tag that is made up of durable paper materials that is applied to various types of items which include marketable products, crafts, decorations, gifts, giveaways, and more to mention.

    A hang tag can be in any shape and size and this can be customized based on the usage.

    Hang tags can be an effective way to draw attention to a product while also expressing essential information about the items.

    3. What exactly does a hang tag include?

    A hang tag must contain important details that informed customers of what item they are going to buy or what is the proper usage of the product.

    It is important to show your clients the information and by giving them assurance of what was written on hang tags.

    hang tags

    Hang tags must have the following:

    • Brand logo or name – It must be highlighted for the identification of your brand or company.
    • Barcode/QR Code – It is a product code that must be indicated at the back of the hang tag.
    • “About us” – It describes your company so that shoppers will have an idea about it and most consumers would love to read that information.
    • Contact information – This will include your company’s official website and email address to make consumers contact you directly when they have any concerns about the product or when they want to purchase your product again.
    • Usage Instructions – For clothing products, this must be included to indicate the quality of the garments, like 100% silk or 100% fabric cotton. Washing instructions are necessary also to instruct consumers how to properly wash the clothes to keep them for a longer period.
    • Illustration or Images – Some shoppers will easily be attracted to some hang tags with photos. It can catch up their attention with custom designs that are visually engaging.
    • Price – Some hang tags have prices of products; mostly we found that on clothing, like jeans, blouse, skirt, etc.

    Your hang tag should be so appealing, informative, and premium that customers will feel awful about discarding it.

    4. What are the materials used to make hang tags?

    When choosing a material for a tag, it’s crucial to consider the amount of durability, weather resistance, and its functionality.

    Premium and long-lasting materials are available for hang tags.

    Paper materials:

    • Cardboard paper
    • Kraft paper
    • Coated paper
    • Colored paper
    • Recycled paper
    • Offset paper
    • Single-faced paperboard
    • Double-faced paperboard

    There are also different kinds of materials aside from paper materials for hang tags, such as metal, textile, leather, wood, etc.

    Offset paper is also known as uncoated paper, it has a rougher surface. Absorb more ink, have less definition and have a less glossy surface.

    Cardboard paper is a form of thick or high-quality paper. This kind of paper is popular to use for greeting cards, cereal boxes, milk boxes, etc. The cardboard paper is strongest and because of this structure that it can sustain opposite sides and will not lose its durability for the longest time.

    5. Is it required to use hang tags?

    In today’s competitive business world, unique marketing materials help you stand out from the crowd and ignite the interest of current and new customers.

    Hang tags are an excellent way to inform your consumers on how to properly care for their purchases.

    hang tags

    Hang tags are a branding possibility that is usually used especially in a retail business. Those hang tags are much helpful whether you are a distributor, retailer, or manufacturer.

    They are vital not just for the consumer, but they may also help to support brand identification and raise awareness.

    6. Where can we use hang tags?

    Hang tags can be used to highlight and promote your goods.

    hang tags for perfumes

    Hang tags can be used for a variety of applications, including:

    • Food products
    • Wine
    • Beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
    • Sauces
    • Clothing
    • Toys
    • Shoes
    • Jewelry
    • Beauty products
    • Health products
    • Event giveaways
    • Crafts
    • Perfumes
    • Pastries and more…

    Whether it’s on a jar, box packaging, paper bags, glass bottles, or any other container, including apparel, well-designed hang tags let you reach your target shoppers in a number of ways and make your goods stylish and luxurious.

    Different sorts of hang tags are required for different varieties of products. To grab the attention of the consumer to your items, they should be displayed with full-color hang tags.

    7. What are the printing processes to make hang tags nice looking?

    To achieve a classy look that will enhance the appeal of your product, expert printing procedures are essential for any form of hang tag.

    The various types of printing processes are listed below.

    • Spot UV printing
    • Debossing
    • Embossing
    • Digital printing
    • Holograph stamping printing
    • Inkjet printing
    • Hot foil stamping
    • Cold stamping printing
    • Offset printing
    • Matte lamination
    • Gloss lamination
    • CMYK/PMS printing


    With this method, you can create a raised image or text on the material.

    Considering the thickness of the material you use for your hang tag if you want a genuinely distinctive embossed finish.

    This one is accomplished by pressing the plates directly into the material to make the logo or name rise from the surface. Inks and foils can be used to enhance the appearance as well.

    Offset Printing

    Offset printing is one of the common printing processes for hang tags.

    This is the process wherein an ink image is transferred from a surface to a rubber blanket and subsequently to the printing surface or material.

    Offset printing is thought to be of greater quality.

    8. How much does a hang tag cost?

    The price of each hang tag is determined by its size and number.

    The cost of a hang tag goes around $0.02 to $15.

    Customization of hang tags is also important and will affect the price, although not as much as you might imagine.

    In China, there are many suppliers and manufacturers who provide high-quality hang tags at a lower cost.

    Bulk orders of hang tags are better since it is possible to save up the cost rather than ordering small quantities.

    9. Can I apply hang tags on gift boxes, packaging boxes, etc.?

    Yes, of course!

    Hang tags are ideal for all types of packaging like gift boxes, shipping boxes, mailer boxes, cardboard boxes, and more…

    hang tags on gift boxes

    Hang tags are a terrific way to add a personal touch to any holiday or birthday gift.

    They’re a must-have for scrapbooking and paper crafting since they’re a fantastic way to add a customized, handwritten greeting.

    Hang tags are available in many different styles, themes, and colors to suit any event or purpose.

    You can personalize these tags to your interests, and they also add a decorative touch to any kind of packaging boxes, rendering them more appealing to the eye.

    10. Are there different sizes of hang tags?

    Hang tag sizes can be customized based on the specific application and your requirements.

    Different sizes of hang tags

    We’ve included some examples of hang tag sizes that you can use on a wide range of products.

    Sr. No.

    Hang Tags

    Sizes (inches)

    Size 1

    Round Hang Tag


    Size 2

    Rectangular Hang Tag


    Size 3

    Folded Hang Tag


    Size 4

    Square Hang Tag


    Size 5

    Shipping Hang Tag

    2.375″ x 4.75″

    Size 6

    Gift Hang Tag


    You have the option of making your hang tags larger or smaller.

    Choose the correct size of hang tags to compliment your merchandise.

    11. Is it possible to put hemp ropes and other accessories on hang tags?

    Why not?

    Accessories for your personalized hangtags could give your product a more lively appearance.

    accessories on hang tags

    You can embellish your hang tags with a variety of accessories, including ball chains, silk ribbons, hemp ropes, silver cords, gold cords, and more…

    You must develop elegant hang tags not just for business, but also for social occasions. Hang tags with appealing designs are a perfect way to add a touch of sophistication to your events.

    Hang tags are intended to be tied or hung to a product, which is why accessories are a great match for hang tags.

    12. What is matte for hang tags?

    Matte lamination for hang tags is a smooth, non-shiny surface with a rich effect.

    Matte lamination could be used to protect your hang tag’s printed finish.

    On hang tags, matte lamination is frequently used with spot UV varnish to create contrast.

    Matte tends to emphasize texture; as a result, the image may appear grainier, and it’s excellent to utilize in clothes hang tags.

    Hang tags with matte finish are great for food, gourmet jars, goodie bags, packaging boxes, and clothes hang tags, etc. The options are limitless!

    13. Where to purchase hang tags with no minimum purchase?

    There are several hang tag manufacturers in China that do not have a minimum order requirement.

    If the item is personalized, there is usually a minimum order. Because personalization is difficult to achieve, bulk orders of custom hang tags are more practical and cost-effective than small quantities.

    However, most manufacturers are always willing to accommodate small orders for small businesses or personal use of hang tags, such as when you merely require to hang tags for your birthday or other events.

    If there is a minimum order required for hang tags, it is usually between 500 and 1000 pieces.

    14. Is it possible to make hang tags for wines?

    Yes, indeed!

    wine hang tags

    Bottle neck hang tags are designed for bottles with long, slender necks and add interest to your items.

    They’re designed like half-circle greeting cards, having scored along the top edge to make folding the tags simple and fast.

    Your product packaging will be completed using a bottle neck hang tag for your wine.

    You can create bespoke wine hang tags for any celebration or occasion, which is amazing.

    Wine hang tags can be printed using a variety of processes. For a refined aesthetic, embossing, cold foil printing, UV printing, and debossing are typical printing methods for wine hang tags.

    The following are the contents you must include on your wine hang tags:

    • Wine’s Brand
    • Manufacturing Date
    • Wine Variety
    • Quote or Message For Shoppers

    15. Does Kraft hang tags good for clothing?

    Yes, of course!

    Mark your apparel brand with Kraft Hang tags to demonstrate quality and durability, or affix your company logo or message to any gift or souvenir to demonstrate environmental concern.

    For businesses, it is great to reflect craftsmanship, create brand awareness, and even social responsibility. Kraft Hang Tags are the ideal design and budget-friendly alternative.

    Both sides of the tags for your apparel can be printed in full color on Kraft hang tags.

    You also might add shine with silver or gold foiling, and UV protection can keep your Kraft hang tags scratch-free at all times.

    If you want to give your goods a rustic, antique, or earthy vibe, use brown Kraft hang tags. For the finest effect, blend a minimalist style with this natural material, which may always be customized in size, shape, and design.

    16. How to customize a hang tag on my own?

    A hang tag is an opportunity for a brand to tell its narrative since a customer considers purchasing the item to which it is connected.

    Whatever the hang tags purpose or use, assist in informing and impressing the reader while also making a distinctive remark.

    Hang tag customization is required to add value to the goods and to provide shoppers with a trendy look.

    You can use any software that allows you to edit and customize hang tags on your own such as Adobe photoshop, Canva, etc.

    How to customize your own hang tag?

    Start with these simple steps:

    1. Select the Theme and Design

    To get new ideas, choose your ideal style, mood, or color. You can find templates for your hang tags by searching on the internet.

    Make the design your own by spending such little or as much time as you need.

    1. Start Customizing your Hang Tags

    Begin customizing your hang tags on your computer with an editing app or software. Size, design, shape, fonts, and color are all customizable features that can be enhanced and make your hang tags creative.

    Don’t forget to highlight your logo on your hang tags to give an impression to shoppers.

    1. Download & Print

    After you’ve completed customizing all of the features for your hang tags, you can download them and start printing them.

    Punch a hole in it, add ribbons, cords, chains, and other embellishments, and adhere to your retail items.

    17. Can I make a different shape for hang tags?

    Yes, you can make different shapes for hang tags.

    Hang tags can be made in any shape to match the appearance of your product.

    Here are some ideas for hang tag shapes.

    • Die Cut Hang Tags
    • Oval Hang Tags
    • Heart Hang Tags
    • Round Hang Tags
    • Rectangle Hang Tags
    • Square Hang Tags
    • Triangle Hang Tags

    These are some of the most usual hang tag shapes that are used by marketers.

    It can be more enticing and unusual with certain irregular shapes that you can use for any type of product, including chocolate baskets, wine bottles, cake boxes, perfumes, shoe boxes, toys, and more…

    18. Is there a folded hang tags?

    Yes, there is a folded hang tags.

    folded hang tags

    A folded hang tag allows for more space while maintaining a neat layout.

    This folded hang tag allows you to put the crucial information on the inside, such as care guide, pricing details, or sizes, while your logo or brand name takes center stage on the front.

    Customers who require a lot of information regarding their items can benefit from folded hang tags.

    You can fulfill consumers with health information if you sell food products, and you can include fabric and washing information if you sell apparel.

    Including a QR code that links to your company’s website can be a wonderful way to provide clients more information and easy for them to access or contact you. Codes can be placed at the back of the folded hang tags.

    Folded hang tags can be printed in full color with high-quality images and chosen printing methods.

    19. Are hang tags eco-friendly to employ in any products?


    Hang tags are considered eco-friendly and safe to use.

    Using an environmentally friendly alternative, like eco-friendly materials for hang tags, will help to minimize the negative impacts on the environment.

    To any products, including baked goods, foodstuff, chocolates, and so forth. Hang tags are safe to use because they are made from materials that do not contain hazardous substances, especially if they are used for food.

    The materials are non-toxic, making them safe for both consumers and the environment.

    20. How to import hang tags in China in bulk?

    The best option is to choose a dependable source of hang tags in China.

    The steps for importing hang tags from Chinese manufacturers are as follows:

    • Contact your supplier from China for your hang tag orders.
    • Confirm orders with detailed information, including the custom designs of your hang tags, shipping address and contact information.
    • Wait for your supplier’s confirmation and they will do all the procedures.
    • Your manufacturer from China will contact you any time after they finished manufacturing your custom hang tags.
    • They will dispatch your orders and deliver it to your location.

    China can transport orders all around the world, and many Chinese providers ensure that every hang tag order is of the highest quality, ensuring your satisfaction.

    21. Is it okay to make my hang tags glossy?

    Yes, of course!

    Gloss lamination adds a shine to hang tags, making them more attractive.

    Since this particular coating also functions as a protective component, glossy hang tags guarantee that your business identity will withstand any unpredictable weather changes.

    Wedding favors, group gathering giveaways, product launches, and any other occasion to highlight your brand is a great time to use these sophisticated, trendy, and multipurpose glossy hang tags in your branding initiatives.

    22. Can I apply a sticker label on hang tags?


    Sticker labels can be applied to hang tags as well.

    There are a lot of things you can do to your hang tags, like applying stickers on them.

    Sticker labels can be printed with your logo, product name, color, or size of the product and applied to your hang tags.

    It is one way also to convince your buyers to purchase your products as they will see that your hang tags are with full information that you provide.

    Even in events that you will use your hang tags with sticker labels, it can be custom and make the event memorable.


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