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Do you need durable shipping mailers that suit your budget? Shipping mailers is important to secure your important mail, documents, invitation letters, etc. Best4U can do it customize with premium quality.

Shipping mailers can be printed with different designs with our quality printing arts, Best4U will make shipping mailers one-of-a-kind!

Best service will be served to our valued customers across the globe, experience the right satisfaction with professional teams to provide your requests.

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Why Customers Leave Positive Feedback to Best4U

Best4U is a professional manufacturer of labels, stickers, and packaging, we emphasize the excellent outcome for your product with a professional solution to your needs.

With different advanced machines, Best4U could make your shipping mailers in different special printing techniques, making them impressive and premium in different ways.

High standard QC inspection is also one of the important points to ensure high-quality output. Best4U meets your demands according to your specifications in different ways.

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Plastic Shipping Bags
Poly Shipping Bags Sizes ( 100pcs/pack ):
12×16+5cm 32×38+5cm
13×19+5cm 34×41+5cm
15×24+5cm 35×46+5cm
15×23+5cm 38×46+5cm
18×30+5cm 38×47+5cm
19×23+5cm 40×50+5cm
17×25+5cm 45×55+5cm
20×25+5cm 50×55+5cm
20×30+5cm 51×55+5cm
25×34+5cm 55×60+5cm
28×35+5cm 50×65+5cm
28×37+5cm 60×75+5cm
Bubble Mailers
Bubble Mailers Sizes Q’ty Per Carton Bubble Mailers Sizes Q’ty Per Carton
11×11+4cm 950pcs/ctn 18*45+4cm 147pcs/ctn
11×13+4cm 800pcs/ctn 23×28+4cm 190pcs/ctn
11×15+4cm 700pcs/ctn 23×30+4cm 180pcs/ctn
11×23+4cm 500pcs/ctn 23×35+4cm 146pcs/ctn
12×18+4cm 550pcs/ctn 23×40+4cm 130pcs/ctn
13×13+4cm 700pcs/ctn 24×25+4cm 195pcs/ctn
13×15+4cm 600pcs/ctn 25×28+4cm 160pcs/ctn
13×17+4cm 550pcs/ctn 26×30+4cm 160pcs/ctn
13×21+4cm 450pcs/ctn 26×32+4cm 150pcs/ctn
14×16+4cm 550pcs/ctn 26×36+4cm 140pcs/ctn
14×20+4cm 446pcs/ctn 28×32+4cm 130pcs/ctn
15×18+4cm 450pcs/ctn 28×40+4cm 110pcs/ctn
15×21+4cm 380pcs/ctn 29×36+4cm 120pcs/ctn
15×25+4cm 320pcs/ctn 29×39+4cm 110pcs/ctn
15×32+4cm 270pcs/ctn 30×30+4cm 135pcs/ctn
15×40+4cm 210pcs/ctn 30×36+4cm 115pcs/ctn
16×16+4cm 470pcs/ctn 30×40+4cm 100pcs/ctn
16×22+4cm 350pcs/ctn 32×42+4cm 90pcs/ctn
18×18+4cm 380pcs/ctn 35×35+4cm 100pcs/ctn
18×20+4cm 350pcs/ctn 35×38+4cm 94pcs/ctn
18×23+4cm 300pcs/ctn 35×40+4cm 90pcs/ctn
18×25+4cm 260pcs/ctn 35×42+4cm 86pcs/ctn
18×36+4cm 190pcs/ctn 35×45+4cm 80pcs/ctn
19×28+4cm 240pcs/ctn 35×48+4cm 76pcs/ctn
13*35+4cm 260pcs/ctn 38×40+4cm 86pcs/ctn
15*30+4cm 260pcs/ctn 38×49+4cm 70pcs/ctn
17*18+4cm 380pcs/ctn 40×50+4cm 65pcs/ctn
17*26+4cm 260pcs/ctn 40×60+4cm 54pcs/ctn
18*40+4cm 165pcs/ctn 42×42+4cm 72pcs/ctn
22*22+4cm 238pcs/ctn 42×52+4cm 64pcs/ctn
22*25+4cm 200pcs/ctn 45×50+4cm 56pcs/ctn
25*30+4cm 156pcs/ctn 45×55+4cm 52pcs/ctn
20×20+4cm 300pcs/ctn 45×60+4cm 48pcs/ctn
20×25+4cm 250pcs/ctn 50×50+4cm 52pcs/ctn
20×30+4cm 210pcs/ctn 50×52+4cm 50pcs/ctn
22×26+4cm 200pcs/ctn 50×60+4cm 46pcs/ctn
23×23+4cm 230pcs/ctn
Kraft Padded Envelope
Kraft Padded Envelope Sizes Q’ty Per Carton Kraft Padded Envelope Sizes Q’ty Per Carton
9*13+4cm 880pcs/ctn 20*21+4cm 250pcs/ctn
9*15+4cm 780pcs/ctn 20*25+4cm 210pcs/ctn
11*13+4cm 700pcs/ctn 20*28+4cm 195pcs/ctn
11*15+4cm 650pcs/ctn 20*30+4cm 170pcs/ctn
12*16+4cm 532pcs/ctn 22*22+4cm 218pcs/ctn
12*18+4cm 480pcs/ctn 22*25+4cm 194pcs/ctn
13*13+4cm 590pcs/ctn 22*30+4cm 165pcs/ctn
13*15+4cm 520pcs/ctn 23*28+4cm 166pcs/ctn
13*18+4cm 480pcs/ctn 23*32+4cm 155pcs/ctn
13*21+4cm 385pcs/ctn 24*29+4cm 160pcs/ctn
13*23+4cm 354pcs/ctn 25*30+4cm 145pcs/ctn
14*16+4cm 456pcs/ctn 25*32+4cm 135pcs/ctn
14*20+4cm 380pcs/ctn 26*30+4cm 138pcs/ctn
15*18+4cm 383pcs/ctn 26*36+4cm 125pcs/ctn
15*21+4cm 333pcs/ctn 27*29+4cm 138pcs/ctn
15*25+4cm 283pcs/ctn 27*32+4cm 125pcs/ctn
15*30+4cm 240pcs/ctn 27*39+4cm 104pcs/ctn
15*32+4cm 225pcs/ctn 29*32+4cm 121pcs/ctn
16*16+4cm 400pcs/ctn 29*36+4cm 104pcs/ctn
16*22+4cm 300pcs/ctn 29*39+4cm 97pcs/ctn
17*17+4cm 380pcs/ctn 30*30+4cm 120pcs/ctn
17*21+4cm 294pcs/ctn 30*40+4cm 97pcs/ctn
17*29+4cm 218pcs/ctn 32*32+4cm 110pcs/ctn
18*18+4cm 320pcs/ctn 32*39+4cm 87pcs/ctn
18*20+4cm 294pcs/ctn 35*45+4cm 70pcs/ctn
18*23+4cm 255pcs/ctn 38*49+4cm 62pcs/ctn
19*28+4cm 200pcs/ctn 40*50+4cm 60pcs/ctn
45*50+4cm 50pcs/ctn

There’re more sizes like 6×9 bubble mailers, 4×8 bubble mailers, a4 padded envelopes, 4×6 bubble mailer, 4×7 bubble mailer, 5×7 bubble mailers, small padded envelopes 3×5, a5 padded envelopes etc. Contact Best4U to meet your demand!

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Best4U One-stop Custom Solution

Best4U manufactures labels, stickers, all kinds of packaging, washi tapes, catalog brochures, and so on, we also provide related products.

Best4U has over 10 years of rich experience in the printing field, we have professional design and printing teams to assist your design, and print your design in premium quality.

With more than thousands of repeat customers worldwide, Best4U can export and can reach you wherever you are. We will make your brand impressive and stand out.

Start your branding journey with Best4U now!

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    Are you looking for a secure way to pack your items during shipment? Shipping mailers are the easiest way to have to keep your valuables safe, Best4U offers bubble mailers that are durable and high in quality with various sizes and designs that will keep you on the trend while giving your brand a secured packaging.

    Our padded envelopes are flexible and popular options with a sealable function for easy application. Best4U protects your goods while saving your time and money in choosing this type of packaging for your brand. Without spending too much cost, we make your branding easier and more convenient with the use of our shipping bags.

    It is cost-effective to utilize bubble envelopes and you will not be worried because you know that your items are safely packed inside the bubble wrap envelopes. Best4U can customize the design, color, size, etc. of your padded flat rate envelope that every customer or receiver will be excited to open. It is suggested to use shipping mailers to seal your products perfectly without hassle.

    You can use bubble poly mailers in various goods such as documents, apparel, toys, picture frame, gadget, and other valuable items you have. We also make these poly shipping bags recyclable which you can use several times since the materials we used are highly rigid and durable for everyday usage. You can simply message us at your convenient time for your shipping mailers needs.

    We can customize the size of your padded mailers, no matter if it is small bubble mailers or large bubble mailers, it is very useful in packing or storing items inside. Best4U manufactures easy to carry plastic shipping bags with lightweight materials for convenient usage for everyone. You can trust the Best4U expert team in doing the process precisely for the perfect performance of your small padded envelopes.

    Best4U shipping mailers manufacturer produces priority mail padded flat rate envelope that helps you provide extra protection for your product and can carry heavy and lightweight products. Best4U is an experienced manufacturer of shipping mailers since 2009 that is capable to sustain your packaging needs at the lowest cost.

    We produce a different types of custom shipping mailers such as pink bubble mailers, bubble mailer envelopes, black bubble mailers, holographic bubble mailers, 6×9 bubble mailers, 4×8 bubble mailers, large padded envelopes, metallic bubble mailers, white bubble mailers, eco padded envelopes and more. You can request any custom designs that you need and our expert team will do the job.

    Our Kraft bubble mailer is very famous and widely used especially for sending important documents and souvenirs if you want something vintage. Each of your plastic envelopes for shipping is 100% qualified for your brand because it sets your standards to protect your valuables without too much hassle. We will take care of making your bubble wrap mailers incredible and surely it will stand out.

    Best4U has multiple materials to choose from for your decorative bubble mailers, you choose Kraft cardboard paper, cardboard paper, textured paper, C1S/C2S paper, gold paper, silver paper, corrugated paper, etc. We ensure the quality of every material we used for your bubble shipping envelopes and check each of them before starting the manufacturing process.

    Best4U shipping mailers manufacturer is worldwide and was established in China in 2009.  Since then, we continue our professional and amazing service to our clients all over the world. We never let our customers be dismayed even on small quantity orders. Best4U accepts any amount as long as we can collaborate with each other and we give out our best to serve you better than what you expected.

    Bubble padded envelopes are commonly utilized on delivery service, Best4U makes it easy to pack your goods using our bubble mailer bags and post office bubble mailer with quick and easy application and we make your products protected with our self-sealing advantage and we make it moisture resistant. You can a4 padded envelopes in any season and weather condition.

    Best4U supports customization of custom shipping mailers, it could be small shipping envelopes, gold bubble mailers, 4×6 bubble mailers, small bubble wrap envelopes, priority flat rate padded envelopes, and purple bubble mailers, flat rate bubble mailer, eco-friendly padded envelopes, etc. We accept orders of bubble envelopes in bulk, and it is more advantageous for you to save more.

    We produce biodegradable bubble mailers in a high-quality and high tensile strength that are sustainable to any type of weather condition. Best4U is the shoulder where you can ask for anything you need for your brand and shipping needs. We offer a lot of advantages in order for you to start your projects in a successful way. Best4U has a low-cost price range for all types of custom shipping mailers.

    If you have any queries or questions regarding your post office bubble mailer, feel free to communicate with Best4U and witness the fast approach and wonderful service we can provide. We can print different printing designs for your padded envelopes wholesale, whatever you ask, we can assist you because we have expert designers and we use advanced printing machines for the best printing results.

    Various printing techniques we can do for your 15 padded envelopes, 6×9 padded envelopes, large shipping envelopes, padded bubble mailers, metallic bubble envelopes, etc. Best4U supports – UV printing, hot stamping, embossing, cold foil printing, digital printing, offset printing, and more. Send your preferred printing arts to us and we will do it accurately.

    Express your thoughts with amazing printing designs to make unusual shipping mailers. Best4U is creative when it comes to artwork and styling, better to choose your manufacturer of shipping mailers wisely for perfect output for your product. Our envelope with bubble wrap inside will be more sophisticated and it can be luxurious if you want to let your imagination come true!

    Best4U is for all season! We can manufacture different shipping mailers according to any season or event, like Christmas bubble mailers and holiday bubble mailers. A 5×7 bubble mailers can be customized as well and can be applied to a different occasions. We always produce the best custom shipping mailers for your brand and do all the requested designs of our customers.

    It is a cheap solution to choose and utilize paper padded mailers and simply packed your valuables in a creative way while not spending more of your budget. Best4U makes your cheap padded envelopes enticing and premium quality and rest assured all are very well checked to get the quality standard we have.

    Try and get the value you wanted and you will never regret choosing Best4U with your shipping envelopes in bulk orders or small numbers to start. The Best4U custom shipping envelopes have available sizes that we offer just like a4 bubble envelopes, 5×7 bubble mailers, a5 padded envelopes, 6×9 padded envelopes, etc.

    We also want you to have a colorful way to show off your brand, you can have pink bubble envelopes, blue bubble mailers, white padded envelopes, white padded envelopes, black padded envelopes, brown bubble mailers, and more. Get a colorful priority padded envelope that suits your requirements anytime.

    Most of our customers choose Kraft padded mailers, and we all know that is very common because it has a vintage look and is also known as eco friendly padded mailers. You will surely get paper shipping bags of the best quality with a great performance in securing your goods.

    Get high-quality shipping mailers at Best4U now!