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Printed Handmade Skincare Soap Label Sticker
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Custom Cosmetic Product Beard Oil Labels Sticker
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You can style your labels with glossy effect that could be attractive
Custom Cosmetic Shampoo Bottle Label Sticker
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Custom Logo Printed Clear Perfume Sticker Label
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Custom Skin Care Body Butter Labels Sticker
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Brand Logo Liquid Soap Cosmetic Packaging Labels
Liquid soap cosmetic packaging labels could be glossy or matte surface
Custom Makeup Product Lip Balm Labels Sticker
Lip balm cosmetic label stickers is OK to custom design in small quantity
Custom Cosmetic Mascara Tube Label Stickers
Mascara tube labels stickers in rolls could be pasted by labelling machine

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Label Order Step

Your cosmetic labels could be on rolls, sheets, or cut in shapes.

Label Packing Method

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    To be successful, you have to make your custom cosmetic labels impressive to the eyes of the consumers. Best4U specially manufactures your personalized skincare labels at the highest level which makes them more gorgeous, and your customers cannot resist buying your products. We will help you to be more productive and your Best4U cosmetic labels supplier will make it possible.

    Best4U has an excellent type of machinery that can perfectly print out your cosmetic label design to make your brand appealing and has supreme quality. It is very important to emphasize every detail of your skincare labels, that is why Best4U the manufacturer of your cosmetic labels will let you style your own and we will manage all your needs.

    Best4U provides a wide selection of rich materials for your labeling solutions in manufacturing your cosmetic product labels. You can select coated paper cosmetic labels, synthetic cosmetic labels, Kraft paper cosmetic labels, PET cosmetic labels, PE cosmetic labels, PVC cosmetic labels, BOPP cosmetic labels, etc. These are premium types of materials to make your beauty product labels durable.

    Your custom cosmetic labels are adhesive sticker labels that fit your qualifications for your cosmetic products and are widely used by many brands worldwide. In any kind of cosmetic products, like lipstick, face cream, eyelash, face powder, foundation liquid, lip balm, etc. You can apply your Best4U cosmetic labels to all types of cosmetics that can bring your brand to the top.

    To make your cosmetic stickers classy, Best4U offers a broad range of printing arts including CMYK cosmetic labels, PMS cosmetic labels, hot stamping cosmetic labels, UV cosmetic labels, etc. You have the right to choose which will be the best art choice for your personalized cosmetic labels.

    You can be stylish in personalizing your custom cosmetic sticker. You can custom the shape, color, and design that suits your requirements, like rectangular cosmetic stickers, square cosmetic labels, round cosmetic labels, oval cosmetic labels, clear cosmetic labels, color printed cosmetic labels, white cosmetic labels, etc.

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    Best4U your cosmetic labels supplier will produce high-quality cosmetic label printing and has a large range of cosmetic labels factory that is capable to supply a large number of labels for cosmetic jars for more than 30,000 pieces of orders in just 5 hours in a day. You can send your orders as much as you want and we will cater to all your needs as fast as we can.

    Being the leading cosmetic labels manufacturer since 2009, Best4U is extraordinary and has gained a lot of good reputation throughout the years of service. There are thousands of known companies who trust Best4U for over 10 years with our fast and accurate production and professional team that are always there for you whenever you need it.

    All your skin care product labels will run through systematic procedures to make sure that you will receive the best standard quality of custom cosmetic labels. Your orders must pass the quality inspection during the process before sending out your orders for delivery. Best4U also provides a fast shipping service in order for you to get your custom cosmetic stickers as soon as possible.

    For the delivery process, it is whether you want your orders to be shipped by sea or by air, and express delivery, it depends on your request. Best4U will keep your orders safe by packing your cosmetic sticker labels on safety boxes to make sure that there will be no defects when you receive your orders. That is how Best4U guarantees your satisfaction with all the knowledge of bringing your brand to the top.

    Best4U has automatic lines to fabricate your custom cosmetic labels precisely. We have eight sets of imported manufacturing lines to produce excellent quality beauty product label designs. You will be 100% satisfied with the Best4U works.

    Besides cosmetic labels, Best4U can manufacture eggshell labels, hologram labels, dropper bottle labels, spray bottle labels, and more. Best4U is creative and expert in customizing every label that you need and we will assure you that you will get 100% high-quality custom labels for skincare products.

    Our cosmetic bottle labels are eye-catching, moisture resistant, and eco-friendly, they will surely last longer. You can ask for a free cosmetic label sample so that you can witness and see the Best4U output. Best4U is your artistic cosmetic label supplier in China that does export and caters to orders all around the world. We are available 24 hours, so you can send your inquiry anytime you need.

    In all kinds of custom labels for beauty products, you can also have matte cosmetic labels, glossy cosmetic labels, spot UV cosmetic labels, gold cosmetic labels, silver cosmetic sticker designs, cosmetic labels for jars, and DIY cosmetic labels, etc. You can simply send your orders to us with your detailed requirement and Best4U will handle that.

    We have a wide range of design selections for your labels for skincare products and we assure you that our expert designers will make your products luxurious and stunning among others.

    Best4U has supplied cosmetic packaging labels to different brands and companies worldwide since 2009. For small businesses and even homemade skincare products, Best4U will make your brand build a unique image in the market world.

    If you have cosmetic stores, beauty salons, beauty spas, cosmetic boutiques, etc. You can contact us for a successful branding for your makeup labels stickers and skin care product label design to assist you all the way.

    Your makeup label stickers should be with proper printing and should be detailed so that customers will not be confused about what product they are going to purchase. The best labels for cosmetics must be printed with the brand logo, net contents, formulations, expiration date, manufacturer of the products, and instructions on how to utilize the product itself.

    Best4U manufactures waterproof cosmetic labels so that your brand will be protected and the cosmetic sticker can withstand any type of environmental conditions. You can utilize the cosmetic warning labels indoor and outdoor with our premium quality skincare label printing and durable materials.

    We can manufacture anything you need for your skincare products, such as clear cosmetic labels, mascara tube labels, cosmetic jar label templates, cosmetic bottle labels, and more.

    Make your brand stand out with cosmetic labels at Best4U now!

    The Definitive FAQ Guide | Cosmetic Labels

    Cosmetic is one of the essential necessities of women especially when they go to work, special events, business, and so on.

    Several manufacturers create a way to make cosmetics more relevant, eye-catching, and enhance the packaging of every cosmetic product by using cosmetic labels.

    We wrote this article for you to know such important details about using cosmetic labels that would lift up your imagination into reality.

    This FAQ guide contains the following such as the prices, suppliers, personalization, printing methods, and more…

    1. What exactly do you mean when you say “cosmetic labels”?

    Cosmetic labels describe what the product works, the components it contains, and any allergens it may include, such as nut oils and more.

    cosmetic labels

    All cosmetics products must be labeled with an ingredient list that specifies all of the substances that go into the finished product, according to the industry.

    A cosmetic is a product that enhances the appearance of the skin or body. Lipstick, face cream, mascara, and other cosmetics are examples of cosmetics that need a label to enhance the label packaging.

    A cosmetic label will explain why it is vital since it will assist you in making a more informed selection when purchasing the best product for your skin.

    It will assist businesses in capturing the attention of consumers by designing cosmetic labels in any way possible.

    Cosmetic labels can be used for a range of functions, including identification, information, warnings, usage directions, and marketing promotion.

    2. What details should be included on a cosmetic product’s label?

    Cosmetics are regulated by the FDA, and as a result, there are highly precise labeling standards.

    On your cosmetic labels, you must include the following information:

    Product Identity

    It should first and foremost give the product name, followed by a description of your product using its common name, such as mascara, lip balm, lipstick, face cream, and so on.

    Weight (Net)

    The Net Weight should be displayed below the product name, parallel to the package’s bottom.

    This is the example below.

    Net weight of cosmetic labels


    Ingredients lists are also required for cosmetic items and should be included on the label.

    List the ingredients in descending order of each weight, from the heaviest to the lightest. If possible, use the ingredient’s common or official name, as well as its technical name.

    Name and Address of the Manufacturer

    On your cosmetic label, put the name and business address of the distributor, packer, and manufacturer of your product.

    If you make and pack your own cosmetics, include the name of your company and your address.

    If your customers have queries regarding the specific product, presenting additional details such as a contact number, email address, or another way of contacting may be helpful.

    Warning or Caution Statements

    The warning statements are required on cosmetic products in order to safeguard consumers from any possible health risks.

    The Warning Message must be visible and noticeable on your label, and it must be in bold font on a broad basis, with a height of no less than 1/16″.

    You must make your cosmetic labels as informative as possible so that your customers are content with what they are purchasing.

    3. Is it necessary to use cosmetic labels?


    The label of a product informs the customer about the contents of the product.

    It is very helpful also for businesses to show up their brand on the marketplace.

    The use of cosmetic labels benefits both consumers and marketers.

    This informs the consumer about how healthy or unhealthy the products are, which is especially useful for those who have allergies to certain components.

    4. What is glossy and matte for cosmetic labels?

    A glossy and matte are kind of printing finish for cosmetic labels to make the label extraordinary.

    They are both commonly used for different kinds of cosmetics including, lip gloss, face powder, face cream, eye liner, and so on.

    Here is the difference between glossy and matte finish for cosmetic labels.


    This finish is really shiny, and it helps a sticker stand out. If your label or decal contains a lot of colors, glossy is the way to go.

    It also attracts the attention of customers with reasonable ease. Gloss will boost the sharpness of your image and intensify the colors.

    It gets much better once you apply it because it blends in with almost any surface.


    It has a soft satin appearance with a low gloss, making it excellent for labels with a picture image and a lot of details.

    matte cosmetic labels

    The matte finish makes adding a rich feel to a cosmetic product easy, even natural.

    The term matte is used by labeling professionals to define a non-shiny but appealing texture. Matte just adds a touch of elegance and quality to a product.

    Whatever finish you choose, look at the importance of creativity in your cosmetic labels. Make sure all of your content are visible to your clients.

    5. Is it possible to apply a tamper-evident label to cosmetics?

    Yes, of course!

    Cosmetics with tamper-evident labels show signs of someone attempting to remove or tampering with the product.

    tamper evident for cosmetics

    These labels have features that make it impossible to destroy or peel away the material without causing obvious damage.

    This kind of label can be holographic or you can use the destructible paper material also to prevent the cause of opening the product.

    Face cream or lipstick is a simple example of tamper-evident packaging. The tamper-evident cosmetic label will include information about the product as well as clear and precise visual instructions on how to use it.

    6. How to list the ingredients of the cosmetic product on labels?

    All cosmetics with a list of ingredients that specifies all of the ingredients that are in the finished product.

    Ingredients are printed on product labels, and they tell us what’s inside the item we’re using.

    By observing the sequence in which the ingredients are listed, we can determine how much of each ingredient makes up the final products.

    In cosmetic labeling, the highest percentage of each ingredient is stated first, followed by the next highest percentage, and so on until the lowest percentage is listed.

    It is important to list all the ingredients in cosmetic labels so that consumers will be aware on how it works and the safety of every consumer is important as well.

    7. How to find the right material for my cosmetic label?

    The first thing that consumers will see is your packaging label.

    The consumer will more likely to bring your products at home and test it if the packaging catches their eye and corresponds to what they’re looking for.

    It is appropriate to select the proper material for your cosmetic labels, which is based on the material’s intended use.

    Check below for the cosmetic label materials.

    • BOPP
    • PVC
    • Kraft paper
    • Coated paper
    • PET ( colored/clear)
    • PE
    • PP
    • Synthetic paper
    • Vinyl
    • Textured paper
    • Eggshell paper (destructible)

    Each material has its own texture and capacity.

    They come in a variety of strengths that can withstand any type of area temperature and are suitable for any printing process.

    8. Are there different sizes available to use for cosmetic labels using jar?

    Yes, there are several sizes of cosmetic labels that can be applied on jars or any kind of packaging or container.

    We’ll provide you some suggestions for what sizes to utilize in producing cosmetic labels for jars, which are as follows:

    Cosmetic Labels on Jar

    Sr. No.

    Jar Size (ml)

    Label Size (inches)



    1 x 2



    1.7 x 3



    1.20 x 2.2



    1 x 1

    Confirm and obtain the correct label size by measuring the jar and deciding on the size you wish for your labels.

    Cosmetic labels come in a variety of sizes, depending on how small or large your product packaging is.

    9. How make my cosmetic labels beautiful?

    If you sell cosmetics, you are well known that the label must be completely stunning to attract people’s attention in a store and shine out among the crowd.

    personalize cosmetic labels

    Whether you sell lipstick, shampoo, hair color, mascara, lip balm, or face foundation, etc.

    There are many ways to make your cosmetic labels beautiful in your skill way.

    You can do the following:

    • Personalize your labels according to your needs.
    • You can use free label templates that are suggested online.
    • Customize the font styles, theme, shape, design, size, material and printing arts.
    • You may make floral, holographic, stripes, cartoon, and other designs for your cosmetic labels.

    Editing programs such as Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Pixlr, and others can be used to make changes to your designs.

    10. What are the different types of printing for cosmetic labels?

    It is strongly advised to include a printing method on your cosmetic label, regardless of the product, to give it a more sophisticated appearance.

    The printing techniques available to you are listed below.

    • PMS printing
    • UV (ultraviolet) printing
    • CMYK printing
    • Hot foil stamping
    • Cold foil stamping
    • Flexographic printing

    11. Is there a fragile cosmetic label?

    Yes, there is a fragile cosmetic label and categorize into 4 levels of fragility, which are:

    • Super easy to break
    • Easy to break
    • Normal to break
    • Not easy to break

    A super easy to break fragile label is suitable for small labels and can be used on 20 degrees Celsius of environment temperature. The white matte surface fragile paper can be an option.

    The not easy to break fragile label can be applied on 0 degrees Celsius environment temperature and commonly used on large sticker labels.

    Fragile paper for cosmetic labels

    The fragile paper for cosmetic labels can be colorful as cosmetics are much appreciated if the label is attractive. It can be blue, green, yellow, red, black and other custom colors.

    Fragile Paper is a trendy, eco-friendly option for the classic polypropylene “Fragile” warning label.

    12. How to stick the cosmetic label onto a glass bottle?

    Applying a cosmetic label onto a glass bottle must be precise in order to gain the proper labeling of the product.

    Here is the guide on how to label your cosmetic label on a glass bottle.

    • Hold the label carefully on both ends and position it with the desired are on the bottle.
    • Once you’re satisfied with the positioning, press the label’s middle downwards.
    • Next, press it outwards from the center to the left, and outwards from the center to the right of the label.
    • Once you’ve smoothed it out, the label should be secure.
    • Do the procedure with the rest of the product

    Always make sure that before you place your cosmetic labels on the glass bottle, it is clean, with no dust, no dirt, and no hair fall to avoid any bubbles or bumps on the surface.

    13. What is the meaning of foil stamping on cosmetic labels?

    A foil stamping on cosmetic labels is one of the extraordinary printing techniques that are popular to do on labels on different products, especially on cosmetics.

    The heat, pressure, metal dies, and foil film are all used in the foil stamping process. The foil comes in a choice of colors, coatings, and textures.

    Gold foil, silver foil, copper foil, and holographic metallic foils are the most common types of metallic foil used in cosmetics today.

    However, foil comes in several solid colors and qualities, including glossy and matte.

    Foil stamping, as a result, can be costly. Because foil is done by heat, it should not be used near thermography-applied text or patterns.

    Foil stamping printing, often known as hot stamping, is a versatile way for adding a decorative finish to a product.

    14. Is it okay to put cosmetic labels on the outer packaging of the product, such as packaging boxes, cartons, wrapping paper, etc.?

    Yes, of course!

    Cosmetic labels can be labeled on the outer packaging of the product, whether it is a carton, a box, or wrapping paper.

    Shoppers also consider the outer packaging of the product on how it looks like.

    For example, a face cream is packed with a packaging box. It can be labeled as well just like the product inside the packaging box.

    cosmetic packaging labels

    The labeling of the packaging is one way to entice customers to make them purchase your products with customized labels that would fit your qualifications for your cosmetics.

    Every cosmetic must be beautiful inside and out because that is how customers define each product especially when the product is worth buying for.

    15. How to purchase cosmetic labels from China?

    China is one of the largest countries that supply cosmetic labels all around the world.

    It is easy to purchase a cosmetic label from China and there are various ways to search for a reliable manufacturer from China.

    These are the steps in ordering a cosmetic label from China:

    • Find a supplier of cosmetic labels from China. You can browse online for the competitive supplier and can be trusted.
    • Open their official website and make sure it is legit.
    • Contact their official hotline, contact number, or email account and simply send your quotation of cosmetic labels.
    • Wait for their reply and confirm your orders directly.
    • You can inform the supplier from China about your custom designs including the material, size, color, and shape, and printing arts to apply. You can also attach your shipping address on where to deliver your parcels.
    • Payment can also be done online through any kind of money transfer that would be applicable to you and to the supplier.

    Always remember to do the background checking of that supplier just to make sure before you place your orders to avoid scams online.

    Chinese manufacturers are capable enough to dispatch your orders of cosmetic labels worldwide whether it is made through sea freight, air freight, or express delivery.

    16. Is there a minimum order in ordering cosmetic labels?

    Generally, most manufacturers don’t have minimum orders unless if the labels are customized. Since customization will take time to do.

    There are ready-to-ship cosmetic labels that small orders are acceptable, like 100 pieces, 350 pieces, 1000 pieces, etc.

    However, suppliers will accept bulk orders for ready-to-ship labels as well.

    For customized cosmetic labels, usually, it is around 500 pieces – 1000 pieces of minimum order.

    It is beneficial to order bulk orders since it is a lesser cost compared to small orders. Most Chinese suppliers offer the lowest cost of custom cosmetic labels in bulk.

    17. Can I make my cosmetic labels gold and silver label?

    Yes, you can make your cosmetic labels gold or silver.

    Most customers are mostly attracted to gold and silver color. It has an elegant look that can really attract buyers to pick your brand out from the shelves.

    By customizing your custom cosmetic labels, you can choose the PET material that is coated with aluminum like gold and silver.

    The PET material can be brushed gold and silver and matte or glossy gold and silver.

    The glossy gold and silver that is made with PET material is smooth and has a glass like surface that is water-resistant and can stand with any harsh environment.

    While brushed gold and silver have a brushed stripe look on the surface.

    The matte gold and silver are luxurious with a smooth surface also but a duller color effect.

    18. Does a cosmetic label cheap just like other labels?

    The cosmetic labels are very helpful in advertising your brand in the marketplace. It is a cost-effective tool that can make you earn bigger and make your brand known.

    There are several businesses worldwide that use cosmetic labels effectively without spending more bucks.

    It will only cost around $0.1 up to $3 per cosmetic label roll.

    A Chinese manufacturer offers the lowest cost of cosmetic labels that you are allowed to personalize it on your own.

    19. What shapes are suggested for cosmetic labels?

    The shapes of the cosmetic labels are also important to add a mesmerizing effect on your label.

    Various shapes that are famous for cosmetic labels are:

    • Oval
    • Diamond
    • Circle
    • Rectangle
    • Square
    • Heart-shaped
    • Triangle
    • Flower-shaped and more…

    Some irregular shapes that are mentioned above are often used for cosmetic labels.

    The most commonly utilized shapes are rectangle, circle, and square.

    20. What are some backing papers for cosmetic labels?

    Every label is made with different types of backing papers.

    • The surface label is covered with plastic
    • Super gloss backing paper
    • Flat backing paper

    A label’s backing paper is also known as the release liner.

    The backing paper is typically comprised of paper with one side silicone covered to allow the label to be peeled easily from the liner.

    It is normally constructed of paper, however, the film can be used to lower the thickness of a sheet of sticker labels and to produce a stronger and more durable backing than paper which is especially significant during the die-cutting process.

    21. Is it possible to utilize different colors for cosmetic labels?

    Yes, of course!
    A cosmetic label is best with any color.

    It is more attractive to employ a colorful label on your cosmetics.

    A cosmetic product comes in a variety of colors especially lip balm, lipstick, eye shadow, blush on make-up, etc. A lot of marketers used different colors of labels to make their products can easily capture the eyes of consumers.

    You can customize your cosmetic labels with colorful ideas like colorful paper material, colorful design and themes. Pink, yellow, red, and gold are visually attractive for women who are buyers of cosmetics.

    22. Is there an easiest way to peel a cosmetic label from a jar?

    Yes, there are easy procedures in peeling a cosmetic label from a jar without leaving any residue.

    Procedure to peel a cosmetic label from a jar:

    • You need soapy hot water, baking soda, and cooking oil.
    • Soak the jar in warm, soapy water for 5 minutes.
    • After soaking the jar in hot water, remove the labels.
    • Pouring the hot water into the jar will also aid to heat the adhesive and make it easy to remove the label and the residue.
    • Scrub the jar with a scrubbing brush to totally eliminate the label.


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