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Your Customizable Paper Tube Packaging That Best4U Creates For You

Best4U will make your paper tube packaging wonderful and it could be very useful in many ways.. for cosmetics, apparel, toys, gifts, souvenirs, and more.. it’s easy to store your products in the safest way.

Candle paper tube packaging
Trendy candle paper tube for packing your products in a beautiful way
Skincare Paper Tube Packaging
Best4U design is creative, will help your products marketable
Wine paper tube packaging
Best4U makes your wine paper tube packaging unique in design
Snacks paper tube packaging
Best4U used degradable materials to make snacks paper tube packaging safe
Essential Oil Paper Tube Packaging
Personalize paper tube packaging with your own designs to make it presentable
Toys Paper Tube Packaging
Best4U materials are eco-friendly and safe for kids
Tea Paper Tube Packaging
Paper tube packaging keeps your tea dry and long term storage
Badminton Paper Tube Packaging
Paper tube packaging for one piece or dozens of badmintons are OK
Cosmetic Paper Tube Packaging
Paper tube packaging for cosmetic like lip balm or lip gloss are very popular

Your Perfect Paper Tube Packaging

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    You Have To Know Why Best4UIs What You Are Looking For

    Best4U is an excellent paper tube packaging manufacturer, your trusted partner for your products, customizable designs, high quality, and eco-friendly paper tube packaging.

    For your custom paper tube packaging, customize it in any size, color, and style. Best4U is always here to support you for an excellent result to make your product profitable and safe, with digital printing machines, professional designers, premium materials, accurate processing of your orders, and expertise in Best4U.

    With all the design works that Best4U achieved and 1000+ global brands who trusted Best4U, we continuously improving and giving you the best paper tube packaging in order to achieve our purpose as a paper tube packaging supplier since 2009.

    Best4U paper tube packaging could be very useful in many fields, they can be used in cosmetics, essential oils, food products, bath products, perfumes, coffee, etc. Nowadays, we care for our loved ones especially for the kids, so that is why Best4U came up with the idea for this kind of paper tube packaging. Paper tube packaging with lock is also available box style in Best4U.

    Get any kind of packaging that you need that Best4U offers, like packaging cards, paper bags, paper gift boxes, etc.

    Best4U uses high-quality materials for your paper tube packaging, highly durable and eco-friendly. Paper tube packaging is lightweight and easy to carry. Best4U has textured paper tube packaging, C1S/C2S art paper, cardboard paper, etc. Kraft paper tube packaging is popular to use and can be customized. Best4U allows you to have printed designs on it as you wanted.

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    As an expert paper tube supplier for more than 10 years in the industry, Best4U always assure that you get what you need. Best4U paper tube packaging factory has a wide capacity to accept all your orders all around the world, we provide the best service, fast and reliable process for every paper tube packaging, 100% quality control to secure the quality of your orders.

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    Paper Tube Packaging – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Paper Tube Packaging is the guide that contains the answers to all your possible questions.

    The information related to the paper tube packaging in terms of the manufacturing process, detailing, designing, printing, properties, types of lids, types of paper employed, accessibility from China paper tube manufacturers, etc., is jotted down in this ultimate FAQ guide.

    1.    What type of packaging is paper tube packaging?

    Paper tube packaging is the cylindrical tubes that are used for packaging items.

    Paper cores or paper tubes are made of different paper pls that are wound around to give a significant strength to the packaging.

    Paper tubes are generally longer than they are wide, constructed from paperboard or corrugated cardboard.

    paper tube packaging

    Paper tubes can come in various sizes, diameters, colors, and other styles, depending on the intended use.

    Paper tube packaging is a better and cost-effective alternative for arranging small and larger product offerings.

    2.    How many kinds of paper are used in the manufacturing of paper tube packaging?

    There are quite a few different kinds of paper used in manufacturing paper tubes.

    Different types of paper are used for individual parts and processes in the production of tubes.

    Some of the kinds of paper used in the manufacturing of paper tubes surface layer are as follows:

    • Kraft paper
    • Textured paper
    • C1S / C2S art paper
    • Gold / Silver paper
    • Recycled paper

    Every kind of paper gives a different type of strength to the paper tube packaging.

    You can choose the paper type for your paper tube packaging, keeping in mind the product you want to pack in it.

    3.    What is the manufacturing process of paper tube packaging?

    The paper tube packaging process begins with converting the flat paper product into a cylindrical shape.

    This involves applying various technical methods, such as rolling, winding, corrugating, and so forth, as well as automation equipment.

    paper tube packaging process

    However, the following steps are employed to manufacture a paper tube packaging that best fits your needs.

    • Obtaining rolls of paper

    The first step in creating paper tube packaging is gathering and processing large rolls of paper.

    This process can vary from one manufacturer to another, but the various steps are not too far off from each other.

    large rolls of paper for paper tube packaging

    Depending on the type of product for which a manufacturer produces packaging, different quantities and types of paper are needed.

    For example, if a manufacturer is making paper tubes for wine bottles, more paper rolls are needed than to wrap candy or cereal boxes.

    • Applying adhesive to paper

    Paper tubes can hold their form and remain intact.

    This is because of the glue applied to each layer of paper.

    Incorrectly applying glue can result in paper tubes breaking down.

    The process known as gluing, or cascading, involves applying a thin layer of glue each time a new sheet of paper is added to the system.

    • Winding the paper

    Paper rolls that are adhesive-coated paper sheets are then woven into rolls.

    In this stage, the rolls are put through a finishing process that includes winding.

    winding the paper

    This is a quality control step, and it ensures that each roll is wound properly.

    Paper tubes are constructed using a machine that produces spirally wound paper tubes.

    The machine’s robotic system automatically winds the paper into the tube, reducing labor and increasing efficiency.

    • Cutting of paper tubes

    Next, the paper tube enters the cutting unit, which allows the cylinder to be cut and formed.

    cutting of paper tubes

    This is the final step in the manufacturing process and is typically done with a milling machine that works with rotary knives to cut the paper tube to length.

    4.    What are the types of paper tubes used in paper tube packaging?

    There are two types of paper tube packaging depending on how the paper for paper tube packaging is wound.

    Both of these types of paper tube packaging are manufactured differently.

    • Spiral wound paper tube packaging

    Spiral wound paper tube packaging is made to have spiral-shaped designs on the finished paper tube packaging.

    When the paper rolls are added to the mandrel, they are added at an angle to the axis of the tube.

    Spiral wound paper tube packaging

    Different types of paper can be employed to make unique and customized paper tube packaging through this process.

    • Parallel wound or convolute paper tube packaging

    In convolute paper tube packaging, the paper strips added on the mandrel are at an angle of 90 degrees.

    Parallel wound or convolute paper tube packaging

    As the name shows, parallel paper tube packaging has similar designs to the manufactured paper tube.

    • Fused Spiral and Parallel tube packaging

    In this type of paper tube packaging, the two processes are combined to create a multi-layer tube with graphics and labeling wound around the outside of the tube using a conventional convolute winding process.

    The tube core can be made of a spiral process, and the additional outer layer can be fixed using a convolute manufacturing process.

    5.    How eco-friendly is paper tube packaging?

    Paper tube packaging is part of the renewable resources that you can use to protect the environment.

    Its degradability makes it more environmentally friendly than plastic packaging.

    Paper tube packaging made from 100% recycled paper reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 80%.

    The amount of greenhouse gases emitted by paper packaging is low compared to plastic packaging, mostly produced using non-renewable resources.

    6.    What printing techniques are employed by paper tube packaging manufacturers?

    Paper tube packaging manufacturers offer different printing techniques to make you custom printed paper tube packaging.

    You can employ various printing technologies from the following to make unique paper tube packaging for your business.

    • CMYK printing technique
    • PMS printing
    • Gold stamping
    • Silver stamping
    • Laser stamping
    • Embossing
    • Spot UV finish

    The art or design is printed on the paper posted outside the paper tube packaging rather than directly onto the paper tube itself.

    This ensures that the art is printed on a durable and strong material and will never fade or become damaged.

    7.    Can I use paper tube packaging for my food business?

    Yes, you can use paper tube packaging for your food business.

    Paper tube packaging is a common choice for packing delicate food such as bread, cookies, cakes, pastries, and all types of confectioneries.

    Paper tubes make it possible to ship fragile food products without incurring damage during transit.

    paper tube packaging for food

    Plastic packaging for packing food items can be unsafe, but paper tube packaging does not threaten human health.

    Paper tube packaging is lined on the inside with chemically inert paper lining.

    It keeps your food fresh and safe from contamination.

    8.    How can I open a paper tube packaging?

    Paper tube packaging is very easy to handle.

    You can open a paper tube packaging effortlessly.

    Paper tube packaging often comes with paper or tin caps.

    When you want to open the packaging, pull off the paper cap or tin cap.

    You will not have to put much force in opening it.

    You can easily re-seal the paper tube packaging by putting on the cap.

    If the paper tube packaging has a foil membrane, you can peel off the foil from the mouth of the paper tube and access the product inside.

    9.    How can I pack items in paper tube packaging?

    Paper tube packaging is a simplified solution for packaging items.

    Before packing your product inside the paper tube, make sure that the size of the paper tube packaging goes with the size of the product you are going to put inside.

    It is better to choose a paper tube packaging greater than the size of the item you want to pack in it.

    You can pull off the paper cap of the paper tube packaging and then place your product inside.

    After putting in your item, put on the paper cap on the mouth of the paper tube.

    10.    Is paper tube packaging good for kids?


    Paper tube packaging is good for kids. That is why you can use this packaging for promoting children’s items.

    Paper tubes make great packaging for your baby’s food.

    The paper liner inside the tube does not react with food and keeps it fresh longer.

    Paper doesn’t get hot in the microwave, so its labels won’t melt off, and it is not toxic for babies.

    Paper tube packaging manufacturers make paper tubes designed with child locks.

    It enables you to protect your child from accessing the packed items in the paper tube packaging.

    11.    What can business types use paper tube packaging?

    Nowadays, various business types are employing paper tube packaging for promoting their products and leaving an eco-friendly mark on customers and the market.

    Some of the industries that are using paper tube packaging are:

    • Food industry
    • Beverage industry
    • Mailing industry
    • Retailing industry
    • Cosmetics industry
    • Sport industry
    • Children’s equipment businesses
    • Manufacturing industry
    • Electronic industry
    • Household industry
    • Textile industry

    12.    How can I make a paper tube packaging at home?

    You can make paper tube packaging on your own at home.

    The materials that you will need to have are

    • Kraft paper
    • Water-soluble glue
    • Paintbrush
    • Masking tape
    • Cutter blade
    • The existing tube as a form (you can use old cardboard tubes or PVC pipe)


    • First of all, take kraft paper and cut it into long pieces or strips.
    • Then take a form and start wrapping the paper strips on the form.
    • Do not forget to apply glue while wrapping the kraft paper around the form.
    • When one layer of the paper is done, then wrap the second layer of the kraft paper around the first one.
    • For this, apply glue on the second layer and then wrap it around the existing one.
    • After you have attained your desirable thickness, let it dry.
    • When the paper tube has dried, remove it from the form and cut its edges.
    • After this, cut your paper tube into a desirable length with a cutter.
    • Your paper tube is ready, now make a cap for your paper tube and fix it on the upper side after closing the lower end of the tube.
    • You can use art paper to draw or print anything you like and then paste the paper onto the paper tube

    paper tube packaging at home

    • Your handmade paper tube packaging is ready!

    13.    Is paper tube packaging available with the window?


    You can avail paper tube packaging with window.

    The paper tube is cut into a different shape from the middle of the tube.

    The cut portion is covered with transparent material.

    Paper tube packaging can elevate your packaging game and attract more customers.

    paper tube packaging with window

    This is the unique packaging as the full item can be seen from the embedded window on the paper tube packaging.

    You can use paper tube packaging for your food business, cosmetic business, packaging, jewelry, toys, etc.

    You can order customized paper tube packaging with windows from paper tube packaging suppliers.

    14.    What are the different sizes of paper tube packaging?

    There are different sizes of paper tube packaging that you can order for your product.

    Before ordering, you can determine the size of the item you will use paper tube packaging for.

    It is better to order your paper tube packaging with customized sizes to save you from trouble.

    different sizes of paper tube packaging

    There are some of the most used sizes:

    Paper Tube Packaging

    Sr. no.




    5 cm14.5 cm

    100 ml


    5 cm12.5 cm

    100 ml


    4 cm10.5 cm

    50 ml


    3.5 cm9.5 cm

    30 ml


    3.2 cm9 cm

    20 ml


    2.8 cm7.2 cm10 ml

    15.    What type of lid does paper tube packaging have?

    Paper tube packaging has different types of lids to secure the packed item.

    These are

    • Paper lid

    Mostly, paper tube packaging comes with a paper lid or paper caps.

    These are lightweight and can be open and closed easily.

    paper lid

    You can use paper tube packaging with paper caps more than once.

    • Metal lid

    Metal lids are made of metal such as aluminum, tin, etc.

    metal lid

    The metal lid on paper tube packaging makes it a more secure packaging choice for your product.

    • PVC lid

    The lid of the paper tube packaging can also come in clear, transparent PVC material.

    PVC lid enables your customers to look inside the paper tube packaging.

    16.    How many shapes of paper tube packaging are there?

    Paper tube packaging can be in a variety of shapes.

    You can choose your desired shape when custom ordering your paper tube packaging.

    shapes of paper tube packaging

    Mostly it’s round paper tube packaging, some of the shapes can be:

    • Hexagonal
    • Square
    • Oval
    • Triangular

    You can make any custom shape by using mandrels of that shape for winding the paper tube.

    Using paper tube packaging with different shapes and sizes leaves a unique impact on your business and product on the customers.

    Paper tube packaging of various shapes adds a fun element to your packaging needs.

    17.    Can I use labels on paper tube packaging?

    Of course.

    You can use labels on the paper tube packaging printed with your desired art, design, information, or logo.

    As your logo or artwork cannot be printed on the paper tube packaging directly, printed labels can be the best decision to add value to your packaging and the product.

    The core of paper tube packaging is made of paper on which you can easily paste self-adhesive labels or any other type of label.

    18.    How can I make a paper tube packaging waterproof?

    You can use polyurethane coating or clear acrylic spray paint, or lacquer spray sealer spray to make cardboard waterproof.

    These spray paints are highly effective if done in a well-ventilated area.

    To waterproof paper tube packaging, you can use spray paint of your choice.

    Spray paints are relatively inexpensive, and they come with their own set of different colors and formulas.

    These paints are handy for waterproofing paper tubes and can be used for a variety of surface finishes on your paper tube packaging.

    A high-gloss coat will give the paper tube a shiny finish that looks almost metallic, while a matte finish will make the paper tube packaging look more like corrugated steel.

    19.    How can I decorate a paper tube packaging?

    There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating your paper tubes packaging.

    You can use silk ribbons, ropes, artificial flowers, or paper flowers on the paper tube packaging.

    You can play with different printing techniques and surface finishes to give a unique presentation to paper tube packaging.

    You can use different types of papers to cover your paper tube packaging or paint or spray on it using your desirable colors.

    20.    Can a paper tube packaging be with a handle?

    Yes, a paper tube packaging can be with a handle.

    The handle is usually attached to the paper cap of the paper tube packaging.

    paper tube packaging with handle

    The handle on the paper cap can be made of silk or any other durable material.

    You can grasp the paper tube packaging by holding it through the handle.

    It makes your paper tube packaging more presentable and quirkier.

    paper tube packaging with accessories

    Adding such accessories to your paper tube packaging can elevate the price of the product.

    21.    How many sides of a paper tube packaging can be printed?

    You can print on all the sides of your paper tube packaging.

    It depends upon your choice of where you want to allocate your product-related printing information or artwork.

    You can print your paper tube packaging with minimal designs as background.

    You can also custom print on the inside of your paper tube packaging.

    The upper and lower bases of the packaging tube can also be printed with your brand logo or message.

    The number of printing sides affects the total cost of your paper tube packaging.

    22.    Can I have solid color paper tube packaging?


    You can avail of paper tube packaging of any solid color of your choice.

    Usually, kraft paper tubes are used as a core of paper tube packaging

    colored paper tube packaging

    Any colored paper textured paper or art paper can be pasted outside this raw kraft paper tube.

    You can order solid color paper tube packaging with laser or UV spot finish as it enhances the solid look of your packaging.

    23.    Can a paper tube packaging be with a tin lid?


    Paper tube packaging also comes with a tin lid.

    This metallic tin lid helps in securing the product inside with more safety.

    It also protects the product from spilling or leakage during transportation.

    Paper tube packaging with a tin lid serves as a tight air tube that protects the food products from contamination and keeps it from staling.

    24.    What design can I print on paper tube packaging?

    You can print any design on your paper tube packaging.

    You can order your custom printed paper tube packaging by giving designs of your choice to the paper tube manufacturers.

    Paper tube manufacturers also have a designing team that can aid you in choosing the best print for your brand or product.

    25.    Can I custom order my paper tube packaging from China?


    You can custom order your paper tube packaging in bulk from China paper tube packaging manufacturers and factories.

    You can choose from a wide selection of bases, metal edges, and top covers. You can customize your paper tubes however you want.

    This could be anything from a logo or artwork on the tube to using your brand’s colors.

    26.    Paper tube packaging with a tin lid or paper lid, which one is best?

    Both of these lids serve different purposes.

    You can select the type of lid according to your product.

    If you want to pack food inside paper tube packaging, tin lids can be the best choice.

    If you want to use paper tube packaging for household, retailing, and mailing products, you can use paper lid paper tube packaging.

    27.    What is the average cost offered by paper tube packaging suppliers?

    Paper tube packaging suppliers offer their customers a competitive price range for paper tube packaging.

    You can buy from paper tube packaging suppliers to cost the US $ 0.2-2 per piece of paper tube packaging.

    28.    What is the impact of using paper tube packaging on business?

    The difference paper tube packaging can make to a business, product, or service can be significant.

    Paper tube packaging is a great choice for all sectors because it can be used for secure shipping, to convey or protect objects, and in retail food packaging.

    Paper tube packaging is a cost-effective way of transporting small items and the answer to your woes when it comes to bulk packaging.

    When you use paper tubes for shipping, you have a lightweight product that is economical and environmentally friendly.

    This makes it ideal for businesses that value their dollar and the environment.

    29.    Is paper tube packaging durable?

    Paper tube packaging is extremely durable and provides excellent protection to the product from external forces.

    The paper protects the product from damage during transport, storage, and weather elements such as light, air, and heat.

    The paper tube packaging has a high resistance to damage.

    Paper tube packaging provides the customer with an economical alternative to brittle plastic and foam, two other currently used methods.

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