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Your personalized warning labels have various application areas, including chemical facilities, electronic gadgets, batteries, construction sites, electrical appliances, industrial equipment, warehouses, storage tanks, and more.

Best4U custom warning labels are very functional to avoid those hazardous places or things and for us to be safe.

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Best4U Manufactures Industrial Labels for Each Field

Best4U can produce different kinds of custom warranty labels, such as fragile warning labels, flammable warning labels, suffocation warning labels, lithium battery warning labels, candle warning labels, this way up warning labels, etc.

It is would be easier for you to send your detailed orders, you can contact us anytime. Your Best4U warranty label supplier is available 24 hours.

Your orders will be packed accurately using safety cartons, you can demand whether you want your personalized warranty labels on rolls, on sheets, or cut in sizes.

We Protect You & Your Business

Here at Best4U, we focus more on customizing your personalized warning label that could be legible for long-time usage, so you can have your custom ghs label worth it by all means. Best4U warning label manufacturer can create a durable custom safety sticker using high-grade printing machines to print out your warning label printing in a full-colored effect.

We have to be concerned about the safety of our consumers, so that is why your Best4U warning label supplier manufactures eye-catching custom warning stickers that have hazard statements and symbols that can be recognized easily and can be understood by consumers, you can also customize the fonts, it could be bigger and can be easily seen.

There are different sizes for your personalized safety labels, Best4U can design small safety label, large warning label, and medium warning label. For the shape, you can have round danger stickers, square caution label, rectangle danger label, triangle warning labels, oval warning labels, etc. Best4U custom ghs compliant label is up to the client’s requirements and according to your style on how you want it to look.

Best4U has many kinds of high-grade materials, like coated paper warning labels, synthetic paper warning labels, PVC warning labels, BOPP warning labels, vinyl warning labels, PET warning labels, PE warning labels, etc. There are excellent and rich material choices you need for your custom warning label, could be a glossy warning label or a matte warning label.

Being an expert and well-known warning label manufacturer in China since 2009, Best4U has a lot of achievements and there are numerous top brands worldwide that trust Best4U, for we are able to give our clients what they exactly need and give them a standard quality of custom warning decals that are beyond their expectations.

Best4U has an extensive warning label factory in China that enables it to produce more than 35,000 pieces of custom warning label for 5 hours. We are capable to supply a large number of personalized hazard communication labels even in any season. Best4U also accommodates small orders with low MOQ for 1000 pieces of custom warning label. We prioritize the quality of every personalized warning label and your satisfaction.

Your custom ghs compliance is created with a highly versatile company that accompanied all customers and gives them 100% satisfaction, Best4U has 10 years of experience in making wonderful and top-quality personalized caution decals. It could be more attractive and your warning label printing could be sophisticated with PMS warrant label, CMYK warranty label, UV warranty label, hot stamping warranty label and etc.

There will be more advantages in using the Best4U warning label, we ensure that your hazard communication ghs is protected and will last longer. Your ghs safety symbols are waterproof, heavy-duty, flexible, and easy to place on any surface. Best4U make sure that it is easier for you to use personalized warning label in many ways.

You can assure that your custom warning label is safe at Best4U. All of your safety warning labels will be strictly check to ensure the 100% quality assurance of every custom warning label. Your Best4U warning label supplier will not allow every single error or damage on your orders. If you encounter some quality problems, Best4U provides full compensation for damages, but we assure you that we secure the standard of your warning signs stickers.

That is why many companies choose Best4U as their trustworthy warning label manufacturer since 2009. Best4U can provide a free warning labels sample so you can witness our jobs before placing your orders.

Best4U has a fast delivery system to ship your orders and that is worldwide, we cater to export and it could be by air or by sea freight. You will be the one to choose which is more convenient on your part.

With 10 years in the warranty label printing industry, Best4U can manufacture different kinds of packaging, including straight tuck end boxes, custom mailer boxes, corrugated boxes, packaging sleeves, and more. Best4U is a well-known manufacturer all around the world that has safety regulations in all processes.

We can make your warning signs stickers laminated that can prevent tearing and usage can last longer. You can choose a vinyl safety sign sticker to sustain all applications and it can protect your label from any chemical spills and liquid splashes.

You can place compliance stickers direct to your product or outside the packaging of your product. Our custom safety labels are popular to use in shipping boxes, industrial industry, appliances, machinery, etc., to comply with safety regulations. Best4U has a higher set of standards to make each of your safety signs and labels premium.

Our custom warning labels can also prevent any damage or accident, this can be used on public worksites, building renovations, and places that are prone to fire. Label hazard symbols are a safety measure to avoid people from any harm that may cause to them. We make sure that all your universal safety symbols are easy to read and noticeable to the public.

Each of the ghs safety labels will undergo a reliable process of inspection to secure the quality standards and we surely meet your demands of producing high-quality warning label symbols for high-level safety purposes.

Best4U is a flexible company that manufactures various types of warning label for awareness and protection of all consumers. You can have hazard identification labels, industrial safety labels, ghs classification symbols, etc. We support hazcom ghs standard for labeling and meet quality standards of printing.

We offer safety labels and signs to be packed on rolls, on sheets, and cut individually. We have also different finishes for your safety stickers online with a fast and convenient ordering process that we have. You can choose – glossy safety signs labels, matte sticker safety sign, high gloss label safety signs, and holographic safety warning stickers.

Why choose us? Best4U makes sure that every custom caution stickers are with maximum durability and has a higher resistance to any kind of environment. Label warning signs are a cost-effective solution for your safety needs at work and for your business. We encourage you to find a warning label manufacturer that will never disappoint you in all your warning tape sticker needs.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide | Warning Label

This FAQ guide will provide you with answers to your questions about the warning label. This will be your instruction to use the warning label correctly.

Learn further about warning labels, including how to use them, how much they cost, how to import them from China, how to modify them, printing arts, materials, and so on.

1. What is the definition of a warning label?

This warning label is a label applied to products or featured in the product’s manual that informs the consumer of the dangers associated with using it which may include the manufacture or seller regulations on a specific application.

Consumers need to be aware of any potentially unsafe situations, therefore warning labels are required.

Consumers must know how harmful and unsafe a product and it should always be influenced by the warning labels.

The warning labels can also be customized to meet your requirements. Choose light colors for the materials and bold typography to make it stand out.

2. What are some warning label examples?

Warning labels can be used for a variety of purposes, as seen in the examples below.

  • Muriatic acid – “Warning: This product can irritate the skin.”
  • Pesticide – “Warning: Keep away from children.”
  • Cigarettes – “Warning: Smoking kills”
  • Candle – “Warning: Keep away from things that can catch fire and keep this away from children.”

A warning label is defined as something that alerts people to the possibility of risk. The warning label can be placed on any surface, including windows, doors, boxes, jugs, bottles, and other containers.

You can select different colors of material and the printing art for your warning label to be more emphasized. Light colors are suggested for fonts, material, and so on.

Consumers tend to notice warning labels, emphasizing the significance of prominence in capturing their attention.

3. What is the most important function of a warning label?

The protection of our consumers necessitates the use of a warning label.

The following points must always be presented on an effective warning label:

  • The warning is clearly stated.
  • Exposure to the hazard has certain effects.
  • Steps to minimize the risk of dangerous exposure.
  • Assess potential words to alert the user to the danger’s severity.

Those are important to classify the product’s hazardous effect using the warning label.

The warning label can also be used in several industries, like:

  • Chemical products
  • Industrial products
  • Electronics
  • Retail industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics and more to mention…

4. What do you mean by Fragile Warning Label?

These fragile warning labels are made with bright colors and permanent adhesive.

Securely attached to shipping boxes, envelopes, paper bags, and other items.

This fragile warning label is an eye-catching design that warns product users of the contents within.

Fragile warning labels, also known as a handle with care labels, are used to notify people to be more cautious and to identify that an item or container is fragile.

A fragile warning label can be customized with any shape; however, the most common shape used for a fragile warning label is a rectangular shape since it has a wide area and the fonts can be bigger to be more recognizable.

The usual color of a fragile warning label is red, yellow, orange, and pink so it can be seen easily.

5. Can I apply different paper materials for my warning label?

Yes, of course!

A warning label is made with different premium materials.

Check below for the lists of materials for a warning label.

  • Destructible paper
  • BOPP
  • Synthetic paper
  • Coated paper
  • Kraft paper
  • PVC
  • PET
  • PE
  • Textured paper

Destructible Paper

A destructible paper is a material that is easily destroyed or damaged that is also known as “eggshell paper”.

Destructible papers are utilized to create thin, fragile surface materials for tamper evident labels and warning labels in the labeling industry.

Synthetic Paper

Synthetic paper is waterproof and does not disintegrate in water and it is considered as environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

This type of material is also tear-resistant and heat-resistant, allowing for high-quality printing in any environment. To make a warning label, synthetic paper is usually recommended.

6. Is it possible to choose a removable adhesive for a warning label?


A warning label can be used with a removable adhesive.

A removable adhesive is a material that allows a label to be removed without destroying the surface on which it was placed.

By using a removable warning label, it can be attached to somewhere, such as car windows, glass doors, laptops, packaging cartons and more.

The use of removable adhesives allows for more flexibility. Removable adhesives allow you to apply and remove them anytime.

7. What are the printing methods for warning label?

For warning labels, printing processes are required since they allow for a more accurate design of the label, which makes it more appealing.

The printing methods that can improve the appearance of your warning label are as follows:

  • Flexographic printing
  • Embossed
  • Debossed
  • Digital printing
  • UV printing
  • PMS printing
  • CMYK printing
  • Cold foil
  • Hot stamping

All these printing methods are known to apply on any kind of label like a warning label.

Flexographic Printing

Flexography is a popular method of applying simple designs to a wide range of packaging materials, including labels, plastic containers, corrugated cardboard boxes, envelopes, and so on.

It works with different colors. It could be used with both water-based and oil-based inks. Water-based inks are currently popular due to their lack of toxicity.


Basically, debossing is the total opposite of embossing.

Debossing is the process of imprinting an image, logo, or text into your printing label material to create a depressed result.

8. Are Candle Warning Labels can be transparent?

Yes, a candle warning label can also be transparent.

A transparent material is usually used to protect your brand because it is water resistant, oil resistant, tear proof and durable.

It can be in any size and shape you want.

There are several types of transparent or clear material for your candle warning label, including PVC, BOPP, PET, PE and PP.

A transparent candle warning label is a see through like label that is unique and any printing technique can be applied to it.

9. Does a warning label can be hologram?

Yes, of course!

The holographic type of warning label looks like a rainbow that is dazzling and could catch the attention of the people.

But since hologram labels are difficult to fake, brands can use them to demonstrate authenticity and protect original products.

BOPP, PVC, and PET are the right materials to make a warning label hologram.

Those materials can obtain a long period of application and are famous for most businesses.

The hologram warning label is great for highlighting your packaging design, branding statements, and the warning signs and it is a one-of-a-kind product warning label.

10. What is the best way to make a warning label for my product?

Use identifiable fonts, logos, and other elements to make your warning label speak out. You must ensure that your warning label contains the information that your clients require in order for them to be aware.

Your warning label must be:

  • Specific and Detailed
  • The Warnings Should Be Visible
  • Easy to Understand
  • Eye-catching

The warning must be placed on the product manual, packages, containers or anywhere else where the consumer can see and come across it.

11. How much does a warning label cost?

A warning label is a cost-effective way of informing consumers to a potentially hazardous effect or content of a product.

It may not cost that much to have a warning label on your product, hence, it will be a necessity and a big help for your consumers to prevent them from any harm.

A warning label costs around $0.1 to $3.

There are aspects that can affect the costing of the warning label such as the materials, customizations, printing techniques, quantity, etc.

In China, they offer the lowest cost of the warning label that suits your budget.

It is an advantage to order bulk orders compare to small orders since most of the suppliers will have more discounts for bulk orders, especially on a custom warning label.

12. Is it possible to put a warning label on various types of packaging, such as shipping boxes, mailer boxes, and so on?

Yes, definitely!

A warning label is highly versatile in which it can be attached to several packaging.

It can stick onto different types of packaging including mailer boxes, shipping boxes, cardboard boxes, and also gallons, glass bottles, plastic containers, jars, and more to mention.

It is required to include a warning label stating the dangers it causes to customers, regardless of which category it belongs into.

The warning label on a pack of smokes, for example, is large and clear to see. The same procedure must be followed for other harmful goods for any packaging.

When should a product be labeled with a warning?

Consider these factors below:

  • A product is hazardous and has the potential to cause serious injury.
  • When the manufacturer knows that its product poses a risk.
  • If the product can cause death if not used properly.

13. What are the many types of shapes that can be used on a warning label?

A warning label can be in any shape you like.

As we all know that there are many different shapes that can be utilized and do exist for your goods.

The following are some of the most prevalent warning label shapes:

  • Octagon
  • Square
  • Pentagon
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Rectangle
  • Diamond
  • Hexagon
  • Parallelogram and so on.

Shape can always be customized that would fit exactly to your product and would obtain your needs.

To avoid confusion, you must choose the correct shape; if you choose the incorrect shape, you will be unable to place the warning statement and other product components to your warning label.

14. Is the warning label safe to apply on any types of product?

Yes, of course!

It is safe to use a warning label on any type of product.

The manufacturers of warning labels ensure that the materials used are not harmful to humans and nature. On the other hand, warning label manufacturers designed this kind of label to give cautions and make sure that consumers are using the product properly without harm.

The materials, adhesives, and printing techniques for warning labels are raw and they have appropriate usage so it won’t harm anybody especially if the warning label is employed on food products.

15. Which is better to apply for warning label, die cut or kiss cut?

Both die cut and kiss cut warning labels are popular.

They have different cutting styles when it comes to labels.

The kiss cut warning label has a self-adhesive border that protects the cut’s shape of the label. It is simple to apply to the chosen surface by pressing down on the edge of the warning label next to the edge, without having to bend the label.

While die cut warning labels has a pleasing shape that focuses and promotes the brand’s influence. With a die-cutting machine, the label will be cut from edge to edge. The shape of your warning label can be obtained with a die-cutting process with any shape you want.

16. How to import warning label from China?

There are many ways on how to order and import warning label from China, since China is an adaptable country that can give all your needs regarding to your product.

It is very convenient nowadays to import your orders from Chinese suppliers of warning label because we have the access online to search and look for the appropriate manufacturer of warning label from China.

Here are the things to do to import warning label from China:

  • Look for an experienced manufacturer from China online.
  • Check out their official page or website to make sure they are authentic.
  • Start sending your orders to your chosen supplier of warning label.
  • Wait for their reply you can confirm your orders as well.
  • Give your delivery address to where your orders are delivered.
  • Wait for your orders to be delivered via sea or air freight or delivery express.

The Chinese suppliers and manufacturers of warning label can give you exactly what you want.

17. Where can I get a sample of warning label?

When obtaining a warning label, make sure you get one that is of good quality and meets your standards.

Many companies need to make certain that the warning labels they use are of excellent quality.

You can request a free sample from a supplier to confirm that the quality standards of the warning label are met. There are warning label supplier offer directly a sample of warning label even you don’t ask from them.

A sample of warning label is free of charge from any of the manufacturer of warning label.

18. Is there a chance to make a warning label for food products?


Some food products need to have a warning label, especially those foods that contain any ingredients that are common for allergies.

Food products that surpass nutrient limits for specific risk nutrients are labeled with nutrient warning labels to warn consumers.

These are some popular warning labels for food products:

  • Food allergy warning
  • Health warning
  • Allergy advice
  • Allergy safety

Making your food products a warning label is also necessary for the shoppers who have food allergies and health conscious. It is a perfect way to make them comfortable in purchasing your product.

19. What is the accurate process in making warning label?

To assure the quality of a warning label, it is manufactured using a precise method.

The procedure of creating a warning label:

Design Making

This includes changing the size, color, fonts, printing technique, material, type of adhesive and shape of a design of the warning label.

When the design is complete, the manufacturer will inspect the template and materials to ensure the best possible outcome.

Printing Process

The printing of label is done with high-quality equipment and technology.

For your warning label, you’ll decide on the type of printing process to utilize, such as UV printing, hot stamping, cold foil, CMYK, PMS, embossing, etc.

Finishing Process

The finishing procedure is applying the finishing or lamination on the label.

You can choose glossy and matte lamination for this process.

A lamination or finishing procedure, in which a protective coat is applied to the labels to give an extra layer of protection against physical damage, moisture, or chemicals.

Cutting Procedure

Once the printing and printing process is done, cutting your warning label is next in line.

This applies the die cutting, kiss cutting, warning label on rolls or sheets.

Quality Inspection

To ensure quality, the manufacturer will focus on the evaluation of the warning label at the end of the process.

The quality inspection of the warning label must be accurate to prevent any errors upon receiving them.

20. What is a Lithium Battery Warning Label?

A UN number on the label indicates what type of battery is contained and how it is packaged and it is required to have a warning label.

A lithium battery warning label must have the following:

  • Batteries should be kept out of reach of little children
  • Lithium batteries can short if they are not properly disposed of, causing them to get heated, burst, or burn.
  • Caution: This can cause a fire.

Lithium batteries that fail to perform safely or are destroyed can cause a fire and explosion and are extremely harmful and can even be fatal if ingested accidentally, which is why a warning label is required to safeguard the safety of people who use the product.

The most common color scheme for lithium battery warning labels is red, yellow, and black to emphasize the image of the lithium battery and the warning statement.

The most popular shape used for lithium battery warning label is rectangle and square so it can be seen well by the consumers.

21. Is there a quality inspection for warning label?

Yes, of course!

A quality inspection is required for a warning label to make sure that it is done perfectly.

All manufacturers will do the quality checking after the procedures in manufacturing the warning label. It will be secured with accurate quality control by the manufacturers.

22. Is Kraft paper material okay to use for warning label?

Yes, Kraft paper material is okay to use for warnings.

Warning labels made of Kraft paper are widely found on candles, food, and other consumer goods.

It is safe to use because it is made with raw material.

Kraft paper is one of a kind material for warning label because it is a strong material and has a rustic appearance that is very unique for a warning label.

This Kraft warning label must be printed with black or red fonts on it so that it will not conflict with the brown color of the Kraft material.

Round, square and rectangle is suggested for Kraft warning label.

23. How can we know if the warning label is oil proof and waterproof?

A warning label must be waterproof and oil resistant in order to protect the label from the elements and allow it to last for a long period in any environment.

You will know that a warning label is water resistant and oil proof once it can stand with any kind of splash.

A waterproof and oil proof warning label is laminated. It can be matte or glossy lamination.

It is one of the great factors that a warning label is protected especially when it is applied on shipping boxes, big cartons, and more.

It is advisable to a warning label to make it laminated with custom design that you want.

24. What are the packaging methods of warning label if I order from a manufacturer?

The warning label can be packed in different methods.

Packaging methods for warning labels:



Cut in shapes

These packaging methods have different ways and different application purposes.

For faster application on the product, roll labels are applicable.

For small orders or personal use, you can choose a warning label on the sheet.

Cut in shapes are typically used for different products as well. It is cut individually which is quite great for the safety of your warning label.

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