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    Liquor labels

    Can be customized with intricate designs to ensure your bottles stand out on the shelves

    Vinyl Stickers for Bottles of Beer

    Designed to withstand various conditions, ensuring your branding stays intact and vibrant

    Vinyl Stickers for Bottles of Juice

    We use premium materials and state-of-the-art printing techniques for label quality

    Milk Bottle PVC Vinyl Stickers

    Let us help you create labels that communicate the quality and freshness of your dairy offerings to consumers

    OEM Wedding Champagne Label Sticker

    Available in a variety of materials and finishes, including waterproof and weather-resistant options

    Custom Die Cut Wine Sticker Labels

    Best4U specializes in crafting exquisite wine labels that reflect the elegance and sophistication of your brand

    Drink Labels Leading Supplier

    Best4U has been a drink label manufacturer for more than 10 years now! It has a high-end printing machine that will make the production more efficient but with good quality.

    Best4U makes high-quality waterproof drink labels. We also produce other types such as shrink sleeves for bottles and metal bottle labels. Our products are designed to withstand various conditions, ensuring your branding stays intact and vibrant. With a commitment to excellence, Best4U offers customized labeling solutions to meet your unique needs.

    We have a professional designers that will help you with your custom label design. If you have questions, the Best4U team is more than willing to assist you when you have questions

    Worry no more because Best4U makes sure to have a 4-time quality inspection to make sure that your drink label is in good condition prior to shipping.

    You will be accommodated anytime as Best4U has 24hr standby personnel to cater to your needs.

    High technology machine for bottle stickers

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    Material Checking
    Material Checking
    Best4U always make sure that your drink labels is made with quality
    PMS Printing
    Printing Machines
    Your drink label will be manufacture with high-tech machines
    Packing method
    Packing Your Orders
    We will ensure that all your orders will be safely pack, on rolls or on sheets
    Digital Label Printing
    Digital Label Printing
    Our printing technology ensures quality across all your labeling projects
    Soft Touch Laminated
    Soft Touch Laminated
    Provide a protective layer that increases the label's resistance to scratches and wear
    Delivery Checking
    Quality Control
    For high-end standard quality of your orders, Best4U provides quality checking in all your orders
    Labels Delivery Checking
    Delivery Checking
    Before shipping, we ensure that your orders are packed very well and secure
    Fast Shipping
    Fast Shipping
    Best4U provides shipping services of your product orders all around the world

    Best4U Has Achieved Standard Quality Since 2009

    Holographic Drink Labels
    Glossy Drink Labels

    “You Will Be 100% Satisfied With Best4U”

    Best4U has been an accomplished manufacturer of custom drink labels for more than 10 years already. With different labels created, Best4U identifies the best material for your custom drink label. The company has given satisfaction to thousands of customers. With professional and skilled designers and high-quality materials, you will get the service you want.

    Best4U offers different kinds of materials for any of your personalized drink labels. Best4U caters to drink label printing such as water, juice, wine, soft drinks, etc. You can put your full trust in Best4U as your drink label manufacturer because the company’s goal is to make you confident with your custom drink labels.

    If you’re looking for a drink label manufacturer in China, Best4U is the best choice because of its modern and high-quality printing machines. Your drink label printing results are just like what you have seen on digital or your original layout. Production is fast because of the wide capacity of the manufacturing.

    Don’t worry if you have high demands for custom drink labels because Best4U can accommodate your large volume of orders. If you’re thinking of a lesser amount of production, Best4U will still accept it. Big or small orders are acceptable anytime and Best4U can assure you a very fast transaction and creation.

    Best4U provides several premium materials that suit your custom drink labels like PET drink labels, PVC drink labels, coated paper drink labels, Vinyl drink labels, PE Drink Labels, Kraft paper drink labels, BOPP drink labels, synthetic paper drink labels, etc.

    You can create and personalize your drink labels to attract customers in the market. Best4U, your drink label manufacturer has CMYK printing and PMS printing techniques to achieve the actual color for your personalized drink label.

    Best4U accepts any shapes for drink label printing it be circular drink labels, rectangular drink labels, square drink labels, or oval drink labels. You can choose any of the sizes to fit your custom drink labels.

    Best4U designers are good to deal with. You can ask for assistance on your design when you are not sure, they will give advice and tricks to make your custom drink label appealing. Best4U artist will recommend the perfect color combination or additional graphics for your personalized drink label.

    Best4U’s quality control system is more than the standard in the printing industry. Your custom drink label will undergo 4 times quality checking. The process is to make sure that all printed custom drink labels are in good condition. Any substandard personalized drink label will not go out in the production area.

    Being the top drink label manufacturer, Best4U is true to its word. Best4U has strategic planning on how to handle customers. Best4U has an amazing team who are hardworking and want the best for you. They will see to it that all of your custom drink labels come from good hands and machinery.

    Once your custom drink labels are done with the quality checking, they will be sent out to your location for delivery. You have to choose if you want it by land or air travel for convenience. Air travel will make your delivery faster while land travel will take a little time.

    When you receive your parcel, Best4U’s service will not yet end. The team will continue to communicate with you and to make sure that your personalized drink labels come in good condition. If you also have questions and need guidance, Best4U will help and assist you, especially with the application of your custom drink label to your bottles.

    Aside from personalized drink labels, Best4U has custom perfume labels, cosmetic labels, personalized bottle labels, custom wine labels, custom jar labels, personalized spice bottle labels, personalized beer labels, and many more.

    Best4U received high and good feedback from the market from all the customers. They were 100% satisfied with the outcome of their customized labels and other custom products. Best4U is very keen when it comes to the contentment of every customer and doesn’t like to break the trust given.

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    Drink Labels – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Drink labels are a must-have these days if you want to build your brand.

    This manual will assist you in demonstrating the significance of drink labels.

    This will benefit you in obtaining further knowledge regarding drink labels that you can use in the future.

    The costing, manufacturing process, designing drink labels, printing techniques, sizes and shapes of drink labels, and more are all covered in the Drink Labels FAQ guide.

    1.    What are drink labels?

    These drink labels provide important product information while also promoting your brand to prospective clients.

    drink labels

    Drink labels can be put to use for a variety of purposes, including identification, information, warnings, usage instructions, environmental advice, and advertising.

    To entice buyers, you can make one-of-a-kind drink labels.

    2.    How to customize drink labels?

    You must choose the size and shape of your drink labels to fit your bottle or other drink containers while customizing them.

    You can either use a layout provided by your supplier or create your own.

    customized drink labels

    Make use of the different font features available to write down details about your drink.

    You are free to upload any image you wish.

    If you don’t know how to design your layout or don’t have the time to do so. You can just ask your manufacturer to take care of it.

    After all, the design has been finalized. It is ready for printing and application as drink labels for your beverages.

    3.    How are drink labels manufactured?

    Your drink labels will be manufactured by your supplier.

    The steps for making drink labels are as follows:

    • Adhesive Checking
    • Material checking
    • Template checking
    • Manufacturing process
    • Quality checking
    • Packing
    • Delivery process

    Your supplier will ensure that your drink label requests are completed correctly and promptly.

    Once all of the processing is being accomplished. It will be sent to your place right away.

    4.    What do you mean by holographic drink labels?

    A hologram is a three-dimensional, projected representation of something. Holographic drink labels refer to holograms in some way.

    It is a hologram: it wasn’t real, but it has a precise three-dimensional or 3D image made by light beams.

    holographic drink labels

    A complicated technique involving laser and printing technology is used to create holographic drink labels.

    Holographic drink labels look amazing, as well as certain businesses all around the world use them.

    Holographic drink labels are made with unique materials that make them extraordinary.

    5.    What should a drink label include?

    If you’re making any form of beverage with drink labels, you’ll need the following.

    drink labels


    • Brand name

    When it comes to business, your product’s brand name is one of the most popular significant factors.

    • Bottler/packer/manufacturer/producer names and addresses

    Should include the name and location of your product’s producer, packer, or distributor, so that consumers can readily contact the bottlers or distributors of beverages.

    • Net content

    On the packaging or container, the net content should be displayed on the same side as the beverage’s name.

    The total of the consumable product of the trade item contained in a package, as disclosed on the label, can comprise net weight, volume, count, units, and so on.

    • Nutritional information

    On their nutritional information panels, all drink products must list seven dietary components: calories (kilojoules), Total fat, saturated fat, total carbohydrates, sugars, protein, and sodium are all factors to consider.

    This is necessary for all customers, as some people have food sensitivities and concerns about their diet.

    • Packaging Size

    The package size of your product, such as 100ml, 10ml, or 1liter, must be placed on the drink label.

    Make your drink labels as informational as possible for your customers.

    6.    What are the sizes of drink labels for bottles?

    Your drink labels must be the appropriate size to fit your bottles and be easy to read and recognize.

    The sizes listed below are merely for reference.

    Drink Labels For Bottles

    Sr. No.

    Product Label

    Size (inches)


    Water Bottle 12oz 8.25 x 1.75



    3.5 x 4

    3 Beer

    4 x 3


    Mini Coffee Bottle

    1.75 x 8

    You must make sure that your drink labels do not fall down the sides of your bottles and that the sizing is accurate.

    7.    Can I make different shapes for drink labels?

    Yes, you can make different shapes for drink labels.

    There are selections of shapes that are suited for beverages.

    A bottle with straight, smooth sides can be used in a variety of forms because it won’t affect the appearance of the label once applied.

    different shapes of drink labels

    There are squares, ovals, rectangles, triangles, hexagons, and many other shapes to choose from.

    The most typical shape for beverages is a rectangle because it is wide and allows you to add more information about your items.

    For your drink labels, you may just choose what you prefer.

    8.    What is a brush gold drink label?

    Brush gold is long-lasting and can be cut to any shape or size.

    brushed gold drink labels

    Brush gold drink labels are eye-catching and offer your brand a prestigious appearance.

    Brush gold drink labels are made of high-grade PET material.

    Waterproof and tear-proof brushed gold drink labels are also commonly used for their one-of-a-kind quality that protects your brand logo on your drink products.

    9.    What product should I apply for drink labels?

    Drink labels can be applied in a variety of contexts of beverages.

    It is extremely beneficial to all beverage goods.

    Some beverages can be labeled with drink labels such as:

    • Wine
    • Beer
    • Coffee
    • Water
    • Juice
    • Soft drink
    • Milk tea
    • Tea
    • Milk

    10.    What are the materials used for drink labels?

    There are numerous options available materials that may be used to create wonderful drink labels.

    When it comes to selecting the correct label material, your label supplier will advise you on which label to use based on your product and the environment you have for long-term product storage.

    Here are some drink label materials to get you started.

    • Coated paper
    • Synthetic paper
    • PVC
    • Kraft paper
    • BOPP
    • PE
    • PET
    • Textured paper

    Some drink labels are made of Kraft paper and look old and luxurious, but they can’t be film-coated or waterproof.

    The synthetic paper has a smooth surface, is tear-proof, and waterproof, and is frequently used to produce drink labels.

    Coated paper is inexpensive and is commonly used to manufacture labels for beverages such as water, wine, beer, and other products. When coated with film, your drink labels are anti-splash.

    You can use any label material that is perfect for your goods.

    11.    Are drink labels waterproof?

    The drink labels are, in fact, waterproof.

    For labels that will be applied to water bottles, BOPP is recommended. It’s waterproof and oil-resistant, so it’ll keep your label safe from the weather while it’s in storage.

    waterproof drink labels

    It’s impossible to know for sure whether or not label stickers are waterproof unless they’ve been put to the test.

    Ordering a sticker or stock sample from your label supplier is the easiest approach to evaluate waterproofing.

    Waterproof labels indicate that the item is impervious to water, regardless of how long it is wet.

    12.    Is there a minimum order for custom drink labels?

    For custom labels, certain label suppliers have low minimum orders.

    The cost of custom drink labels is defined by the size and shape of the label.

    As a result, most suppliers have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for any customized labels, because manufacturing takes time and costs money.

    You can, however, order as few as you want for personal use exclusively.

    Bulk orders are also encouraged for future use and cost-effective branding.

    13.    How to purchase drink labels from China?

    China has a variety of label manufacturers. You can look for it online based on your requirements.

    Once you’ve found a supplier, you can contact them directly to discuss your drink label needs.

    To order your drink labels, send them your chosen size, shape, design, and printing art.

    The label manufacturer will handle the entire process, including quality control, material inspection, template inspection, packing, and delivery.

    You can receive your drink labels as soon as the process is completed, and your supplier will promptly send your orders.

    14.    How quickly can an order of drink labels be turned around?

    The average time it takes for a custom order to be completed for a drink label is 3-7 days, after which it will be shipped directly to you.

    Your manufacturer, on the other hand, can speed up the processing of urgent orders, turning them around in 24 to 48 hours.

    In most cases, certain suppliers do not charge extra for rush orders.

    In the case of in-stock labels, your supplier will dispatch your orders the same day you place your order.

    15.    Can I order cheap price of drink labels?

    Yes, of course.

    China’s label makers provide the cheapest while maintaining a high level of quality.

    The cost ranges from $0.01 to $5.

    The price will be defined by the specific design for each label, like the custom size and shape of the drink labels.

    It is relatively affordable, and it can help your brands become more well-known in the market.

    16.    How to make drink labels beautiful?

    You may make your drink labels beautiful in a variety of ways.

    Make it clear and readable, use a consistent brand logo, utilize beautiful fonts, and use diverse printing techniques to make it elegant when making a professional-looking label.

    These are the printing methods to select from.

    • Hot stamping
    • CMYK
    • PMS
    • UV
    • Emboss

    These printing techniques also could help your design stand out.

    17.    Can I use drink labels for special occasions?

    Yes, you can use drink labels for special occasions.

    Drink labels provide a lot of possibilities.

    Drink labels for occasions


    They are appropriate for graduations, wedding ceremonies, religious events, birthday parties, retirement parties, baptismal, and bridal showers, among other occasions.

    18.    How to put drink labels on a bottle by hand?

    Hand application is a straightforward process.

    Drink labels applying by hand

    The basic steps are as follows:

    • Remove the label from the paper backing
    • Make sure the label is straight.
    • Hold the label tightly on all sides and align the label with the bottle horizontally.
    • Apply it to the bottle with firm pressure.
    • Make certain that your label doesn’t have any unsightly creases.

    You must also ensure that your bottle is clean and free of prints, hair, and dirt.

    And, once you’ve completed the process, you can simply apply all of your labels equally by hand.

    19.    Why are drink labels important?

    Drink labels are an important communication tool that informs consumers about a product’s content, nutritional profile, and quantity of ingredients so that they may compare and choose products.

    Consumers want this label information to be given clearly and understandably.

    It improves the label’s appearance to promote the products.

    Drink labels are necessary since they aid in attracting a customer’s attention. Can be used in combination with packaging by marketers to entice potential purchasers to acquire the goods.

    It should display the correct product details.

    20.    Are drink labels safe to use for everyone?

    Yes, it is safe to use.

    Drink labels are made of raw and premium materials.

    It cannot affect the environment or, more importantly, consumers.

    The most popular material is Kraft paper, which is both environmentally friendly and non-hazardous.

    Kraft paper, on the other hand, is not waterproof since it cannot be covered with a surface film.

    Furthermore, all of the materials are suitable for usage in beverages and food products.

    21.    Can I get a free sample from a supplier before a large order?

    Yes, you can get a free sample before placing an order.

    Suppliers will gladly provide free samples for any requested label that a client wants without any charge.

    You only need to perform the following:

    • Go to the company’s website to learn more. Search the web for the company’s website using a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo.
    • Use the provided email address to contact the company.
    • Request a sample.

    The sample label will be transported to the shipping address you provided.

    Once you receive the free sample label, you can test the label quality so you can start ordering your drink labels.

    22.    Can I make my drink labels transparent?

    Yes, you can.

    It is suggested that you choose transparent materials for your beverages.

    BOPP, PE, PVC, and PET are examples of transparent materials.

    transparent drink labels

    These materials are waterproof, oil-proof, and tear-resistant, and your brand logo will be well-protected.

    They are constructed of transparent materials that can see through.

    Transparent labels can also be printed with a front-face adhesive, allowing them to be used as window stickers on interior surfaces facing out.

    23.    What are the packing methods for drink labels?

    There are different types of packing methods you can use.

    You can let your label manufacturer know your preferences.

    • On roll

    Labels made on a continuous liner and looped around a cardboard spool are known as roll labels.

    Our bespoke roll labels are compatible with most label dispensers for even faster applications because you may choose your label orientation.

    • On sheet

    The label form of printer paper is sheet labels.

    Sheet labels are available in a range of sizes, including 8.5″ x 14″, 11″ x 17″, and 12″ x 18″ in addition to the standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper size.

    • Cut in shapes

    Shapes will be carved out of your labels.

    They’re cut to your specifications and have a split backing that makes them simple to peel and stick.

    24.    Can I make my drink labels without a supplier?

    You can make your drink labels.

    To customize your labels, you’ll need a printer and a tool.

    You can develop a design on your own with Photoshop or Illustrator to customize your label design.

    Following are steps on how to make your drink labels on your own.

    • Choose a shape for your drink label.
    • Make use of the numerous available font features.
    • You may upload any image you like.
    • Choose your preferred paper material to use for your drink label.
    • You can use ready-made glue or make your own adhesive glue.
    • Start by printing your label designs and sticking them onto your product.

    You may make your label stand out by including distinct features such as floral designs, vintage designs, and basic designs.

    25.    What is a PVC drink label?

    PVC is an excellent material for printing high-quality, long-lasting stickers.

    Waterproof and resistant to dirt, mildew, oil, salt, chemicals, and UV rays, PVC drink labels provide increased strength and durability.

    PVC or Polyvinyl chloride comes in different thicknesses and can be hard, semi-rigid, or flexible.

    PVC drink labels are only meant to be used indoors.

    Although they are incredibly durable and waterproof, the ink used in the printing process is not weatherproof, so the elements can ruin their surface within a short period.

    Water bottles, soft drinks, juice, and other beverages typically have PVC drink labels. Because it is high-quality and can withstand water splashes, your brand on the label will be protected.

    26.    What are the rolling directions if drink labels are packed on rolls?

    The way your labels are orientated as you unwind your roll of labels is referred to as Roll Direction, also known as Unwind Direction.

    When applying labels by machine, the positioning of your labels is critical. Otherwise, your label will be applied to your product upside down or backward.

    • Internal winding (Inside)
    • Outer winding (Outside)
    • Bottom Edge Leading.
    • Top Edge Leading.
    • Left Edge Leading.
    • Right Edge Leading.

    The orientation of the labels as they come off the roll is referred to as unwind direction (sometimes termed wind direction)

    Label roll direction of bottle labels

    the roll direction for personalized beard oil labels on roll

    The direction in which roll labels are rolled is essential because it can alter how the labels are printed.

    27.    What is the most popular printing art for drink labels?

    Each printing technique has its unique quality and appearance.

    For wine products, beer, etc., UV printing is popular because it produces a high-resolution, picture-perfect image on nearly any surface.

    UV drink labels

    Foil stamping, often known as hot stamping, is a printing method that uses aesthetic elements to represent a brand’s quality.

    Hot stamping drink labels

    Hot stamping is commonly used in all beverage products.

    Add embossed details to your bespoke packaging to make it stand out even more.

    embossed drink labels

    These particular embossed techniques take advantage of metal’s natural qualities to give tactile elements to the package, ranging from basic logos to all-over applications.

    Because of the common color scheme, CMYK can be utilized for a variety of print items.

    CMYK drink labels

    Choose CMYK art if you want your drink labels to be vibrant.

    Pantone Matching System colors are referred to as PMS.

    drink labels

    They enable designers to color match specific hues when their designs are nearing the regardless of the equipment utilized to develop the design, it is at the production stage.

    You should make your beverages extraordinary in every aspect by using printing art for your drink labels.

    28.    What are some colors to apply for drink labels?

    Make your drink labels colorful and appealing.

    A lot of people think about how a thing looks before they buy it.

    You can choose from a selection of eye-catching colors for your labels.

    Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Gold, and Purple. Customers are drawn to these colors, and they are best suited for any kind of drink product.

    29.    How will I get my drink labels from China?

    If your label manufacturer is based in China. Your package will be delivered to you wherever you are.

    Each order will be shipped via sea freight or air transport.

    You can inform your manufacturer about the shipping method you intend.

    30.    Can I get my drink labels on the sheet?

    Yes, you can get your drink labels on a sheet.

    Drink labels on sheets are available from any Chinese manufacturer.


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