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    If you want your custom circle label stickers to transparent, Best4U has transparent materials such as PVC circle label stickers, PE circle label stickers, PET circle label stickers, BOPP circle label stickers, etc. These kinds of materials can make your custom circle label stickers waterproof, oil-resistant, and anti-corrosion. You can get everything at Best4U with the highest quality of custom circle label stickers.

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    Circle Label Stickers – The Definitive FAQ Guide

    A circle label sticker is very common and very important to use in different kinds of industries for marketing and for events.

    The ultimate FAQ guide for circle label stickers is an information source that will give you an idea of what a circle label sticker is, what it’s used for, expenses, printing methods, manufacturer, and so on.

    For more details, read this article about circle label stickers.

    1. What is the purpose of using circle label stickers?

    Circle label stickers will help you distinguish your own brand and will also help customers remember your brand.

    Bottles, jars, oils, baked products, chocolates, and other supermarket products commonly use circle label stickers.

    circle label stickers

    For whatever application, circle label stickers will give important details about the product.

    The use of circle label stickers might improve the organization of your shelf items. This will make your brand appealing to customers’ eyes.

    2. What are circle label stickers?

    Circle label stickers are a type of label that can attach to any kind of surface and can be applied to your things without difficulty.

    It will enable you to communicate your ideas and be more creative in terms of visually appealing your items.

    Circle label stickers can be customized in various dimensions, color schemes, materials used, printing techniques and theme, etc.

    Food labels, packing, events, retailing, weddings, and other uses are beneficial of using circle label stickers.

    It is a quick way and simple method to promote your business using circle label stickers.

    3. Can I customize other shapes of label stickers aside from circle shape?

    Yes, there are many options of shapes that can be chosen aside from round shapes.

    different shapes of labels

    You can be more creative in styling your circle label stickers in any shape.

    Other shapes include:

    • Square
    • Oval
    • Rectangle
    • Heart
    • Diamond
    • Hexagon
    • Triangle, and more to mention.

    Aside from different shapes, it can also be customized in various dimensions depending on the container or packaging of your product.

    4. What are Lip Gloss Dot Circle Label Stickers?

    The lip gloss dot circle label stickers can be applied to the entire lip gloss bottle, as well as the cap and bottom.

    Lip gloss dot circle label stickers

    The sticker on the lip gloss tube’s bottom is much more of product details.

    The most typical circle label stickers are found on the top or bottom of the bottle, and they are highly popular.

    The label’s size is regulated by the length of the lip gloss tube, which may be totally adjusted without any concern of the product advertising misalignment.

    5. What are the applications of circle label stickers?

    Circle label stickers are frequently utilized in a variety of industries since they are a valuable resource for both businesses and individuals.

    Different applications of circle label stickers are as follows:

    • Machinery tools
    • Pharmaceuticals industry
    • Crafts
    • School projects
    • Electronic tools
    • Gadgets
    • Homemade products
    • Food chain industry
    • Restaurants
    • Brewing industry
    • Apparel industry
    • Automobile industry
    • Toys industry
    • Sports industry
    • Beverages and etc.

    Circle label stickers are very useful when it comes to different products and events. It can be also be applied on scrapbooking, party decorations, art designing crafts, and more.

    Can be applied on glass windows, walls, laptops, computers, helmets, cars, and a lot more.

    Circle label stickers are the best way for your labeling solutions to make your brand and crafted items stand out from the rest.

    6. What material can I use if I want my circle label stickers in glossy silver?

    One of the best options for making your label appealing and shiny is to use circle label stickers in glossy silver.

    glossy silver circle label

    If you want your circle label stickers to be glossy silver, you can use PET with an aluminum coating.

    It has a gleaming and smooth surface with a glossy silver aluminized layer.

    Circle label stickers in glossy silver will create luxurious and decorative labels that can be in custom designs, shapes and theme that you prefer for your items.

    It’s ideal for securing your logo because it’s waterproof, tear-resistant, and high-quality and it can be used both outdoors and indoors.

    7. What can I put on circle label stickers?

    There are some details that must be included on your circle label stickers when it comes to product packaging.

    The following should be included on the product’s label:

    • Product identity

    To get your brand recognizable in the market, the identity of your product must be visible on your goods, making it easy for customers to remember your brand.

    • Ingredients

    It’s easy to see the ingredients most especially on food and beverage product labels for consumers to understand how nutritious, or harmful, the product is, and for people who may be allergic to such substances.

    • Usage Instructions

    It is necessary for customers to understand how to use the product correctly.

    Some products can have severe implications if they are used incorrectly, such as cosmetics, medicines, bathing products, etc.

    Using circle label stickers to label products not only gives customers with important information and guidance, but it may also help your brand stand out.

    8. What do you mean by 1 inch Circle Label Stickers?

    1 inch size of circle label stickers is the perfect size label.

    These circle label stickers can be used to price products and thrift shops, as well as to highlight special events in your planner or calendars. They are also ideal for CBD and essential oil products, cosmetics, etc.

    Your logo can be printed on a 1 inch sticker with various styles and themes.

    It can be attached to any surface with proper positioning, just like other sizes of circle label stickers.

    This will provide you with an idea of how to make your products or items appear appealing.

    9. What is the difference between emboss circle label stickers and deboss circle label stickers?

    Embossing and Debossing are both classy when it comes to printing your circle label stickers.

    emboss & deboss printing

    Label embossing is a special printing method that embeds certain designs in your labels, allowing them to shine out from the standard flat label surfaces.

    Embossing is a great feature for a wide range of products, including wine labels, beer labels, cosmetic labels, handicrafts, and more.

    Embossing also can be combined with hot foil stamping to give your personalized labels a more sophisticated look.

    While debossed printing is opposite from embossing, creating a depressed print of your artwork in your chosen material.

    Instead of raising the logo or picture itself, your design is printed directly on the materials so that the surface around the die imprint can be raised and that is called Debossing.

    Embossing and debossing are luxurious techniques that are done through machines.

    It will enrich your marketing by making every logo shine out.

    10. Is there a colorful fragile paper for circle label stickers?

    Colorful fragile papers for circle label stickers are available.

    Colorful fragile paper is used as tamper-evident and anti-counterfeit label to safeguard every product from any kind of tampering.

    It’s a one-of-a-kind destructible self-adhesive sticker paper.

    It can be any color you need, including black, red, yellow, green, white, blue, and other bespoke colors.

    This type of material is resistant to breaking and can be used in temperatures as low as 0 degrees Celsius.

    The colorful fragile paper has 3 layers, the face stock that is smooth and can be writable, the process layer, which uses the finest adhesive to provide high and persistent adhesion, is in the middle layer, and the glassine paper or white coated paper is used on the bottom.

    11. What materials will I choose to make my circle label stickers transparent?

    There are different kinds of materials to make customize circle label stickers and they have various qualities and thicknesses.

    If you want your circle label stickers to be transparent, you can have PET, PVC, synthetic paper, BOPP, PP, and PE materials that are most recommended.

    These materials are flexible kind and can be applied to any product, like jars, glass bottles, plastic bottles, packaging boxes, and so on.

    It can show off your artwork perfectly with any printing techniques you might want to apply to any transparent material.

    These transparent materials for circle label stickers are water-resistant, oil-proof, moisture resistant, tear-resistant, and durable that is long-lasting.

    12. Can I order circle label stickers in China?

    Yes, a lot of suppliers of circle label stickers in China offer cheaper prices and high-quality labels which can help you in advertising your brand, making your items well-organized, and your products will look great with customized designs.

    Chinese manufacturers of circle label stickers are highly versatile for their own credibility and creativity as a manufacturer which they can do customization in any artwork design that you requested to have.

    They also have a great response for every query and provide shipping services worldwide, since we know that China is considered and known manufacturer and supplier for any kind of product.

    13. Does circle label stickers cheap?

    The cost of the circle label stickers may vary on different factors like the order quantity, materials, custom designs, size, and etc.

    The price range of circle label stickers is around $0.01 – $3.

    If it is customized with printing arts applied like UV, hot stamping, etc., it cost around $0.10 – $0.15 per piece.

    On the other hand, the higher the quantity of your order, the lesser the amount you will spend.

    Many suppliers in China offer the lowest prices of circle label stickers and accommodate customization.

    14. How can I personalize circle labels stickers on my own?

    Personalizing your own circle label stickers will define your own requested preferences on how you want your label to look.

    Some features that you will customize are as follows:

    • Label Material
    • Font Style
    • Label Shape
    • Label Color
    • Label Size
    • Artwork Design, etc.

    A well-design circle label stickers will make a good impression on your customers and will increase your marketing visibility in the marketplace.

    Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Spark, Canva, Pixlr, Microsoft Word, and others are just a few examples of applications that may help you personalize your circle label stickers.

    To personalize your labels, you don’t need to engage a professional designer. Free label templates are also available online to assist you in customizing your labels without incurring any costs.

    15. Are circle label stickers safe to use on food products?

    Yes, circle label stickers are safe to use even on the food products packaging.

    The label materials used are eco-friendly and non-toxic and very safe to use.

    Food circle label stickers

    Using product labels especially circle label stickers are essential; since it can boost your branding and will help you entice shoppers to buy your products.

    Labels that fulfill the criteria specified by government regulators and can be attached directly or indirectly to food products and beverages are known as food-grade labels.

    Direct stickers are those that are put directly to the surface of food, such as the skins of apples and other fruits, vegetables, and etc.

    16. How to make my circle label stickers beautiful?

    Beautiful circle label stickers can bring success to your business and it is a great factor to include in your brand advertising.

    There are a lot of ways to make your circle label stickers interesting. You can find a manufacturer who will help you design your labels with no effort on your side.

    If you have the skills to make beautiful labels, you can personalize it according to your needs.

    Apply bright colors on your stickers to capture customers’ interest and allow them to select your goods off the shelf and could be with a matte finish or with a glossy finish to attract buyers.

    Always make sure that your circle label stickers stand out from competitors and that the quality of your products, packaging and sticker labels will earn customers’ trust.

    17. Why should I purchase circle label stickers from manufacturers in China?

    Circle label stickers are a terrific alternative for any business’s needs, and they’re flexible enough to be used on a variety of occasions.

    Chinese suppliers are innovative and skilled at customizing high-quality circle label stickers.

    Some Chinese manufacturers may provide you with a free sample of circle label stickers so you can assess their work quality.

    We all know that China has great inventions of machinery with high-end quality to ensure that they are giving the best quality of circle label stickers.

    China is a huge country with the ability to ship orders all over the world.

    They will make you satisfied with every circle label stickers that you will purchase from your Chinese supplier at a cheaper cost that they will offer.

    18. Is it okay to use circle label stickers on homemade products?

    Circle label stickers can be used on different products especially on homemade products.

    You can apply circle label stickers on your cookies, cupcakes, soap, beauty products, fragrances, and so on.

    The circle label stickers’ design can be customized, and it all depends on your product.

    Look for a manufacturer who can produce high-quality circle label stickers with a trendy and appealing look or you can also design your own labels that would fit your homemade products.

    Circle label stickers are simple to put on a variety of products and are highly recommended for increasing profits, particularly if you are just starting out in business.

    This could help your homemade products to be known and easy to expand your business in the market.

    19. Are circle label stickers applicable on crafts, decorations, scrapbooking, etc.?

    Yes, of course!

    Circle label stickers are widely used also on crafts, decorations, scrapbooking, school projects, greeting cards, and more.

    This is useful for scrapbooking who are creating journals based on particular events or themes. There are many different themes for circle label stickers, such as floral, wedding, Disney animation, and so on.

    It could stick on walls, windows, guitars, laptops, gadgets, journals, etc.

    Circle label stickers could be die cut to achieve the shape of the sticker that you desire. It will be cut out with the exact shape of your circle label stickers.

    You can immediately inform your manufacturer about the precise application of your custom circle label stickers so that the appropriate adhesive is applied to your sticker.

    20. What are the printing methods for circle label stickers?

    To make your labels unique and appealing, you may personalize the circle label stickers with a variety of printing methods.

    Printing methods for circle label stickers include Emboss/Deboss printing, UV printing, Foil Stamping, CMYK/PMS printing.

    Each printing method has a different process and different techniques on how to do it on your circle label stickers.

    Foil Stamping:

    Heat, pressure, metal dies, and foil film are all used in the foil stamping process. Food, pharmaceutical, cigarettes, and luxury items packaging, and also labels for wine, perfumes, cosmetics, and etc. can be applied with foil stamping printing. With a stunning look, hot foil stamping is widely employed in a variety of applications.

    Ultraviolet (UV) Printing:

    UV printing

    UV printing replaces liquid ink with a dual-state solution that remains liquid until exposed to Ultraviolet light. UV coatings prevent circle label stickers against damage, ensuring that color quality is maintained over extended periods of time and exposures. It’s also a very cost-effective option and a great way to help grow your business.

    Deboss Printing:

    Debossing is one of the most common types of printing methods that add a luxury appearance without spending too much. Debossing is the absolute opposite of embossing in that it creates an indent in the material. Logos, text, graphics, and more can all be used that are created with a depressed appearance.

    21. Can I make my Kraft circle label stickers in white?

    Yes, Kraft circle label stickers could be in black, brown, and white.

    Kraft paper stickers have a natural, homemade quality, providing a sense of genuineness.

    If you want your circle label stickers to be colored, white Kraft paper is advised.

    Kraft paper is affordable and has a rustic and vintage look that could make your goods unique.

    However, white Kraft paper is a kind of material that cannot be covered with any film and isn’t waterproof but it has a strong quality that complements any of your products.

    22. What do you mean by tear-proof circle label stickers?

    A tear-proof circle label sticker cannot be torn easily.

    There are types of materials to make your circle label stickers tear-proof.

    Transparent materials are usually tear-resistant and are suitable for beverages, alcoholic beverages, water bottles, beauty items, and so on.

    Transparent materials include:

    • BOPP
    • PP
    • PET
    • Synthetic Paper
    • PVC
    • PE

    You can choose any of these transparent materials to make your circle label sticker tear-proof and high-quality.

    23. What are custom circle label stickers?

    Custom circle labels stickers enable you to customize every detail of the label.

    Customization includes the custom shape, size, artwork, colors, materials, theme, and printing arts.

    Any kind of tool or downloaded template design can be used to modify your circle label stickers.

    Decide what you want in a creative way to make your label stickers distinctive using your creativeness.

    If you have your label manufacturer, they will help you to do the custom of your circle label stickers.

    24. How to protect my circle label stickers on water bottles from splash?

    Waterproofing is the best way to protect your circle label stickers on water bottles.

    Simply apply a transparent laminating film over the top of the label once it has been printed and applied in the right place to form your labels waterproof.

    A personalized waterproof label could be quite useful for products that are going to be put in the refrigerator or exposed to humidity.

    Water-resistant circle label stickers are made with transparent materials, like BOPP, PVC, PET, and so on.

    The primary advantage of using a waterproof label is that it keeps its physical form when submerged in water.


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