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    Personalize and Highlight Your Logo
    Present Your Product with Stickers

    Custom Wine Bottle Label Stickers

    A luxurious designs of wine bottle label sticker can your brand enticing

    Printing Rustic Wedding Label Stickers

    We make your customized stickers stand out

    Custom Logo Printed Coffee Sticker Label

    It can be personalized according to your needs so your coffee brand will be unique

    Customized Bakery Food Label Stickers

    This will surely make your food stickers look amazing with Best4U assistance on great designs

    Hand Soap Self Adhesive Label Stickers 2

    Best4U has its own expert designers that will give your brand a professional look

    Custom Printed Candle Label Sticker

    Can be customized with our special printing arts like UV printing, cold foil, hot stamping, etc.

    Lip Gloss Labels

    Best4U made it waterproof, oil-proof, and tearproof so it can last longer

    Engine Oil Label Sticker

    Customize your labels with different shapes and sizes, we meet all your requests

    Glossy Custom Brand Fruit Sticker Labels

    It can be used on any containers, like bottles, jars, cups, plastic containers, etc.

    Custom Printed Hologram Stickers Sheet

    Holographic laminations have a rainbow effect and are very eye-catching to the crowd

    Printing Tamper Proof Warranty Stickers

    Can protect your product from any tampering or thief, we secure your brand in the market

    Brown Kraft Paper Bakery Sticker

    Looks vintage and rustic that can be applied to any type of product and industry you are in

    Custom Waterproof Vinyl Label Stickers

    High-quality & waterproof custom vinyl label stickers for your brand is popular

    Fancy Textured Paper Label Stickers

    Work simply and perfectly with Best4U, we assist your artwork designs

    Custom Luxury Bopp Label Stickers

    Bopp is wonderful choice if you need label stickers for bottle

    How Best4U Makes Your Custom Stickers in Quality Printing

    With advanced printing equipment to print custom stickers to quality standards. Best4U can do different printing techniques, such as UV printing, hot stamping, cold foil, embossing, and more…

    We offer various laminations for your custom sticker like glossy, matte, and holographic designs to make your custom stickers sophisticated.

    Best4U has expertise in giving your more options in selecting the right finishes, laminations, and materials for your custom stickers.

    High technology machine for bottle stickers

    Your Custom Stickers Are Made Perfectly

    Hologram Material QC Checking
    Material Checking
    Best4U only uses high quality materials for your custom stickers
    Smooth process
    Template Checking
    Checking of templates with our professional designers
    Advanced quality machines
    Custom Stickers Printing
    Advanced printing machine that produces high-quality layout
    Delivery Checking
    Custom Stickers Printing Checking
    Strict printing checking on custom stickers, be your eyes on our side
    Label Cutting
    Custom Stickers Cutting
    Superb cutting machine will cut your custom stickers in the precise way
    Packing method
    Individual Packing Method
    Custom stickers will be on rolls or sheets or cut individually
    Labels Delivery Checking
    100% Checking Before Delivery
    Before delivery, custom stickers are checked carefully, ensure every detail is perfect
    Shipment Cartons
    Delivery Method
    Strong protective boxes are used, protect your custom stickers on the way

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    Best4U Has Everything You Need for Your Branding

    Best4U is a leading custom stickers manufacturer in China since 2009. With its professional designers, advanced printing machines, and experienced engineers, your custom stickers will have an excellent quality that will increase your brand value and get your product to the next level and offers the lowest sticker printing cost.

    As a trusted custom sticker manufacturer by 1000+ global brands, Best4U has imported advanced machines that would give your personalized stickers premium quality. Using high-quality printing arts and materials with the lowest prices that would meet your demands with different shapes and materials would definitely boost your business.

    Label your products with Best4U’s custom label stickers that are fast and easy to utilize for labeling products. Custom sticker labels are commonly used for packaging, bottles, boxes, food packaging, and a lot more. You can get premium-quality designs with our 3 professional designers that will be of service to you with your ideal artwork for your custom stickers. You just have to send us your ideal designs and requirement for great quality custom sticker printing.

    Give your products the Best4U custom sticker labels. Choose from our high-quality materials: Coated custom stickers, Kraft paper custom stickers, Synthetic Paper custom stickers, Textured Paper custom stickers, PVC custom stickers, PE custom stickers, PET custom stickers BOPP custom stickers, etc. Choosing waterproof personalised sticker labels Synthetic Paper, PVC, PE, PET, BOPP are your materials.

    Best4U custom label sticker is waterproof and oil proof materials may be used for your cosmetic products, detergent household products, body care products, food, and many more. Kraft paper personalized stickers are not waterproof and are commonly used in bakery shops, handmade or homemade products. As a result, you have a lot of options in selecting the ideal custom stickers to make your items more appealing and high-quality.

    Depending on the needs of your goods, you may have your Best4U custom stickers in different features or shapes. Custom stickers are available in sheets or rolls. If you manually paste it on your products you can have both two packaging methods. It could be in square custom roll labels, oval roll custom stickers, square roll custom stickers, circle sheet custom stickers, square sheet custom stickers, oval custom stickers, rectangle sheet custom stickers, etc.

    Best4U is a known sticker printing company that has been in the market for over ten years with a fast production line. We can produce over 30,000 pieces of custom stickers in bulk within five hours and also small batch stickers. Having the advanced machines and custom label sticker manufacturing capacity, we can give you your bulk order even during a busy season in ordering custom stickers, Best4U can give you the number of pre printed labels that you need even small batch custom stickers.

    We also support and accommodate order custom stickers in both large and small volumes. With a modest minimum order of 1,000 pieces, you may get premium quality items that will give your custom stickers the look you want for a very low price. Customers will desire to buy more of your products if you have the high-quality print out stickers that Best4U has.

    Best4U has a sticker printing factory that strictly observes 100% strict quality control. Your products undergo four-time quality checking before delivering them to you. We make certain that all products sent to you are of the highest quality, have quick sticker printing, and are in perfect working order. With that, the Best4U custom sticker supplier accepts full responsibility for any quality issues and offers a money-back guarantee. Best4U, on the other hand, offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with fast printing stickers.

    Before placing large order with Best4U, you can get a free custom label sticker sample to examine the material quality and the output of the product. We also give you the product videos and pictures in each order or product. Best4U also has great customer service that is available anytime to answer all your queries and orders and it is the best place to get stickers made.

    To accommodate all your needs, Best4U your custom sticker manufacturer can provide you with any kind of labels for printing that are screen printing stickers, we have Clear custom stickers, Synthetic paper custom stickers, Holographic custom stickers, Brush Gold custom stickers, Silver custom stickers, digital sticker printing, Foiled custom stickers, Spot UV custom stickers.

    Best4U has fast shipping services with 24 hours available customer service with instant sticker printing. Best4U ensures products delivered to you are of the best quality of label and sticker printing. Best4U sticker printing manufacturers are placed inside a strong protective box to protect and avoid any damages or any complications during the shipping process. We also export cheap personalized stickers worldwide and are trusted by more than 1000 global brands.

    We also offer many types of packaging, stickers, and labels like gift stickers, honey label, soap label, clear label, packaging label, etc.

    Best4U is the finest partner for creating custom stickers online, and we have everything in buying custom stickers you need to get people to purchase your items, particularly those who are looking for high-quality, professional products that will meet your customers’ expectations. Best4U will assist you in bringing your brand to the next level and we support wholesale custom stickers that will meet your needs.

    We print personalised stickers in low MOQ with 1000 custom stickers to start. Best4U provides eco friendly custom stickers so that they will be safe to use for any kind of product.

    Best4U is a one of a kind sticker printing supplier in China that also caters small batch sticker printing for personal purposes. Whenever you need us, don’t hesitate to contact Best4U your sticker printing manufacturer. Get custom stickers made by Best4U

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    Custom Stickers | The Ultimate FAQ Guide 

    A well-designed and appealing label contributes to your product’s polished and professional appearance.

    It displays the thought that goes into working on the extra details on the product package, giving your company a good first impression.

    A product’s label informs customers about the ingredients in the meal they’re eating or the product they’re using.

    This informs the customer about the product’s healthiness or unhealthiness. It’s also critical to display the ingredients for those who could be allergic to them.

    1. What is a custom sticker?

    Custom stickers are a piece of paper, plastic, film, or any other material that is attached to a bottle, packaging, or product.

    Custom Label Sticker

    Written on the said custom stickers are important information, the logo of the business or product.

    A custom label sticker is a label that you can customize and add your layout that suits your product or brand.

    2. Why are custom stickers important?

    Adding custom stickers on your product helps you with giving an important detail of your business as well as your products to customers.

    Printing your information and contacts in your sticker label would make a customer reorder again or have a quick reference for referrals.

    Custom Label Sticker

    Giving your product custom stickers plays a vital role in marketing your products.

    It would help in grabbing the attention of your customers, especially having a unique design of custom label sticker combined with a great packaging

    Personalised sticker labels are also used to exaggerate a product. It is also used to identify the product and also the business.

    This type of labeling stickers helps the customers in comparing products from other products found on the shelve of the market.

    3. Where can we use custom stickers?

    Label stickers play an important role in your product.

    Custom Label Sticker

    These could be used in many ways such as

    • Advertising
    • Identification
    • Information
    • Warning
    • Instructions for use
    • Environmental advice

    You can customize your custom sticker labels and put anything that is useful for your products. You may even use it to put your product logo or business names.

    4. What are the available sizes for custom stickers?

    First, you need to consider the size of your product when you choose a personalized stickers size. Measure the size of your product or item.

    It should be a size that is easy to read by your customers and easy to recognize.

    Below is a guide only for some of the products

    The sizes listed below are merely for reference.

    Custom Stickers

    Sr. No.

    Product Label

    Size (inches)



    3.5 x 4


    Water Bottle Label (16oz)

    8 x 2



    4 x 3


    Water Bottle Label (8 oz)

    8.25 x 1.75

    You have to ensure that the label sticker fits your product. The size of your label sticker should be accurate so it will not easily fall off your product.

    2. On what tools can I design custom stickers?

    There are a variety of tools both online and offline that you may choose in making custom stickers for your products

    The following are one of the best software tools and programs for creating classy designs for your custom label sticker.

    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • InDesign
    • Adobe Spark Label Maker
    • Avery Design and Print
    • Adobe Illustrator

    They all offer page layout features, photo editing, and also vector creation.

    6. Is Kraft paper custom stickers expensive?

    When compared to other custom stickers materials like clear, vinyl, and so on. In general, kraft paper is less expensive and of greater quality.

    Custom Label Stickers

    The price of your Kraft paper custom stickers, on the other hand, is determined by the size, shape, and number. When it comes to cost, every component matters.

    According to certain producers, kraft paper sticker costs in China ranges from $0.01 to $5. Given that many manufacturers in China offer a very affordable price on Kraft paper Stickers.

    Choose a supplier that sells Kraft paper stickers at an affordable price.

    7. What are the types of custom stickers?

    There are few types of custom label stickers such as

    • Grade Label

    This is the type of label showing the grade of your product. It could be shown in letters, figures, or words.

    For example, other companies use on their products words like best, better, good, etc.

    • Brand Label

    A brand label is simply the brand name of your product. It expresses the type of product that you have.

    • Informative Label

    This type of label provides information about your product. There is security and method of the product, manufactured date, producer name, expiry date, etc.

    These are some of the information that are mentioned in an informative label. The informative label provides maximum data about your products manufacturer, its usage, and others.

    8. What does a spot UV custom stickers mean?

    Spot UV is used to bring attention to specific portions of a design, such as a logo, and to make the design or logo stand out.

    Spot UV is a printing technique that involves applying a tiny layer of UV shine to particular sections of card or paper and binding it with heat. After that, it dried up using a special UV light.

    Custom Label Stickers

    Some of the reasons why people love to use Spot UV on their labels:

    • It looks amazing
    • Standout from the others
    • It draws attention to exactly where you want it
    • It gets creative

    This is one of the printing techniques that you might consider using for your custom label sticker if you want a classy look and make your logo stand out from the rest of the print.

    9. Is there any manufacturer that supplies custom stickers?


    There are a variety of suppliers of custom sticker labels that you can choose from especially manufacturers that are in China.

    There are available suppliers to order custom stickers online.

    In choosing the right supplier for your custom stickers, you must consider the supplier’s legitimacy.

    It is very important that your supplier is trustworthy especially when your transaction is based online.

    Your chosen supplier should also have its experience and be already trusted by many brands worldwide. It should be seen on the manufacturer’s website.

    10. Why should I import custom stickers from China?

    There are numerous reasons why you should order your custom stickers in China.

    The manufacturers in China are reliable and are the best manufacturers especially in meeting the requirements that you need for your custom stickers.

    Whatever that you need for your products, Chinese manufacturers have it giving you the best designs and quality for your custom label stickers

    These companies offer low costs without sacrificing quality or service, in addition to providing high-quality printing services.

    Look no farther than Chinese manufacturers for all your labeling needs if you need help developing a unique custom label sticker that employs revolutionary technologies, such as 3D printing.

    11. How much would a custom stickers cost in China?

    Normally, the cost of custom stickers in China ranges from $0.1 to $1 per label.

    But prices of custom stickers vary on several factors as follows:

    • Customization
    • Packaging Method
    • Printing Method
    • Materials
    • Quantity of labels

    Packaging Method

    You might want to consider ordering rolls as your packaging method for your custom label sticker. Because custom stickers in rolls are less expensive than sheets.

    Custom Label Stickers

    However, the price of the roll label will depend on the size of your label stickers and their design, this would greatly affect the price of your label sticker.

    12. How do custom stickers manufacture?

    Your custom label sticker will be manufactured by your supplier. They follow a standard procedure in making a beautiful custom label sticker.

    • Adhesive checking
    • Material checking
    • Template checking
    • Manufacturing process
    • Quality checking
    • Packing
    • Delivery process

    They have a very strict standard procedure that they follow to ensure the quality of each custom label sticker.

    All of the custom label stickers will pass through quality checking before packing all orders and delivering them to you.

    Your supplier will make sure that your custom label sticker is in high-quality output and delivered on time of the agreed schedule.

    Once all steps are completed, your custom label sticker will be delivered to your doorstep right away.

    13. Can I make custom stickers at home?

    Yes, you definitely can!

    You can make your own custom label stickers at your very own home. You will be needing a computer, a printer, and tools in customizing your label stickers.

    You can use any of the tools mentioned in question number 5. Those are great tools for making your own custom label sticker.

    You may follow the following steps in making your own custom stickers.

    • Choose a tool that makes you comfortable in making your labels
    • Choose a shape that suits your product
    • Explore all the features of the tool like fonts, colors, etc. that is available on your tool
    • You may find some label sticker templates available in the tool
    • Upload an image that you need for your label sticker
    • Create the design that you want.
    • Choose the material that best suits your product.
    • Print your custom stickers

    Custom Label Stickers

    Make your custom label stickers stand out by exploring and creating a beautiful design with vibrant colors that are suitable for your product.

    14. Are custom stickers waterproof?


    There are some materials for custom sticker labels that are water-resistant

    BOPP, PVC, PET, and PE are water-proof materials that you can use for your custom sticker labels.

    Custom Label Stickers

    Water-resistant label stickers can give your product a permanent adhesive.

    15. Can I customize my custom stickers?

    Yes, of course!

    You can customize your custom stickers. Manufacturers in China offer customization for your labels.

    Many of the suppliers already have a pre-design layout that suits your custom label sticker.

    Custom Label Stickers

    But if you already have your own layout, you may communicate with your supplier about the requirements that you want to put into your label sticker.

    You can also ask for assistance from your supplier. They have designers that can help you in creating a wonderful design for your custom label sticker.

    Choose the right colors, material, and printing arts that would make your custom label sticker stand out from other brands.

    16. What is a clear custom stickers?

    A clear custom label sticker has a unique and simple label sticker with a transparent surface film.

    A clear custom label sticker looks beautiful and is a terrific alternative to transfer decals for complicated graphics that can’t be cut.

    Custom Label Stickers

    A clear custom label sticker, when placed on the proper surface, manages to look completely at home while still attracting the attention of everyone who sees it!

    This also gives clearer product information and details on the label. Clear labels provide a greater variety of information, with a focus on the product’s ingredients, and manufacturing process.

    Having a clear or transparent material, you can partner it with printing arts such as silver foil stamping, gold foil stamping, Spot UV, CMYK, etc.

    17. How do I put custom stickers in a bottle?

    The following are the basic steps in applying your custom stickers manually.

    • Place the bottle on a surface that will steadily hold it.
    • Remove the label sticker from its packaging
    • Make sure to clean the area of the bottle where you are going to apply your label
    • Make sure to hold the label firmly on both ends
    • Align the label sticker on the area of your bottle to where you want to apply your label
    • Press it from the center down to each side of the label.

    Custom Label Stickers

    You have to make sure before applying the label sticker to your bottle that it is free from any dirt or residue.

    You can now apply all the labels to your bottles.

    18. Can I remove the custom stickers on a bottle?

    Yes, you can!

    There is a number of ways on how to remove your custom stickers from a bottle.

    Here are some steps to guide you in removing the label

    Custom Label Stickers

    • Fill a bucket with hot water
      • The water should be enough to submerge your bottle or jar. The hotter the water the easier it is to remove the label
    • Add a few drops of soap or a dish soap
      • You can also use hand soap. This will help lose the label.
    • Few cups of vinegar should be added
      • White vinegar is acidic and this will somehow help dissolve the glue holding the label. It is easier to remove the label.
    • Now, place the bottle inside the bucket with hot water, vinegar, and soap.
      • Make sure to fill the bottle with water and sink it to the bottom
    • Let the bottle sink for several minutes
      • The longer the bottle is in the bucket the easier the label to remove. 30 minutes would be enough to easily remove the label. But you can also check it every 5 -10 minutes.
    • Take out the jar and you can now peel off the label. And dry it with a clean towel.

    19. Can I rush the order of custom stickers?

    Yes, you can rush your order of custom stickers in bulk.

    You can inform your supplier that you will be needing your custom stickers as soon as possible.

    Many suppliers accept rush orders depending on your needs. Your supplier will surely accommodate your request.

    20. What are the materials used for making a custom stickers?

    Most of the labels are made of plastic and paper. They are in different sizes and shapes depending on the needs of your product.

    There are various materials to choose from in making a personalised sticker labels.

    • Synthetic paper
    • Textured paper
    • PVC
    • Kraft paper
    • PET
    • PE
    • Coated paper
    • BOPP

    Some of the labels are not resistant to water, but there are materials that you can choose to make your labels water-proof.

    Kraft Paper

    Kraft paper is substantially more durable than regular paper.

    It’s created from the fibers of pulping wood goods, and it’s noted for being both affordable and long-lasting.

    Labels in these materials are not water-proof.


    PVC is a great choice of material with high quality printing and lasts long.

    It is hard, semi-rigid, flexible, and it also comes in different thicknesses.

    PVC is resistant to water, oil, dirt, and UV rays. It is durable and provides increased strength to your label stickers.

    21. What is the printing technique used in making custom stickers?

    There are various ways to make your custom stickers more lovely with different kinds of printing techniques.

    Printing techniques such as:

    • PMS
      • PMS stands for Pantone Matching System colors. This is usually used in creating spot colors accurately.
    • CMYK
      • CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key. These are the colors that are used in the printing process of CMYK
    • UV Printing
      • UV printing is a digital printing technique that uses ultraviolet (UV) radiation to dry or cure the ink.
      • UV printing is known as durable and flexible.
    • Hot stamping
      • Hot stamping is a lithographic printing technique that involves transferring metal foils or pre-dried inks onto a surface using heated image molds or stamping dies.

    The process works as a hot stamping machine warms an engraved mold or die before pressing marking foil onto the surface.

    22. What is the packaging method for my custom stickers?

    There is three option that you can choose in packaging your personalized stickers.

    • On sheet
    • Cut in shape
    • On roll

    Rolls are less expensive than of sheets but it still varies on the size of your label, colors, etc.

    Roll labels are best for die-cut label stickers. It is also the best option when ordering a large number of label stickers and has a wide option for sizes and shapes.

    Inform your supplier on what packaging method you would like your label sticker to be. They will gladly follow your request.

    23. What is a foiled personalized stickers?

    A foiled label has a stunning look for your label. It gives an elegant look that would attract customers in looking at your product.

    Custom Label Stickers

    A foiled label sticker is created by heating ink and pressing it onto the label material to create a thin foil layer.

    It is one of the best choices in making your label sticker look beautiful and stunning.

    24. Is there a removeable adhesive custom stickers?


    There are specialized adhesives that hold the label to the surface material while allowing it to be removed without leaving a sticky residue, harming the surface, or breaking the label.

    These labels are ideal for situations like if you want to remove the custom stickers without damage and also the surface of application.

    Removable adhesive labels have a weak tack than permanent adhesive labels that allows them to peel off easily.

    25. What is a permanent custom stickers?

    Permanent labels are those that must remain on the container of a product for an extended period of time.

    There is some information on the labels that need to be intact and remain on the product permanently.

    Here are easy and simple steps in applying your label sticker on a bottle.

    • Clean the bottle
      • Make sure to clean the bottle or product that you want to apply your label sticker. It should be free of any dirt.
    • Remove your label sticker from the packaging
      • Carefully remove the label from the sheet or roll and be ready to apply it to your product.
    • Position the bottle
      • Position your bottle facing the area on where you want to apply your label sticker

    When applying your label sticker on a bottle or product, make sure to start pressing from the middle and to each end of the label. Ensure that no bubbles are formed on the label.

    26. What should be included on custom stickers?

    The following are some of the important components that you need to include in your label

    • Brand Name
      • This is one of the most important components that you need to put in your \product label.

    This is how your product would be referred to, recommended, and asked about.

    Ensure that your brand name and logo are readable and most especially memorable.

    • Nutritional Information (If you are selling food)
      • This is a requirement from FDA. You will need to include the nutritional information especially when you are selling foods, it is a basic requirement these days.
    • Business Name, Address, State, Zip code
      • This is for the information of your consumers and you are traceable, there should be your company’s name on the label.
    • Packaging Size
      • The size of your package should also be included in your label such as 1 liter, 100 ml or 10 ml depending on the size of your product.

    Make a label that has information about you and your product. In this way you will gain the trust of the consumers.

    27. What material should I choose for food custom stickers which need put in the fridge?

    There are several materials that you can choose for food custom label stickers that are water-resistant and that can be put inside a fridge.

    Because they are water-resistant, these are the materials that you need – BOPP, PVC, PE, PET – are perfect for fridges.

    Custom Label Stickers

    They’re also resistant to common cleaning solvents and low temperatures, making them ideal for preserves, beverage bottles, and other products that needs to be in a fridge.



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