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Luxury Tote Paper Bags With Ribbon Handles
Custom logo paper bag could be foil stamping, Spot UV or embossed
Kraft Paper Printed Sealable Paper Coffee Bags
Sealable paper coffee bags are very helpful for coffee beans
Custom Medium Flat Bottom Carrier SOS Bag
SOS bags is elegant and could make your brand more famous
Custom Heavy Duty Wine Bottle Paper Bag
Wine bottle paper bags could be with die cut window
Custom A3 White Large Paper Shopping Bags
Best4U makes large or small paper shopping bags
Personalised Mini Gift Wrap Small Paper Bags
You can make your gift wrap paper bags more attractive
Black Yellow Purple A5 Colored Paper Bags
Colored paper bags could be matte or glossy surface
Custom A4 Brown Paper Bag Without Handle
Brown paper bags could be in food grade material
Paper Merchandise Shopping Bags With Logo
Paper shopping bags could be with twisted handle or ribbon
Best4U offers eco friendly paper material for paper bags
Printing Aesthetic Floral Thank You Paper Bags
Paper bags could be in any color printing and sizes
Wedding Bridesmaid Decorative Paper Gift Bag
Unique wedding paper gift bags help decorate your wedding
Washable Kraft Paper Thick Reusable Paper Bags
Washable kraft paper bags is durable and reusable
Custom Logo Laminated Jewelry Paper Bags
Jewelry paper bags make your products more valuable
Square Twisted Handle Gusset Paper Bag
Square gusset paper bags is also a good choice for goodie
Custom Merchandise Shirt Clothes Paper Bag
Clothes paper bag with foiled logo will make your brand luxury
Halloween Favor Gift Goodie Paper Gift Bags
Customize your gift paper bags and Best4U will make it happen
Custom Unique Newspaper Print Paper Bag
Newspaper print paper bag is a nice choice for grocery

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    Paper Bag – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Paper Bag is the ultimate FAQ guide to all the questions you might have in your mind on hearing this word.

    This guide contains information on the raw materials of the paper bag, manufacturing process, trending and available styles, different sizes, calculation of size for paper bags, printing techniques employed in the printing process, uses of paper bags, the accessories that you can add onto your paper bags, recycling and reuse, and their importance for businesses and brands.

    You can keep reading this guide if you also want to know the information related to Chinese paper bag manufacturers.

    1.    What materials are used in manufacturing paper bags?

    As the name says, paper is the main raw material used in the manufacturing of paper bags.

    The paper for paper bags can be made from two sources wood and paper pulp.

    Depending upon usage, the paper used in making paper bags can be either made of virgin paper or recycled paper.

    Materials for Paper bags

    Virgin paper is used if the paper bags are to be used to carry food items.

    You can also use recycled paper if you want to use paper bags for regular non-food items.

    The types of paper and other materials included in the manufacturing process of paper bags are

    • Kraft paper
    • Offset paper
    • Coated paper
    • Color paper
    • White cardboard
    • Newsprint paper
    • Eco-friendly or recycled paper
    • Cotton or plastic hand-holders
    • Clips
    • Glues
    • Buttonhole fasteners
    • Zip fasteners

    2.    How is a paper bag manufactured?

    The manufacturing process of paper bags is very convenient.

    Paper pulp is a mostly used ingredient in the manufacturing of paper bags.

    To kick start the process, the paper sheets or paper rolls are made from paper pulp.

    The paper is then subjected to printing if you want your logo or message printed on it.

    The paper is then cut into the shape of paper bags by using a die-cutting process.

    You can cut the paper into shape if you are making it at home.

    Before the cutting step, make sure to measure the size of the bag you want and then cut it.

    manufacturing of paper bags

    The size must be twice the size of the finished paper bag.

    After cutting the paper into shapes, you need to fold it over and attach the open sides on the parallel.

    For attaching sides, you can use glue or use other methods like heating and pressing the parallel sides together.

    After that, you can attach handles of rope on the upper side of paper bags to make them easy to carry.

    3.    What are the available types of paper bags?

    There is a wide range of paper bags that are used for different purposes.

    There is a bag for every occasion with the following types:

    • SOS paper bag

    These paper bags can stand on their own.

    SOS Paper Bags

    The SOS paper bags are used for carrying food such as lunch for the office and children.

    • Bakery paper bags

    These paper bags are perfectly designed, glazed, and finished for use in the bakery, as the name shows.

    Bakery Paper Bags

    These are special paper bags used to store bakery items while not compromising the taste and freshness of bakery items.

    • Recycled paper bags

    Recycled paper bags are widely used by e-commerce businesses to maintain and protect the earth’s environment.

    Recycled Paper Bags

    These bags are made with recycled materials.

    • Mailing paper bags

    Mailing paper bags are envelope-style bags used to pack documents and even small items.

    Mailing Paper Bags

    There is an extra layer of protection in mailing paper bags that makes them ideal for shipping items.

    • Party paper bags

    Party Paper Bags

    The party paper bags are used for packing gifts for different occasions like anniversary parties, birthday parties, celebration parties, etc.

    • Pinch – Bottom paper bags

    It is a type of paper bag that stays open because of the pinch bottom.

    Pinch-bottom paper bag

    These are also used to pack baked goods.

    • Euro tote paper bags

    High–end businesses use euro tote paper bags and brands as merchandise bags.

    Euro Tote paper bags

    These bags are embellished with ribbon handles and logos to mark an impression on customers.

    • Merchandise paper bags

    These bags are used by businesses to pack products.

    Merchandise Paper bags

    Merchandise paper bags play a great role in developing your brand image.

    • Vogue paper bags

    Vogue Paper Bags

    These are elegant bags with cards tucked inside to upgrade the gift packing game.

    4.    Can I use my artwork for printing the paper bag?


    You can always use your desired artwork for the printing of your paper bag.

    You can either print your paper bag at home or custom order them from manufacturers.

    You can also select your desired printing technology to be employed.

    Different printing techniques will give a different surface finish to your artwork on paper bags.

    5.    What are the available sizes of paper bags?

    Paper bags are available in various sizes and shapes.

    Sizes of Paper Bags

    Depending upon the length, breadth, and height, paper bag sizes can be categorized as follows:

    Sr no.

    Paper bag sizes

    (L x B x H)

    Sr no.

    Paper bag sizes

    (L x B x H)


    (14” x 5.25” x 10.5”) (18” x 4” x 14”) 6

    (10” x 4” x 13”) (12” x 4” x 16”)


    (14” x 3.5” x 18”) (12” x 4” x 16”) 7

    (10” x 4” x 13”) (14.5” x 4” x 12.5”)


    (13” x 4” x 17”) (16” x 5” x 13”) 8

    (7” x 5” x 9”) (9” x 4.5” x 9”)


    (14.5” x 4” x 12.5”) (17” x 5” x 13”) 9

    (10” x 4” x 13”) (12” x 5” x 16”)


    (7.5” x 3.5” x 8.5”) (8” x 4” x 10”) 10

    () ()

    Different businesses use different sizes of paper bags for the packaging of their products.

    You can also make or order a custom-sized paper bag from paper bag suppliers.

    6.    What are the uses of a paper bag?

    You can use the paper bags for various purposes as follow:

    • For Shopping
    • For packaging
    • For placing in trash cans
    • For cleaning purposes (to clean windows, etc.)
    • For kitchen purposes (serving snacks, popping popcorn, ripening fruit, etc.)
    • For covering books
    • For decorating home
    • For stationary holding purpose
    • For storing different items

    Uses of Paper Bags

    7.    In what business field could paper bags be used?

    Many business fields use paper bags for their businesses and save the environment from the harmful effect of other types of synthetic bags.

    There are the following business fields that use paper bags in their business regimen:

    • Retail business
    • Food business
    • Beverage business
    • Pharmaceutical business
    • Chemical business
    • Construction business
    • Household business

    8.    What do you mean by a paper bag with a window?

    A Paper bag with a window is a bag that has a window on its front side.

    The paper bag is made of paper, but the window is made of transparent plastic.

    The paper bags with windows are the perfect choice if you want to enrich the impression of the packaging of your products.

    Paper bag with window

    Paper bags with windows give a subtle look.

    The customers can peep inside the bag through the window.

    This helps them to buy your products instantly.

    Thus, paper bags with windows enhance the promotion and growth of your business.

    9.    What accessories could be made on the paper bag?

    The look of paper bags can be enriched if you use accessories on your paper bag.

    You can use handle ropes made of different materials, such as ropes made from natural fibers or synthetic materials.

    Accessories for Paper Bags

    You can also use ribbons instead of using handle ropes to carry your paper bag.

    Zippers are the alternative to handle ropes on paper bags.

    You can paste stickers on the paper bag if you are making it at home.

    For gifting purposes, you can also make a ribbon bow and attach it to the surface of a paper bag.

    10.    Are paper bags friendly for the planet?

    Yes, paper bags are friendly to the planet.

    Paper bags are made from wood that is a natural material.

    So, when you dispose of the paper bag, it decomposes quickly as compared to other bags.

    The ability to use them more than once also makes them suitable for the environment.

    Also, paper bags do not emit harmful gases when they decompose and thus helps in saving the planet from pollution.

    11.    Are paper bags better than plastic bags?

    Of course.

    Paper bags are far better than plastic bags.

    Paper Bags vs. plastic bags

    Plastic bags are difficult to dispose off and take decades the decompose.

    Plastic bags are not recyclable, but paper bags are.

    Plastic bags cause a threat to land and sea life, but paper bags are environmentally friendly.

    Moreover, plastic bags can be used only once, but you can reuse paper bags in various ways.

    12.    How can I use old paper bags?

    You can use old paper bags in a variety of ways.

    You can use old paper bags just like any other paper to do a craft project.

    You can bring old paper bags with you when you go to do the grocery.

    You can chop the old paper bags into small pieces and use them as compost.

    Everybody wants to protect their favorite books, so you can too, just by cutting the old paper bags and pasting them onto the covers of your books.

    You can also reuse them by making something artistic like masks for occasions such as Halloween.

    13.    Can I use a paper bag for gifts?


    You can use a paper bag for gifting to your loved ones.

    If you want to pack your gift in a paper bag, you can enhance the look of paper bags in many ways.

    You can draw or paint on a paper bag to make it more personalized.

    You can add accessories like ribbon bows, ribbon handles, tissue paper inside the paper bag, lace, sequins, etc.

    14.    How to calculate the size of a paper bag?

    You can calculate the size of paper by measuring the width, gusset, and height of the paper bag.

    Width is the dimension that shows the measurement of the face of the paper bag.

    The gusset is the measurement that is taken from edge to edge by opening up the gusset.

    Length is the measurement from the top to the bottom of the paper bag.

    15.    Can I make a colorful paper bag?

    Yes, you can make a colorful paper bag by using colored paper.

    Color papers come in many colors so that you can make a colored paper bag of any color.

    Colorful Paper Bags

    You can make a solid color paper bag and the idea to embellish your colored paper bag with pieces of different color papers.

    This way, you will have a bag that is handmade, durable, and colorful.

    You can easily make a colorful paper bag of any size at home.

    16.    Can I make a paper bag from recycled paper?

    You can make a paper bag out of recycled paper.

    You can use a newspaper for this purpose as well.

    However, other papers that you can easily find at home, like scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, etc., are also good choices for making a paper bag from recycled paper.

    17.    How to pack a paper bag?

    Packing a paper bag requires no fuss.

    All you have to do is to place the things that you want to put in your paper bag, and that’s it.

    If you have a paper bag with a ziplock, then put the item inside and slide the zip to close the paper bag’s mouth.

    Keep in mind to select the paper bag according to the size of the item you will put in it.

    18.    How do you seal a paper bag?

    You can use different materials to do so.

    The things you can use to seal your paper bag are

    • Glue
    • Labels
    • Staple fewer staples
    • Tape

    You can use glue to bind the parallel sides of your paper bag.

    If you want to seal the paper bag’s mouth, you can use adhesive labels, stapleless staples, and pre-applied tape.

    You can also heat seal the paper bags.

    Heat seal can be the best option if you want to protect the food item inside the paper bag and crisp and fresh.

    19.    Are paper bags safe to use?

    Paper bags are safe to use because they are made from natural materials rather than synthetic raw materials.

    Paper bags do not cause a threat to the environment and living organisms like plastic bags.

    Moreover, you can reuse and recycle them easily as they are 100% biodegradable.

    Paper bags do not emit toxic gases upon degradation.

    20.    What do you mean by a paper bag with a ribbon handle?

    A Paper bag with a ribbon handle is the bag in which a ribbon handle is attached to the opening lips of the bag.

    Paper bag with a ribbon handle

    The holes are pinched two times on each side of the paper bag, and then a ribbon handle is passed through the holes.

    To secure the handle, the ribbon is knotted on the inner side of the paper bag.

    Ribbon handles give a subtle and delicate presentation to the paper bags.

    You can use a ribbon of your desired color to use as a handle on the paper bag.

    You can also custom order your paper bags with ribbon handles at affordable prices.

    21.    What do you mean by custom paper bags?

    A custom paper bag is a bag that is made according to your desire and needs.

    There are a variety of options that you can keep in mind while ordering a custom paper bag.

    The size, color, paper, paper texture, sealing options, accessories, handle types, with or without windows, printing technique, etc., are customizable options.

    When you are custom ordering your paper bags, you can order any paper bags from manufacturers.

    If you add embellishments to the paper bag, then the price of the paper bags will increase accordingly.

    22.    What printing technologies are there for the paper bag?

    Various printing technologies are widely used in the printing process of paper bags.

    Every printing technique gives a different and unique finish and texture to the surface of your paper bags.

    The printing technologies that can be employed in the printing process of paper bags can be categorized as follows:

    • Offset printing technique
    • Hot stamping printing technique
    • Ultra Violet printing technique
    • Solid color stamping printing technique
    • Thermal transfer printing technique
    • Laser direct thermal printing technique
    • Holograph stamping printing technique
    • Inkjet printing technique

    Offset printing technique

    Offset printing is a popular printing technique used by many modern job printing presses.

    Offset printing results in a softer, smoother image.

    The ink is not forced into the surface but sprayed onto the print carrier, which typically contains a soft rubber blanket.

    The rubber blanket pulls the ink against the surface of the print carrier, allowing for smooth and even ink coverage.

    Hot stamping printing technique

    Hot stamping is a printing process that uses heated molds to transfer an image onto a surface by pressing the image into the surface using heat.

    The image is typically transferred onto the surface using hot stamping dies, metal molds, or stamps.

    Hot-stamping is a sophisticated method of creating tooling for use on a wide variety of consumer products.

    It involves using high heat and pressure to create crisp, durable impressions in materials that are then vacuum-metalized.

    Ultra Violet printing technique

    This unique printing method is also known as Ultra Violet curing printing technology and utilizes special inks that dry quickly when exposed to UV light.

    Ultra Violet Printing is used for various applications, including graphic arts, film, and flexible packaging.

    23.    Are paper bags and brown bags the same?

    Brown bag is one kind of paper bag.

    The brown paper bag’s brown color is due to the usage of specific paper in the manufacturing process of paper bags.

    Brown paper bags are made of brown kraft paper.

    Brown paper bags come in different sizes, shapes, and styles, just like paper bags.

    24.    Can I buy bundles of paper bags from paper bag manufacturers?

    Of course.

    You can buy any amount of paper bags from paper bag manufacturers.

    There is no limit regarding the order amount of paper bags.

    Many paper bag manufacturers provide paper bags at wholesale rates.

    Buying bundles of paper bags tend to reduce the cost per paper bag.

    So, you can order your desired paper bags in bundles from them.

    25.    Are there any paper bag manufacturers in China?

    Yes, there are many reputable paper bag manufacturers in China.

    You can check the Chinese paper bag manufacturers’ profiles on the internet and choose what suits you the best.

    Different paper bag manufacturers present additional features so you can research them before ordering your paper bags.

    26.    Why import paper bags from China?

    Buying your paper bags from Chinese paper bags manufacturers can be the best bet because of the

    • Timely delivery
    • High-quality paper bags production
    • Economical prices of paper bags without compromising the standards
    • Variety of printing technologies to blow life in your brand’s reputation
    • Custom order feature

    The Chinese paper bag manufacturers have the expertise in this field to provide the best and tailored services.

    27.    Why are paper bags so important for business?

    When it comes to business, opting for paper bags is in trend these days because of the environment-saving effects of paper bags over plastic or other types of bags.

    There are many reasons behind the importance of paper bags for businesses and brands.

    Businesses and brands have shifted their focus on using paper bags because of the following reasons:

    • Eco-friendly feature of paper bags as they are easy to handle, recycle, and reuse
    • The fact that paper bags are cost-effective for your business
    • Paper bags uplift the branding game of your business as most luxurious brands use customized paper bags to attract more and more customers
    • “Socially responsible” quality sticks with your brand’s business profile
    • Paper bags are customer’s demand, these days all around the world.
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