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Over 10 Years Experience in Printing Industry Since 2009
Over 10 Production Lines to Reach High Daily Output
Exported to Over 110 Countries and Regions
Cooperated with Over 1000 Global Brand
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Who We Are

Best4U is a professional manufacturer of packaging and labels. During the last 10+ years of learning and growth, we expanded our products to catalog, leaflets, books, paper bags, and handmade boxes.

Our products have been exported to over 110 countries and regions. Our markets are Oceania, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and the Middle East, etc.

We put all details in important position. As professional label and packaging manufacturer, we know how important of the temperature and humidity in workshop and warehouse. We control the temperature in 20-28°C, and prepare industrial dehumidifiers to ensure that products and materials are not affected by moisture.

In the cooperation of our each customer, we always adhere to the principle of “providing the best solution for our customers”. Our role is not only a supplier, we are more like partner working side by side.

Best4U Milestone

Best4U Established in Shenzhen, China. With 3 small CMYK label printing machines in the beginning, we only print simple labels for customers by our own machines and selected good factories in same industry to print other labels.
Among these 3 years, we met non-cooperative factory who refused to face their printing problem, it made us hard cause we couldn't do the same to our customers. Then we bought our 1st rotary printing machine, to control quality and delivery time better by ourselves.
Thanks to customers' support, we grew fast in these years. We expanded our products to packaging box, catalog, paper bags etc. And introduced more and more equipment, we can produce all the printing processes by ourselves. At the same time, in the accumulation of the past few years, our corporate culture of love, positive and enthusiasm has gradually formed, and the training system, SOP and adaptability of each position are progressing very well.
COVID 19 spread and hit many industries, many customers had to shut down or reduced much business. We adopt all epidemic prevention measures we can, at the same time, we took time to review and adjust develop plan.

Why Best4U Becomes Plan A of Many Brand?

Best4U makes sure all the operation in high standard. From material selection, production to ship, we inspect each step in more strict standard.

With variety of advanced equipment, Best4U could meet all your demand. We support many kinds of printing like PMS, Hot Stamping, UV, Cold Foil and more.

Each order, except template and color checking, we also do incoming inspection, produce inspection, final inspection and shipping inspection. In the produce inspection, we do once per hour of each order. In shipping inspection, except QC position checks, business or assistant will also check, Let the one who knows customers’ request most to check, ensure 0 mistake

We regard any problem as an opportunity to learn and improve, our responsible attitude is not only reflected in the inquiry stage before the order’s confirmation. You can get guaranteed service in Best4U.



What Additional Service Best4U Could Do For You?

Design Artwork Service
We have our own designers to assist your design artwork if you don't have vector artwork ready. Don't make yourself worried in the fresh area.
Provide Buyer Service
With many years domestic business experience, we have rich resources of variety kinds of products. We can simplify your job and finish them perfectly.
Shipment Consolidation
It costs higher and brings more jobs to deliver shipment from each supplier, Best4U could help you deliver them together in one shipment.

Best4U Design Team

1, Best4U Own Design Department: the oldest one worked in the design industry for 14 years, 8 years of design experience in the packaging and label industry.

2, Cooperated Design Team of Best4U: one of the design company won the CGD (Contemporary Good Design) design award.

Best4U Workshop

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Label and Packaging Machine2
Label and Packaging Machine1

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