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  • Free Samples of bottle labels
    Free Sample
    Best4U offers free packaging samples for quality checking
  • Strict QC of bottle labels
    Strict QC System
    Best4U provides 100% quality checking of every packaging order
  • Material options
    Premium Materials
    Best4U has many options of materials to select for your products
  • Advanced Machines of bottle labels
    High-Quality Machines
    Best4U has high-tech machinery to provide excellent quality packaging
  • Assist Design
    Make Design Easier
    If you don't have time to create your artwork, Best4Y has expert designers to assist your designs
  • Wonderful Service of bottle labels
    Wonderful After-sale Service
    Best4U offers 100% compensation for the quality problem of packaging

Your Packaging Could Be Used In Different Industry

No matter whether your business is a bakery shop, cosmetic products, perfumes, clothing, food products, etc. Best4U will manufacture your packaging in great designs and in durable quality.

Cupcake Packaging
Any design you want for your cupcakes or any bakery products
Fast Food Packaging
Best4U accepts bulk orders and small orders of fast food packaging
Cosmetic Packaging Box
Design your own artwork to make it more elegant with the help our expertise
Cookie Packaging
It could be in any shape and color that you want with high-quality materials
Magnet Gift Packaging Box
You can request to add a ribbon or any printing arts to make it more beautiful
Corrugated Mailer Packaging Box
Made with 100% durable materials to make your products safe and secured
Paper Drawer Packaging Box
Best4U will help you personalize with custom size, art, theme, and color you want
Paper Tube Packaging
It is environmentally-friendly and it is safe to use especially for food products and more
Paper Packaging Bag
Different sizes is available, best choice to have for your clothing, shoes, cosmetics, etc

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    Why Best4U Is Popular In The Market?You Should Choose The Right Supplier For Your Brand

    The printing quality of the packaging is one of the most important aspects to consider in the packaging industry. Best4U ensures premium quality by using imported high-tech machines that reduce color differences to a minimum when compared to the artwork. With advanced glue machines, there is no glue showing on the outside, no joint place missing glue, and all details are perfect.

    Best4U can give you lots a range of high materials, as well as different thicknesses and colors for each material. Textured paper, cardboard paper, C1S/C2S art paper for your custom packaging, corrugated paper, and so on are examples.

    1000+ major brands have trusted Best4U for many years, as seen by all of the hard work, dedication, and positive outlook on life that has made Best4U top in all generations. You will not be disappointed if you choose to deal with Best4U.

    Nowadays, custom packaging is found in practically every product, including food, bakery goods, cosmetics, toys, electronics, medication, and so on… Best4U packaging supplier can supply a huge quantity of personalized packaging and has high-quality production capabilities to meet all of your packaging requirements on time.

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    Guaranteed Good Service
    Best4U offers 100% compensation for packaging quality problem
    1000+ Global Brands Trust Best4U
    Best4U has supplied packaging to over 1000 global brands since 2009
    24H Standby
    Best4U will accommodate your packaging needs 24/7
    Simplify Your Designs
    Best4U will assist your packaging designs to make it more easier for you

    Best4U Can Help Your Business Stand Out From The Rest

    Best4U provides complete packaging solutions that meet our customers’ needs and objectives. We collaborate with our clients to create personalized, cost-effective, and efficient industrial packaging solutions that boost productivity and reduce waste.

    Best4U uses advanced equipment to ensure that your custom packaging is of the highest quality. To protect them, we inspect each personalized packaging order four times before delivery, with each time’s inspection rate exceeding 30%.

    For custom packaging, the Best4U packaging manufacturer provides a wide range of printing and laminating possibilities. Surface lamination such as glossy film, matte film, pearl film, and so on; printing arts such as CMYK printing, PMS printing, UV, and Hot stamping.

    Best4U is meticulous in each step of the process, from material selection to template verification, packaging printing, and packing to delivery. Urgent orders were likewise processed within 8 hours by Best4U. With our quick delivery system, you may get your custom packaging as quickly as possible.

    Best4U has a wide capacity of packaging factories in China to fulfill your largest number of label and packaging requests, especially during peak season. We can make more than 30,000 pieces of personalized packaging in 5 hours. Best4U allows small orders for custom packaging as you’d like.

    Best4U has been the best choice for your packaging for over 10 years in the packaging industry. All of our materials are environmentally friendly, as the environment is the most crucial factor. Packaging is essential for any area of industry, including bakeries, jewelry stores, food goods, apparel, shoes, toys, cosmetics, and commodities, etc.

    If you’re searching for a packaging supplier, look no further. Best4U can generate a variety of custom packaging, including mailer boxes, magnetic gift boxes, paper tube packaging, pillow boxes, cardboard display boxes, paper bags, and more. Best4U is a highly adaptable and competitive packaging company.

    Best4U always ensures that your custom packaging can safeguard your important products while also enhancing the look of every component of your brand. Best4U packaging manufacturer will provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and complete responsibility for any quality fault with cost-effective remedies that won’t break the bank.

    The significance of package design is numerous, and it may go a long way toward establishing a positive impression and building long-term brand loyalty. Your packaging is typically a customer’s initial impression of your product. Best4U produces durable and dependable custom packaging. Our primary purpose is to assist you in attracting clients and enticing them to purchase your product.

    Because first impressions are so essential in the purchasing process, well-designed product packaging can assist you in getting your product in front of potential clients. As a result, Best4U offers rapid and precise services to all of our valid consumers in order to aid you with all of the processes. Best4U is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we will be there to help you each at every step.

    Customize your packaging by choosing from a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. Your customized packaging should stand out from the competition, and your shoppers will notice your product.

    Color-printed packaging, black packaging, gold packaging, pink packaging, white packaging, small packaging, huge packaging, and so on are all possibilities for your custom packaging. Best4U can provide custom packaging according to your specifications.

    Your custom packaging items will be packed in protective boxes to ensure quality when they arrive at your destination, due to Best4U’s speedy delivery system. All you must do is sit around and wait for your orders to be shipped as quickly as possible.

    You must search out your ideal packaging supplier who can fulfill your product’s specifications while also allowing you to express your creativity.

    For your packaging needs, contact Best4U right away!

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide – Packaging

    Packaging is very important when it comes to any kind of business.

    The purpose of the packaging FAQ is to provide answers to frequently asked questions or concerns.

    This primarily comprises packaging-related information, such as production processes, costs, printing techniques, customization, and so forth.

    This will make you realize how important packaging is in terms of marketing.

    1. What do you mean by packaging?

    Packaging is more than just the gorgeous face of your products.

    Packaging is the material that wraps a market product that is used to contain, brand, identify, protect, exhibit, advertise, and otherwise market and keep the product clean.


    It shields the products from moisture, light, heat, and other elements.

    It aids in the promotion of your brand’s identity, quality, and image.

    Packaging is beneficial in order to pack your products in a nice and presentable style for convenient transportation, storage, and selling.

    2. What kind of products do I need to use in packaging?

    Packaging is incredibly useful in preserving your products in a safe and easy manner in a variety of industries.

    The production of a product’s appearance is referred to as product packaging design.


    Packaging is widely utilized in many industries, such as:

    • Electronics
    • Food items
    • Perfumes
    • Cosmetics
    • Bathe products
    • Apparel
    • Skincare products
    • Toys
    • Essential oils
    • Medical products
    • Sports equipment, and more to mention.

    Packaging helps to keep everything organized.

    This covers material and shape choices, as well as designs, colors, and fonts used on your packaging.

    Packaging is vital for putting your brands where they matter and for enhancing your branding solutions.

    3. Why packaging is essential for businesses?

    It is very important to use packaging for every product.

    First impressions are important, and the packaging is usually a consumer’s first interaction with your goods.

    Packaging helps consumers to identify products easily by showing the brand name.


    It will help promote your product in the market and can catch the buyer’s attention.

    It is essential to the success of any product’s selling procedure.

    However, the most important reason to use packaging is to safeguard your things from damage.

    4. Is packaging reusable?

    Packaging is totally reusable.

    Reusable packaging is both environmentally and economically beneficial.

    Food packaging, on the other hand, cannot be reused because to-go packaging is only meant to be used once.

    For the sake of the environment, cardboard packaging and even plastic containers can be reused.

    Cosmetics and home essentials, as well as toys and electronics and etc., are all packaged in reusable containers.

    You will help the environment by decreasing waste if you reuse the packaging for some products.

    5. Where can I purchase a cheaper price packaging?

    Online or even locally purchased packaging is usually the most cost-effective option.

    You may find a lot of packaging manufacturers in China that provide reasonable prices if you search online.

    In comparison to local markets, Chinese producers provide lower prices.

    You can also customize your packaging when you order from Chinese suppliers with the lowest cost.

    6. Are there available sizes and shapes of packaging for my food products?

    Definitely, yes!

    There are many options of sizes and shapes for your food products.

    Food Packaging

    The majority of customers are likely to evaluate the quality of the food based on the packaging.

    Food packaging not only makes a product stand out on the shelf, but it also protects the food from contaminating chemicals, physical forces, and the environment.

    You’ll need to figure out what size and shape your food products should be. It’s important to fit your favorite chocolate, sweets, or snacks, and other items into the container.

    Your packaging might be square, circular, rectangular, or any other shape you like.

    For the right sizing of your packaging, you can do the following tips.

    • Measure the package’s width and round to the nearest inch. Multiply this figure by two.
    • Measure the package’s height and round to the closest inch. Multiply this figure by 2.
    • These two numbers should be added together to get the exact measurement of your packaging.

    Right-sizing your packaging can save you money, time, and provide peace of mind to your customers.

    7. What should be included in the packaging?

    The first thing a buyer will notice is the outer packaging.

    There are some factors that must be present in your product packaging, including:

    • The product name
    • The brand name
    • Size of the product
    • The manufacturer’s location
    • Date of production
    • Expiration date
    • The product’s suitability for its intended use


    All of these factors contribute to a product’s impression, value, and quality, and if well promoted, will attract the potential consumer time and time again.

    8. What makes packaging appealing?

    Packaging, like visual appeal, must offer something unique to genuinely attract clients.

    Uniqueness can present itself in a variety of ways.

    A high-quality packaging design draws attention to the shelf.

    You can use personalize packaging effects to stand out from the crowd and make your packaging appealing based on your target buyers.


    For example, for cosmetic packaging, you can use bright colors to call attention.

    To provide visual appeal, several businesses use creative features like foils, embossing, debossing, etc. can achieve this goal.

    9. Can I order packaging from China?

    Certainly, yes!

    Chinese manufacturers provide shipping services anywhere in the world.

    Custom packaging with your specific details can be ordered from China.

    It’s really convenient because they accept both small and bulk orders.

    They also have the most affordable pricing that you can buy without breaking the bank.

    Your packaging can be customized in terms of size, shape, theme, color, and style. All of your demands will be met by Chinese suppliers.

    10. Are there different types of packaging?


    You may employ a variety of common packaging options to improve your product and marketing solution.

    This includes the following:

    Magnet Gift Packaging Box

    These magnet gift packaging boxes are a rigid style box with a magnetic closing inside the walls of the package, allowing the flaps to seal the box altogether.

    Magnet gift packaging box is a one-of-a-kind design that makes them reusable, sturdy, and easy to put together.

    Mailer Packaging

    A mailer packaging is a type of paperboard packaging used to store and ship goods.

    It is more durable and travel resistant than other types of paperboard packaging due to its double side walls.

    Mailer packaging is commonly used in shipping items, apparel, essential oil products, jewelry, perfume, and more…

    It’s foldable, which saves money on shipping, and it’s attractive for gift packaging because it doesn’t require any sticky tape to put together and seal.

    Tuck End Packaging

    Two sides of the tuck end box have tucked flaps.

    The most practical fold kind of paper box has top and bottom closure flaps that fold in the same or opposite directions.

    Cosmetics, bath products, chocolates, electronics, and other items are commonly packed in this packaging.

    It’s flexible, easy to put assembled, and has a luxurious appearance for retail display. It may be customized with hanger holes, windows, and other features.

    Corrugated Packaging

    Corrugated packaging boxes have a variety of applications, like in retail packaging, shipping, product displays and many others.

    Corrugated boxes have excellent anti-aging properties, as well as strong strength properties and applicability.

    Lid and Base Packaging

    This lid and base packaging have amazing advantages like easy handling and usage preparation.

    Lid and base packaging is popular for gift wrapping, especially during the holidays. It is commonly used.

    There are also irregular types of packaging that are widely utilized by many industries, such as pillow boxes, paper tube packaging, hexagon packaging, and so on.

    11. Can printing techniques be applied to packaging?

    There are a range of printing methods that can be used on packaging.

    Some of the printing techniques for packaging are listed here:

    • Emboss printing

    Embossing lifts your artwork (typically your logo) from your packaging’s printed layer.

    • UV Printing

    UV printing is one of the many specialized printing techniques used to create eye-catching packaging that distinguishes brands and products.

    • Flexography Printing

    Flexography is a printing technique used in the packaging industry to print graphics, text, and pictures on non-porous materials used in a variety of food packaging applications.

    • Hot Stamping

    Glossy, holographic, matte, and a range of different textures and colors are all possibilities.

    • Screen Printing

    Screen printing is a common printing technique that involves forcing ink through a mesh screen to create a printed design.

    It’s used to make custom apparel, canvasses, graphics, banners, and more in a wide range of industries around the world.

    12. What are the durable materials of packaging?

    Every material has its own set of uses and advantages.


    The primary objective of packaging is to keep its products safe from leaking and breakage, as well as to protect goods from various hazards such as germs, heat, moisture loss or moisture pick-up, and so on.

    The most common durable packaging materials are:




    These packaging materials are highly recommended to use for the protection of your products and enhance your marketing strategy.

    13. Is packaging safe to use with any kind of product?

    Yes, of course!

    Packaging is safe to use even in food products.

    Using paper materials like cardboard, etc. is eco-friendly and safe to use by humans.

    It doesn’t contaminate the food while storing it inside the packaging.

    Eco-friendly packaging is a type of ecologically friendly packaging that is safe and sustainable and is often composed of recycled or renewable materials.

    14. How much does packaging cost?

    The price of packaging will be determined by the type of material utilized.

    Art paper material is most cost-effective compared to cardboard paper, rigid packaging, and corrugated paper.

    Art paper packaging is inexpensive, costing between $0.5 and $2.

    Let’s also consider some factors that affect the cost of every packaging, such as the packaging size, quantity, printing, etc.

    It is more cost-effective to order a large quantity of packaging than to order a small number.

    15. Is there a paper type of packaging?

    Yes, there are paper type materials of packaging.

    It is widely used nowadays for it is cheap and eco-friendly.

    These are some of the paper materials for packaging:

    • Kraft Paper
    • Textured Paper
    • C1S/C2S Paper
    • Corrugated Paper
    • Cardboard Paper

    It is important to know what packaging material to be used for your products.

    16. What is paper tube packaging?

    Paper tubes, commonly referred to as cardboard tubes, are cylinder-shaped cardboard components.

    paper tube packaging

    Paper Tube packaging is certainly a one-of-a-kind and creative option for storing goods.

    A paper tube packaging has a variation of height and diameter sizes that will enable your brand to have a strong presence on the retail shelf.

    It can store any kind of product like storing delicate and dry food products like chips, ground coffee, and powdered juices, etc.

    Both before and after the container is opened, it keeps the freshness and quality of the product inside the paper tube packaging.

    17. Is it OK to use sticker labels for packaging?

    Yes, sticker labels can be used on packaging.

    Sticker labels can add visual impact to your packaging, so it will be noticeable to the crowd.


    Sticker labels can be round, square, oval, rectangular, etc.

    Labels are a great way to show off you brand and make your buyers entice to purchase your products.

    The packaging and labeling is an excellent match for increasing marketing sales.

    Labels must also include the product name, contents, applications, guarantee, and so on.

    18. Is there waterproof packaging?

    Yes, packaging can be waterproof.

    As a result, it’s ideal for making moisture-resistant packaging.

    waterproof packaging

    Your products will be protected from water, oil, dust and grease if they are packed in waterproof packaging.

    It’s ideal for shipments of products, food, clothing, and cosmetics, among other things.

    19. What is Magnet Gift Packaging Box?

    Magnet Gift Packaging Boxes are a unique packaging option for retailers and gift-givers who don’t want to compromise on elegance.

    Because of their durable and high-quality design, these Magnet Gift Packaging Boxes are also conveniently collapsible and may be reused multiple times.

    Magnet gift packaging box

    Can be altered and add other decorations, such as bows, ribbons, and other embellishments.

    There are any sizes available for magnet gift packaging box.

    A luxury magnet gift packaging box can be more stunning in a gloss finish or in a matte appearance.

    20. What are the adhesives to apply for packaging?

    Water-based, solvent-based, and hot melt adhesives are the best types of adhesives for paper packaging, depending on the application.

    Both water-based and hot melt adhesives are the safest for food product applications.

    Solvent-based adhesives are commonly used to make sticker labels and seals for boxes.

    21. Can I make my packaging in any color?

    In product packaging, color is quite important.

    All colors help firms distinguish packaging design and make it stand out, whether they’re main or complementary hues.

    Before making a purchase, shoppers pay particular attention to the colors of a brand’s packaging.

    Bright colors are more appealing and are frequently used in cosmetics, skin care items, perfumes, school supplies, toys, and other products…

    The top ten colors that influence your sales interactions are as follows:


    Because green is the color of money, it conjures up images of prosperity.


    Use yellow to draw attention to consumers and show that you’re confident.


    It’s ideal for delivering your marketing materials a sense of class and prestige.


    It is a bright hue that works well on both men and women and may convey energy and confidence when used in marketing.


    When it comes to writing text or choosing a suit color, blue is a more relaxed and softer option than black.


    The color red is associated with strength. It grabs and holds people’s attention, which is why it’s the most powerful advertising color.


    Gold is as elegant and powerful, as it has a stronger presence.


    It has strong attention-getting qualities, is entertaining and cool, and gives customers the impression that they’re working with a forward-thinking organization.


    Black is typically used as a contrasting color to lend drama to whatever atmosphere you wish to create.


    Brown is an earthly shade that is renowned as a comforting hue, soothing clients to relax.

    Can be vintage and rustic design.

    different color of packaging

    Selecting the ideal color for your packaging will elevate your brand to new levels.

    22. How does the packaging manufactured?

    Every manufacturer ensures that every process will guarantee the clients that they will get what they really need with 100% satisfaction.

    The packaging production process includes the following steps:

    • Packaging selection

    For the best packaging, know what kind of product you’ll be wrapping.

    • Designs

    You should evaluate the color of your product’s packaging to see whether it may be printed to meet your requirements.

    Know the product’s weight, shape, and measurements.

    Customize your designs with your preferred artwork, you can also search online for template designs.

    • Materials

    Select the most appropriate material for your product. If your product is heavy, rigid packaging materials should be used; if it is light, paper packaging materials should be used.

    • Printing

    For the printing process, you can apply the printing arts such as spot UV, Gold stamping, Embossing, etc.

    • Cutting

    This process can be carried out manually or through a machine.

    This pertains to packaging shape cutting and trimming.

    • Assembly Process

    The packaging is put together using adhesives, tapes, and other materials. It depends on the type of packaging.

    23. Is packaging durable to use for big items?


    Packaging is durable for different kinds of products.

    For big items, the highly recommended material is corrugated and cardboard paper packaging.

    For lightweight items, C1S/C2S paper and Kraft paper are recommended.

    24. Is it possible to import packaging from China?

    Yes, definitely!

    Many packaging manufacturers in China are capable of importing orders.

    We all know that China offers the lowest prices of products yet they are of the greatest quality.

    They cater customization of packaging for any kind of product. Chinese suppliers are highly versatile when it comes to market.

    Bulk and small orders are accepted by Chinese packaging manufacturers.

    25. How to find the right measurement of a product that will fit the packaging?

    For the most precise measurement, here are some easy steps:

    • To begin, place your goods on a level surface with the tallest side facing up. Place a straight edge level on the product’s highest point to get the length.

    You can use a ruler or a tape measure in getting the measurement of your product.

    • Take your product and turn it on from the front to back to determine its width.
    • Get your product and measure from top to bottom to get its depth.
    • Obtain the final listing of your product’s length, width, and depth.

    Accurate measurements ensure that products fit properly into their packaging.

    26. Can I add different features on packaging like ribbon and etc.?

    Of course, you can include features on your packaging.

    It’s important to choose a style and colors that will appeal to customers and persuade them to buy your goods, as well as to include some bling on your packaging.

    packaging with EVA/foam tray

    There are selections of packaging accessories given to make your products more appealing to shoppers.

    • EVA/foam tray
    • Ribbon
    • Blister tray
    • Silk lining
    • Fabric lining, etc.

    Ribbons are commonly used for gift giving, souvenirs, and other purposes. You can get it in any color you like.

    EVA or foam trays provide an attractive appearance and keep your product, such as wine bottles, jewels, or essential oils, securely in place.

    27. Can I use packaging for gifts?

    Gift packaging adds a lovely special touch to the craft of gift-giving, expressing to a special friend or loved one that you put your heart and soul into every phase of the way.

    Gift packaging

    It’s exciting to get a gift with a unique design.

    You may also add ribbons to your gift packaging to make it more colorful and elegant.

    28. What is the main purpose of using packaging in the market?

    Packaging is a sometimes overlooked potential for a brand’s advertising messages, which covers far more than logos, color schemes, and slogans.

    Packaging serves as a protection of a product and communicates to people in the market.




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