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    Custom Letterpress Thank You Cards

    Letterpress thank you cards make it enhance, you can color it or leave it blank

    Printed Kraft Paper Thank You Cards

    Show meaningful ways using notes thank you card to express your gratitude

    Custom A4 Size Thank You Cards

    Best4U could make it in any size as you reqeust, A4 size for gift card is good choice

    Gold Logo Cardstock Thank You Card

    Best4U support different printing arts and shapes to make your thank you card beautiful

    Custom 2 Sided Photo Thank You Cards

    Create a colorful style of 2 sides thank you card with photo that attracts everyone

    Seed Plantable Thank You Cards

    Seed plantable thank you cards could grow a plant if you put it in the soil

    Custom Business Thank You Cards

    Put a thank you card in your parcel for expressing your warm and thank to your clients

    Printed Folded Thank You Cards

    Best4U will manufacture creative designs and it has space for you to write on

    Printing Floral Thank You Cards

    Could be used on birthdays, business promotions, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

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    Your Durable And Unique Thank You Card

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    Why Choose Best4U As Your Thank You Card Supplier?

    Custom Gift Card
    Xmas Stickers for Card
    vellum thank you cards
    Baby Photo Thank You Cards
    Large Business Thank You Card
    Thank You Cards for Business
    Custom Shapes Thank You Cards

    Make Your Thank You Card Perfectly Awesome

    It is a wonderful thing to show appreciation and gratitude to others even in simple things using a Best4U custom thank you card that is made easier for you to personalize in an affordable but top-grade letterpress thank you cards. You can personalize thank you card in your own choice of designs, fonts, and colors. Best4U thank you card supplier, is here to manufacture your beautiful custom paper thank you card.

    There are many ways to say thank you and send your lovely personalized thank you card paper type to someone. You can use them whether on weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, business, engagement, baby shower, and more.

    Best4U thank you card manufacturer can produce any design of personalized kraft thank you cards depending on your taste. Soft and easy transaction at Best4U, just send your detailed requirements for your custom thank you card, and Best4U will make it extraordinary.

    To create unique recycled paper thank you cards, Best4U uses a digital technology machine that surely your thank you card printing comes out wonderfully with high resolution. Best4U has expert designers to help and assist you with your artwork designs, nothing to bother if you don’t have the skills or no time to design your own, Best4U is always here to manage and give you what you really want.

    In expressing your deepest gratitude, your personalized cardstock thank you cards must be stylish that could attract the readers and will accept your appreciation to them. You can have your kraft paper thank you cards at a lower price without breaking your bank and your Best4U thank you card supplier, will give you 100% satisfaction for all your thank you card stock needs.

    There are multi options of materials for your vellum thank you cards, including C1S or C2S paper, textured/fancy paper, Kraft paper, etc. It could be more beautiful if you add special premium arts that Best4U suggests as UV thank you card, hot stamping thank you card, CMYK thank you card, PMS thank you card, etc. Best4U thank you card manufacturer got it all covered.

    Simple and fast process for all your paper thank you orders, and all your orders will go through four (4) times inspections to make sure that your personalized thank you card will be of the highest quality that you ever wanted. Best4U thank you card supplier will make your occasions special and will be memorable with your family and friends.

    Best4U has a systematic process and a wide thank you card factory that can produce more than 30,000 pcs of custom thank you card in just 5 hours, so you can get more than what you wish for at Best4U. You can send your orders anytime, Best4U is available 24/7 and even in peak season, you can always count on us.

    Whenever there is a problem regarding your paper thank you card orders, Best4U will offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you encounter a quality problem regarding your letterpress thank you card. Quality is very important to us and Best4U guarantees you that you will receive a perfect high-quality personalized thank you card.

    With over 10 years of experience in the thank you card printing industry,  Best4U has many achievements in creating innovational brown paper thank you cards and has proven a lot. There are 1000+ global brands who trusted Best4U thank you card supplier since 2009 in the service and still constantly giving out the best and perfect creation of thank you paper card.

    Anywhere you are in the world you can always reach out to Best4U as your thank you card manufacturer. Best4U has a fast shipping service to deliver your orders on time, your custom thank you card will be packed in strong boxes so that it will be secured and delivered it safely to your place.

    To save your time and money in ordering a top-quality personalized thank you card, Best4U has an efficient process and all you have to do is to relax at your home and Best4U will make your custom thank you card amazing. You can send orders online or you can contact Best4U directly. Aside from thank you card, you can get an envelope, jewelry packaging box, paper bags, etc.

    Your thank you card supplier can manufacture different types of thank you card that you can also avail, such as a4 size thank you card, folded thank you card, floral thank you card, business thank you card, notes thank you card, black thank you card, pink thank you card, wedding thank you card, hot stamping thank you card, thank you card kraft paper and more. You can get whatever you prefer for your special occasions at Best4U thank you card manufacturer.

    Your thank you card cardstock could be very useful nowadays, even for personal use or for your businesses, it could be more reliable for you to use a custom thank you letterpress. Start creating now and be stylish using Best4U thank you card.

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    The Definitive FAQ Guide | Thank You Card

    It’s not always simple to write someone a meaningful thank you letter. When thanking somebody, it should be about expressing gratitude or expressing thanks to your friends and family.

    Read along with some of the most often asked questions about thank you cards, which will guide you in emphasizing certain key information while creating thank you cards.

    This comprehensive guide will teach you how to make thank you cards, as well as the rates, where to get thank you cards, printing techniques, decorating options, and more.

    1. What is the use of thank you card?

    Thank you cards are a great way to show someone how much you appreciate them and express your gratitude in a personal way.

    thank you card

    Thank you card are also heartfelt thanks for special events, compliments, favors, and presents.

    They’re a way of reaching out, interacting, and thanking someone for their goodness.

    Sending thank you cards for corporate events shows how much you value your clients, colleagues, and consumers.

    Even for business or personal use, thank you card can be a part of it.

    2. What material is used in making thank you card?

    A thank you card is a brilliant tool to engage with your clients and potential buyers.

    Make your thank you card beautiful and pleasing by choosing several options of materials.

    The following premium materials are used to make thank you cards:

    • Kraft Paper
    • C1S / C2S Art Paper
    • Cardboard Paper
    • Textured Paper
    • Uncoated Paper

    Those materials are commonly used in manufacturing thank you cards; however, there are other types of paper materials that are also used, such as specialty paper, recycled paper, color paper, etc.

    Uncoated Paper is widely considered as one of the best papers for greeting cards and thank you cards. The matte texture of the uncoated paper makes it simple to write on.

    3. How to make a beautiful thank you card?

    You can make your thank you card as lovely as you want it to be.

    You can personalize every detail of the thank you card, such as the fonts, colors, materials, theme, and artwork design.

    Personalize thank you card

    To make it easier to customize, you might use free thank you card templates found online.

    The thank you card’s design may be determined by the occasion or event for which it is intended.

    You can make it colorful and entertaining or intimate for weddings, bridal showers, and birthdays, etc.

    For businesses, it could be with attractive designs like adding printing arts on the thank you card, with ribbon or with decorative font styles.

    4. What is the typical size of a thank you card?

    You can have your thank you card in any size you choose.

    Thank you cards come in all sorts of sizes, and here are some examples.

    thank you card sizes

    Thank You Card Different Sizes


    Size in inches


    5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″


    4.5″ x 6.25″


    5″ x 7″


    4 ¼” x 5 ½  “

    A2 size is commonly used for different cards like thank you cards, note cards, posted cards, and more.

    A9 size is sometimes referred to as half folds and is used for invitations, brochures, menus, and more.

    5. What should be written on a thank you card?

    Thank you cards should include some thoughtful words or expressions of gratitude to the recipient.

    details on thank you card

    Here are some tips on what to write on your thank you card.

    • Begin your card with a greeting that is addressed to the person who will receive it

    Make sure you are using the proper spelling for the person’s name, as well as the address and other details. For example: Dear Sir Eric,

    • To express your appreciation, compose a thank you note or a message

    Start your message with the most vital words, thank you.

    Like, Thank you so much for…,

    • Add some details

    Inform them of your thoughts for using or displaying their gift. It demonstrates how you value the effort that went into it.

    Example: This is a photo of me wearing my new necklace. I really love it!

    • Look forward

    Specify when you’ll see them next, or gaze ahead and tell them you’re mindful of them.

    Example: I’m looking forward to seeing you at Bea’s party next week.

    • Restate your thank you message

    Add more details to show your gratitude in a unique manner.

    Example: Again, we thank you so much for…

    • Finally, with your regards

    Such as “Sincerely yours, Yours truly, With love”, etc.

    Make your thank you card creative and detailed to make someone impress and show your appreciation in a great way.

    6. What occasion can I use thank you card?

    Thank you cards are ideal for a variety of occasions.

    Thank you card is a lovely way to acknowledge someone who has taken the effort to do something for you.

    The following occasions may necessitate the use of a thank you card:

    • Birthday parties
    • Graduation ceremonies
    • Weddings
    • Holiday seasons
    • Anniversaries
    • Baby showers
    • Bridal parties
    • Business proposals
    • Baptism, etc.

    It is quite essential to use thank you card for acknowledgment.

    Thank you card can also be used on giving thank you notes for your customers, or even a successful job interview.

    7. What do you mean by notes thank you card?

    One of the most genuine and meaningful ways of expressing gratitude is with a handwritten card or notes thank you card.

    Convey your kindness by taking the time and effort to write and send a warm, sincere note thank you card.

    Notes thank you card can be used widely on a different array of businesses and events just like the usual thank you card.

    It can be personalized with any theme, color, size, and art design.

    8. Can printing techniques be okay to apply on thank you card?


    Various printing techniques can be applied to thank you card for a sophisticated and elegant appearance that entice your clients and love ones.

    Whether you’re purchasing holiday cards, thank you cards, or any other sort of greeting card, the technique of printing thank you card you select is a significant way to express your personal style or your business needs.

    The printing techniques are as follows:

    • Embossing
    • Foil Stamping Printing
    • Digital Printing
    • Letterpress Printing
    • Flat Printing
    • Engraving
    • (UV) Ultra Violet Printing
    • CMYK Printing

    Flat Printing:

    Flat printing, also known as offset printing, is identical to digital printing in that it produces a flat but precise outcome.

    Flat printing is popular because it can be done on a variety of various types of paper, both thick and thin.


    Engraving is similar to embossing, but engraving uses ink and lifts the paper, whereas emboss printing does not use ink.

    Engraving has a very professional appearance and is eye-catching.

    Letterpress Printing:

    The letterpress technique is among the oldest, being used to print leaflets, booklets, and other materials since the 1400s.

    The procedure includes pressing designs into thick paper using letter and design molds and ink, creating the material imprinted.

    9. How can I make my own thank you card at home?

    You can make your own thank you card at home.

    Sending a homemade thank you card is a wonderful way to show gratitude for what others have done for you.

    Making a thank you card may be simple, but the thoughtfulness will be appreciated.

    Here are a few ideas for making a thank you card at home:

    • Make a design

    In order to make a thank you card, come up with your own designs. You can decorate it with washi tape or any theme of stickers to add some glitter and designs.

    Cut out pictures from magazines or newspapers or cut out some words to form a “thank you” word to show appreciation.

    You can simply use colored pens or markers to draw some shapes and write down your message to make it colorful.

    • Decorate your thank you card

    Decorate your card using ribbons, colorful buttons, or picture cutouts.

    You may use a range of shades, sizes, and types of material to be more creative.

    • Writing a message on your thank you card

    Show your best handwriting skills. Any form of marker that works well and dries quickly can be used.

    When writing a message on a thank you card, include greetings, salutation, and the person’s name, compliments, and show your gratitude to that person, and finally, sign the letter.

    10. What types of thank you card are there?

    There are different types of thank you card that can be customized according to what theme or what type of event it goes to.

    Personalized a thank you card in a unique and meaningful way to express thankfulness.

    • Baby shower thank you card
    • Wedding thank you card
    • Logo thank you card for business
    • Anniversary thank you card
    • Graduation thank you card
    • Photo thank you card and more…

    Design a thank you card that matches your wedding’s theme or any event with its own stationary layout.

    Your card can be printed at home, at work, or at a professional manufacturer. Each component, from the images to the font, the color palette to the layout, may be customized.

    11. Is it okay to put accessories on thank you card?

    Yes, of course!

    A unique thank you card can be appealing and the person who receives it will be very excited to read and open the thank you card.

    thank you card with accessories

    The following accessories can be used in personalizing thank you card:

    • Colorful ribbons
    • Washi tape
    • Stickers
    • Stamps
    • Beads
    • Paper flowers
    • Tassels, etc.

    Make your thank you cards creative with a lot of accessories that you can attach to it.

    12. What is a business thank you card?

    A business thank you card is the best way to express your thankfulness to your customers for their support.

    There are many ways to show your gratitude, but using thank you card is the thoughtfulness that you value someone.

    business thank you card

    Begin your business note by addressing the client by name. Express your gratitude for their business by identifying the precise product they bought. Give them your contact information in case they have any questions or concerns, and then sign with your name.

    A thank you card can build a stronger relationship between the consumers and the business owner.

    13. What do you mean by a personalized thank you card?

    Personalization is very important to express your creativity to produce a stylish thank you card. It’s a way to show your skills by customizing some details of every thank you card.

    Personalized thank you card includes the customization of the following:

    • Color specification
    • Paper materials
    • Accessories
    • Font styles
    • Thank you card shape
    • Thank you card size
    • Theme or designs
    • Printing methods

    You can personalize your own thank you card or you can find a manufacturer that will help you in customizing your thank you cards.

    14. Is there a waterproof thank you card?

    Thank you cards couldn’t be waterproof since the paper material used to manufacture thank you cards couldn’t be covered with film to make them waterproof.

    A thank you card must have a texture that is easy to write on.

    There are different paper material types that vary in their thickness and texture quality.

    Your manufacturer will make recommendations on what material is best to use for your thank you card.

    15. Can I use templates to customize thank you card?

    Yes, there are many available templates to help you customize your thank you card.

    thank you card templates

    In a stylish manner, express your gratitude to someone you care about. Create something unique for the individual and express your gratitude in the most sincere way.

    To get fresh concepts, browse by aesthetics, mood, or style. Once you’ve found a good template to start with, simply tap or click to open the template in the browser and download it for free.

    You can research on Google for free templates to start customizing your thank you card.

    16. Can I make my Kraft thank you card matte or glossy?

    Kraft thank you card can be in a matte finish but not glossy, since Kraft material has a matte texture and cannot be covered with transparent film to make it glossy.

    On the other hand, Kraft thank you card is a unique way to be more artistic.

    It could be utilized in various industries or some personal events with rustic style or vintage look of thank you card.

    Kraft paper for thank you card is popular especially for businesses, weddings, graduation, and so on.

    17. Can I purchase thank you card from China?


    A lot of Chinese manufacturers provide great quality, detailed and stylish thank you card.

    China has high-end machines and professional designers that can produce extraordinary thank you card.

    They are capable to ship orders all around the world and offering low prices of any kind of thank you card you are looking for.

    China is a world-class supplier that accepts bulk orders of thank you cards and they are experts in customizing whatever design you want.

    You can give your exact requests to your thank you card supplier in China, and they will process the correct methods for your custom thank you card.

    18. Is it possible to print on the thank you card’s outside?

    Yes, of course!

    You can print on the outside or the front page of the thank you card.

    thank you card

    Applying printing techniques are an excellent way for other options like making calligraphy or handwritten thank you message.

    To create a lovely impression, you can apply distinctive designs or add accessories.

    19. How much does a thank you card cost?

    A thank you card is essential for conveying a thoughtful message that will bring a smile to someone’s face.

    To impress someone, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. It is a cost-effective tool to convey your gratitude in any genre by utilizing thank you cards.

    Thank you card will cost around $0.1 – $0.5 each.

    The price of thank you card will affect different factors, such as the quantity and the customization.

    Many Chinese manufacturers of thank you card offer a very low price that will meet your standards.

    20. Is it okay to choose any color for my thank you card?


    There are many other colors to choose from, so you can be more creative and make your thank you card stand out from the rest.

    A colored paper material is suggested to make a colorful thank you card.

    Bright colors or pastel colors can be used. Dark colors are also available, like red, blue, brown, black, and etc.

    An eye-catching thank you card will give a vibrant look to the receiver and give them a good impression.

    21. What is the difference between thank you card and a booklet?

    A thank you card and a booklet are both valuable in different ways. They play a vital role in the business world as well as on personal occasions.

    A booklet is a mini version of books with fewer pages that contains varying amounts of information depending on the topic being conveyed.

    While thank you card is a great way to show someone how much you care; it only has one page that folds together for you to write your message.

    They may have different components but both are essential.

    22. Can I use thank you card at my birthday party?

    Of course!

    Thank you card is flexible and can be used on special days, like bridal showers, weddings, and birthday parties.

    Your special occasion will be more special with thank you card that will make every event memorable.

    Saying “thank you” to your guests especially to your loved ones will mean so much so you have to personalize your birthday thank you card with an amazing look.

    You can apply printing techniques to make a sociable look. Foil stamping, UV printing, and embossing can be applied.

    23. Is thank you card reusable?

    Yes, you can reuse thank you card for some purposes.

    Since it is made with durable materials, it will last longer and can be reused many times.

    You can display them at home, or cut the design and use it on crafts, scrapbooking, etc.

    There are many ways that you can reuse thank you card as you wanted and be as creative as you can.

    24. Does a thank you card need adhesive?

    Basically, thank you card doesn’t need adhesive, because you will only fold it to create a card and write a message on the given space.

    However, when you do some customization, like putting crafts, accessories on your thank you card, you need to use glue or adhesive.

    You can buy some glue in some stores near you if you make thank you cards at home.

    Some manufacturers, use oil-based glue, water-based adhesive, and hot melt glue.

    Those types of adhesives have different application fields and are safe to use in any type of packaging.

    25. What is a thank you card?

    Thank you card is the simplest way to say thank you to someone and to show them how much you cherish them.

    It is a unique way of showing gratitude to others with cool designs or with aesthetic styles.

    Thank you card is made with raw materials that are

    eco-friendly and reusable.

    Widely used by any industries especially on holiday seasons, like Christmas season, Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries as well as business to show kindness to your customers.

    26. Does a supplier of thank you card require a minimum purchase?

    There are many thank you card suppliers that will meet your specifications and most suppliers have low minimum requirements.

    However, Chinese suppliers accept small orders like 100 pieces, 500 pieces of thank you card.

    For customized thank you cards, manufacturers required a low minimum purchase, since customization will take more time and a long process to do. It is around 500 – 1000 pieces of customized thank you cards.

    The larger the quantity, the lower the amount you will spend for your custom thank you card.



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