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Your Packaging Card Is Flexible And Can Be Use Anywhere

Best4U packaging card is very useful, whether it’s for business or personal use, like jewelry shop, apparel shop, merchandise, toys, electronics, chocolates, etc. We will make it more unique and nice-looking.

Header Packaging Card
Perfect way to package your products in a lower price with custom designs you want
Insert Packaging Card
Best4U has a wide variety of materials for you to choose from
Jewelry Packaging Card
choose the perfect size & shape for your jewelry, Best4U will make it unique
Socks Packaging Card
Custom size and printing for a perfect output for your branding
Matte Packaging Card
For customization you can order 1000pcs and more with lower price
Glossy Packaging Card
With eye-catching effect that can catch the attention of every consumers
Hot Stamping Packaging Card
Perfect for any kind of product or even for personal use
UV Printing Packaging Card
Best4U will make it durable & elegant, we can ship orders worldwide
Kraft Paper Packaging Card
Personalize your prefer design to highlight your brand logo

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    There are many options of materials to apply for your custom packaging card, Best4U packaging card supplier has a C1S packaging card, C2S packaging card, Kraft packaging card, corrugated paper packaging card, cardboard packaging card, etc. You can also add our special printing arts to make it more stunning, including, UV packaging card, hot stamping packaging card, emboss packaging card, CMYK packaging card, etc.

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    The Definitive FAQ Guide – Packaging Card

    This packaging card FAQ gives details on what a packaging card is and other frequently asked questions concerning packaging cards.

    This article will address your pertinent questions about packing cards and provide you with more information and tips.

    Continue reading to discover more about packaging cards, including printing technologies, manufacturing processes, costing, where to get packaging cards, customization, and more.

    1. What is a packaging card?

    A packaging card is constructed from raw packaging components that can be modified for a specific application.

    A packaging card has a logo, a barcode, the name of the product or event, and so on. It enables shoppers to view product details before making a purchase.

    packaging card

    This can be a great option for any kind of business to build and start up your business.

    A packaging card can also make your product appealing and informative.

    Packaging card is flexible and may be used for a range of products and events, such as jewelry, toys, clothing, candles, weddings and so on.

    A packaging card protects the product while also making marketing easier.

    2. Is packaging card essential for business?

    Yes, absolutely!

    A business’s packaging card is one of the most significant and cost-effective promotional tool.

    Every company needs to establish a solid relationship with its customers so that it may grow its brand, so that is why a packaging card is essential to see what your product is.

    Whatever type of business you run, a packaging card can help you quickly create your brand identity.

    You can create any design you like for your ideal packaging card, whether it’s a custom colorful printed packaging card, a thank you packaging card, or a floral jewelry packaging card.

    3. How is the packaging card made?

    The packaging card is accurately made.

    Manufacturing is the process of creating packaging cards from raw materials by creating, processing, and assembling them.

    The packaging card manufacturing process entails choice making procedures that result in finished products that satisfy the quality requirements and produce the required quantities.

    With these few steps, we’ll teach you how to make a packaging card.

    Make a packaging card design

    Decide what design you like for your packaging card.

    Your packaging card’s size, shape, artwork design, and materials should all be specified to your manufacturer.

    Printing procedure of packaging card

    Each packaging card will undergo a printing process.

    This procedure is subjected to printing methods in order to produce a high-quality printing design.

    Your brand logo, colors, background design, and other related information is printed on the packaging card.

    Special finishes applied to packaging card

    Special finishes are applied to the packaging card, including matte finish, glossy finish, rainbow film, and etc.

    This could be a way to create a more appealing and enticing packaging card.

    Cutting of packaging card

    The packaging paper material is cut according to what shape and size you require for your packaging card.

    During the cutting procedure, a high-end cutting machine will be utilized.

    Assembling method

    Additional accessories, such as ribbons, hemp rope, plastic handles, stickers, and so on, are put to the packaging card in this step.

    Quality control of packaging card

    After the process is completed, the quality control procedure is performed.

    To ensure that the final product meets all of the customer’s standards without errors and damages.

    The goal of the inspection is to see if any corrective measures in the production process are required.

    4. What are the materials used for the packaging card?

    Various types of paper are used to make packaging cards.

    Packaging cards are made from raw paper materials to ensure that they are safe to use and cost-efficient for any type of branding.

    For your packaging card, you can use the materials listed below.

    • Coated paper
    • Kraft paper
    • C1S/C2S paper
    • Textured paper
    • Silver and gold paper
    • Corrugated paper

    All packaging card material has a distinct quality, and you must determine which is best for your packaging card’s intended use.

    5. Is it okay to customize the packaging card?

    Yes, you can modify the packaging card to meet your specific needs.

    Your products deserve a personalized packaging card with high-resolution printed artwork, environmentally friendly materials, and a portrait design.

    customized packaging card

    Customization is a means for changing various aspects of your packaging card, such as:

    • Color
    • Material
    • Size
    • Shape
    • Artwork style
    • Logo
    • Accessories

    The importance of a custom packaging card is to ensure that your product stands out from the competitors and conveys a powerful branding impression.

    6. What type of industry do a packaging card can be used?

    Packaging cards are used in a variety of businesses in modern generations.

    Using this packaging card, the packaging sector assists every other industry in the globe in easy branding and market expansion.

    packaging card application

    Some of the industries wherein packaging cards can be used are listed below:

    • Consumer goods
    • Clothing
    • Jewelry
    • Electronics
    • Chemical
    • Industrial
    • Food products
    • Agriculture
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Cosmetics
    • Toys and etc.

    Every industry sector has different packaging requirements, which are defined by the products they produce as well as the conditions and nature of the shipping.

    Packaging cards can be used for a variety of purposes, not only in the business world. Bridal showers, birthdays, family reunions, baptisms, and other events are examples.

    7. Is the packaging card cheap?

    A packaging card is one of the cost-efficient tools in making products extraordinary.

    The price of the packaging card will be determined by the number as well as the level of personalization.

    The packaging card costs between $0.1 and $0.5 per piece.

    Discounts are more likely to occur as order quantities increase. As a result, ordering packaging cards in bulk is advantageous because it lowers the cost.

    8. What do you mean by header packaging card?

    A “bag topper” is a “header packaging card” that protects the goods inside the package, it provides the product’s identity and promotional details, and allows the product to be shown by hanging it.

    header packaging card

    It is a practical and low-cost way of promoting a product to the consumer by using a header packaging card.

    The header packaging card is composed of durable materials with bespoke prints, and it can be easily folded to give enough support for light-weight items.

    The header packaging card is folded over the open end of the pouch and stapled to the package.

    Personalized header packaging cards with appealing designs are a great advantage for whatever industry it may be.

    9. What are the positive feedbacks of using packaging cards?

    There are various positive feedbacks in the market of using packaging cards.

    Allow brands to present the information of the product in a stylish and enticing manner that stands out to customers.

    The product card, in fact, allows them to see the item’s details before purchasing it.

    It’s an advantage to have a product card on your product because it can add a sophisticated appearance the way you represent your product.

    The product card is light and does not add to the weight of your product, which is important when shipping.

    This can add cost-efficiency to any kind of product and is an effective tool in expanding your market.

    10. What kind of printing art is recommended for packaging card?

    Printing art is one of the most important factors in packaging card production since it complements your branding.

    Packaging card manufacturers allow you to customize your packaging cards in order to help you promote your products in the market.

    The following are some of the several types of printing arts:

    • Screen printing
    • UV (Ultraviolet) printing
    • Foil stamping
    • Holographic printing
    • Emboss/Deboss printing
    • Flexographic printing

    These printing techniques are designed to make every packaging card extraordinary and they have different techniques to beauty your products.

    11. Which is better to apply for a packaging card, matte or glossy finish?

    Both matte and glossy laminations are suitable for packaging cards, although their appearance differs.

    matte vs. glossy lamination


    The shine effect of the glossy gives the artwork a considerably more stunning appearance, glass-like outlook and light bounces off the surface.

    Gloss lamination is definitely the best option if your brand wants to convey a livelier and more youthful vibe.


    The blackness is pale and somewhat duller with the matte finish, but it still has a high-class, refined look to it.

    It’s frequently utilized in luxurious packing to give it a modern and stylish touch.

    Both matte and glossy lamination offers great benefits to printing items.

    Matte and glossy advantages:

    • Can improve the appearance of your brand.
    • Increased durability and capacity to sustain continuous use on a daily basis.
    • Lamination is affordable and can help you save money through prolongs the length of your printed materials.
    • It protects the packaging card from scratches, liquid spills, dirt, stains, and other contaminants.

    Generally, the appropriateness of your lamination with your artwork designs and colors will be important to the final packaging card design.

    12. What is a UV printing packaging card?

    UV printing is a printing method that involves applying a layer of ultraviolet to a printed design.

    UV printing is suitable for indoor applications as it offers your packaging card a long-lasting, vibrant, and brilliant appearance.

    UV printing’s unique drying process results in fewer volatile organic emissions into our environment.

    Using UV printing can highlight your logo in a glossy effect that leaves a luxurious touch to every detail on your packaging card.

    13. Can I apply a sticker label on the packaging card?

    Yes, sticker labels can be applied to the packaging cards.

    You can apply sticker labels on packaging cards on food packaging, gift boxes, bottles, candles, and more.

    sticker label on packaging card

    Sticker labels are great for packaging and promotion and a great idea if you apply them on packaging cards. You can make your sticker label transparent by choosing transparent materials or other types like Kraft sticker labels, etc.

    To best suit the packaging card, cut-to-size sticker labels with top-quality self-adhesive paper are preferred.

    To make your sticker label into your packing card design to reality, you can combine a range of sizes, shapes, and finishes you desire.

    14. Is it okay to use a packaging card on food takeaway products?

    Of course!

    Food takeaway products can be with a packaging card.

    The best method for restaurants and food chains is to start with effective packaging with a packaging card.

    food products with packaging card

    A packaging card is a unique packaging idea for wrapped foods.

    It can be placed on the top of the packaging or simply hang the packaging card on the product.

    We know that visual appeal matter when it comes to foodstuff, therefore your packaging plays a major role in catching customers’ interest while also delivering all of the necessary information about the product which can be input on the packaging card.

    15. Can I customize my own packaging card?

    Yes, you can customize your own packaging card with your own preference and ideas on how you want your packaging card beautiful.

    Bespoke packaging cards give your brand and its consumers a place to engage in a meaningful way.

    The shape, size, concept, printing techniques, and material used to customize your packaging card can all be modified. With incredible personalization, you can make it even more attractive.

    16. Can I choose to emboss printing for the packaging card?

    Emboss printing can be printed on a packaging card.

    Boosting the visual and unique appeal of your packaging card with emboss printing.

    Embossing creates an elevated surface where the design is lifted above the surrounding material.

    Most businesses and events tend to like embossing because it has an elegant effect on packaging cards that can be applied to any kind of product or giveaway item.

    It is best to emboss the product logo or brand’s name to be more attractive to the shoppers.

    17. Is it okay to put accessories on the packaging card?

    Absolutely! Your packaging card can be added with accessories.

    You have the option of selecting the most appropriate accessories for your packaging card.

    Accessories on the packaging card will make your products stand out and be recognized.

    packaging card with accessories

    To create an eye-catching packaging card, use ribbons, colorful heart-shaped silk, or washi tape stickers and etc.

    You can also use hemp rope, fabric lining, or a plastic handle to add a handle or holder to your packaging card.

    18. Does China offer high-quality packaging card?

    Yes! China definitely offers high-quality packaging cards worldwide.

    As we all know that China has high-technology machines especially in manufacturing packaging cards.

    Chinese manufacturers are capable of handling various levels of customization.

    You can find a supplier in China that can achieve your needs in personalizing your packaging cards.

    They also offer low-cost packaging cards in bulk or small orders, and they are confident in their ability to provide you with a high-quality service.

    19. What is the difference between spot UV and foil stamping for packaging cards?

    Spot UV and foil stamping for packaging card are both modern printing process that applies a layer of foil on top of the packaging card.

    Foil stamping printing involves using heated plates with the image to apply metallic foil, such as silver or gold, to paper or card.

    While Spot UV printing, on the other hand, is applied as a liquid and then exposed to Ultra-Violet light, this rapidly dries on the surface of the packaging card.

    Wines, wedding favors, candles, breweries, culinary goods, and other items benefit from both printing techniques.

    They can improve the design of your packaging card, which may attract customers due to its exquisite appearance.

    You can make your brand name or logo foil stamp or with spot UV printing with your own choice.

    20. Can I put my brand logo on the packaging card?

    Yes, you can put your brand logo on the packaging card.

    The positioning of the logo is a significant factor for manufacturers when designing product packaging cards.

    brand logo on packaging card

    Almost the majority of marketers insert their logo at the top of the packaging card.

    A logo is usually put at the top of the product packaging card to boost the exposure and value of your product’s logo.

    Logos exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they all adhere to the same basic rule of open space.

    If your logo is on product packaging card, a business card, or a retail display, you must go for a frame or a border that is 10% of the entire width of your product logo.

    Make sure your product logo is legible in a variety of sizes so it stands out as soon as a shopper reads your product’s packaging card.

    21. How to order a packaging card from China?

    You must first choose your supplier before proceeding with your orders when ordering your packaging card from China.

    Here are the steps to order a packaging card from China:

    • You can browse online on the internet and find the right manufacturer of packaging card that will meet your needs.
    • You can submit your inquiries and orders directly to the supplier from China once you’ve found your manufacturer.
    • Send the quotation of your order, the complete details of the custom packaging card, including the: size, material, color, shape, design, order quantity, and application of packaging card.
    • Your supplier will calculate the cost of your order and you have to confirm your orders as well.
    • After order confirmation, your supplier from China will do the manufacturing procedures of your packaging card.

    After completed all of the processes, your manufacturer will contact you with delivery information. Your Chinese supplier will request about your shipping address and secure online payment.

    It is very important to choose wisely the supplier that can be trusted when it comes to payment, as well as an experienced manufacturer with a long track record and a good feedback in the industry.

    22. Are there any sizes of packaging card available?

    Yes, there are several sizes of packaging cards that can be employed for any type of product.

    A regular packaging card in the U. S. is 3.5 x 2 inches in size, which is comparable to most business cards.

    We provide you with several preferred packaging card sizes that you can use in the future.




    Packaging Card


    Size (inches)

    3.5” x 2.5”

    2.5” x 2.5”

    3.5″ x 4″

    4″ x 5″

    You can change the dimension of the packaging card to match the requirements of your product.

    23. Can I make my packaging card in different shapes?

    Yes, you can make your packaging card in any shape.

    You can choose from a multitude of irregular forms for your packaging card, such as diamond, heart, star, and so on.

    Round, square, oval, and rectangle are the most common shapes to use for packaging cards.

    24. Will it be possible to print the front to the back of the packaging card?


    It is possible to personalize the packaging card by printing it from the front to the back.

    front to back print of packaging card

    On the front of the packaging card, you can put your logo, and on the back, you may print information about your product or business.

    If you want your packaging card printed from front to back, let your manufacturer be informed. You can also print on your own by setting up your PC and printer.

    Follow these simple steps to print on both sides of the packing card:

    • Select Print from your software’s File menu.
    • Check to see if your printer is turned on. The Properties dialog box will open when you click the button.
    • Select Flip on Long Edge or Flip on Short Edge from the Print on Both Sides drop-down list on the Layout tab.
    • To print with card stocks, select OK.

    25. Is a jewelry packaging card can fit all kinds of jewelry?

    Packaging card can be in any size, therefore they can fit all kinds of jewelry.

    jewelry packaging card

    It is an ideal way to use a packaging card for your jewelry. It can look prettier and attractive using packaging cards personalized printed styles.

    Packaging card can fit into necklaces, earrings, anklets, bracelets, etc.

    Packaging card is the most popular for all jewelry shops.


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