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Best4U offers a variety of materials that you can select for your candle label with premium quality labels

  • Candle labels could be in any shape, color, and design
  • Kraft paper, Synthetic paper, transparent, hologram, PVC, PET, etc.
  • Personalize and create your own artwork for your candle label with Best4U high-quality printing arts.

Printing art options: CMYK printing, UV Printing, Hot stamping ( gold stamping, silver stamping, red stamping, green stamping, purple stamping, and more )

Tips to help you get an instant quotation:

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Your candle labels could be on roll, sheet or cut in shapes.

Label Packing Method

Printing Art

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    Candle Labels | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Candle labels are used as a tool to advertise and promote your candle products.

    This guide can be helpful if you intend to read information related to materials, printing methods, uses, manufacturers and suppliers, customizability features, legal requirements, CLP candle labels, etc.

    1.    What is meant by candle labels?

    Candle labels are customized labels that are placed on candles to provide customers with product information.

    Labels on candles are used for labeling the candle, such as wicks, scents, ingredients, fragrance notes, filler oil, and other information you would include on your candles.

    The labels can be custom-sized, in multiple print colors, on adhesive materials, and printed using different digital artwork.

    candle label

    Candle labels can be found in the candle containers for each specific candle label size set, or they may be individually placed on the bottom of the candle container.

    Candle branding labels help boost sales of your candles on the market.

    These labels are essential elements of your marketing plan that will impress upon the buyer that you are a serious seller and provide reassurance and a voice for your brand.

    2.    What materials are utilized to make labels?

    Labels are made with a specific type of materials that have the endurance to go through environmental wear and tear.

    The materials employed are various kinds of paper and plastic.

    The ingredients can be listed as below:

    • Coated paper
    • Kraft paper
    • Synthetic paper
    • Vinyl
    • PVC
    • PET
    • PE
    • BOPP
    • Destructible or eggshell paper
    • Textured paper
    • Transparent PET
    • Colored PET

    All of these materials have varied natures and dissimilar strengths.

    That is why you can pick the material that suits your business and budget.

    Kraft paper

    Kraft paper is a strong, durable paper derived from pulp wood product fibers.

    It is known to be strong, durable, and inexpensive.

    People in its original form love Kraft paper, so it does not come in laminated form.

    Kraft paper candle label

    Kraft paper labels are the best choice if you want to give an unusual appeal to your candles.

    Moreover, kraft paper is not water-resistant.


    BOPP (Biaxially-oriented Polypropylene) is the chosen material for custom candle labels.

    It has been adopted for the beauty and benefits of its unique properties.

    BOPP is an inexpensive, durable material that is easy to print on.

    P.E. and PET

    PE or polyethylene paper is a non-toxic, non-sticky, and environmentally friendly material.

    PET paper is a coated paper made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).

    PET is an inherently recyclable thermoplastic polymer.

    BOPP, PE, and PET are the forms of coated paper.

    These materials can be laminated with various surface coatings to enhance durability.

    All of them have tear-resistant and anti-splash properties.

    3.    How are labels made?

    Candle labels are product labels that help the customer understand the product they are about to purchase.

    When you are looking for candle labels, you want to make sure that they fit into the label format required by the manufacturer.

    Your labels should also have all the necessary information on them so that consumers know exactly what they are paying for.

    candle sticker labels

    The process of label making can be summarized as follows:

    First of all, materials and adhesive checking are done to ensure that they are of the right type and contain specifically required characteristics to make high-quality labels.

    The template designing and artwork are carried out based on your requirements such as length, size, color, etc.

    Later on, the printing of labels is processed on the selected material using various printing options.

    Laser cutting of labels yields them into brands that you can easily pick.

    After the quality inspection, the packaging process is carried out.

    Manufacturers secure that label shipment finds you in the best health.

    4.    How is candle label printing done?

    Label printing is a crucial process that determines the quality of your labels.

    To have it done rightly, you can consider picking the best materials for the upright printing choice.

    Various printing methods are employed by label printers using different kinds of printers.

    The printing methods that you can avail for printing labels are:

    • Flexographic printing
    • CMYK printing
    • PMS printing
    • Offset printing
    • Digital printing
    • Embossing and debossing
    • Cold and hot stamping
    • V. laser printing
    • Lithography printing
    • Inkjet printing

    Offset printing

    Offset printing, sometimes also referred to as Offset lithography, is a printing press method capable of transferring images onto paper and other similar materials.

    In this process, ink is transferred from a rubber “blank” to a rubber plate, then transfers onto a paper or card stock sheet.

    This is why offset is generally the best option for high-quality color printing in larger quantities.

    PMS printing

    PMS stands for Pantone Matching System.

    It is a standardized color reproduction system that allows you to match colors.

    PMS was designed for the graphic arts industry as a standard system for specifying colors by number.

    PMS printing uses color standards from this central library to ensure that colors are reproduced consistently by different printers.


    Lithographic printing is a complex process.

    In lithography, an image is transferred to a printing plate.

    This plate is coated in both water and oil-based ink.

    The natural resistance of oil and water to mix becomes the keystone of lithography.

    A rubber blanket then transfers the image to a final print surface.

    5.    Why do you employ candle labels?

    Candle labels are an essential part of every candle-making operation.

    The reason for employing labels on your product can be many.

    If you want to create an impressive branding effect and enhance your candle products’ beauty, you can use labels.

    Candle labeling helps ensure safety and that they are not a fire hazard and provide you with accurate information about the candle.

    importance of candle label

    Labels allow you to personalize your candles to suit your tastes and preferences easily.

    Labels give the perfect finishing touch to your favorite candles.

    6.    Will there be any significant impact on my candle business on using labels?


    Candle labels may affect the quality of candle products, candle profit, and brand image.

    A correct label is essential for your success in the industry.

    Besides, it can increase client satisfaction and make your business grow.

    It also adds to the product and production costs of the candle.

    candle labels for business

    Candle label printing can impart the brand identity and personality of your business.

    For instance, it can include all details of your brand like name, logo, address, etc.

    They are used on candles to express all the properties of a customer before invoking the purchase.

    It serves as a great marketing tool because it provides your potential customers a better understanding of your product and how they can use it most effectively.

    Besides, it also helps in distinguishing your candle from those of your competitors.

    7.    What is label lamination?

    Lamination is the process of adhering a thin layer of flexible plastic or foil to the face of the label.

    You can use laminated or coated paper as a starting material to achieve the purpose.

    Laminating your labels can provide added protection against the elements, such as sun and rain.

    It can also help prevent paper labels from tearing along the edges.

    Label lamination doubles the lifespan of your candle labels while allowing them to maintain their vibrancy and protect your product from fading or other damage.

    There are these common types of laminations:

    Matte lamination

    Matte lamination gives a matte or lusterless finish to labels.

    The labels with a matte finish are straightforward to read as they do not reflect any light.

    matte candle label

    The matte coating can be less economic as compared to other laminations.

    Glossy lamination

    Gloss lamination is famous for its gleamy presentation imparted to labels.

    glossy candle label

    Gloss laminated labels can be an eye-catching tool.

    8.    What are candle label templates?

    A candle label template is a free vector label design that is used to create candle labels.

    The design looks like it comprises circles, rectangles, stars, various shapes, and text boxes arranged into columns with colored backgrounds.

    There is an option for adding design elements such as patterns, product brand logos, and more personalized designs using templates.

    A label template is an illustration that represents a format for publishing the information about all qualitative characteristics of a product.

    Thus, it contains dimensions, quantity, material, packing size, price, and other essential features of your product.

    9.    What are the obtainable sizes of labels?

    Candle labels are obtainable in innumerable sizes.

    The size of the label is affected by the dimensions of your candle jars or packaging.

    You can have an idea of label dimensions by the following table.

    Candle Label

    Sr. No.

    Dimensions in inches

    Length x Width

    Sr. No.

    Dimensions in mm

    Length x Width


    2-1/4 x 7-3/4 1.

    190 x 30


    9-3/4 x 1-1/4 2.

    190 x 36


    1-1/2 x 3-3/4 3.

    150 x 80


    2-1/4 x 7-3/4 4.

    163 x 25


    2-1/2 x 4 5.

    99.1 x 93.1


    2-1/4 x 7-3/4 6.

    105 x 49.5

    You can always custom make your labels in desirable sizes.

    10.    What printer is best if I want to print labels at home?

    If you want to print labels at home, then you can use an inkjet printer.

    You can get clean, crisp labels using this printer, especially in vibrant colors.

    It is an excellent option for printing on a variety of media and sizes.

    It is also user-friendly as the software detects the size when you insert a label-ready sheet and prompts you to choose your text and images.

    The beauty of these printers is in their versatility.

    They can be used for several applications, from creating used for labels and logos to printing pictures.

    You can also use the Cricut machine for the same purpose.

    11.    Are there kraft paper candle labels?

    Indeed, there are.

    Kraft paper candle labels, alternatively known as paper candle labels, are paper covers for candles.

    These labels are for decoration and keep the candles from crackling and protect against a hot cauldron over spilling.

    Kraft paper candle label

    Although custom candle labels come in sizes and varying shapes, you can also use circles and rectangles because of their versatility.

    Kraft paper labels are especially proven to be an economical way of labeling candles.

    Candles are beautiful as it is, but with kraft paper labels, your candles will be that much more attractive.

    12.    What are luxury candle labels?

    Luxury candle labels are unique labels that would last long on your candle jars and bottles.

    This kind of label is a good decoration for your candle to promote its brand name.

    These labels are designed to appeal to customers willing to pay a higher price for a candle because they want it to smell better, last longer, and have a beautiful label on it.

    luxury candle labels

    Luxury candle labels can offer a designer look for your products.

    These labels appear to be costly as they also influence the cost and enhance the demand for candles.

    You can utilize different techniques to make labels in the best luxurious way.

    13.    Are candle labels writeable?


    They are writeable using a standard ballpoint pen or a marker if you have labels made of kraft or simple paper.

    But it can be difficult for laminated labels.

    The laminated label is an adhesive label with waterproof and removable characteristics.

    This label is coated with an overlaminate making it resistant for use on candle containers.

    writeable candle labels

    Due to the nature of the material, it is not as easy to write on as some other materials, but it is possible.

    You can use a permanent marker and do not use oil-based pens to melt the label causing discoloration of the container.

    14.    Does the label sheet cost more as compare to label rolls?


    Product labeling is one of the most crucial tasks for the successful distribution of merchandise.

    The best way to label a product is through using the label roll instead of label sheets because the roll of labels offers several advantages over the sheets.

    Buying the label sheets for small purposes can be OK, but it can cost way more than roll packaging in larger quantities.

    roll candle labels

    Label rolls are proven to be economic when labels are to be bought in bulk quantity.

    The more you buy, the more cost-effective they will be.

    15.    How to find the right direction of label rolls to insert in the labeling machine?

    When you are printing labels by machine, it is essential to consider the “roll direction.”

    This determines how your labels are oriented as you unwind them.

    To ensure consistent printing, when the label is coming off of the roll, it should be positioned in a specific way for your machine to read and process it.

    roll direction

    The roll usually feeds into the machine with the label facing one direction.

    The manufacturers label the eight directions on rolls that make it convenient for you to feed in on the labeling machine.

    The labels can be printed on the outside or inside of rolls.

    Based on this fact, there can be four directions:

    • Bottom first
    • Top first
    • Left side first
    • Right side first

    And the same goes for both directions.

    16.    Are paper candle labels biodegradable?

    Yes, all paper-based candle labels are 100% biodegradable.

    They are made from a blend of recycled materials that includes sustainably farmed fiber and environmentally sensitive dyes.

    The biodegradability of labels makes them helpful in lessening your worries while discarding them.

    17.    When can I use PVC candle labels?

    PVC labels are made with highly tear-resistant and anti-splash, waterproof material.

    PVC labels can be used for packaging and branding of candles, and the material is resistant to abrasion and chemicals.

    This makes them a perfect choice to use on candles when you want your candles to have a flawless finish.

    PVC candle labels

    These labels protect your candles from environmental damage.

    18.    What is the production rate of labels per hour?

    Manufacturers having full-scale production can yield more than 600 labels of premium quality in one hour, making up to more than 3,000 labels in 5 hours.

    Production rate is determined by the number of product labels requested and the number of titles produced per hour.

    The production rate depends on the size of the label and the label material.

    You can rest assured that credible manufacturers will deliver your order in the shortest time possible.

    19.    What do you mean by a candle warning label?

    Candle warning labels are standard on candles.

    These labels inform customers regarding the use and safe handling of the product.

    Most candle manufacturers are obligated to put warning labels on candles because certain people are susceptible to being hurt by them.

    With candle labeling, you can inform your customers of your safety precautions and proper use of your selling product.

    candle warning label

    All labels must comply with the correct consumer protection statutes, especially those dealing with consumer goods.

    It is your duty as a business owner to make sure that you are selling safe products and informing all of your consumers of potential hazards, or else you may risk heavy fines or even legal action against your business.

    20.    What is the purpose of the prayer candle label?

    Prayer candles have labels on them that are regarded as prayer candle labels.

    These types of labels have particular sort of prayer-related images.

    prayer candle label

    Labels serve the same purpose, whether or simple scented candles or prayer candles.

    21.    How can I use candle labels for gifting purposes?

    You can employ labels with the intention of gift, such as you can gift your spouse with their favorite scented candle.

    In this case, you can paste a custom-made label having some message printed on it to make your spouse fall more in love with you!

    gift candle labels

    You can also grab printable or writeable candle labels for occasions like wedding anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

    22.    How many colors are available for candle labels?

    The color range is not limited in the case of candle labels.

    When you order labels, you can present your choice freely in front of the label manufacturer.

    Whatever the color or color shade is, it is no longer a problem when you have the right printing partner.

    You can opt for any color, be it solid or pastel colors or some color amalgamations.

    23.    Can I decorate candles with gold labels?

    Indeed, there is no boundary to creativity.

    You can decorate your candles the way you want to give them the scent of your taste.

    gold candle labels

    Gold label candles present a luxurious experience of a person gifting them.

    24.    What are CLP labels for candles?

    CLP stands for “Classification, Labelling, and Packaging.”

    It is a set of internationally recognized standards for all products.

    ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) advises that any candle or wax melt with hazardous chemicals must be neatly labeled and classified for sale within the U.K. and E.U.

    The candle labels must comply with CLP standards if you intend to sell them in Europe.

    25.    What are the legal requirements for candle labels?

    The requirements surrounding labeling for candles are handled by the country you live in (or where your store is).

    Regardless of these, there still may be specific guidelines that must be followed for general safety.

    In the U.S., a candle label will offer instructions on:

    • Usage and handling
    • Statement of identity
    • Net weight
    • A best-used-by date
    • Warnings relating to allergies and smoke/fume inhalation
    • The name and address of the manufacturer

    Take note that stores selling candles may also have further regulations regarding the labeling for these as well.

    It is pertinent to display a label warning customer about the potential hazards in large cities.

    26.    Which law act is responsible for the regulation of candle labeling guidelines?

    In the U.S., Fair Packaging and Labelling Act (FPLA) regulates guidelines related to candle labeling.

    Candle labeling regulations are also governed by the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS).

    The GHS regulation internationally mandates consistent, harmonized criteria for labeling hazardous chemicals following the level of hazard presented by such products.

    27.    Is there any candle label manufacturer located in China?

    Of course.

    Many China-located label manufacturers can take care of your candle labels.

    You can check for their online presence using the internet and send quotations to know the latest prices offered by them.

    28.    How can I get instant quotations from candle label suppliers?

    For getting instant quotations from suppliers, you can consider a few steps.

    Make sure to provide all the related data required for ordering, such as:

    • Quantity of order
    • Candle label size
    • Material options
    • Delivery time
    • Email address

    When you provide all the supplier’s needed information, they will contact you as soon as possible.

    29.    How to make customized labels for candles?

    A customized label is catered to your needs.

    You can custom order your labels from suppliers that make or sell brands for candles.

    Many manufacturers offer personalization options to pick your color choices, material selections, surface coatings, packaging methods, whether rolls, sheets or cut into shapes labels, etc.

    You can also print your own artwork on labels using a customizable feature.

    30.    How much do candle labels cost?

    The cost of candle labels can be estimated in a range of $0.1 to $1 based on the quality of materials and printing techniques employed.

    Some other rate influential factors include dimensions of labels, laminations, packaging method, material options, and order quantity.



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