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    Easy Steps To Make Gift Bags Out Of Wrapping Paper Bag

    Ah, the delights of gift-wrapping—or should I say, the struggles and hardships of gift-wrapping? It’s great if your gift has a beautiful, conventional box shape, but what if it has a wobbly, squashy, or otherwise weird shape that makes it difficult to wrap the paper around? Learning how to manufacture gift bags from wrapping paper will come in handy in this situation. If you are used to purchasing gift bags rather than constructing your own, you will notice the savings in your money as well. Gift bags are made out of wrapping paper work with items of all different shapes and sizes. With all the money you will save by using our tutorial on how to construct gift bags out of wrapping paper, don’t hold it against us if your pockets get overstuffed!

    In this blog, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily build a gift bag out of wrapping paper that you can customize to any size or shape. Only the width of the wrapping paper on your roll will determine the size. Learn how to build a bag out of wrapping paper in the following paragraphs to raise your gift-wrapping game without spending money on store-bought bags.


    Method 1 : Designed For Small and Medium-Sized Gift Bags

    Ideal for: Modest gifts like a ceramic mug, book, bottle of wine, or houseplant.

    What you’ll need is:

    • sheets of wrapping paper
    • clear tape
    • one set of scissors

    Okay, let’s get going. This present bag is made from wrapping paper, and it just requires 5 simple steps, so it will move quickly!

    Step 1: Cut a rectangular-shaped piece of wrapping paper with the scissors. Make sure the breadth and length are at least twice as long. If you change your mind, you can easily shorten the length.

    Step 2: Fold the paper’s edges inward toward the center, allowing them to slightly overlap. Along the full length of the paper, tape the seam shut.

    Step 3: To make the bottom of the present bag, fold the bottom of the wrapping paper up. About half of the paper’s width should be the depth of the bottom fold. You would fold the wrapping paper 8 inches from the bottom, for instance, if it were 16 inches wide.

    Step 4: Fold the paper once more, this time splitting it and pressing the corners together to form a diamond shape. Use the gift-wrap tape to secure.

    Step 5: Make a tiny overlap with the pointed ends at the top and bottom by folding them inside. Use tape to hold. All done!

    The only thing left to do is choose what to put in the gift bag and who you’re going to present it to.

    Method 2: Large Gift Bags

    Ideal for: Bulkier and heavier objects like blankets, heavy books, gadgets, home decor, etc.

    What you’ll need is:

    • an old box (choose a size that can fit your present)
    • wrapped presents (opt for thicker paper)
    • several scissors
    • glue (ideally glue stick) (preferably a glue stick)
    • punching a hole
    • ribbon
    • a roll of translucent tape
    • one cardboard piece
    • the pencil (optional)

    Step-by-step guidelines:

    1. First, place your empty box on its end and sketch its perimeter with a pencil.
    2. Next, cut out the rectangular form you have traced using the scissors. Later on, you’ll use this to stabilize the bottom of your present bag. Then, cut out a second rectangle that is thinner and smaller. Then, cut it once more, this time lengthwise. Later on, you’ll utilize these two items to strengthen the handles on your present bag.
    3. The next step is to place the empty box on the chosen wrapping paper and cut it out, leaving a three-inch overhang on each side of the box.
    4. Next, construct a crease by folding down two inches of the paper’s edge on one side of the wrapping paper that you just cut.
    5. Place the blank box next to the edge of the crease you just made. The seam should be on one of the edges as you wrap the paper around it. Seal the seam using a glue stick. Use the tape to secure it if you need to.
    6. Then, raise your box so the creased edge of the wrapping paper is facing downward. The upward-facing overhang should be closed up like a present. Put everything in its proper place using glue and tape.
    7. Next, make creases at the bag’s edges and pinch each corner with your fingers.
    8. After that, wriggle the box out from under the paper wrapping and fold the sides of the present bag.
    9. Next, apply adhesive to one side of the cardboard pieces you have previously cut out.
    10. Next, tuck the cardboard pieces under the bag’s folded edges and push them in place to strengthen the area where the handles will go. Do the same with the larger piece that will go at the bottom of your present bag after that.
    11. Last but not least, punch two holes in the top of the gift bag, then cut two lengths of ribbon for the handles. Put them through the openings, then tie a knot.

    You’ve finished!

    Making Wrapping Paper Gift Bags: Beginner's Guide to Tips and Tricks

    If you’re having trouble making wrapping paper gift bags, here are some suggestions.

    • Each fold must be completed neatly.
    • The most crucial step in folding is the bottom; make sure to fold all sides equally.
    • For making paper bags, careful folding will result in neat creases.
    • Don’t worry; you can change the bag’s length even after it has been created.

    Additional Tips for Wrapping Gift Bags

    Keep these points in mind to make sure the gift bag you build is durable.

    • The best wrapping paper is medium weight because it is strong yet still easy to fold.
    • The ratio of height to width on your bag should be two to one.
    • It is not advised to use these gift bags for anything that are particularly tall or heavy.
    • To make the bag more durable, you may always add a piece of cardboard to the bottom.
    • Add additional tape if something feels flimsy!

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