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Knowledgeable facts about woven label materials, features, etc.

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    Do the Right Choice: Woven Label Materials, Features, and Types

    A woven label is an optimal solution to give your clothing a touch of sophistication. The fact that the entire label is woven gives them a pleasingly smooth touch, yet they are still sturdy.

    Woven labels are typically made of two types of materials:

    • Cotton
    • Polyester

    Due to the higher quality of the fabric used, woven labels generally survive longer than printed labels.
    Woven labels

    Although woven labels are more expensive, it depends on the use and cost of your item. Since they are meticulously stitched rather than printed, they are more durable even before being regularly handled and washed.

    They provide a more rich feeling and make your clothes seem more luxurious.

    Usually, what you can count on a woven label to have on it are brand names, contact information, and website address.

    fabric label material

    Different Types of Woven Labels

    These fabric labels will not only give your product a professional image but will also make it simple for buyers to recognize your products wherever they are.

    Personalized woven labels are the best in terms of quality. Whatever you used to wash them with, they would still be in excellent condition.

    Damask woven labels

    Damask woven labels

    The most woven label types is this one. Ideal for high-end applications and a true improvement to the image of your brand.

    Damask is a fabric made from polyester.

    The best quality can be obtained with damask woven labels. They cost the most because of this. Despite being soft, they are nevertheless strong.

    You have a wide range of alternatives when choosing a color of damask because it comes in many various shades. It will last even if it is subjected to extreme conditions.

    Satin woven labels

    It is the ideal type of fabric label material to utilize for making soft goods. The labels on satin fabrics are particularly shiny and silky.

    Satin woven labels

    Popular for use in infant clothing and an excellent material for sensitive skin is the satin woven label.

    Generally, satin labels cost less than damask labels.

    Luxury woven labels are satin labels. They are therefore suggested for those who own a variety of vintage fashions.

    Taffeta woven labels

    Taffeta woven labels

    Taffeta is a unique fabric since it is quite thick and slightly stiff. A simple but well-liked woven label due to their lower price. Taffeta is your only option if you want to save your budget.

    Taffeta woven labels are made from polyester threads. It’s important to recognize that only fabric polyester threads are allowed.

    Why choose woven labels?

    • Unlike plastic labels, woven labels won’t peel off or discolor.
    • Woven labels have a long lifespan.
    • Customization is possible with woven labels.
    • Woven labels are produced using superior materials.

    Choosing the Right Fold

    • Mitre fold – provide an angled finish and is ideal for softer clothing. Usually sewn into the seam of a garment after being folded at a 45-degree angle on both ends.
    • End Fold – Include a 7mm additional seam allowance on both sides. End-folded woven labels are typically found in shirt collars.
    • Centre Fold – These are folded with the seam allowance in the middle.
    • Flat Labels – These are flat and create a clean, sharp edge on your merchandise.
    • Book Fold – Comparable to the centre fold, but with the seam allowance folded inward.

    Where to Place the Woven Labels

    You must choose where to place the woven labels on your items after learning the fundamentals of the labels.

    It might be on the front of apparel, the edges of scarves, on sleeves, on the neck, the hemline, the back of leggings or jeans, within backpacks, or the back of a jacket.

    There are a lot of options you can select on where you preferred to put your fabric labels to have a great impression on your customers.

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