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    Wine Labels – The Definitive FAQ Guide

    A wine label is considered an identifying mark or brand placed upon the packaging of the wine bottles.

    Every Bottle includes a wine label, and it could either be attached or printed directly on it.

    Wine labels are composed of four significant elements: brand name, image, signature, and the back label.

    Everything you need to learn about making wine labels, Living labels, best wine label machines, top wine labels, etc.

    This guide will answer all these questions and much more to help you get familiar with the product.

    1.    How do I print my wine labels?

    The process of printing your wine labels is quite simple.

    You have to create an online account. There are several label design sites you can choose from.

    How Do I print My Wine Labels

    You have an option where you can upload your artwork files to create and design your wine labels.

    Simply upload your logo and personalize your wine labels. Use easy online designer tools to tweak all of your options font, text, colors, photo, cut lines, crop lines, etc.

    You can add a small image of your business or any other detail you’d like, all for free.

    After you finish editing print your labels with a single click.

    2.    What needs to be on a wine label?

    Wine labels are a crucial part of any winery or wine market.

    The information about the type of product and level of quality needs to be conveyed as shortly and accurately as possible.

    What to put on Wine Labels

    It must include the following information:

    • Name of the Brand
    • Address and name of Bottler
    • Class or Type, American Viticultural area
    • Country of origin
    • Alcohol content
    • Vintage date
    • The total volume of each content
    • Any declaration about the sulfite
    • Health warning and statement

    It is also essential for a wine label to capture the company’s mood represented on it, so there are many different styles and color schemes in the industry.

    3.    Are our wine labels worth anything?

    Yes, wine labels can be precious!

    When wine bottles are purchased in bulk, the bottling company must prove their shipment came from the same batch or vintage.

    This is done by attaching a vintage report on each Bottle’s label.

    This adds to each Bottle’s cost and adds to the value if they can be removed and saved to add to a collection.

    Wine bottle labels are similar to postcards as both have images of places, things, or important people.

    Having a set of vintage wine labels dating from one particular vintage can continue to increase in value as time goes on.

    4.    What’s the best way to get labels off wine bottles?

    The easiest way to get a label off the neck and shoulder of a wine bottle is with your fingers.

    Wet your thumb with some saliva or water, and gently rub the label downward toward the base of the Bottle.

    How to get label off

    The easiest way to get the labels off wine bottles is to apply a liberal strip of clear packing tape on the Bottle, attach the label, and rip it off. It’s fast and easy, but if you are going for permanence and want to get the old labels completely off without damaging the Bottle (which happens with some glues), you need a little more elbow grease and patience.

    5.    How do you attach wine labels?

    To apply a label to a wine bottle, you will need wine bottle labels and a bottle of wine.

    Take the top off your Bottle of wine.

    Use your finger to rub some glue on the surface of the Bottle.

    Attach Wine Labels

    Put your chosen label over the top of the wine bottle and rub it around the bottle’s surface. Then let it dry for 5 seconds.

    You can also use self-adhesive wine labels.

    With this label, there is no need to put glue or adhesive. Just place the label on the bottle surface and rub your finger on the label’s left and right; it gets stuck to the Bottle.

    6.    Why are wine labels important?

    The importance of wine bottle labels cannot be overstated. It’s beyond the visual presence of beautiful bottles of wine.

    It’s an identity statement, a declaration of quality and taste.

    It’s a way to stand out from the crowd, to reach your customers organically via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other social media venues.

    Wine labels give people a chance to know you, what you like, and how they can find you.

    Wine labels create an unforgettable impression on the intended audience and potential customers of your product.

    Winemakers today need to separate themselves from the slew of wines vying for attention. To do this, they need living wine labels that go beyond their actual bottle price.

    7.    What is not required on a wine label?

    All wine labels are supposed to contain a certain amount of information, but many don’t.

    However, this is not a foreign concept to consumers.

    Many wine labels are misleading because they contain labels for items that are not required of them.

    I’ll refer to as the “top three” most often seen wine label non-required items: appellation, varietal, and vintage.

    Appellation determines the geographical area from which those grapes came that were used in winemaking.

    Varietal, as the name implies, represents the type of specific grape used in making wine.

    Vintage refers to the year or date on which grapes from which wine is made are harvested.

    8.    What size are wine labels?

    When it comes to wine labels, sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are generally following different sizing used by wineries and bottle manufacturers.

    Sr. No.

    Wine Label Size (in)



    3.5 × 4.0


    Mini Bottles

    2.25 × 3.5


    Mini Bottles

    2.0 × 3.0


    Mini Bottles

    3.0 × 3.0


    Mini Bottles

      3.0 × 3.0



    4.0 × 3.5

    7 Waterproof

    5.0 × 5.0

    Each type of wine label is different in size.
    Size is an essential part of creating the perfect bottle wine label. Wine labels are measured in inches.

    You have to choose and customize your wine label based on the container size you will be putting it on.

    9.    How do you remove wine labels with vinegar?

    There are a few methods of removing labels from your wine bottles.

    Our top pick would be to use white vinegar. It’s cheap, environmentally friendly, and has an odor that will dissipate in a relatively short time.

    Most wine labels can be removed by soaking the Bottle in white vinegar.

    The acidity in the vinegar will soften up the glue and help you get a better grip to remove the label.

    Rinse your Bottle out after removing the label.

    10.      What are wine labels made of?

    Wine labels are made of various materials, including paper, laminated paper, plastic, or metal.

    Wine Labels are made mainly from a flexible paper material that allows them to be easily applied to a wine bottle and then removed without damage.

    The look of the label will depend on what kind of plastic or paper you choose.

    You can also choose to have your wine labels printed in color or black and white, depending on the look you want for your label.

    The corrugated material’s woven texture looks elegant, and your guests can follow the instructions that are usually printed on the back of the label.

    Depending on what you are labeling and the kind of celebration you are having, they can be designed to match your event’s theme and color scheme.

    11.      What makes a great wine label?

    A great wine label makes the consumer want to take a second look.

    A label has to be unique enough to separate itself from other brands on the shelf and appealing enough to make someone pick it up.

    What makes a good wine label

    There are many different types of wine labels, but the most popular are silk-screened or digitally printed labels.

    Printed labels have unlimited design options allowing the brand owner/vintner to be creative with their design, like choosing a specific font, adding clip art, and choosing colors.

    Silk-screened labels do not offer as much flexibility but are more cost-effective and more durable.

    12.      How do you calculate wine label size?

    The size of the label depends on the shape and size of the Bottle.

    It’s easy to calculate the size of your wine label. Measure the circumference of your wine bottle in millimeters (mm).

    The measurement from the bottom of some bottles can be tricky, so measure at the closest point.

    Calculate size of wine label

    To do this, take a measuring tape, and measure from the bottom of the Bottle, straight up.

    With the help of tape, measure the height of your wine label. In this way, you will get the exact label size that fits your Bottle or container.

    13.      How much does a wine label design cost?

    Several factors affect the price of a wine label.

    The most crucial factor is quantity.

    The less you purchase, the more expensive it is per unit.

    Labels also cost more if you are using a more complicated label or if you have a logo printed on it.

    Suppose you want your labels to look professional and of high quality and be able to showcase your brand name with additional colors, text, themes, and effects. It cost more.

    On average most wine labels cost under $1.

    14.      How to prepare custom wine labels?

    Custom wine labels are made to order, and they are printed on an offset system.

    To make a custom wine label, you can use a PDF document or the online editor’s templates. Templates with thousands of sizes are available.

    You can customize it freely using colors, any text that you like, and some graphics.

    You can choose between glossy paper (photo paper) or matte paper for your personalized wine labels!

    Wine label templates enable to customize with ease of the main label as well as the secondary label.

    Once you have created your wine labels template, upload it on the website and follow the procedure to order custom labels.

    Custom labels will be delivered to your doorstep within a few days.

    15.      Are there any free wine label templates?

    Yes, there are wine label templates that you can download and use for your personal use.

    You may use them to create custom wine labels for any occasion you wish to celebrate, but most commonly, they are used for special occasions like holidays, weddings, and birthdays.

    If you’re in a bind for time, you can find wine label templates on numerous websites.

    Also, you can find free templates via Google search “free wine label templates.”

    The pictures tell all the info one needs.

    These free downloadable wine bottle labels and water bottle labels give you room to add your company’s name and offer custom information.

    16.      How to apply wine labels?

    Hold the label firmly in place once it’s placed in the Bottle.

    Align it with the area you want it to be placed on the Bottle.

    How to apply labels

    Press down from the center and move it outwards slightly to the left and just to the right.

    Smooth down, and the bottle labels should be firmly in place.

    17.      Where to order wine labels?

    There are two options to choose from if you are looking for a cheap and reputable supplier to buy wine labels.

    If you are looking for retail, you can search online stores. These stores offer high-quality wine labels with the lowest price on the market.

    In case you need wholesale or custom bottle stickers, you can search for manufacturers in China. These places offer high quality at the lowest price.

    You can customize your glass water bottle stickers in a lot of different sizes.

    Custom glass water bottle decals can help you identify your bottles quickly, and you can also feel free to add the logo if needed.

    All the items are shipped from Sticker Label directly, including security adhesives with clear instructions on how to stick them perfectly.

    18.      How to make homemade wine labels?

    Homemade wine labels are a great way to add some personality to your bottles of homemade wine.

    You can create your wine label in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop Microsoft Word, etc.

    Choose any one wine label maker software that you like, or you can have access at ease.

    Homemade wine labels

    There are also online wine label makers exist.

    Choose any template that best fits your Bottle and desire. Customize it either in Photoshop or Illustrator by changing text, themes, effects, etc.

    After you have finished editing your wine label, print it with a single click and paste it on your Bottle.

    19.      What can wine labels do to your wedding?

    Wedding wine labels, also called wedding bottle tags have gained popularity in recent years as an inexpensive yet personal gift to give wedding guests.

    They can be designed to match your theme and are the perfect place to add a photo of you and your spouse.

    Wedding Labels

    Wine labels can help you add something special to your big day by providing guests with personalized labels for their wine bottles.

    A beautiful way to mark your wedding memories, wedding wine labels also create a romantic setting and are long-lasting keepsakes, as they will be on display for years to come.

    20.      How to make wine labels with the circuit?

    To make wine labels with the circuit, you will need some basic knowledge of wiring basics.

    You can start knowing the parts of a circuit and then searching for the tutorials online.

    This is an entire wine bottle labeling system.

    The idea is to only add the graphics and wording that you need for each Bottle of wine.

    You can do this by using a grid or editable label page.

    This is a unique home project that’s relatively easy to assemble and adds your personal touch.

    The kit includes everything you need to create beautiful labels with custom text.

    21.        How do wine label designs impact wine sales?

    If you’re a wine producer, your bottles’ labels are a huge deal, and they play an essential role in how you market your product.

    Two significant factors affect wine labels: the design and branding (what it looks like) and the wine bottle label message (what it says).

    Most people do when looking at a new bottle of wine to look at the label.

    Label design

    While most people rely on the image on the front of the Bottle or box to decide to purchase it, others will choose a wine based on the name or even the back label.

    The goal of any wine label design is to create a consumer desire to buy your particular brand.

    You can increase your return on investment by knowing how to communicate with the consumer and understand what they respond well to.

    22.      How do you choose the best wine labels?

    There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re buying wine labels.

    Quality, size, touch, color, material, and personalization are the most important things to consider.

    These are vital things that will make your wine labels stand out.

    The many different types of materials to choose from include paper, laminated paper, and plastic.

    The first thing you should consider is what kind of wine labels you will place on your bottles.

    For the average customer, one of the most famous wine label styles is a fundamental and elegant wine label that has been customized with their information.

    However, if you are a professional company or offering expensive wines to the public, then a custom wine label may be the way to go.

    23.      Is there an image database for wine bottle images or wine labels?

    There is a vast image database of top wine labels available online.

    Wine labels are the most popular choice of images by far, with very few people using photos when designing wine labels.

    Use the search window to find a specific label or view the custom wine label images in the database.

    24.        What are some very recognizable wine labels amongst wine drinkers?

    Some of the most recognizable wine labels are listed below:

    • Chateau Mouton Rothschild
    • Paradise Ranch Ice Wine
    • Angevine Wines
    • Matsu
    • Lunar Wines
    • Lealtanza Spanish Artists
    • Bodegas Faustina Rioja
    • Chapoutier
    • Frescobaldi Pomino Bianco
    • Erdener Pralat

    25.      How do you decode a wine label like a pro?

    Learning to read wine labels is easy once you know how to recognize the keywords that appear on the back label.

    These clues spell out everything from the winery’s place of origin and most prominent grapes to the wine’s vintage year and product source.

    Decode like a pro

    Although you can learn an incredible amount about a bottle of wine by looking at the label, it can be difficult for wine novices to get beyond the sometimes complex and confusing jargon of the label’s backbit (the bits of information usually on the left side of the brand that tells you things like how much wine is in the Bottle, where it was bottled, what grape variety it is, etc.)

    26.      How to make custom wine labels with MS Word?

    Creating custom wine labels using Microsoft Word is inexpensive and straightforward.

    Label templates are available online to use and adjust with your name, company name, or logo.

    Wine Label with Microsoft Word

    If you want to design labels from scratch, the free, downloadable OpenOffice software offers features that you can’t get in the basic version of Microsoft Word.

    To make a unique wine label is very easy. All you need to do is edit the template with the required changes such as color, size logo, and print.

    27.      What are the best wine labeling machines?

    There are several wine labeling machines on the market, and each has its features. Some of the most popular are listed below:

    • Universal R310 round wine bottle labeler
    • Maxwolf semi-automatic round wine bottle labeler
    • Zla Zap labeler semi-automatic round wine bottle labeler
    • Lab 01 Manual Bottle Labeler
    • Easy bottler wine label applicator

    28.      How to protect wine labels?

    Wine labels are often damaged or stained in transit.

    The wine bottles have the same problem.

    To eliminate this problem, people have found many creative ways to protect wine labels and bottles.

    Wine bottles are commonly wrapped with a stretchy plastic wrap that can be easily bought from any boutique or any supermarket nearby after purchasing a Bottle of wine.

    Protecting Wine Labels

    Bottles are then put inside a hard-plastic casing that is no bigger than the Bottle itself, and it protects the label from getting crumpled in transit.

    The bottles themselves can be wrapped in bubble paper to give them some cushioning around them for proper protection.

    29.      What are living wine labels?

    Living wine labels are those wine labels that have pictures on them.

    Features of living labels include the ability to print off on different materials, including paper or metal.

    They can be personalized with graphics, text, or pictures that allow you to create and use unique bottle designs for each type of wine you would like to display.

    Living wine labels are authentic wine bottle labels that visually tell the story of the wine inside the Bottle.

    Living Wine Labels

    The living label is born from the desire to add a touch of class to every occasion, whether relaxing at home or entertaining at a friend’s house.

    They are unique, reproducible in an infinite number of ways, and can be customized in any possible way you can imagine.

    30.      How to set up a wine labeling machine?

    First of all, place the wine label roll in the wine label roller holder. Drag and place the wine label into the holder, which automatically drags and sticks it to the Bottle.

    Now place the Bottle in the Bottle Holder.

    Switch on the labeling machine. When it detects the Bottle, it automatically drags and places the wine label on the Bottle.

    The process continues.

    31.      What are the leading printing arts for wine labels?

    There are three main types of printing arts widely used in label design including, CMYK printing, PMS printing, and UV printing.

    CMYK printing refers to four colors of ink used in most color printing bottle labels.

    The four colors consist of cyan (a greenish-blue), magenta (a light purple), yellow and black.

    The “key” in printing uses these four colors of ink to create any color that appears in the image, including ones the eye cannot see.

    PMS printing of bottle labels is an offset printing technique used on private label promotional water, juice, and sports drink bottles.

    PMS printing of bottle labels involves using special inks so that the colors will match your company’s logo or match another industry standard.

    UV printing of bottle labels is the latest technology in label printing.

    UV inks are different from the traditional four-color process of black ink; they accurately transmit light, ensuring that your labels appear real on products and items when viewed under natural lighting conditions.

    UV printing of bottle labels may help preserve the flavor and freshness of beverages.

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