Our Team
Since 2009 , We Are Always On The Way ...

Principle :
Open,Sincere,Responsible, Contributing,Innovation,Efficient.

Keep Modesty Mentality Like Empty Cup To Study and Improve !
Mission : 
For Customers : Serve with 100% Honest Heart, Make Life and Job Colorful.
For Staff: Create Space For Development To Enhance The Value Of Staff, Improve The Quality Of Life.
For Community: Promote The Healthy Development And Contribute The Progress Of Civilization.
Moral Value : 

Rather Lose Money, Never Lose Reputation ; 
Work And Live Better In Good Faith And Pragmatic; Business Regardless Of Scale, Should Be Treated Equally;
Corporate Style :
Serious, Responsible, Strict, Active And Efficient
Serious : Excellence, Inquisitive
Responsible : Courageous To Take Responsibility In The End
Strict: Strict Management, Grueling. Self-discipline, Strict Law Person, Strictly In Work , Strict Reward And Punishment.
Active: Active Accept The Task, Take The Initiative To Assume Responsibility, Take The Initiative To Identify Problems, Take The Initiative To Improve And Perfect.
Efficient: Clear Work Plans, Rapid Response. Done Something Today, Leave Space Tomorrow.

Shenzhen Best4U Has 3 Factories, We Are Producing Advertising Products Like Magic Cube,Custom Playing Cards,Outdoor Banner Flags etc ; Promotion Souvenir Gifts Like Liquid Keychain,Fridge Magnet,Liquid Timer etc And Jewelry Boxes .