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Mr and Mrs Wedding Wine Labels
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Low cost, high quality printing arts for your wedding wine label
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Floral has a refreshing look for your guest on your wedding day
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Kraft Wedding Wine Labels
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Hot Stamping Wedding Wine Labels
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Printable Wedding Wine label
With custom logo, size and design it will be more beautiful
Waterproof Wedding Wine Label
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    Best4U provides a unique way to add a personal touch to your wedding celebration. Choose and purchase a unique wedding wine labels to make a memorable celebration on your most memorable day. It doesn’t have to be a costly wine to be ideal on your wedding day, but it should be the one that draws everyone’s attention on this special day. Best4U provides unique and elegant wedding wine labels.


    Best4U provides a unique way to add a personal touch to your wedding celebration. Once you have decided the bottle that is best for you, finding and creating a personalized wedding wine label is not far away from you.


    To give your wedding celebration a personal touch, Best4U has pre-made designs by our professional designer for all wine label-related. Each set of unique wedding wine labels is custom printed with your choice of colors and text. If you already have already a design of your own that would be great and the Best4U team will assist you with the details.


    Best4U provides you with cost-effective wedding wine labels and are printed in high-quality printing technology whether you put a message regarding love, peace, or friendship that displays on your wine label our professional designers and designs would be perfect for you.


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    Best4U’s wedding wine label printing capabilities will assist you in bringing your ideas to life. Everything is done digitally in Best4U, so you may order as many wines wedding labels as you need from China’s largest wine wedding label factory.


    Find a supplier that can provide you and meet your standards in making your wedding wine labels attractive to your guests. With Best4U’s ten years of expertise, we are already well-known for all our successful projects. Only in Best4U, you can have an elegant and memorable look for your wedding wine labels.


    You can choose one of the Best4U top-grade materials including synthetic paper wedding wine labels, PVC wedding wine labels, PET wedding wine labels, BOPP wedding wine labels, PET wedding wine labels, Kraft wedding wine labels, etc. Either of the materials that you chose Best4U will do it great for you. Send your inquiries anytime here in Best4U, we are available 24/7.


    There are a variety of methods to personalize your personalized wedding wine labels, such as adding an attractive feature or using colorful patterns to draw attention to your product. Best4U can create personalized wedding wine labels using our high-quality printing techniques; you may pick from PMS wedding wine labels CMYK wedding wine label, hot stamping wedding wine label, UV wedding wine label, and other options. We will make your product more sophisticated.


    As the top manufacturer in China for more than 10 years, Best4U widely offers a different kind of labels and stickers for your products such as bottle labels that has many usages like shampoo bottle labels, beer bottle labels, etc. Best4U also manufactures wine labels that have so many premium materials that you can select from. Check out our page send us your orders now.


    Best4U supports small and large orders. Order as many as you like, Best4U can manufacture more than 30,000 wedding wine labels in just five hours. If you only have small orders we have a minimum order required of 1000 wedding wine labels. You can even have your wedding bottle labels even during peak season. Just contact our team and we can make it for you.


    Since 2009, Best4U has been a competitive wedding wine label supplier in China, and we can complete your personalized wedding wine label to the highest standard. To ensure each quality level, we conduct a 100 percent strict quality check on all of your orders, which must pass the four times quality check before being sent to you.


    All of your wedding wine labels should be packed in robust boxes to prevent damage and guarantee that each order is secure. Best4U will pay you in full for any errors in the quality of your wedding wine labels. The packages are well taken care of from production to shipment.


    Our shipping lines ensure that your wedding wine labels arrive safely and in good condition. You have the option of having it shipped by water or by airplane; however, air delivery is substantially faster than sea delivery. Expect delivery on time and in quality. We will deliver your wedding wine label at the time that we agreed or earlier than the scheduled time.


    Best4U has a great team. From experienced engineers, professional designers for your designs, and customer service are all working together to ensure that only top-of-the-line quality wedding wine labels are produced. With also our advanced technology, eight types of printing machines, and premium material that you will never have to worry about.


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    The Ultimate FAQ Guide – Wedding Wine Labels

    The wedding wine labels are a good opportunity to make the wine bottles on your wedding receptions stand out.

    We created this FAQ guide to take control of your worries regarding the wedding wine labels to make your wedding day more special.

    Whatever you need to know about wedding wine labels, including pricing, customization, printing, manufacturers and suppliers, materials, and more, is right here.

    1. What does it mean when you say wedding wine labels?

    The wedding wine labels are beautiful and crafted labels that are attached to your wine bottles.

    wedding wine labels

    This can give your wine a lot of attention and provide the ultimate personalized experience to your weddings.

    Wedding wine labels appear in a range of colors and forms to fit champagne bottles, patron bottles, Château bottles, burgundy bottles, or any size of a wine bottle.

    Wedding wine labels will determine the identity of your product.

    It may contain some important details about your wine on how does it taste, volume content, and so on.

    It is easy for the consumer to know what product they are going to buy or they will drink for that special occasion.

    Wedding wine labels can bring a classy look to your brand and one great way to express your stylistic thoughts that everybody else will be impressed with how your wine bottle looks.

    2. What is the use of wedding wine labels?

    Wedding wine labels are sources of knowledge for purchasers since they reveal the wine’s variety.

    The wedding wine labels will leave an incredible impression on your guests.

    It can raise the value of your wine product in the same way that other labels can.

    Whether you’re aiming to make a present for the bride and groom or customize your own wedding wine labels to sell on the market

    If you own a business, wedding wine labels are a brilliant solution to grow your branding and increase sales by providing your customers with an attractive design that will make them want to pick the wine off the shelf.

    It’s a chance to increase awareness of your brand in the marketplace.

    3. Is the hot stamping printing method will make my wedding wine labels luxurious?


    The hot stamping printing method is one of the great printing techniques that applied to most wine products to improve the appearance that looks classy and luxurious.

    hot stamping wedding wine labels

    A thin layer used to consistently transfer aluminum or pigment color designs to a surface through a stamping procedure is known as hot stamping method.

    Hot stamping produces a real metallic with a shiny appearance that attracts people.

    When compared to cold foiled materials, hot stamped materials have deeper and brighter colors.

    Hot stamping may be a preferable choice for individuals who value quality over quantity.

    4. How to personalize the wedding wine labels?

    Personalizing wedding wine labels is a method of customizing your labels with your own design and artwork.

    personalized wedding wine labels

    Creating great artwork for your wedding wine labels is a lovely way to commemorate your wedding memories.

    You can alter your labels using templates that are available.

    Download the templates you want to use and start personalizing them to your choice.

    You have complete control over the color, graphics, style, theme, font style, and other aspects of the wedding wine labels.

    On the custom label, you can include a photo of the couple, the bride and groom, to highlight that it is their wedding.

    Make every wedding day even more special with the personalized wedding wine labels.

    5. Is it great to make my wedding wine labels waterproof?

    Yes, of course!

    Waterproof wedding wine labels are perfect for the wedding receptions.

    waterproof wedding wine labels

    When you say waterproof, you are referring to the label itself, which is covered and laminated to keep it dry and keeping it safe from any moisture and splash.

    In such a situation, the wedding wine labels will retain their original design and will not be erased or cramped when placed inside the ice bucket.

    A cost-effective idea is to make your labels waterproof.

    With waterproof wedding wine labels that stay longer and protect the brand or printed graphics on the label, you’ll make every celebration special.

    6. What is exactly a printable wedding wine label?

    Printable wedding wine labels are easy and convenient to use.

    You may find free printable labels on the internet.

    Printable labels for wedding wine bottles can be die cut or kiss cut.

    Printable labels are used to create labels in the labeling industry.

    It is a layout of a sheet of labels or the outline of a particular label that you can print and download.

    The desired label design is then created around each layout.

    7. Is it possible to use an anti-counterfeiting label on my wedding wine labels?

    Yes, of course!

    anti-counterfeit wedding wine labels

    Anti-counterfeiting labels for wedding wine products are a terrific concept for consumers and guests to ensure high grade security of products to safeguard their brands and the product itself at specific events.

    Anti-counterfeit labels, as we all know, are the method of protecting the product in which it can prevent infringement or counterfeiting.

    The wedding wine products are difficult to counterfeit in making the label anti-counterfeiting.

    Anti-counterfeit wedding wine labels can be a hologram and it has different material categories, including VOID anti-counterfeit label, encryption laser, general laser hologram, and scratch-off laser anti-counterfeiting label.

    8. What are the paper material choices that I can use for my wedding wine labels?

    For wedding wine labels, there are selections of paper choices to choose from.

    A particular application of the product, wedding wine labels can be manufactured out of plastic or paper.

    The texture and durability of the paper and plastic materials used for wedding wine labels varied, which can be used to create a unique label.

    These are some of the materials that can be utilized to make the best wedding wine labels.

    • Eggshell paper or destructible paper
    • Coated paper
    • Textured paper
    • Synthetic paper
    • PVC
    • BOPP
    • PET
    • Vinyl
    • Kraft paper
    • Brush gold and silver paper
    • Writable paper
    • Matte gold and silver paper
    • Shiny gold and silver paper
    • PP

    If your wedding day has a vintage or rustic motif, Kraft paper is a popular choice for wine labels.

    PVC, BOPP, PET, and PP are famous for wedding wine labels since these materials are versatile, oil-proof, tear-proof and waterproof.

    The writable paper will let you write your own message or other details about the product on the label using a marker on it.

    A coated paper has a cheaper price and can be covered with a film that makes it water-resistant.

    9. Can I add some decorations to the wedding wine labels?

    Yes, certainly!

    The wedding wine labels can be the most beautiful and unique for the special event of someone.

    Making a great and stylistic design of wedding wine labels can make everyone amaze and grab a bottle to toast.

    wedding wine labels

    Bespoke wedding wine labels are a simple and inexpensive way to bring customized elegance and appeal to your reception tabletop.

    Applying decorations such as silk ribbons, flowers, hemp ropes, and other stuff. These creative touches may provide even more to your wedding ceremony for a very low cost.

    There are many ways to add decorations to the wedding wine labels that will depend on your motif, specifications and needs.

    10. Can I order a small quantity of wedding wine labels for personal use?

    Yes, you can order a small quantity of wedding wine labels.

    Small orders of wedding wine labels can be accommodated by a variety of suppliers.

    This is useful for small businesses, homemade wine goods, and even for personal applications for weddings.

    You can order quantities of 500, 1000, or more.

    There are also ready-made labels available for purchase.

    11. How much is a wedding wine label?

    The wedding wine label does not cost a lot.

    The cost of the wedding wine labels will be determined by the quantity and custom design.

    The cost of the wedding wine labels will run from $0.1 to $3 per piece.

    Manufacturers in China offer customization of labels for your wine bottles with amazing designs and cost-effective labels.

    You can save more bucks if you order in bulk especially when it is personalized since personalized labels are not easy to manufacture.

    12. How to get a wedding wine label from China?

    Ordering wedding wine labels in China is a simple process.

    It’s very simple nowadays because of the devices and the internet, and it’s one of the benefits of carefully selecting manufacturers who can provide exactly what you want for your wedding wine labels.

    Simple Steps to Order from China:

    • Search up your chosen wedding wine label manufacturer on the internet.
    • Complete the necessary information, such as shipping address, contact information, and name.
    • Send them your personalized wedding wine label layouts. Your manufacturers can create a design for you if you don’t have any. Simply send them your order quotation.
    • After the quotation has been verified, make arrangements for a down payment or full payment to your supplier.
    • The production of wedding wine labels will begin immediately.

    After all of the procedures have been completed, the manufacturer will ship your order directly to you. It will be delivered door to door, either by sea or by air.

    Ordering from China has the advantage of being hassle-free; all you have to do is wait for your orders to arrive at your location.

    13. Can I put a photo on the wedding wine labels?


    wedding wine labels with photo

    One way to make an event memorable is to put a photo on the label of your wine bottle.

    A photo of the bride and the groom on the wedding wine label can make every guest impress.

    It can be in any size and shape, like round, square, rectangle, oval, etc.

    A quote message below the photo is very common also to have.

    Any additional custom style is terrific for a wedding day.

    Most wedding wine labels are printed with emojis, love birds, sunflower prints, and more.

    Make your wedding wine labels outstanding by making them extraordinary.

    14. What is the right printer to use in printing my own wedding wine labels at home?

    There are many printers available in the market.

    However, if you want your wedding wine labels printed with the best result with a high-quality image layout, choose the preferred printer.

    For any designer or maker, the greatest inkjet printer for producing stickers is generally the best printer overall.

    Printers that are Suitable for Wedding Wine Labels:

    • HP Sprocket Portable2x3” Instant photo printer
    • Epson SureColor SC-P600
    • Canon Pixma Pro – 100
    • Epson SureColor P800
    • Canon PIXMA PRO-200 Professional Color Printer
    • Brother MFC-J497DW Inkjet Multifunction Printer
    • Canon IP8720 Wireless Printer, AirPrint and Cloud Compatible

    In general, if you wish to print labels, you should use a general-purpose printer.

    Carefully find the correct paper type or Media Type setting when printing.

    15. Are there available shapes for the wedding wine labels?

    Yes, of course.

    The wedding wine labels can be in different shapes.

    In using any shape can be enticing and impressive because of its unique and presentable layout.

    There are lots of shapes that can be used in custom wedding wine labels.

    One of those common shapes is a rectangle, circle, square and oval.

    Those shapes are popular because they can be printed with many details on them.

    There are no limits in creating various shapes of wedding wine labels. Irregular shapes are also applicable for personalization just like triangle, pentagon, nonagon, star, heart, hexagon, and so on.

    The more distinctive the shape you produce, the more attractive the wedding wine labels will be.

    16. How can I get a wedding wine label template?

    The wedding wine label templates can be modified according to what design you particularly want for your wine bottles.

    There are available templates for wedding wine labels on the internet.

    Free templates online are flexible and can be printed with the logo or brand name of the product or the name of the couple.

    When you search the free templates for wedding wine labels online, it is free and ready to download on your computer.

    There are thousands of professionally designed templates online that you can personalize.

    After downloading the templates, you can start customizing them on your editing tool, like Microsoft Word, Photoshop, etc.

    When all are done, you can directly save it on your files and ready to print it out.

    If you have a manufacturer, you can send your finished custom wedding wine labels to them to manufacture it ahead of time.

    17. What are the printing methods to apply to make my wedding wine labels stand out among others?

    There are a variety of printing arts that could be used to create wedding wine labels.

    You must first decide on the type of printing procedure you will use for your wedding wine labels.

    The Printing Arts for Wedding Wine Labels are:

    • Hot stamping
    • Cold stamping
    • PMS printing art
    • Emboss printing art
    • Deboss printing art
    • Screen printing art
    • Digital printing art
    • UV printing art ( ultra violet)
    • Offset printing art
    • Lithography
    • Inkjet printing

    UV Printing Art

    The UV printing is also called “Ultra violet” that runs through UV rays and has a luxurious effect on the wedding wine labels.

    It is a famous printing art for most branded wines all over the world.

    UV ink is known and cannot be removed with water or any other substance.

    Deboss Printing Art

    Deboss printing is the process in which the letters, decorations, etc. are depressed on the surface which means the printed letters, images or decorations are pushed down the material.

    It is literally the opposite of embossing printing.

    Deboss is one of the amazing printing arts that can make wedding wine labels extraordinary.

    18. What are the important factors need to be on the wedding wine label?

    The wedding wine labels are being used not just at weddings but on different occasions.

    After you’ve purchased your wine, design a label that matches or complements your wedding theme and includes all of the essential information.

    The essential factors that need to be on the label are:

    • Wine brand name
    • Manufacturer Details ( name & address )
    • Country of origin
    • Alcohol content
    • Vintage date
    • Ingredients net volume
    • Warning and health statement
    • Allergens

    These labeling specifications must be printed on the label and it must be labeled correctly so that it can showcase the contents of the wine and does not bring confusion to the guests or the shoppers.

    19. What do you mean by roll wedding wine labels?

    Wedding wine labels on rolls are one of the packaging methods that are commonly applied to some brands and businesses.

    Roll labels are placed on a cardboard spool.

    It is recommended to use for faster application using a machine or label dispenser.

    You can also use the roll wedding wine labels manually or by hand by placing them on a hanger tube or any kind that you are comfortable with.

    Wedding wine labels on rolls can be in any design and can be purchased in bulk.

    For larger numbers of applications, roll labels are preferable.

    20. Is there a removable wedding wine label?

    Yes, of course.

    A removable wedding wine label uses a type of adhesive that is removable.

    The use of removable adhesives provides more flexibility.

    The removable adhesive is best to use because you can apply it many times without damaging the surface or leaving any residue on the surface of the wine bottle.

    It is also convenient to use and you can detach easily the label from the surface.

    The removable wedding wine labels can be reused as this is detachable and can be used again and again.

    21. How can I attach the wedding wine label to the bottle?

    The wedding wine labels must be presentable with no visible errors especially in placing the label on the bottle.

    Here are the steps to attach the wedding wine label on the bottle:

    • Hold both ends of the label securely in position.
    • It should be aligned with the portion of the bottle where you want to put the label.
    • Once it is confirmed where to put the label, position it and press down the middle of the label firmly into the surface of the bottle.
    • Accurately press the middle of the label outwards to the left and into the opposite side as well.
    • Smooth the label onto the surface.
    • Make sure there are no bubbles on the labels.
    • Set aside the finished product and continue to the next wine bottle.

    Placing your own wedding wine labels is a quick and easy way to provide a special gift for a special day.

    22. Can I apply the wedding wine labels on different sizes of bottles?

    Of course!

    The wedding wine labels may come in different sizes.

    Correct sizes of the labels will go on to precise labeling.

    The sizes of the wedding wine label may differ on the size of the wine bottles and your desired needs if you require the bigger size that fits your layout.

    Sr. No.

    Wine Bottle

    Wine Label (inches)


    Mini Bottle

    2.0 x 3.0


    Mini Bottle

    2.25 x 3.5


    Standard Bottle Size

    4 x 3.5


    Standard Bottle Size

    5 x 5


    Standard Bottle Size

    3.5 x 4

    The wine bottle has different sizes. Measuring the size of the label is important in labeling.

    23. Where can I use the wedding wine labels aside from wedding events?


    The wedding wine labels are highly versatile, which means they can be applied to various events.

    wedding wine labels for other events

    Since the wedding wine labels are customizable, they can be personalized with different artwork depending on the event.

    It can be used on bridal showers, graduations, birthdays, holiday seasons, gender parties, golden anniversaries, and a lot more.

    With classy prints of wedding wine labels that can make every event luxurious.


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