Water Bottle Labels with Cricut

The simplest method for creating custom water bottle labels using a Cricut

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    How to Make Custom Water Bottle Labels with Cricut?

    Do you want to use your Cricut to create customized water bottles? Making custom water bottles with a Cricut is a simple and enjoyable way to express your creativity.

    Water bottle labels with Cricut make great party favors, holiday gifts, and event promotional materials.

    Custom Water Bottles with Cricut - Happiness is Homemade

    It’s time to customize the labels on your water bottles! It is ideal for water bottles since it can endure a variety of environmental factors and survive for three years or longer.

    What You Will Need in Customizing Water Bottle Labels with Cricut

    You will need the following materials and supplies to start making your water bottle labels with cricut in a fun and creative way.

    • Weeding tool
    • Transfer tape
    • Scissors
    • Cricut machine
    • Adhesive Vinyl
    • A clean, dry water bottle of your selection

    Now you have it, let’s get started!

    Customizing Water Bottle Labels with Cricut
    water bottle label size

    First Thing You Need To Do

    Start with blank water bottles, and get the measurement using a ruler or a measuring tape in getting the right dimension of the label you need.

    Get ready with your label template, you can customize the design of your label using a software editing tool.

    Resize the label with the appropriate size you need for your water bottles.


    Printing Water Bottle Labels with Cricut

    Once you’ve completed designing your water bottle labels, you can either have them printed elsewhere or at home.

    If you decide to print at home, insert some removable adhesive paper or glossy photo paper into an inkjet printer and press print.

    Once it’s printed, ready for the next step.

    Printing Water Bottle Labels with Cricut
    cutting labels

    Cutting Your Labels

    Set the cutter to cut vinyl with a fine tip blade and place your label sheet on a normal cutting mat.

    Remove the empty space from the design after the cuts have been completed.

    To remove the extra vinyl, use your weeding tools.

    Keep the vinyl backing’s design intact.




    Applying Transfer Tape for Sticking the Label

    Transfer Tape holds your design from the front and provides you with a grid for placement, enabling you to accomplish the precise placement of your design.

    • Attach the transfer tape to the design’s front, and then peel the vinyl’s backing away.
    • Place the vinyl where you want it using the transfer tape.
    • Peel off the transfer tape after thoroughly pressing the design onto the water bottle.

    Now it’s good to go! So simple and easy peeling label to your water bottles.

    water bottle labels with cricut

    What Cricut material is best to use?

    Premium vinyl material is the choice for Cricut labels because it is made to endure a variety of environmental factors and has a lifespan of up to three years or more.

    Your stickers will be more durable and will adhere to any surfaces like water bottles, computers, helmets, and others if you print them on water-resistant materials like vinyl.

    Custom Water Bottles with Cricut - Happiness is Homemade

    What are some uses of water bottle labels with cricut?

    Knowing how to create custom water bottle labels with a Cricut allows you to be creative and come up with a one-of-a-kind design.

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    As a result, personalized water bottle labels made with a Cricut are a popular and useful souvenir, a way to sell your goods, a tool for gifts, etc.

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