How Washi Tape Will Be Printed

Best4U focuses on manufacturing custom washi tape with advancement and expertise to meet your needs.

Full-colored printing designs for washi tape with great demands printing arts, such as PMS printing, Spot UV, cold foil printing, CMYK printing, embossing, and more.

With beautiful designs to choose from and we also accept personalized designs from you.

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Different material has different features, Best4U will help you to know the materials better.

Label Materials

Some finishes is bright, some is telling your brand story in silent way. Which one will you like? Best4U will help you understand the process clearly.

Printing Art

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We Make Different Types Of Sticker Labels

Best4U manufactures different labels and stickers such as washi sticker sheets, invitation envelopes, etc. We have all your needs, contact us for your requests and we will assist you.

We ensure premium quality, wonderful service, and professionalism with our expert teams to collaborate on the needs of our customers.

100% quality assurance with a full inspection of each of the labels to provide no error labels. We meet your needs with our expertise.

We Got All Your Needs

Providing beautiful and creative washi tape is our main goal and excellent service to our customers. For over 10 years in printing and manufacturing washi, we set our hard work by giving solutions to some major problems in building a business and for personal aspects as well. Best4U has supplied washi sticker to more than 1000+ worldwide brands and made them satisfied for the long term.

For your custom washi tape, it can be in various beautiful sizes such as small, medium, and large washi tape or a wide washi tape depending on your choice. We offer limitless designs of washi stickers and you can have gold washi tape, cute washi tape, washi tape bullet journal, vintage, washi tape, black washi tape, Christmas washi tape, and more to choose from.

Washi tape stickers are versatile and very useful in many ways like school projects, as scrapbook tapes, wall decorations, for party favors, souvenirs, for product branding, and can utilize it as a washi tape organizer as well. Our washi tape crafts are made with premium materials that can withstand splashes and moisture, the adhesives we used are safe and environmentally friendly.

Best4U provides an option of durable materials that are used in manufacturing kawaii washi tape – Kraft paper, coated paper, textured paper, special paper, synthetic paper, BOPP, etc. With these materials, we can create a beautiful pink washi tape, white washi tape, glitter washi tape, brown washi tape, blue washi tape, and a lot more.

We offer cheap washi tape all around the world and we are able to produce a marketable quality type of printed washi tape to make our valued customers contented and satisfied with what they get from us. Trendy designs of custom washi tape will make your crafts more beautiful with an easy to tear factor that you can tear washi tape by hand and produce a biodegradable type of materials for a safe application.

Linerless labels are popular in the market, especially on different holidays like Halloween washi tape, for birthday favors you can have rainbow washi tape, gift wrapping tape, and different colors of custom washi tape such as green washi tape, purple washi tape, red washi tape, yellow washi tape, etc. Best4U is highly versatile that can meet your requirements and budget.

Best4U has washi sheets that are made with a high-quality and 100% color accuracy rate. We used different printing arts to come up with colorful and beautiful washi paper stickers. Best4U utilized advanced PMS and CMYK printing for efficient colored printing for your custom washi tape. We always guarantee the printing quality of your bande washi tape that meets your standards.

There is a wide variety of washi tape and a lot of modern designs that we can manufacture for you just like our aesthetic tape sticker, floral washi tape, rose gold washi tape, galaxy washi tape, silver washi tape, black and white washi tape, yellow washi tape, red washi tape, and more.

Best4U washi tape manufacturer and supplier in China has the highest standard and is able to capture your attention with our enticing gift tape. We will let you discover how beautiful your gift boxes decorated with washi tape is. You can reach us anytime at the convenience of your time for your sticker washi tape needs.

Best4U will give you more options for your washi tape patterns to look your crafts better. We will never let disappointments be on your way because we always have the best production of stickers washi tape with our professional makers and hard work team to collaborate in making your quality sticker washi. We also have a wide production capacity in order to cater to a large number of washi sticker paper.

Let our personalized tape be an inspiring factor to your business whether it is a small business, handmade products, or big-time business, Best4U washi tape manufacturer will always find a way to produce a unique concept for your brand and create a professional design of stamp washi tape that suit your quality needs.

Best4U is an active supplier and manufacturer of metallic washi tape that offers full customization to your custom washi tape in any utilization you want. We offer a lot of opportunities for your crafts and brand, for bulk washi tape orders, you can order from us anytime and we make sure that when you receive your washi tape orders, you will be fully satisfied.

You can explore the Best4U website for many options and see how wonderful our service is. We have templates available and designs to choose from, whether you need a plain washi tape, foil washi tape, washi tape pattern, washi tape packs, watercolor washi tape, custom printed washi tape, and more to choose from.

We can adjust the widths and lengths dimension of your washi tape and stickers for perfect output. Best4U creates a stunning impression to customers to expand your brand awareness and enhance the packaging of your item by using washi tape labels from Best4U. We will help you customize your washi tape sticker roll with our professional and creative designers that never let you down.

Washi sticker sheets are checked individually with our experts and during the dispatch of orders; we packed your washi labels in safe boxes for security and to avoid damage. As well as the washi sticker rolls that are very popular in most brands, because of their easy application factor that will let you decide to purchase a washi sticker rolls.

Are you tired of searching for custom washi stickers for your special events? We always got you! For whatever special events, like weddings, birthdays, gender reveals, bridal showers, etc. We have special designs also for that – flower petal washi tape, floral washi stickers, rose gold washi tape, silver washi tape, glitter washi tape, washi dot stickers, washi petal tape, and so on.

We will guide you every step of the way for you to achieve your goals for your custom washi stickers. We ensure the accurate and excellent production of every washi adhesive sheets, we also provide a production video on manufacturing washi tape tags and free samples for quality checking on your end.

Don’t be hesitant to contact us for your washi tape sticker sheets for we could lead you to the right track of your business. Best4U is a reliable washi tape manufacturer in China and can supply large numbers of washi sticker rolls anywhere in the world. We have a fast and competitive delivery process and production, so when you need washi labels in a rush, we could be your best choice!

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