Warranty Stickers Illegal

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    How to Use Warranty Stickers but not Illegal

    “Provisions that tie warranty coverage to the use of particular products or services harm both consumers who pay more for them as well as the small businesses who offer competing products and services.”

    Any technology enthusiast is likely to have seen “Warranty Void if Removed” stickers. They are frequently found on a variety of devices, including phones, AV equipment, gaming consoles, and computers. It’s interesting to note that depending on where you live, many warnings may not even be permitted or may even be against the law. Companies that use them have officially been cautioned by the FTC that doing so is illegal and hence useless.

    The FTC sent warning letters to six significant businesses that are engaged in the production and sale of “automobiles, cellular devices, and video gaming systems” but whose names are omitted from the agency’s press release.
    The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act states that these types of limiting statements are typically illegal unless companies receive a waiver from the FTC or provide free replacement parts. The stickers these companies use, which you have almost certainly seen, violate this law.

    warranty stickers

    For context, the FTC offers the following few examples of offensive text:

    • To keep you, you must use [company name] parts. . . retain all manufacturer’s warranties and any additional warranties.
    • If this product fails, this warranty will not be valid. . . is utilized with goods not purchased or granted a license by [business name].
    • If this product is used, this guarantee does not apply. . . has had the [product’s] warranty seal changed, defaced, or taken off.

    This is a significant victory for consumers in the face of court challenges where businesses like Apple and John Deere are battling for increasingly more control over what you may actually do with the gadgets you ostensibly own. So, the next time you think you might be able to fix anything by fiddling around with a screw or wire a little, go for it. There is absolutely no bite to that sticker.

    warrannty stickers

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    A Warranty Label: What Is It?

    Warranty stickers are used to safeguard a company’s product line and to ensure that everyone follows the product’s guidelines. Warranty stickers are an easy way to let customers know that you stand behind your products. The substance on warranty stickers is designed to rip and break away when tampered with, making them one of the greatest solutions for protecting your valuable things. This adds an additional layer of security. They are a terrific addition to increase the security of your product and are inexpensive, strong, and brand-branded. They also work well as labels for products and as a tool for advertising your goods and services.


    The two warranty label options available

    Breakaway Stickers

    Breakaway stickers are extremely difficult to remove without destroying them. They are made of a substance that was especially developed. It is the ideal choice to secure your essential documents or valuables because it is delicate and very difficult to rip away.

    Due to the material’s specific construction and eggshell-like breaking characteristics, this is the finest choice for protecting your valuable goods. Our business can produce warranty stickers in any special form or size and print them in full color to satisfy your needs.

    breakaway stickers

    Void Stickers

    These premium tamper-evident labels are called “void stickers.” A void sticker will show signs of interference when you attempt to remove it by leaving a void text mark. These cannot be applied to them once more. 

    The warranty seals used as security seals are these tamper evident stickers. For all personalized warranty stickers, we offer digital printing. Industrial equipment and products are personalized with VOID stickers.

    What function do warranty labels serve while buying electronics?

    You always ask about the warranty while buying products like electronics or appliances in any store. Usually, the products have a warranty sticker on them. Customers value warranties greatly because they can return products to the retailer if they have any flaws up until the expiration of the warranty.

    Any manufacturer, like a sticker printing company, offers warranty stickers. They are now producing holographic warranty stickers. Hologram sticker is a declaration to a product that it is protected and original which create greatest impression to the buyers.

    There have been numerous instances where consumers have been duped by counterfeit stickers. Several complaints have been made as a result of the identical stickers’ malicious purpose. In general, it is bad for the reputation of the manufacturer because it will hurt their sales. They have chosen hologram for warranty stickers to prevent customers from buying fake products and to show that the product is worthwhile purchasing in order to avoid those problems.

    The longevity of the sticker is what makes it the best factor for a product’s validity under warranty. It excels at being water-proof because it is actually constructed of vinyl.

    Always verify the authenticity of the warranty stickers. To avoid buying phony goods, be sure the products you buy are of excellent quality.

    Are Sticker Label That Read "Warranty Void If Removed" Legal?

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the US says no. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a federal statute that regulates consumer product warranties, was approved by Congress in 1975. The Act demands that merchants and producers of consumer products give consumers clear, comprehensive information about warranty coverage. It affects consumer rights and the obligations of warrantors under written warranties. Although the Act makes it easier for customers to sue for warranty breach, it also unofficially promotes amicable resolution of conflicts.

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