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    UN3480 Label

    UN3480 labels are commonly used in various electronic devices and vehicles due to their high energy density. However, they also pose certain risks during transportation, such as potential fire or explosion hazards if mishandled or damaged.

    Printed with premium printing designs that would be easily faded even when used outdoors.

    We produce various custom shapes and sizes, we meet your requests to help your business.

    What are specific application of UN3480 Label?

    Lithium-ion battery-containing products and shipments must expressly have the UN3480 label. Following are some particular uses for the UN3480 label:

    • Consumer Electronics
    • Electric Vehicles
    • Energy Storage Systems
    • Medical Devices
    • Industrial Equipment
    • Aerospace Industry
    UN3480 Label

    What adhesive type is used for UN3480 Label?

    The UN3480 label is one example of a hazardous material label that frequently uses a powerful adhesive to keep the label firmly fastened to the box or shipment during the transportation process.

    For hazardous substance labels, pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) are typically utilized. When pressure is applied to the label against the package surface, PSAs are made to immediately bind.

    They adhere well to a variety of surfaces, including metal, plastic, and cardboard that are frequently used in packaging.

    These adhesives are often designed to endure a variety of environmental factors, including temperature changes, humidity, and moisture exposure.

    Why Choose Best4U

    Artwork Checking 570x360
    Best4U Label Printing Machines 570x360

    Best4U takes close attention to every little detail, and we QC every step of the way, from your artwork checking to material choices to printing to shipment.

    Since 2009, Best4U has concentrated on the printing sector. We process employing a variety of printing processes. We have a variety of cutting-edge manufacturing tools.

    UN3480 Label Highlights

    UN3480 Label
    • Visual warning to handlers, carriers, and other personnel
    • Improved handling procedures
    • Can be applied to boxes, glass, wood, metal, etc.
    • Enhance safety


    UN3480 Label
    Quality Features
    • Waterproof and resistant to fading
    • Could be rolls, sheets, and individually cut
    • Withstand exposure to light, UV radiation, etc.
    • Made from premium quality materials


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