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    UN3091 Label

    UN3091 is a United Nations (UN) shipping classification used to identify certain hazardous materials for transportation.

    Specifically, UN3091 pertains to “Lithium metal batteries contained in equipment” or “Lithium metal batteries packed with equipment.”

    The label and markings associated with UN3091 help inform carriers, handlers, and recipients about the potential hazards of the shipment and provide guidelines for safe handling, storage, and transportation.

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    What does the UN3091 label indicate on a hazardous materials shipment?

    The UN3091 label on a hazardous materials shipment indicates that the contents of the package include “Lithium metal batteries contained in equipment” or “Lithium metal batteries packed with equipment.”

    This label is used to inform carriers, handlers, and recipients that the shipment contains lithium metal batteries, which are considered hazardous materials due to their potential to cause fires or explosions if not handled and transported properly.

    The label helps to ensure that appropriate precautions are taken during transportation, handling, and storage to minimize the risks associated with these batteries.

    UN3091 Label
    UN3091 label

    Are UN3091 label safe to use?

    Yes, UN3091 labels themselves are safe to use when properly manufactured and applied according to the relevant regulations and guidelines.

    UN3091 labels play a crucial role in ensuring the safe transportation of hazardous materials, specifically lithium metal batteries contained in equipment or packed with equipment.

    These labels provide essential information to carriers, handlers, and emergency responders about the potential hazards associated with the shipment.

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    Highlights of UN3091 label

    UN3091 label
    Benefits of Using UN3091 label
    • Clear Identification
    • Enhanced Safety
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Promote proper packaging, handling, and transportation procedures
    UN3091 label
    Quality Features
    • Withstand various transportation conditions
    • A premium look at an affordable price
    • Easy to apply without the need for specialized tools
    • Show signs of tampering or removal

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    Can I choose what type of adhesive I wanted for UN3091 label?

    Yes. There are many different adhesives available.

    Depending on your preference, you can use either a removable adhesive or a permanent adhesive.

    How do I determine the sticker size I require?

    The size of your sticker will depend on your packaging or container. And make sure the sticker will not overlap with the container of your product.

    If you don’t have any idea, we will guide you on how to get the proper size for your stickers.

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