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    Tuck End Box – The Definitive FAQ Guide

    All the information stated in this guide is related to Tuck End Box.

    You might be unfamiliar with the Tuck End Box at the moment, but at the end of this guide, you will acquire all the know-how of the Tuck End Box.

    You can have the information related to the types, customization, printing technologies, polishing procedure manufacturing process, and uses of tuck end boxes by proceeding to read this guide.

    1.    What is a tuck end box?

    A Tuck end box is a long rectangular box with flaps on both ends that can be folded up on either side.

    tuck end box

    You can access the product packed inside the tuck end box through either of the two flaps.

    The tucking edges of the flaps of the tuck end box give a firm look to these boxes and a stronghold to the product packed inside.

    It’s a versatile, quick-to-assemble product display box that displays very well and can be closed in the same or opposite direction.

    A tuck end box is a popular retail packaging choice for displaying products.

    2.    What are the material options of the tuck end box?

    There are varieties of materials that are used in the making of tuck end boxes. Here is the list of some materials:

    • Coated Paper
    • Art Paper
    • Kraft Paper
    • Corrugated Paper
    • Cardboard
    • Fancy Paper/Textured Paper
    • Silver/Gold Paper

    The tuck end boxes are usually made of these materials, and different kind of paper, there’re also different thickness for options.

    You can combine some of them to achieve the level of protection and durability you are looking for.

    3.    What are the printing technologies of the tuck end box?

    Many printing skills are employed to give a specific print and texture to tuck end boxes.

    The printing technologies used in the printing of tuck end boxes are as follows:

    • Laser direct thermal printing
    • Hot stamping and Holograph stamping
    • Solid color stamping
    • Inkjet printing
    • Offset printing
    • Thermal transfer printing
    • Ultra Violet printing

    Inkjet printing

    Inkjet printing allows for the production of any image, from photographic photos to patterns such as logos, lettering, and graphics.

    The technology also allows for duplicating text and images with an impressive level of accuracy and detail.

    Offset printing

    Offset printing is a standard commercial printing technique in which the ink on the printing plate is transferred to a rubber cylinder and then printed onto a sheet of paper.

    Thermal transfer printing

    Thermal transfer printing, also known as thermal laminating, is a type of digital printing that uses heated ribbons to apply ink to a wide variety of materials.

    Ultra Violet

    UV printing is a revolutionary technique of printing where a UV light is used to dry ink, adhesives, or coatings almost as soon as it hits the paper.

    The process can be used for all kinds of applications including, advertising, packaging, and so on.

    4.    What do you mean by custom tuck end boxes?

    Custom tuck end boxes are the boxes that are made according to your choice and needs.

    You can make a customized tuck end box according to your need by choosing the best bet from a wide variety of customizable options.

    You can select your desired size, shape, and material of the tuck end box.

    The texture or the print of the tuck end box can also be personalized depending upon the type of printing technology you choose.

    The printing designs, artwork, or logos are also customizable.

    You can make your tuck end box with a specified shape cut.

    You can also make a tuck end box with a die-cut window.

    You can add some accessories such as ropes for handling the tuck end box.

    Silk tassels of various colors perfectly embellish the tuck end boxes.

    5.    How is a tuck end box manufactured?

    The manufacturing process of tuck end boxes starts with the selection of an appropriate material.

    The design and shape of the tuck end box are marked on the material.

    The marked lines are called Die lines that serve as a diagram for the cut lines and folds of the tuck end box.

    Different printing technologies are employed to give a print on the sides of the tuck end box.

    Then the material is cut into the shape of the tuck end box.

    After that, the incised piece is folded and glued into the shape of a tuck end box.

    6.    What are the different types of tuck end boxes?

    There are two styles in which a tuck end box can be shaped.

    The types of tuck end boxes are

    • Straight tuck end box

    It is the type of tuck end box whose flaps close in the same direction.

    Due to this property, it is named a straight tuck end box.

    They are different from reverse tuck end boxes in the flaps locking style.

    Straight tuck end box

    • Reverse tuck end box

    Reverse tuck end boxes are pretty much like straight tuck end boxes.

    The top and bottom panels of the reverse tuck end box are not attached to the mainboard.

    One closure panel is attached to the front side of the box, while others are connected to the box’s back side.

    Due to this, the panels are not tucked-in in the same direction when closed.

    The name “Reverse tuck end box” comes from the opposite closing direction of the closing panels.

    Reverse tuck end box

    7.    What do you mean by corrugated tuck end box?

    The tuck end boxes that are made with the corrugated paper board are called corrugated tuck end boxes.

    corrugated tuck end box

    Corrugated paper is a type of material that is made with three different layers of paper.

    The outer layers of corrugated tuck end boxes are made with thick paperboard.

    The inner layer of the corrugated tuck end box that sits between two outer layers comprises a rippled sheet.

    The tuck end boxes made with the corrugated paper board are durable, strong, light, and cost-effective compared to tuck end boxes made with other materials.

    8.    What are the uses of the tuck end box?

    You can use tuck end boxes for a variety of purposes.

    The uses also depend upon the type of industry they are used in and the type of tuck end boxes being employed.

    Tuck end boxes are suitable for retail businesses.

    They are used in food industries, the cosmetic industry, the pharmaceutical industry, etc.

    Tuck end boxes are used to pack the products with safety.

    Tuck end boxes are used to secure different items such as medicines, makeup products, etc.

    Tuck end boxes are a good option for the branding of the product.

    You can use embellished tuck end boxes to attract customers and increase net revenue.

    9.    What do you mean by straight tuck end box?

    A straight tuck end box is one of the types of tuck end boxes.

    The panels at the top and bottom of the central panel of the tuck end box are called closure panels.

    In the straight tuck end box, these top and bottom tucks are attached to the main panel.

    The top and bottom panels of a straight tuck end box fold in the same direction from the front to back.

    The panels of the straight tuck end box are secured with slit locks.

    These are the tuck end boxes that are a common type of box used for various retail settings.

    straight tuck end box

    10.      Which industries use straight tuck end boxes?

    Many industries rely on the usage of straight tuck end boxes.

    Those industries are of a wide range.

    A few of them can be listed as follows:

    • Food industry
    • Beverage industry
    • Cosmetics industry
    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Household industry
    • Consumer electronics industry
    • Skin Care, Body Care, Bath Ware etc all fields

    11.      What is so special about a chipboard reverse tuck end box?

    The reliability, durability, and strength of the chipboard material used to make reverse tuck end boxes make them unique.

    You can use chipboard reverse tuck end boxes to look for the relatively cheaper option for your needs.

    Chipboard reverse tuck end boxes are also eco-friendly.

    The chipboard reverse tuck end box is the best option if you want a packaging box with a compelling and clean look.

    You can use such tuck end boxes to pack food items or pharma products.

    12.      How to open tuck end boxes?

    Tuck end boxes are straightforward to open.

    You can open it with convenience without applying much force.

    You just need to hold the tuck end box in hand and open the upper flap or the flap at the top of the box with your thumb and finger.

    All you have to do is pull the locked flap out of the slit lock, and then the box will be opened.

    The ability to quickly open the box is a dominant feature of the tuck end boxes.

    13.      How to fold tuck end boxes?

    Tuck end boxes are folded according to the cutting design they are cut into.

    You can fold the tuck end box depending upon the style.

    The straight tuck end box folds differently from the reverse tuck end box.

    Reverse tuck end box folding

    You can examine the bottom panel of the carton for signs of a broken joint.

    Look at the seam along one side of the panel and find the joint.

    You will see that each panel folds in opposite directions.

    As you fold the top panel over, it will fold to the rear and forward as you fold the rear panel.

    Don’t forget to glue the rear panel with the front panel.

    Straight tuck end box folding

    You can easily fold the straight tuck end box after locating the seam on the carton.

    Then fold and attach the rear and front panel of the carton and apply glue.

    After that, close the top and bottom flaps of the tuck end box in the same direction.

    14.      Can I lock my tuck end boxes perfectly?

    Yes, you can cut a hole on the cap edge, with a buckle there, you can close your tuck end boxes perfectly.

    15.      Are tuck end boxes recyclable?

    Yes, the tuck end boxes are 100% recyclable.

    Tuck end boxes are recyclable depending upon the type of material used in the manufacturing.

    Primarily paperboard is used to synthesize the tuck end boxes, which you can recycle with ease.

    16.      Can tuck end boxes be with the window?

    Yes, you can make a tuck end box with a window.

    Tuck end boxes with windows have a window in the front panel mostly.

    Tuck end box with window

    However, you can employ different window cuts to give a unique window shape to your tuck end box.

    Tuck end boxes with windows help you in showcasing the item that is packed inside.

    If you want to make a tuck end box for the cosmetic products, then the tuck end box with the window is the best option.

    Because the customers can easily see the entire product from the window of the tuck end box and buy your product.

    17.      Can tuck end boxes be with the hanging hole?

    Yes, there are tuck end boxes with the hanging hole.

    tuck end boxes with the hanging hole

    This hanging hole helps you in hanging your packed item in the store.

    You can also make your tuck end box with a hanging hole.

    All you need to do is design your tuck end box differently from the standard tuck end box and make a hole in the flap on the upper side of the parcel using a hole puncher.

    18.      Can tuck end boxes be with tray inside?

    Yes, you can place a tray inside the tuck end box.

    The tray will hold your product inside and keep it from tripping inside the tuck end box.

    Keep in mind the size of your tuck end box while planning to incorporate a tray inside it.

    You can place a tray inside the box made of cardboard or paper as these are the materials mostly used in making lightweight trays.

    19.      Can I print on the inside of the tuck end box?

    Yes, you can print on any side of the box.

    The outside of the tuck end boxes is mainly printed, but you can also print the inside of the tuck end box.

    You can print pictures, logos, artwork, or text on the inside of the tuck end box.

    For instance, if you want a tuck end box for your food business, you can print a recipe inside the tuck end box.

    If you print on all the sides of the tuck end box, then the price will also increase accordingly compared to only one side of the tuck end box.

    20.      Can I use my artwork for the design of my straight tuck-end boxes?

    Absolutely! You can make any design or artwork on the straight tuck end boxes.

    You can use different printing technologies to give a matte or glossy finish to your design.

    The matte-finished designs give a subtle look, but you can add a glossy finish to your artwork or procedure if you are making straight tuck end boxes for cosmetics or beauty products, you must use these boxes.

    Likewise, if you will make straight-end boxes for food, beverage, or pharma products, you can go with the matte finish.

    You can employ your artwork on any side of the box with any color.

    21.      How are tuck end boxes polished?

    Tuck end boxes are polished with a variety of materials.

    The materials include

    • Varnishes
    • UV varnish
    • Clear polyurethane coating
    • Lacquer spray sealers
    • Clear acrylic spray paint

    You can polish the tuck end boxes with the help of a brush, roller, or spray bottle.

    There are further many types of varnishes that give different types of finishes to the tuck end boxes.

    The varnishes types are:

    • Gloss

    You can create a smooth finish by applying a gloss varnish to the surface of the tuck end box.

    The finish creates an interesting texture that helps add depth to the product and contrast to the color.

    But the finish may also reflect light and cause issues with text readability.

    • Matte

    Matte varnish can help you to create a smooth surface and a soft, subtle appearance. It is not reflective, so texts are easy to read

    • Satin

    A satin varnish is a protective coating that offers a high shine and scratch resistance while maintaining a subtle visual effect.

    It almost looks like there is no gloss on the printed material.

    • Strike-through matte

    Strike-through matte refers to a technique that applies both a matte and a gloss varnish to a printed area.

    The matte varnish is applied to all areas except the ones where a glossy effect is desired.

    22.      Can I make a tuck end box at home?

    Of course! You can make a tuck end box at home without a hitch.

    You can use paperboard or Kraft paper to make a tuck end box on your own.

    For this purpose, take the material and mark your tuck end box measurements according to the template depending on what type of tuck end box you are going to make.

    Take straight tuck end box template and reverse tuck end box template as per your desire and the product to be packed.

    Then cut the box on those measured lines.

    Carefully cut the box as it will affect the final shape of the tuck end box.

    Attach the front and rear panel of your tuck end box and glue them.

    After that, fold the top and bottom flaps of the box.

    You can also design your tuck end box with acrylic or oil paints.

    In the end, place your item inside it and close the box by tucking in the closure flaps.

    But if you need it with perfect printing, find a tuck end box manufacture to custom print for you is the best choice.

    23.      How to make a tuck end box template?

    Companies involved in making boxes usually use different software to create templates for their boxes.

    But if you want to make a template for your tuck end box at home, you can use different templates available online.

    You can also make your template by measuring the product to be placed inside and then drawing die lines according to the measurements or the final shape and size of the tuck end box.

    tuck end box template

    24.      How can I add texture to a tuck end box?

    There are different processes employed for the addition of texture to tuck end boxes.

    Some of them can be categorized as follow:

    • Glossy lamination or matt lamination
    • Glossy varnish or matt varnish
    • AQ coating or spot UV varnishing
    • Soft-touch film lamination or hot foil stamping
    • Embossing or debossing

    You can employ any of the techniques mentioned above to give your tuck end box a unique texture.

    For matte texture, you can use matt varnish or matt lamination.

    Glossy varnish and glossy lamination will give your tuck end box a shiny and glossy look and texture.

    Other techniques can be used if you want to add a colored texture to the tuck end box.

    25.      How to import tuck end box from China?

    It is very convenient to order tuck end boxes from China.

    Many Chinese companies are available online to ship your order of tuck end boxes with complete usage instructions to your doorstep.

    Chinese companies also give the option of customization to their customers.

    You can customize your tuck end box’s style, shape, size, color, printing, etc.

    After that, mention your address and place your order.

    They will tell you the time it will take to ship your order.

    Chinese companies offer cost-effective rates for rich quality tuck end boxes.

    26.      How long does the tuck end box manufacturer need for 500pcs production?

    The process of production starts immediately after the selection of designs and their approval.

    Once you approve the designs, the manufacturers start the production of your order.

    You can avail quick turnaround time of 3 to 10 business days for 500 pieces.

    27.      What methods are there to glue the tuck end box?

    There are several methods to glue the tuck end boxes.

    You can glue by hand or use professional glue machine, but it’s hard to control the glue perfectly if by hand, sometimes it will leak out, sometimes it will be lack of glue. Using machine to glue the tuck end box is the best.

    28.    What kind of film material could the tuck end box coat?

    There are a wide variety of materials used in the film coating process of tuck end boxes.

    These materials can be comprised of the following:

    • Cellulose ethers
    • HPMC
    • HEC
    • HPC
    • MC
    • Ethyl-cellulose
    • PVP
    • PVA
    • Polyethylene glycols
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