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    Tray and Sleeve Box

    Tray and sleeve boxes are often used for premium or high-end products due to their elegant and customizable design options. They offer a balance between functionality and visual appeal, making them a popular choice in the packaging industry.

    The tray is an inner box or container that holds the product securely. It is typically made of sturdy and rigid materials such as paperboard, cardboard, or corrugated cardboard.

    The sleeve, also known as an outer cover, slides over the tray to enclose and protect the product. It is generally made from the same or similar material as the tray.

    Offer a balance between functionality and visual appeal, making them a popular choice in the packaging industry.

    Get Any Design of Tray and Sleeve Box

    Printed Tray and Sleeve Box
    Printed Tray and Sleeve Box

    With custom graphics, text, images, and branding elements that are specific to the product or brand

    Luxury Tray and Sleeve Box
    Luxury Tray and Sleeve Box

    Combines the tray and sleeve concept with high-end materials, elegant finishing techniques, and aesthetics

    Simple Tray and Sleeve Box
    Simple Tray and Sleeve Box

    These boxes have clean lines and basic structures without intricate design elements or embellishments

    Floral Tray and Sleeve Box
    Floral Tray and Sleeve Box

    Best4U utilizes high-quality printing techniques to ensure vibrant and detailed floral imagery on the box

    Elegant Tray and Sleeve Box
    Elegant Tray and Sleeve Box

    It may feature intricate die-cut shapes, interior compartments, and specialized inserts to hold the product

    High End Tray and Sleeve Box
    High End Tray and Sleeve Box

    They are commonly used for luxury products where the packaging itself is an essential part of the product’s allure

    6 Products Found.

    With Different Features

    • Rigid Tray and Sleeve Box
      Rigid Tray and Sleeve Box

      Offer excellent protection for the enclosed product, ensuring that it remains secure during storage, transportation, and display.

    • Kraft Tray and Sleeve Box
      Kraft Tray and Sleeve Box

      This box can be used for a wide range of products, including electronics, cosmetics, high-end fashion items, jewelry, and more.

    • Large Tray and Sleeve Box
      Large Tray and Sleeve Box

      Printed with custom graphics, logos, product information, and other branding elements to create a unique packaging design.

    • Sliding Tray and Sleeve Box
      Sliding Tray and Sleeve Box

      Can be customized to fit various product sizes and shapes. The tray can include inserts or partitions to secure and protect the product.

    Why Choose Best4U?

    Guaranteed Service-S
    Guaranteed Service

    Best4U provides satisfaction guaranteed full service

    Assist On Design
    Assist Making Design

    We help you achieve your ideal designs perfectly

    Strict QC-S
    Strict QC

    Best4U does at least 4 times 100% QC before delivery

    Positive Feedback-S
    Positive Feedback

    We get 99.8% positive feedback from market every year

    Strict Quality Product Checking

    Best4U is committed to upholding the highest standards of quality in all our products. Our strict quality product-checking processes are at the core of our commitment to excellence. We believe that quality is not just a goal but a continuous journey to meet and exceed customer expectations.

    We employ experienced and highly trained quality control teams who are dedicated to inspecting and evaluating products. They are skilled in identifying any issues or inconsistencies and take immediate corrective actions.

    We understand that quality is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction. We believe in delivering the best products that our customers can trust and rely on.

    Artwork Checking 670x380
    Assist On Design (1)

    Detailed Graphic Designing

    Best4U is dedicated to streamlining your packaging design process, ensuring efficiency, creativity, and top-quality results. We understand that effective packaging design is critical for brand identity and customer engagement.

    We believe in close collaboration with our clients. Your ideas and feedback are valued, and we work hand in hand with you to create a design that aligns with your vision and brand identity.

    With Best4U as your packaging design partner, you can expect a seamless and efficient process that leads to visually stunning and functional packaging for your products.

    Advanced Equipment for High Durability

    High technology machine for bottle stickers
    Best4U Label Sticker Printing Machine 570x360

    At Best4U, we take great pride in investing in advanced equipment to ensure the highest level of durability in the products we manufacture. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology and machinery is fundamental to the quality and reliability of our offerings.

    Our advanced equipment allows for precise customization to meet specific durability requirements. We can adapt our manufacturing processes to produce products that are optimized for durability in different environments and use cases.

    Advanced equipment not only improves durability but also enhances the efficiency and consistency of our manufacturing processes. This ensures that each product we produce is held to the same high standard.

    Our advanced equipment is adaptable, allowing us to respond to changing market demands and design trends. This ensures that our products remain durable and relevant over time.

    At Best4U, we understand that durability is a key factor in the satisfaction and trust of our customers. Our commitment to durability extends to every aspect of our manufacturing process, from material selection to quality control, ensuring that our customers receive products they can rely on.

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    Cooperative Brand
    Best4U Has Supplied Premium Labels and Packaging to Over 1000+ Brands

    We’re proud to have played a role in the success of over 1,000 brands and look forward to partnering with many more in the future. At Best4U, your brand’s image and customer experience are our top priorities.

    Choose Printing Techniques and Materials

    Label Materials

    Printing Art

    Label Packing Method

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      Alice from Washington
    How long will I receive the products after payment?

    Normally our production needs 1-7 working days, the following are the times for different shipping methods ( for reference ):

    • Express shipping will take 5-8 working days, so it will need 6-15 working days after payment.
    • Air transportation will take 7-10 working days, so it will need 8-17 working days after payment.
    • Train and sea shipping will take 40-45 working days, so it will need 41-52 working days after payment.
    What's your MOQ?

    500pcs to design your labels and packaging in any custom size, shape, color, and design.

    Do you ship anywhere?

    Yes! We export packaging & labels outside China, we accommodate orders worldwide with fast shipping service.

    Contact us for your shipping options for faster transactions.

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