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    Clear Label – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Clear Labels serve the purpose of labeling without compromising on the packaging and product exposure.

    Clear Label guide contains knowledge related to the manufacturing, materials, types of labels, shapes, sizes, printing methods, price in China, etc.

    1.    What is a clear label?

    A clear label is a kind of label that uses transparent material instead of paper.

    A clear label is different from a paper label because a transparent material is used, reflecting or enhancing the product’s shape.

    A clear label is one that you can read, and when placed on a plain, colored or transparent surface, you can read the information.

    Customers can scan the information without removing the covering.

    clear label

    The transparency will not affect customers’ recognition of the shape and color of your products.

    A label does not cover the entire surface of an item or container, like a bottle of water.

    These labels can be produced in various materials, with permanent adhesive or a no-label look designed to mimic your product packaging.

    It covers any surface, such as glass bottles, plastic containers, or metal cans, to display the product name and related information.

    This type of label is a reusable transparent label that you can customize to use on your products.

    2.    What materials are best for making clear labels?

    Clear labels can be made from a variety of materials.

    As with any label, the best sign material will depend on the specific application or uses you have in mind.

    For example, suppose you are making food labels for your pickling business. In that case, you want to choose a sign material that is not only clear but will withstand food contact without changing color or otherwise degrading over time.

    best material for clear labels

    On the other hand, if you look to create clear vinyl window signs for your small business, a clear sign may work well on the glass, even if it is not waterproof.

    The significant materials utilized to make transparent labels are:

    • PE
    • Clear BOPP
    • PVC
    • PET
    • PP
    • Plastic

    PE label

    If you do not need your label to last for a long time, the PE label is right for you.

    These are less durable as compared to other types of labels.

    It is perfect for short-term projects.

    Make sure you use the glassine paper as the liner if you go with this type of label.

    BOPP label

    BOPP stands for “Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film.”

    This material is a type of impermeable plastic film that has many uses in packaging and marketing applications.

    It is resistant to temperature and is splash-proof.

    PVC label

    PVC labels are made of vinyl, which is much stronger than paper.

    Vinyl labels resist tearing and fading, making them an excellent option for any brand.

    3.    Can you print on clear labels?

    You bet you can print on clear labels!

    You can even make them translucent and imprint your designs, logos, and text.

    Add a touch of luxury to product packaging or adding a non-label look to the packaging.

    You have the option of printing directly on colored transparent labels or customized labels for promotional and marketing companies.

    customized clear labels

    A variety of printing techniques can be utilized for printing purposes, such as:

    • Offset printing
    • Flexography
    • Gravure printing
    • CMYK printing
    • Embossing and debossing
    • Hot foil stamping
    • Cold foil stamping
    • Inkjet printing
    • Digital printing

    Inkjet printing

    Inkjet printing is a method of printing on a label where the ink is drawn to the fibers of the label by capillary action.

    This creates an inexpensive way to brand products or containers with your logo or message.

    These labels can be clear, white, frosted, and come in permanent, repositionable, water-resistant, and other adhesives depending on what your application requires.

    Gravure printing

    Gravure printing is a method of printing that creates exceptional, high-quality labels and incorporates elements such as powerful graphics, sharp colors, and high resolution.

    In this type of printing, the ink is transferred to the material after being transferred from carved microcavities.

    The cavities are embedded in a metal printing cylinder and create the pattern for the printed product.

    4.    What printer do you need to print labels?

    A four-color printer with a high resolution is adequate for most labels.

    If your design needs dynamic color ranges and gradual tonal variation, then a printer with six cartridges is necessary.

    printer to print labels

    The printers that you can use to print your labels at home can be one of these:

    • Laser printer
    • Thermal printer
    • Inkjet printer
    • Direct-thermal printers

    Inkjet printer

    Inkjet printers are a top choice for many people.

    Low cost, high quality, and easy to use are some of the benefits of this technology.

    The printer is also capable of printing in vivid color and is faster than conventional dot matrix printers.

    In addition to these great features, inkjet printers are quieter than their counterparts and have no warm-up time.

    Laser printer

    Laser printers are great because they are fast and precise.

    Unlike inkjet printers, laser printers can write much faster because the laser beam moves quickly and without any variance in diameter.

    Because the laser beam is so precise, it can draw shapes more accurately than an inkjet printer without spilling ink.

    5.    How do you make clear labels?

    You can make clear labels with the minimum effort required.

    Some steps can be followed to obtain high-grade homemade labels.

    First of all, you need to choose an appropriate material and adhesive to kick start the process.

    The choice of material depends upon the environment of use.

    After selecting material and adhesive, you can print your labels using laser, thermal, or inkjet printers.

    personalized clear labels

    You can design your label artwork from the pre-existing templates or can make one on your own.

    The size of the label is an essential factor that is governed by the size and dimensions of the container or packaging you are going to use the tag.

    To make a label that fits right to your need, you can measure the size before designing your brand.

    When the printing procedure is done, cut the labels according to the size and use them on the surface with the help of clear adhesives.

    6.    How can I waterproof labels?

    You can make waterproof labels from the start or waterproof any brand later on.

    The material choice lends a big hand in making labels of desired characteristics.

    If you want to make waterproof labels, BOPP, PE, PET, and PVC are the best bets.

    However, if you want to make ordinary labels water-resistant, you can use sprays, lamination, and coatings to change the surface features of brands.

    waterproof labels

    Waterproof labels are used to protect the identity of products or bottles.

    The wet and moist environment makes it easy for water to quickly soak the label’s paper, which would then peel off from the surface.

    Clear labels have the flexibility and durability to endure moisture endure exposure to water and grime, dirt, and oil without coming off quickly.

    7.    How do you make a label shiny?

    If you want to make your labels shiny, you can do this in more than one way.

    You can opt for surface laminations while you order your labels from label manufacturers.

    Surface coatings make labels water-resistant along with the enhancement of shine.

    Surface coating such as the glossy one tends to leave labels shiny and attractive, unlike uncoated ones.

    shiny clear label

    You can also go for the coated paper to make shiny labels.

    Other than that, spraying clear coating is also an option similar to clear paint to give that blinging look and enhanced transparency to labels.

    Clear or transparent labels already own the glossiness because of the material they are made up of.

    8.    How do you make clear labels with Cricut?

    When adding a touch of elegance and style to your product packaging, you cannot go wrong with custom adhesive labels.

    With the versatility of Cricut machines, you can personalize and print almost any design in just minutes.

    Simply insert your blank label sheet into the Cricut machine and select a font you like.

    You can choose from the hundreds of available designs or create your own on the software editor.

    Then, select an image to cut out and layer it over the label.

    You can enter any text you would like to have on your labels, such as dates for special events, recipes, or ingredients.

    Save your design to a thumb drive or flash drive so you can also make clear labels with Cricut later on.

    9.    What are the uses of clear labels?

    Clear labels are used in a range of industries, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical manufacturing, and machinery and transportation.

    There are many uses for these labels because clear labels can be customized and applied to almost any surface.

    In addition, you can use multiple styles that allow you to choose the best fit for your product’s purpose.

    importance of clear labels

    The clear labels can be used to organize items, identify colors and containers, label artwork, package water bottles, etc.

    Clear labels are perfect for making identifying information on anything.

    They can be used on books, beers, wine bottles, CDs, and DVDs.

    clear labels on bottles

    Their purpose is to identify what is inside the packages undoubtedly.

    You can utilize these labels in the form of your logo printed stickers to stick on the envelopes, products, gift packages, promotional stuff, etc.

    10.    What are the available sizes of clear labels?

    Labels are obtainable in innumerable sizes.

    It is because not every company is producing a product packaging solution with a similar or unified dimension.

    With having a variety of product sizes, multiple sizes of labels are automatically generated.

    The labels are customizable, which means you do not need to worry if your bottle or container has a slightly different size than the available readymade labels.

    Some of the standard sizes can be seen in these dimensions.

    Clear Labels

    Sr. no.

    Dimensions in inches

    Length x Width

    Sr. no.

    Dimensions in inches

    Length x Width


    2.625 x 1 7.

    6.5 x 4.5


    8.5 x 11 8.

    4 x 1


    5.5 x 8.5 9.

    4 x 1.333


    2 x 4 10.



    3.33 x 4 11.

    1.75 x 1.25


    4.25 x 5.5 12.

    8 x 1.5

    11.    Can I have personalized clear labels?

    Of course!

    Personalized clear labels are labels that have been designed for a specific individual to use on products they own.

    You can check personalized labels for various products in the portfolio of manufacturers or suppliers before you place your custom order.

    They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending on their use.

    personalized clear labels

    The benefit of personalized labels is to customize them with your name, address, or contact information.

    Personalized labels offer a stylish way to add your logo and design to product packaging, retail packaging, and much more.

    The customizable options, size, shape, printing process, laminations or coatings, packaging type, printing design, etc., hold the firm ground.

    12.    How do you cut vinyl stickers by hand?

    You can cut vinyl stickers straightforwardly with a cutting machine.

    But if you do not have a cutting machine, you can cut by hand using sharp scissors, a craft knife, and a cutting mat.

    After that, you can carefully cut the edges of vinyl stickers while keeping the back lining intact.

    The cutting process can be a bit problematic if you make vinyl stickers or labels at home.

    But if you buy vinyl stickers, you do not have to cut them as they already come in kiss-cut or die-cut forms.

    13.    How to paste clear stickers?

    You can comfortably stick your clear stickers or labels on anything.

    First of all, place your bottle or jar into some warm water for five minutes.

    The heat changes the orientation of the molecules that make up the label and makes it smooth again.

    Then, take a clean cloth and wipe away any dirt or grease on the surface where you want to stick the label.

    how to paste clear label

    If there is any leftover residue, try rubbing some denatured alcohol before wiping it with the cloth.

    Open your box of blank labels and choose a design that matches your product.

    Cut out your design and peel off its backing sheet.

    Place your bottle onto a flat surface, then stick and squeeze the sticker.

    14.    How can I remove residual glue from clear labels?

    There are lots of ways to remove the residual glue of transparent labels.

    The best way to remove residual glue from clear labels is to soak the adhesive residuals with warm water.

    Put the label with the adhesive side facing down, then soak it for some time.

    Use a piece of paper towel to gently press the label and let the water go away slowly not to damage the things underneath.

    Another way is to use commercial glue remover; it can be easily found in any stationery shop or supermarket near you.

    Try your best to use them appropriately to make sure residues are wholly gone after removing them from things.

    15.    Can I paste clear labels on water bottles?

    Yes, the clear label adhesive is formulated for both plastic and glass bottles.

    The water bottle must be clean and dry before applying the labels; warm water will make it easier to work with.

    clear labels on water bottles

    You can print directly on the labels, including text and logos.

    Transparent labels on water bottles give a no-label look and are seen like the information is directly printed on the bottles.

    Transparent labels are also waterproof, which means pasting them on water bottles will yield no issues.

    16.    Are clear labels waterproof?

    Clear labels can be fully waterproof, provided that the appropriate adhesive is used.

    The main difference between a waterproof label and other water-resistant products is that a waterproof label is designed to remain in place in poor weather conditions.

    Exposure to water when washing dishes is very likely.

    Since they are printed with a special ink additive that adheres only to the glass and will continue to be durable after many dishwasher cycles.

    No problem with glasses this way!

    17.    What are the types of labels?

    Labels have different types depending on a variety of factors.

    For example, if you are considering label kinds for business and marketing, then it may have these types:

    • Brand label
    • Informative label
    • Grade label
    • Descriptive label

    Beverage, food, and consumer sectors employ distinguishable labels naming them as follows:

    • Dry peel label
    • Fold-out labels
    • Expandable reseal booklet
    • Reseal labels
    • Prime labels
    • Tag and board packaging

    18.    In what shapes can I make clear stickers?

    You can make stickers in any shape, including circular shapes and shapes with irregular or non-uniform corners.

    Clear stickers are available in the following shapes:

    • Rectangle
    • Oval
    • Square
    • Star (four-pointed)
    • Circle

    In addition to these standard shapes, you can have custom clear stickers made into any form you can imagine.

    19.    What is the die-cutting of labels?

    The die-cutting of labels refers to cutting a flat label or an item’s packaging to create the desired shape.

    By placing a shape over an object and then using a die cutter, one can remove the excess material.

    This is done to modify the appearance of something, such as that of an item’s packaging or label.

    die cut clear labels

    Due to this, die-cut labels have their back lining equal to the shape of the design printed on them.

    Die-cutting is the best way to get creative with your label designs.

    It allows you to cut out large, detailed shapes in a variety of materials and colors. Die-cutting gives your artwork 3D looks while adding extra interest and clarity.

    20.    When to use die-cut and kiss-cut labels?

    It is essential to figure when to use which type of label.

    The difference lies in the amount of exposure of your label that you want to have on the product.

    If you want your product to be visible, then you can opt for die-cut labels as they do not consume much space on the surface.

    On the other hand, you can paste kiss-cut labels to make the information printed on brands prominent.

    21.    Can clear labels be laminated?


    You can undoubtedly laminate your clear labels.

    BOPP, PET, PVC, and PE can be laminated.

    The two types of surface coatings that can be done on clear labels are:

    • Matte lamination
    • Gloss lamination

    Matte lamination is best if you want to make labels with subtle presentation and easy-to-read format.

    Glossy laminations add to the vibrancy of the packaging.

    22.    Are clear labels tearproof?

    For sure.

    Transparent labels are mostly made of vinyl which is tear-resistant.

    The characteristics of these labels to be tearproof and water-resistant make them optimal for usage in environments with varying temperatures and other conditions.

    When attaching to the surface, they are entirely tear-resistant, so you can rest assured that the label quality would not be compromised even during the shipping process.

    23.    Can I use clear labels in business?


    When operating your own business, you can play with specific factors to maintain a vibrant market presence.

    You can get creative with packaging methods, such as using clear labels in your business.

    clear labels for business

    Transparent labels make your products look dynamic and lively, be its usage in the food or apparel sector.

    24.    Are clear labels writeable?

    Yes, they are.

    You can write on clear labels using permanent markers.

    As they are waterproof so writing with water-based inks would not yield any good.

    25.    Can I reuse clear labels?


    Clear Label reusable labels can be used over and over again.

    To ensure they last, though, avoid harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures when cleaning them.

    They can be removed from the surface and re-applied to keep the item as clean and new as possible.

    26.    What is the environmental impact of labels?

    Clear labels are good for the environment compared with customizable paper or plastic stickers.

    You can conveniently discard the labels by removing them before throwing away the trash.

    27.    Are clear labels obtainable in sheet form?

    Of course, they are.

    You can print labels on the sheet at home for your small business.

    Fewer number labels are printed on the sheet as compared to the rolls.

    28.    Is roll packaging of label economical?


    The roll packaging method is surely economical on a large scale.

    roll clear labels

    For a small number of labels, the sheet packaging method seems OK, but label sheets can cost you much more than label rolls if you are an enterprise.

    29.    What is the price of clear labels in China?

    The price of clear labels in China starts from $0.1 per label.

    Various elements influence the price of labels including, size, shape, printing technology, packaging method, the quantity of order, etc.

    The price can be lowered if you order labels in bulk quantity.

    30.    Is the manufacturing process of clear labels inspected?


    The whole manufacturing process of clear labels is well inspected by quality assurance staff.

    It means your labels are made under strict quality control, from selecting materials and adhesives to packaging and delivery procedure.


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