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    Textured Paper Stickers

    These labels are available in your desired custom size, shape, finish, and printing techniques. Our textured paper stickers have a gorgeous textured finish and decorative look. If you want to improve the look of your brand or packaging, Best4U supplier can achieve the design you need.

    Spare yourself time and exertion by choosing our proficient print benefit to make your textured paper stickers in printing quality.

    Textured Paper Stickers Custom Printing

    Using textured paper stickers on your item or packaging includes a premium look that can assist in getting clients’ attention in different applications.

    Luxury Skincare Textured Paper Stickers
    Luxury Skincare Textured Paper Stickers

    Label your brand with a luxury label that can be personalised according to your needs

    Custom Candle Textured Paper Stickers
    Custom Candle Textured Paper Stickers

    Can be round, square, rectangle, and so on. Best4U has limitless shapes you can have

    Beer Printing Textured Paper Stickers
    Beer Printing Textured Paper Stickers

    A cost-effective source for your branding with attractive designs that suits your product

    Custom Logo Textured Paper Stickers
    Custom Logo Textured Paper Stickers

    Personalised your branding styles with your logo printed on the label that last longer

    Coffee Brand Textured Paper Stickers
    Coffee Brand Textured Paper Stickers

    Attention grabbing  labels that make your brand stands out in the market and saleable

    Honey Jar Textured Paper Stickers
    Honey Jar Textured Paper Stickers

    Unique labeling for your items that can be on rolls, sheets, and cut individually in premium

    6 Products Found.

    By Different Features

    • Embossed Textured Paper Stickers
      Embossed Textured Paper Stickers

      Most popular printing method that highlights your logo on the label surface that makes it more unique

    • UV Printed Textured Paper Stickers
      UV Printed Textured Paper Stickers

      Printed in advanced UV machines to print in luxurious designs to attract more customers in the market

    • Custom Die Cut Textured Paper Stickers
      Custom Die Cut Textured Paper Stickers

      It is cut accurately in the exact shape of the sticker, whether heart, oval, star, square, and so on

    • Self Adhesive Textured Paper Stickers
      Self Adhesive Textured Paper Stickers

      Easy to attach with a strong adhesive for permanent use for any product and brand type you have

    Why Market Brands Choose Best4U

    Advanced Facilities

    With advanced technology equipment for excellent outcome

    Strict QC-S
    Strict Quality Control

    Best4U does 4 times quality checking for all orders

    Free Sample-S
    Free Sample

    Get a free sample for quality output checking

    Guaranteed Service-S
    Guaranteed Service

    Best4U has the credibility to sustain all your branding needs

    Digital Equipment For Excellent Manufacturing

    We acquire and make use of digital resources to manufacture your textured paper stickers and ensure innovative results.

    Nothing is more important than giving you premium quality labels to let your branding success.

    Best4U Label Printing Machines 670x380
    Assist On Design (1)

    Best4U Assist Making Professional Designs

    Best4U designers have years of experience creating designs, so they can make any artwork you require for your textured paper stickers.

    Your brand won’t look out of place; it will stand out from the crowd.

    Best4U Controls Each Step in Every Single Details

    Best4U Label Sticker Printing Machine 570x360
    Printing Quality Inspection 570x360

    We work diligently to create your textured paper stickers using materials, adhesives, templates, printing techniques, and other factors while keeping the entire process under control.

    You can engage in a video call to witness the production process, or we can send it to you.

    Exploring the Pros and Cons of This Versatile Product

    textured paper stickers manufacturers
    Textured Paper Stickers Pros:
    • Charming texture
    • Special touch feeling
    • Luxury appearance
    textured paper stickers suppliers
    Textured Paper Stickers Cons:
    • Couldn’t be coated with glossy or matte film
    • Some are not waterproof
    • Some are limited by process techniques

    Related Products of Best4U

    Custom Industrial Matte Die Cut Stickers
    Personalised Industrial Sticker Labels

    We help you to be more creative with different die cut shapes for your labels and full color printing

    Square Candle Labels Sticker
    Candle Label Stickers

    Best4U can make your candle jars more elegant with premium art that would emphasize the beauty of your brand

    Supplement Bottle Labels
    Glossy Supplement Bottle Labels

    Premium quality materials are being used and printed with detailed information about the product for consumers

    Cooperative Brand
    Best4U Provides Satisfaction Guaranteed For Over 10 Years in Service

    With over 1000+ of our famous brands around the world that collaborate with us, we ensure better service to all of you and give you what is best for your business.

    Best4U Offers Different Printing Process to Meet Your Demand

    Printing Art

    Label Materials

    Label Packing Method

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      Kendra from USA
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      Karen from Canada
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      John from Norway
    What kinds of textured paper stickers material do you offer?

    Textured paper material has too many kinds, from the surface style, there are stone texture, water texture, leather and linen texture, etc. And each style has different kinds as well. You can view here for viewing the pictures.

    How do I choose the material?

    You need to confirm what features it needs to be before choosing the material, for example, if it’s used for beer labels or juice bottle labels that will put in the fridge, the waterproof sticker is what you need to consider, so you need to choose the waterproof material.

    Meanwhile, it’s best if you tell us how you will use it, for example, if you need to use it as pizza labels that will meet high temperatures, we recommend using heat-resistant glue.

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