What does stickers on fruits mean ?

Stickers on fruits are identification marks on fruits.

Stickers on Fruits are stickers put on fruits to make sure the consumers know which fruit they’re buying.

This article will help you gain insights into the sticker on fruits.

You will get information on the material used in stickers on fruit, fruit sticker code, recycling, the cost associated, benefits, features, and much more.

1.    Why do apples have stickers on them?

A fruit sticker on an apple tells you if the apple was grown in organic farming or given a chemical fertilizer boost.

Apples come in many varieties, and each has its distinct flavor.

In the produce industry, we use a sticker to identify a piece of produce. It’s like putting a label on it.

Stickers on fruit

A four-digit number indicates that the variety is produced using traditional pesticides.

The stickers on the apples indicate the weight, which helps in grading and pricing.

The sticker is a sort of certificate that an apple has been thoroughly checked for any molds or insects.

Consumers need to know what they are buying and where their food comes from.

2.    Is the sticker on apples edible?

In case you accidentally swallow an apple sticker, there’s nothing to worry about.

It will pass through your digestive system and be excreted in the same manner as many other common products.

Don’t eat fruit stickers because they are FDA-approved, even if you know they’re safe.

edible stickers

As the adhesive is used on food, it must meet certain stringent requirements. It is a potent, non-toxic substance. That being said, stickers are not proven harmful to put on fruits.

The PLU sticker on apples is edible because they are not harmful if ingested.

These stickers have zero nutritional value, so avoid ingesting these stickers or making them eating a habit.

3.    How do you make apple stickers?

You can make apple stickers either using online sticker-making platforms or offline programs like adobe photoshop, M.S. Word, adobe illustrator, etc.

You can also download existing templates to make your apple stickers. Thousands of templates exist online.

Choosing your template will save you extra time used in designing your template.

Modify the shape, size, text of chosen template in the specific software you are using.

You can add various colors to your apple stickers to make them stand out.

Add variety name, processing of apple details, and your brand on these stickers.

After editing your sticker design, print your apple stickers using an inkjet or laser printer.

4.    Who invented fruit stickers?

Tom Mathison, the first person to apply stickers to fruit in the 1990s.

His obituary credits an expert in horticultural chemistry, Mathison, with being the first to apply adhesive tape to produce scientifically.

Since then, the process has been adopted by most major produce producers in the United States and around the world.

He labels his apples to brand them as “organic” and stamps them with the name of his farm.

At first, he just used a simple sticker, but later, he added a ladybug for an extra level of branding.

He wanted to make sure that the quality of the fruit was communicated, so he put an “organic” sticker on each piece of fruit, letting customers know that they were grown without chemical pesticides.

5.    Why does fruit have stickers?

Fruits and vegetables are often sold with stickers or labels that include various information, such as identifying their source, price, sell-by date, and nutritional content.

Stickers are meant to help buyers select fruits and vegetables that they want to buy; the stickers on fruit allow buyers to distinguish between different versions of the same fruit, such as organic or conventional.

In addition, the stickers allow consumers to identify what type of products they are buying easily.

At many large warehouse‐style grocery stores, there are thousands of different types of fruits and vegetables.

You might not be able to recognize them all without PLU codes.

PLUs (price lookup codes, aka pick number labels or P.L. codes) are barcode stickers placed on fruits in grocery stores to help you and the staff easily identify them by their variety, organic, or status.

6.    How to put stickers on fruit?

There are several methods to put a sticker on your fruits. The technique also varies depending on the type of sticker.

Embedded adhesive stickers can be placed by peeling them from the sticker sheet and place them manually on your fruits using your hands.

You can also load roll form fruit stickers in an automatic labeler and then place fruits on the conveyor. In this method, the stickers are automatically placed on fruits.

Another method to put stickers on your fruits that are not embedded with adhesive on their back is as follows.

how to put stickers on fruit


Cut the sticker from the sheet or isolate it. Take specific adhesive and place it on your fruit.

Then gently place a cut-out sticker on the adhesive, gently paste it all around the fruit, and remove ripples.

This is how you can put your stickers on your fruits.

7.    What does the sticker number mean on fruit?

The sticker numbering system used on fruits in the U.K. shows the variety and whether they are organic or not, and each sticker consists of 4 digits.

For example, if you peel back a sticker on a banana, it will start with a four, which represents the product family, then there is another digit that represents the species of the banana from small to large.

The last two digits will represent the brand name or variety.

sticker number on fruit

The number on the sticker of each fruit must be read from left to right.

They inform the supermarket of the product’s handling process, variety, size, quality, and special handling instructions.

It is also used for descriptive purposes on display.

The four-digit number or letters appear printed on a sticker or label directly onto the product.

8.    What do you mean by custom fruit stickers?

A custom fruit sticker is a fruit sticker that is made specifically depending on your needs and specifications.

Custom fruit stickers can be used to organize, consolidate and identify the product in your store.

Custom fruit stickers help you develop a strong presence in the market and help you stand out from your competitors.

You can add text, color and modify the shape of your logo depending on the size of your fruit.

Custom PLU stickers are also called fruit stickers. You can make them in several sizes and colors. They are applied directly to the fruit for easy identification.

You can also add PLU codes to help consumers with what you are selling.

9.    Is the glue on apple stickers toxic?

The answer is no. It is not. Like most packaging adhesives and decals in widespread use, the glue is non-toxic.

The glue used to stick the PLU code on the apple stickers is a synthetic resin. It has been tested by the FDA and approved as a safe food contact substance.

A synthetic resin is a strong, permanent material that can be formed by combining oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon atoms.

The result is an organic compound that has been created through a chemical process.

The glue on PLU stickers would cause no harm to a child who might decide to eat an apple with a sticker.

The amount of glue stick to a fruit sticker like that of an apple would be very small.

10.      What is the cost of the sticker on fruit?

The cost of stickers on fruits varies and depends on several factors.

These factors include the shape of fruit stickers, size, the material used in making fruit stickers, colors used, printing technology, and quantity.

The cost of some of the stickers on fruits are listed below:

The cost of a custom waterproof food-grade adhesive fruit sticker lies in the range of $0.01 to $0.19 per piece.

The cost of a paper-made fruit sticker for apples lies in the $0.003 to $0.05 per piece.

The cost of a transparent food-grade fruit sticker lies in the range of $0.001 to $0.15 per piece.

As the desired material characteristics, decorations associated with your fruit sticker increased, the cost may also increase.

11.      What is the material used in stickers on fruit?

Different materials used in making fruit stickers. These materials are listed below:

PVC Fruit Sticker:

PVC fruit sticker is made from food-safe PVC material, and it has high transparency, good sticking ability.

It is widely used in markets, supermarkets, logistics, distribution centers, and PVC produce labels, such as roll stickers or flat stickers.

Transparent Fruit Sticker:

A transparent fruit sticker is made of environmentally friendly material, high adhesion, anti-fouling, moisture-resistant, and easy to remove.

It is placed on products such as apples, bananas, kiwi fruits, pears, melons.

Synthetic Paper Fruit Sticker:

Synthetic paper fruit sticker is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, disposable food sticker with fresh real fruit stickers.

The synthetic paper fruit sticker is also artificially flavored, more accurate than the genuine fruit stickers.

12.      Are there any permanent stickers on fruit?

No, there aren’t any permanent stickers on fruit, just PLU stickers (price lookup or price lookup tags) that are, in fact, an industry-exclusive standard code.

The sticker is made of paper and is generally produced from a cardboard facsimile of the fruit, with color-coded bands, numbers, or letters printed on them.

It contains information used to identify the products in stores and by wholesalers.

As the fruits are needed to be consumed by the consumers, the fruit stickers should not be permanent.

Although their adhesive is not difficult to remove, the bond should be strong enough that the sticker can be removed only when peeled off from your fruit.

13.      How to remove stickers from fruits?

There are different ways to remove stickers from your fruits. These are as follows:

You can use your fingers to remove stickers from your fruits. Peel one side for extra grip on your fruit sticker.

Then gently peel it from your fruit by hand force.

You can also use a peeling tool directly on your fruit sticker to remove it properly. This way may damage the skin of your fruit.

The other way is to apply adhesive loosener on your sticker appropriately. This will cause your fruit sticker to get removed by causing adhesive failure.

You can use any of the methods mentioned above to remove stickers from your fruits successfully.

14.      How to print stickers for fruits?

You can print your sticker for fruits once your design is final.

Place your paper in the printer intake manifold.

Then attach your printer to your computer or laptop from which you want to take a print.

Install the preferred printer software onto your system and make sure that it is working fine.

Check the status of your attached printer with the current device and make sure it is set to operational.

Now go to print or press Ctrl + print with your designed file open on your computer.

Wait for a few seconds. Your stickers will be printed in few seconds.

Check your prints if they are okay; in case not, then repeat the process.

15.      Where to buy stickers on fruit?

There are several sources from which you can choose to buy your stickers on fruit.

These sources include online and offline sources.

Online sources provide you an opportunity to purchase without physically visiting that store.

The thing you need to do is research your part to find the best affordable and reliable store. Importing from fruit stickers manufacturers from China is a good choice.

You can do this by reading past customer reviews from their store website.

Then by checkout, you can pay for your stickers.

On the other hand, from the offline source, you can only purchase by physically visiting a nearby local store.

You can assess the quality of stickers in hand and final the purchase by net payment.

16.      Can I recycle fruit stickers?

Yes, you can! Fruit stickers are made out of a non-toxic substance.

Fruit stickers may also be taken to Household Hazardous Waste collection events.

If you have a sticker from your fruit, you can recycle it and your other recycling at most municipal facilities.

If you have sticker residue remaining, it can be removed using a non-toxic hand cleaner and water.

They are made from a soft, food-grade adhesive, which is soluble in water. As the sticker dissolves, it mixes with the rest of your recycling.

You can make new fruit stickers by recycling them or use them to make sticker paper material.

17.      What are the machines used for stickers on fruit?

There are different machines used in making stickers on fruits. Some of these machines are listed below:

  • Semi-automatic manual instruction folding paper sticker fruit machine
  • Xyron create a fruit sticker machine
  • Dymo label printer fruit sticker machine
  • Barcode thermal label printer fruit sticker machine
  • Brother versatile color label fruit sticker machine
  • Pink thermal label printer for fruit sticker machine
  • Brother Scancut DIY cutting machine for fruit sticker

Each fruit sticker machine has its specific features and functions.

You can choose any one or combination of the machines mentioned above to make your fruit sticker role accomplishments.

The cost of these fruit sticker machines lies in the range of $200 to $400.

18.      Are there any waterproof fruit stickers?

Yes, there are waterproof stickers that exist.

There are two types of waterproof stickers for your fruits.

First, stickers have a layer of lamination on these stickers, preventing the stickers from being damaged by oil or water, or other liquid.

Waterproof fruit stickers

These sticker types material is not waterproof. Therefore, lamination layer is added.

The second type of waterproof fruit stickers is those which are made up of materials that have in-built characteristics of waterproofing.

Waterproof stickers prevent your fruit stickers from harsh or humid environmental conditions.

It helps to prevent the deterioration of your fruit stickers and increase their longevity.

19.      Which software is used in printing fruit stickers?

There are different software that you can use in printing your fruit stickers. These software’s are listed below:

  • Metro sticker designer
  • Adobe creative suite
  • Canva
  • Microsoft Word
  • Avery

Each of these software has its specific features and functions.

This software lets you add clipart, custom fonts, resizing options, and a lot more.

You can use this software for free or buy some elements associated with boosting your sticker design experience.

20.      What are the benefits of using stickers on fruits?

There are several benefits associated with stickers on fruits. Some of the benefits are listed below:

Stickers on Fruits provide consumers with the information they need to make a quick and accurate decision while shopping in the supermarket.

These stickers also tell us which fruit is organic so that you don’t have to choose between an ‘organic or conventionally grown’ one.

If you decide to go with an organic one, then you want to be sure we know its variety.

And, of course, stickers help with quality control by providing information regarding the place of origin of each fruit.

Each sticker is made of paper or plastic with a chemical coating to withstand the environment.

These stickers are made with high-quality food-grade glue that is safe for the skin of the fruit.

21.      What is the size of stickers on fruit?

There are different types of sizes used for printing your fruit stickers.

A wide variety of fruit sticker shapes includes oval or circular shapes.

An A4 sheet is used in printing stickers on fruits.

Depending on the requirement, you can print as many stickers from a single sheet by adjusting the size of stickers needed.

The size of fruit stickers varies from 25 mm to 75 mm in diameter.

You can use any size ranging in between.

The size you select also depends on the size of your fruits.

22.      What do you mean by personalized stickers on fruit?

Personalized fruit stickers determine the stickers that are particularly made for your fruits.

These stickers make your product unique in the market and provide you with an opportunity to stand out in the crowd.

You can add attractive colors or color combinations, change the text type, the shape of your sticker, the size of your sticker, and the theme of your sticker.

Each and everything just depending on the size of your fruits.

This makes you build confidence among your customers and compel them to be your regular customers.

23.      What are the tips for choosing adhesive for stickers on fruit?

Select the appropriate glue for adhering your sticker on fruit, considering the nature of the fruit and adhesive.

Tips for selecting sealants for fruit stickers: Sticky labels are ideal to label soft fruits like pineapples.

For apples, which have a waxy surface, cohesive labels provide better adherence.

When you choose adhesive for stickers on fruits, you should know that the adhesives are mostly water-based, and the high-quality ones must be food grade.

The glue should not be toxic to people.

Choose adhesive according to the way that you put stickers on to fruit.

For example, if stickers are directly applied to fruit, choose a water-based adhesive.

If you stick stickers on fruits before packaging or selling them, use an oil-based adhesive.

24.      Why import stickers on fruit from China?

Choosing Chinese manufacturers for stickers on fruits is a good choice.

The best thing about choosing these manufacturers is that they provide you reliable and affordable products.

They also provide you an option to make your custom sticker.

In a custom sticker, you can choose the material of the sticker, the shape of the sticker, and the size of the sticker.

You can also provide some design templates to these manufacturers to make stickers just according to your demand.

The price rates of these manufacturers are comparatively lower as compare to the other competitive markets.

25.      What size of paper used in printing stickers for fruit?

There are different paper sizes exist to choose from for your sticker on fruits.

These sizes are listed in the table below:

Sr. No.

Paper type




8.25 in × 11.75 in


U.S. Letter

8.5 in × 11 in



8.5 in × 14 in


Tabloid Ledger

11 in × 17 in



12 in × 18 in

A larger paper size reflects the greater number of fruit stickers on-page.

You can choose any page size for your fruit sticker in printing, depending on your needs.

26.      Are there any free templates for stickers on fruits?

Yes, there are many free templates available online for stickers on fruits.

There are different varieties of sticker templates to choose from, and you can also add your design to the fruit sticker.

Choosing templates in designing will save you a lot of time.

There are two types of templates one is free, and the other one you can buy online.

The templates for free have less design and work incorporation compared to what you are going to purchase.

The purchased template will help you save time as you need to edit your essentials.



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