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    Best4U started in the industry in 2009 in China. For all those years in the industry, Best4U has proven a lot to 1000+ global brands and consistently moving forward and giving you satisfaction for all your needs.

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    High technology machine for bottle stickers

    Best4U Will Make your Spray Bottle Labels In 100% Extreme Quality

    Material Checking
    Material Checking For Spray Bottle Labels
    Best4U has premium quality materials for your spray bottle labels
    Smooth process
    Spray Bottle Labels Template Checking
    Professional Design to Check Template Carefully, No Error on Hologram Stickers
    Advanced quality machines
    Spray Bottle Labels Printing
    Modernize printing machines, high standard quality materials and expertise at Best4U to make your spray bottle labels secure
    Delivery Checking
    Printing Checking Of Spray Bottle Labels
    Authentic printing checking of your spray bottle labels, your labels will be safer at Best4U
    UV printing
    UV Printing Machines
    Best4U will cut your spray bottle labels carefully and precise using our high-quality cutting machines
    Packing method
    Packing Of Spray Bottle Labels
    You can choose whether its on roll, or on sheet
    Labels Delivery Checking
    Checking Of Spray Bottle Labels Before Delivery
    We 100% check all your spray bottle labels individually before we delivery it your doorstep
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    Fast Shipping
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    Clear spray bottle labels
    cosmetic spray bottle labels
    Custom spray bottle labels
    Spray can labels
    Color spray bottle
    essential oils spray bottle labels

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    Best4U is well known for its printing capabilities since 2009 in the service. Best4U has digital printing machines that could allow you to customize your spray bottle labels, you can outline your custom spray bottle labels in your own version through the Best4U expertise.

    Since 2009, Best4U proves a lot with hard work and great quality service for your spray bottle labels. You have the right to select the best materials for your spray bottle labels and here at Best4U, we have the CMYK and PMS printing types of machines for your spray bottle labels. There are 8 colors offered of spray bottle labels for your convenience and your spray bottle labels will stand out.

    Best4U is the expert manufacturer for your personalized spray bottle labels. To meet your standards, we supply your demands for your spray bottle labels with the expertise of Best4U, fabulous materials, and digital equipment for your custom spray bottle labels.

    For over 10 years of producing high-quality spray bottle labels, the Best4U team collaborates with each other and lets you choose the perfect materials for your spray bottle labels like PVC, BOPP spray bottle labels, Synthetic paper, PET, PE, etc.

    We also recommend printing arts for your custom spray bottle labels. Hot stamping spray bottle labels, UV, etc. You can pick any color like gold, silver, purple, green, and more…

    Your custom spray bottle labels are needed for your business to highlight your logo for your products and it is popularly used in a different craft. Spray bottle labels can be used in cosmetics, chemical products, detergent, body care, essential oils, bakery shops, homemade products, etc.

    Best4U will also accept other kinds of labels, like clear labels, drink labels, essential oil labels, etc.

    Best4U is proficient and known as the finest spray bottle labels supplier for over 10 years. We can accomplish to process plenty of spray bottle labels in just 5 hours even in the period of highest demand and secured all your spray bottle labels in good hands.  Best4U can also give a free sample of spray bottle labels to inspect our layout.

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    Best4U has several imported advanced machines to guarantee that every spray bottle label will be elegant in style, unique, and the best in quality that you deserve. In case you required your spray bottle labels or any labels you need to custom your brands, Best4U is always here to fulfill your needs.

    In addition to spray bottle labels, Best4U can also sustain other labels like hand sanitizer spray bottle labels, packaging seal labels, cleansing foam spray bottle labels, chemical bottle labels, hologram labels, and more to mention.

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    Spray Bottle Labels – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Spray bottle labels are necessary to give a certain amount of information on the display of spray bottles.

    You can access answers to various frequently asked questions in this FAQ guide.

    The questions related to materials, printing options, customization, manufacturing process, sizes, importing process, surface laminations, China manufacturers, etc., can be found in this guide.

    1.    What materials are used to make a spray bottle label?

    There are a variety of materials that can be used to make spray bottle labels.

    You can use paper, plastic, or vellum to make the labels you can use on spray bottles.

    Certain types of paper can be used to make a durable spray bottle labels.

    Varieties of paper give a unique look to the spray bottle labels.

    spray bottle labels

    Every paper type possesses specific qualities that you can consider even regarding environmental conditions in which spray bottle labels are used.

    Some of the remarkable materials used to make spray bottle labels can be listed below:

    • BOPP
    • PET
    • Kraft paper
    • PVC
    • Coated paper
    • Synthetic paper
    • Writable paper
    • Textured paper
    • Transparent paper
    • Destructible paper
    • Matte PET in gold and silver color
    • Shiny PET in gold and silver color
    • Brush PET in gold and silver color


    BOPP is a popular type of lightweight plastic label material made from plastic.

    It stands for bi-axially oriented polypropylene (PP).

    Bi-axially oriented means that the film is stretched in two directions.

    This makes it more robust and more transparent.

    Kraft paper

    Kraft paper is a strong, durable, and reliable material.

    Kraft paper spray bottle labels

    Kraft paper is used across many different industries due to its superior strength and durability.

    2.    What is the manufacturing process of spray bottle labels?

    The manufacturing process of spray bottle labels is done in the spray bottle manufacturing factories.

    The spray bottle labels do not require much time to get the final shape labels.

    Various steps are involved in the process.

    To make the process short, it can be elaborated as follows:

    The first step in the manufacturing process is to print the label on the material.

    This is accomplished using a rotary label press.

    Different type of printing techniques is employed to give printed designs on spray bottle labels.

    You can custom print your spray bottles using various printing options.

    manufacturing of spray bottle labels

    The second step in the manufacturing process is to cut the printed label into the designs according to the dimensions of the spray bottle on which the tags will be used.

    If you want to make self-adhesive spray bottle labels usually used by many companies and preferred over non-adhesive labels, you can use sticker stock.

    Spray bottle labels printed on the sticker stock contain three different layers that have the self-adhesive property.

    If you do not want to use this stock, you can also make non-adhesive labels requiring glue for application.

    3.    What are the available printing options for spray bottle label printing?

    Choosing a spray bottle label printing company can be a daunting task for many.

    It starts with the type of labels you need—and then continues to which printer best meets your needs.

    It would help if you considered several factors before jumping at a label printer, such as size, shape, color, and thickness of the material.

    spray bottle labels printing

    The printing options that are considered best for printing spray bottle labels are listed as:

    • Lithography
    • CMYK printing technique
    • PMS printing technique
    • Offset printing
    • Digital printing
    • Embossing technique
    • Debossing technique
    • Hot stamping
    • Cold stamping
    • Inkjet printing technique
    • UV printing

    PMS printed spray bottle labels

    PMS printed spray bottle labels are versatile, colorful, and cut to fit any shape or size surface.

    These spray bottle labels are printed directly on the label with eco-friendly solvent-based inks.

    The colors on your labels will stay vivid even after many cycles of washing.

    CMYK printed spray bottle labels

    CMYK printed spray bottle labels label each bottle with a unique design or pattern by using four inks: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (keystone).

    CMYK is the most used printing process that uses color combinations to create meaningful photos and text on mass media labels.

    4.    Can I use a spray bottle label on chemical spray bottles?

    Yes, spray bottle labels are ideal for all kinds of labeling, including labeling on chemical spray bottles.

    They can be printed on the reverse side of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other health products.

    Spray Bottle Label can be used on most chemical spray bottles.

    spray bottle label on chemical spray bottles?

    The spray bottle labels do have the same properties as the chemical bottles.

    They can handle chemical substances without them affecting the label or their quality degrading.

    It is recommended to use the label on glass, plastic spray bottles due to the chemicals that will contact your brands and the metal content of your bottle.

    The best way to check this is to test your bottles before actively using them in a “live” environment.

    5.    What type of printer is best for printing spray bottle labels?

    There are several things that you should consider when choosing a printer for printing spray bottle labels.

    The first thing you should do is decide how many labels you are going to need.

    Then you need to ask how large the label will be and how much text will be on it and what type of material you plan to make the label out of.

    Picking a color inkjet printer is probably the best way to go.

    For smaller batches, using an inkjet printer will be your best option.

    For larger batches, you might choose a laser printer with duplexing options.

    Because spray bottle labels need to be water-resistant for the products they are being used on, an inkjet label printer is best for creating them.

    This type of printer uses water-based and waterproof inks that can be printed on various materials.

    It also is a good idea to print labels larger than what you ideally need if you need to cut them down to size.

    6.    How can I paste a spray bottle label?

    It is straightforward to paste a spray bottle label.

    First, clean the spray bottle thoroughly.

    Then, apply the self-adhesive label to the neck of the bottle and smooth it gently without wrinkles.

    Afterward, cut off the excess label from the neck before you start using it.

    The label will adhere if you use enough pressure.

    You can use spray bottle labels that are waterproof as they will endure extended exposure to hot water, so they are great for dishwashing soap as well as any cleaning or spraying activity.

    You can also paste a customized spray bottle label for your special occasion, such as weddings, birthday parties, etc.

    7.    How to measure the size of spray bottle labels?

    Use a measuring tape or ruler to measure your spray bottle’s height, width, and depth.

    Label size guidelines are determined by the container itself, not by the contents.

    The larger the diameter and height, the larger the label that can be used.

    size of spray bottle labels

    After determining which size spray bottle labels will work best for your product, please know there is a great deal of flexibility in making the label the correct size.

    You can adjust the spray bottle label’s depth, height, and length so that it fits perfectly on your container.

    All you need to do is make sure each dimension falls into a range that will fit on your spray bottle.

    8.    What are the different sizes of spray bottle labels?

    Spray bottle labels are available in unlimited sizes and shapes.

    You can custom order your spray bottle labels to make them of a desirable size.

    Some of the sizes of spray bottle labels can be summarized as below:

    Spray Bottle Label sizes

    Sr. no.

    Dimensions in inches

    Width x Height

    Sr. no.

    Dimensions in inches

    Width x Height


    2.625 x 1 12.

    4 x 1.333


    5.5 x 8.5 13.

    4 x 6


    2 x 4 14.

    3.5 x 5


    8.5 x 11 15. 11 x 17
    5. 6.5 x 4.5 16.

    3 x 5


    4.25 x 5.5 17. 8 x 5


    3.33 x 4 18.

    4.25 x 2.75

    8. 2.688 x 2 19.

    8 x 1.5


    4 x 1 20.

    4 x 10


    4 x 5 21.

    6.75 x 4.25


    4.25 x 11 22.

    7.5 x 1.5

    When ordering your spray bottle labels, you can send information related to your required size according to the spray bottle.

    In this way, you will be ending up importing spray bottle labels that are the best fit for your spray bottles.

    9.    In what shapes can I have spray bottle labels?

    There are no limits on the custom spray bottle labels.

    You can get any size label, a shape that you prefer, whether regular circular shape, oval shape, square, or rectangle shape for your spray bottle.

    Spray bottle labels can also be produced in a variety of vectors other than regular label shapes.

    spray bottle labels shapes

    The shape of the label you choose will depend on how you use your brand.

    If you want to put your label on a spray bottle that will be labeling full of ingredients, then the shape of the brand needs to be rectangular or oval.

    However, if you want to put your label on spray bottles that will be holding water or cleaning solution, then round would be the best choice.

    10.    What can I print on spray bottle labels?

    There are a lot of options for printing on spray bottle labels.

    You can print your logo, company name, phone number, a warning, or any other message that you would like to spray onto a surface.

    To make your message stand out more on the bottles, spray bottle labels can have all sorts of different colors.

    In addition to these labels being available in multiple colors, you may also choose between matte and gloss bottles so that the labels will be printed on whichever one you choose.

    You can also have graphics added to make your label pop.

    Many spray bottle label printing companies have an in-house graphic design team that can help you create a custom design for any spray bottle labels you may want.

    11.    How can I test the peeling strength of spray bottle labels?

    You can test the peeling strength of spray bottle labels using different methods, such as the peel test.

    The peeling force analysis is widely used to study the stickiness of self-adhesive labels based on the physical phenomenon of self-adhesive.

    The peeling strength of labels is the key to good label printing and labeling.

    Peeling strength tester is widely used in the bottle label printing production and quality control departments, which is easy to operate.

    It can be widely used for the test of the bottle labels’ adhesion or peeling force.

    12.    What is the maximum size for spray bottle label printing?

    The printers that are used to print spray bottle labels can easily print 350*330 mm labels.

    A variety of printers are used depending upon the printing technique, so each printer has a different capacity.

    13.    Are spray bottle labels eco-friendly?


    Spray bottle labels are eco-friendly.

    They have no harmful effects on the environment, and they do not continue to produce toxic waste, either in their production or at their disposal.

    eco-friendly spray bottle labels

    Spray bottle labels made from recycled materials are the most eco-friendly, as no new materials are needed.

    They also offer the advantages of eliminating any harmful chemicals found in inks and other components of products that are made from recycled materials.

    14.    Is the spray bottle label material prone to temperature changes?


    Spray bottle labels are waterproof, laminated, and completely temperature-resistant.

    The adhesive used in the spray bottle labels is also checked in hot and cold environments.

    To be on the safe side, you can choose the adhesive glue that is best according to the environment, as various adhesives are used in varying temperatures.

    Spray bottle labels need to resist scuffs, scrapes, scratches, and water.

    No matter what you are spraying on or top-to-bottom, spray bottle labels will hold up and look great doing it.

    15.    How to efficiently remove a spray bottle label?

    It is very frustrating when the label on a spray bottle does not come off cleanly when you need to re-use the bottle.

    Here is an easy solution to removing labels from spray bottles.

    You can soak the spray bottle in warm or iced water for some hours.

    The temperature will affect the adhesive used on the spray bottle labels, and then you can peel them off quickly.

    remove a spray bottle label

    If you are using self-adhesive labels, then there is no need to soak the spray bottle.

    All you need to do is peel the label with the help of your finger and remove the residual glue with dishwashing soap if any.

    16.    Can I make a water-resistant spray bottle label?

    Yes, you can make a water-resistant spray bottle label.

    The specific type of label you will need to purchase to make the labels are waterproof vinyl tape.

    You may find this tape available at certain office supply stores or smaller craft stores.

    water-resistant spray bottle label

    If they are not available, an alternative is to use regular adhesive tape and then place a clear lamination over the entire spray bottle label.

    17.    Are spray bottle labels printable?


    Whether you are making your cleaning products or labeling one-of-a-kind handmade craft products, printable spray bottle labels give you a personalized and unique look for any bottle.

    It also lets you create custom designs, such as fun text, images, and much more.

    18.    Do spray bottle labels manufacturers and printers have certifications?

    Yes, they do.

    Many of them are ISO 9001:2018, FSC certified, UL approved, and FDA registered.

    Also, custom spray bottle labels are made of waterproof ink.

    19.    How to differentiate between a die-cut and kiss-cut spray bottle label?

    It is pretty easy to differentiate between die-cut and kiss-cut spray bottle labels.

    The die-cut label is easy to distinguish because you can see the die-cut lines as the color changes from label stock to clear plastic.

    die-cut and kiss-cut spray bottle label

    The kiss-cut label has a smooth transition area between the label stock and the clear plastic on the spray bottle.

    20.    Can I have spray bottle labels in rolls?

    Of course.

    You can have spray bottle labels packed in the form of rolls.

    spray bottle labels in rolls

    Other packaging forms are also available for spray bottle labels, such as sheets of spray bottle labels and spray bottle labels cut into shapes.

    The spray bottle labels on rolls are a convenient packaging solution as the rolls are easy to out on labeling machines.

    Rolls of spray bottle labels are also a cost-effective solution for brands in bulk.

    21.    Can I order spray bottle labels that are cut into shapes?

    Yes, for sure.

    Spray bottle labels can be delivered in a cut into shapes packaging method.

    In this method, the spray bottle labels are all cut according to the shape and size of the bottle.

    You can custom choose your labels’ size, shape, and dimensions along with the packaging method.

    Cut into shapes, and spray bottle labels are better if you want to paste labels manually.

    22.    Can I use sheets of spray bottle labels in labeling machines?


    You can use sheets of spray bottle labels in labeling machines.

    spray bottle labels sheets

    But for this, you will need a sheet labeling machine in which labels are fed in sheets rather than the rolls of labels.

    23.    What do you mean by glossy finished spray bottle labels?

    These are the spray bottle labels that are laminated with glossy surface finishing material.

    Glossy spray bottle labels are high-quality water-resistant.

    They go on smoothly with pressure and remove easily without a trace.

    The label is waterproof, fade-resistant, and ideal for all spray bottles, small glass bottles, and plastic bottles.

    They are easy to customize in full color to add a personal touch to your home recipes or beauty formulas.

    24.    Are gloss laminated spray bottle labels better than matte laminated spray bottle labels?


    Gloss laminated spray bottle labels are inexpensive as compared to matte laminated spray bottles.

    Glossy spray bottle labels are the best option if you want to make eye-catching and attractive spray bottle labels.

    Matte laminated spray bottle labels are expensive and give a dull and subtle look to brands.

    Matte spray bottle labels are not water-resistant.

    25.    Can I paste spray bottle labels manually on spray bottles?

    Of course.

    Not having any labeling machine is not a problem at all.

    You can always paste your spray bottle labels manually on the surface of spray bottles if you are a small business and want to save some bucks.

    26.    How to check whether or not the spray bottle label is degradable?

    There are several ways to find out whether or not the water spray bottle label is degradable.

    One of the effective ways is to check the type of label material used by checking the ingredients and printing methods.

    If you need a custom degradable label, it is difficult for you to get one in off-the-shelf packaging because so many factors play a role in its degradation.

    Some factors may include climate temperature, moisture content, sunlight, and product degradation life span.

    27.    On what type of bottles can I use spray bottle labels?

    You can use spray bottle labels on any bottle.

    The spray bottles are usually made of plastic and glass.

    Both materials are used in various industries depending upon their uses.

    Irrespective of the material of the bottles, spray bottle labels can give a consistent performance on all types of bottles.

    28.    Why import spray bottle labels from China?

    Several reasons might intrigue you to order your next batch of spray bottle labels from China.

    The reasons can be concluded as:

    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Faster turnaround
    • High-grade materials
    • Enhanced QC control
    • Certifications
    • Custom printing and manufacturing option
    • QC report with delivery

    29.    What is the minimum order quantity for ordering spray bottle labels from spray bottle label factories of China?

    The minimum order quantity for importing spray bottle labels from factories in China varies among the companies.

    But on average, the minimum order quantity can be seen as 500 pieces of spray bottle labels.

    30.    Do spray bottle labels manufacturers and suppliers do a quality control check of my order?

    Without any doubt!

    All the reliable spray bottle label manufacturers and suppliers do quality control checks on every manufacturing process.

    You can rest assured that your spray bottle labels will be dispatched with a QC report to ensure your labels’ quality.

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