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To spice up your kitchen, you can choose to cut up the size of your spice bottle labels, like round, square, oval, or any size you want. Best4U offers several materials for your spice bottle labels, like waterproof paper, kraft paper, etc.

Chalkboard Spice Bottle Label
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Waterproof Spice Bottle Label
Roll form or sheet packing are OK, high-quality labels in low cost
Clear Spice Bottle Label
Clear spice bottle labels could make your product more attractive
Best4U makes your spice bottle label fashionable with cricut form
Glossy Bottle Spice Label
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Matte Spice Bottle Label
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Best4U offers multi-options of materials for your spice bottle labels. Spice bottle labels can make your products perfect and of high-quality.

  • Waterproof, glossy, clear, or white vinyl material.
  • Custom spice bottle labels could be in any shape and color
  • Spice bottle labels could be in any color printing design.

Tips to help you to get an instant quotation for your spice bottle labels.

  • Confirm spice bottle label size depending on your demand.
  • Confirm spice bottle labels materials you need.
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    Spice Bottle Labels – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Spice Bottle Labels are used in many households and in five-star restaurants to organize your spice treasure.

    Spice Bottle Labels can also benefit your business in many ways.

    You can know multiple things related to spice bottle labels if you look forward to incorporating them, be it in your spice business or kitchen.

    There are answers to multiple questions related to the materials, making, types, some tricks related to pasting and removing spice bottle labels, printing options, importing from China, etc., that you can read in this guide.

    1.    What do you mean by spice bottle labels?

    Spice bottle labels are the labels that are used to label spice bottles.

    Using these spice bottle labels, you can keep your spices organized in bottles and prevent them from being all over your kitchen.

    Spice bottle labels are customized labels for the bottles containing spices in a kitchen.

    Spice Bottle Labels

    You can print spice bottle labels independently, or you can custom print spice bottle labels for your spice business.

    The spice bottle labels can also be added to spice jars in a pantry where they identify the contents of each jar.

    Popular uses for these personalized spice bottle labels include creating a unique gift or a practical way to improve the organization of your spice collection.

    Spice bottle labels are easy-to-use labels that fit on your spice bottles and match your kitchen decor.

    2.    What are the materials used to make spice bottle labels?

    The ingredient list to make a spice bottle label is relatively short.

    Spice bottle labels are usually made of paper.

    There are different types of paper used to make spice bottle labels.

    Every kind of paper possesses varied endurance, so you can choose the form that seems the best fit for you.

    Some of the types of materials used in spice bottle label making are:

    • Coated paper
    • Synthetic paper
    • Kraft paper
    • PVC
    • PET
    • BOPP
    • Textured paper
    • Writable paper
    • Matte Gold and Silver PET
    • Shiny Gold and Silver PET
    • Brush Gold and Silver PET
    • Transparent PET
    • Destructible or Eggshell paper

    These paper types cost differently due to the varied features of every kind of paper you can use to make spice bottle labels.

    These papers are used to make different layers of spice bottle labels.

    In addition to paper, adhesive glue is used in the process as well.

    3.    How many components of spice bottle labels are there?

    Spice bottle labels are seemed to be a weak layer of paper that you can paste on your spice bottles.

    But basically, there are three layers present in the spice bottle labels.

    The different layers of spice bottle labels are:

    • Front lining
    • Middle lining
    • Back lining

    Components Of Spice Bottle Labels

    Front lining

    The printed layer that you see when you paste spice bottle labels onto bottle surfaces is called the front layer or face print.

    Materials that are used in the front lining are:

    • Polyethylene
    • Paper
    • PVC
    • Vinyl
    • BOPP
    • Polypropylene

    Middle lining

    The middle layer helps the label stick to the spice bottle.

    The middle layer is a thin layer of glue that holds the label on the spice bottle.

    The type of adhesive used in the adhesive or middle lining of spice bottle labels are:

    • Water-basic adhesives
    • Rubber adhesives
    • Oil adhesives

    Back lining

    The back of the spice bottle label is the layer that is on the backside of the adhesive.

    When you apply a spice bottle label to a surface, that layer is peeled off to reveal the sticky adhesive on the back.

    Back lining materials are as follows:

    • Glassine back lining
    • Kraft back lining
    • Filmic back lining

    4.    How are spice bottle labels manufactured?

    Spice bottle labels are manufactured in spice bottle labels manufacturing factories, but you can also make your spice bottle labels at home with ease.

    The manufacturing process of spice bottle labels in factories is as follows:

    The material paper for spice bottle labels is assembled that contains three different layers.

    Then the printing is done onto the spice label paper.

    You can print whatever you want onto the paper within the label’s dimensions that you wish your spice bottle labels to have once it is prepared.

    After the printing process, the spice bottle labels are cut into the desired shape and size according to the spice bottle you want to paste.

    5.    What printing options are there for spice bottle labels?

    There are a variety of printing options available to print spice bottle labels.

    Different printing techniques have additional features and give a varied presentation when printing your spice bottle labels.

    The printing options that you can choose for the printing of spice bottle labels are:

    • Inkjet printing
    • CMYK printing
    • Digital printing
    • Offset printing
    • Lithography
    • UV printing
    • Hot stamping
    • Cold stamping

    CMYK printing

    Spice Bottle Labels are created using a four-color (CMYK) process.

    Ink colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) combine to produce the realistic colors you see on your labels.

    UV printing

    UV printing on spice bottle labels is a process that uses special inks on transparency stock.

    The ink is then transferred to the product, spice bottle label with use of a UV printer.

    The process is eco-friendly and uses no VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) inks.

    Hot stamping

    Hot stamping is an advanced way to add a custom design to spice bottle labels.

    You take a black ink pad, heat it with an iron until it is nice and warm, and stamp it onto the spice bottle label.

    It is challenging to scratch off most inks from this process, so you can use this hot stamping technique for designs used in challenging environments.

    6.    What type of adhesives are used on spice bottle labels?

    Three types of label adhesives are used on spice bottle labels.

    The adhesives differ in their composition and chemical nature.

    You can choose your best fit of label adhesive for your spice bottle labels by considering the environment to which spice bottle labels will be exposed.

    The type of adhesives are as follows:

    • Water-based adhesives
    • Rubber adhesives
    • Oil adhesives

    Water based adhesives

    Water based adhesives are the most common adhesive that is used in many industries.

    Water-based adhesives are composed of polymers, water, and additives.

    They may be formulated as a solution or in paste form.

    When exposed to water, they become activated and cure to create a strong bond on the substrate.

    Rubber adhesives

    Rubber-based adhesives are the best choice for a wide variety of surfaces, including paper.

    Because they are waterproof, non-toxic, and have a low surface tension, rubber-based adhesives are excellent for many outdoor projects.

    These non-toxic adhesives are not as resistant to heat or UV light as other materials, but they are easily removed and recyclable.

    Oil based adhesives

    Oil-based adhesives are used in special circumstances.

    These adhesives are the strongest of all adhesives.

    Oil based adhesives are water resistant.

    7.    What do you mean by lamination on spice bottle labels?

    Lamination is making two or more materials intertwine to obtain a resultant material with improved properties.

    Lamination can be used to make the paper more substantial, more durable, less brittle, and more resistant to attack by sunlight or other chemicals.

    The laminated paper has the effect of waterproofing, oilproof, and moisture-proof so that the spice bottle labels can be used for a longer time under storage conditions.

    The purpose of the lamination on spice bottle labels is to prevent the brands from scratching or peeling off the bottles when you ship out your products.

    These laminated spice bottle labels are also resistant to heat, so when the printing is done, you can use these spice bottle labels in the oven without fear of them melting.

    8.    How many options of surface laminations are there for spice bottle labels?

    There are a variety of surface laminations that you can use for spice bottle labels.

    Different surface lamination options give unique properties to the surface of spice bottle labels.

    Some of the surface lamination options that you can choose from are:

    • Glossy surface lamination
    • Matte surface lamination
    • Pearl surface lamination
    • Aluminum foiled surface lamination

    Glossy surface lamination

    Glossy surface lamination
    Spice bottle labels are laminated with glossy surface lamination to highlight the color and detail of the spice bottle label design.

    This is one of the most cost-effective labels finishes available for packages that will be shelved for extended periods.

    Matte surface lamination

    Matte surface lamination

    Matte lamination is an excellent alternative for spice bottle labels to make them less flashy.


    As dull and flat as it may seem, the matte finish on spice bottle labels makes it easier for people to read the titles due to their subtle colors.

    9.    What is the benefit of using a spice bottle label?

    There are several benefits of using spice bottle labels.

    To name some, they are as follows:

    Spice Bottle Label Benefit

    The uses of spice bottle labels are it helps you label your spices in the pantry in an easy way.


    Spice bottle label helps keep your spices organized, and more importantly, it helps prevent food poisoning by clearly identifying what is inside a sealed glass jar.

    It also shows other people in your home how to use the spices that you have stored.

    It can be printed for you in any size according to your needs if you want it large enough to be seen across the room or small enough to fit into a tiny space on your spice rack.

    You can customize the text and information on the spice bottle label.

    10. Are spice bottle labels self-adhesive?

    Yes, the spice bottle labels are self-adhesive.

    Spice Bottle Labels Self-Adhesive

    This means that once you peel off the protective layer on the back of a label, you can stick it directly onto a spice bottle.


    The spice bottle label will stay put until you are ready to remove it.

    11. How can I measure the size of spice bottle labels for my spice bottle?

    You can make a rough estimate of the dimensions of your adhesive label by using a standard industry trick.

    To do this, wrap a piece of paper around the spice bottle to which you want to affix your spice bottle labels.

    After wrapping the paper around the bottle, cut the paper where it overlaps.

    Spice Bottle Labels Measurement

    Your spice bottle label’s length, width, and thickness can now be estimated using these measurements.

    When it comes to measuring the size of your spice bottle labels, there are some tips you can consider.

    • Leave some space above and below the label to ensure that the brand will stick perfectly to the object.
    • You can also cut the paper label from the circumference of the bottle.
    • This way, your spice bottle label will not overlap and give you a clean look when you paste it on the object.

    Another way is to use a measuring tape to measure the size of your spice bottle and tally the dimensions mentioned by spice bottle label manufacturers in their dimension charts while ordering.

    12. How many types of spice bottle labels can I have?

    There are different types of spice bottle labels that you can have.

    These types of spice bottle labels are:

    • Dry peel spice bottle labels
    • Prime spice bottle labels
    • Die-cut spice bottle labels
    • Reseal spice bottle labels
    • Fold-out spice bottle labels
    • Tag and board packaging spice bottle labels

    13. Can spice bottle labels be pasted with a labeling machine?

    Absolutely, yes.

    You can easily paste your spice bottle labels on spice bottles using a labeling machine.

    A labeling machine aids in perfect slapping of spice bottle labels onto the bottles and saving your time.

    You can also paste spice bottle labels manually, but it will be time-consuming compared to pasting with a labeling machine.

    14. How are spice bottle labels packed?

    Spice bottle labels are packed in many ways.

    There are generally three packaging methods involved in the packaging of spice bottle labels.

    The packaging methods are dependent on your choice.

    Three different packaging ways for spice bottles are:

    • Spice bottle labels on the roll

    Spice Bottle Labels On The Roll

    • Spice bottle labels on sheets

    Spice Bottle Labels On Sheets


    • Spice bottle labels cut into shapes

    Spice Bottle Labels Cut Into Shapes


    15. How to paste a spice bottle label?

    The application of spice bottle labels is more straightforward.

    For this, you first remove the backing from the transparent carrier sheet and position your spice bottle label on the spice bottle.

    Then apply heat from a hairdryer or a similar handheld device to soften and activate the adhesive.

    Alternately you can use a damp towel to wipe down the glass surface of your spice bottle using moderate pressure to ensure complete contact with the glass.

    The adhesive will then attach best to a bottle that is clean and smooth.

    16. Do I need additional glue to paste the spice bottle label?


    You do not have to use additional glue to paste spice bottle labels on your bottles.

    Spice bottle labels are self-adhesive labels which means they require no glue.

    This is because spice bottle labels already have a layer of glue beneath their protective lining when you peel it off.

    17. Are there any waterproof spice bottle labels?


    There are waterproof spice bottle labels that are resistant to water and moisture.

    Waterproof Spice Bottle Labels
    Different type of paper or lamination usage helps you in making waterproof spice bottle labels that you can paste on your bottles without the fear of peeling or damaging labels.

    Glossy surface lamination can make spice bottle labels waterproof as compared to matte lamination.

    18. How can I remove the spice bottle label from the bottle?

    It is straightforward to remove the spice bottle labels from bottles.

    All you need to do is peel the spice bottle label manually and remove the residual glue or adhesive from the surface of the spice bottles.

    If the spice bottle label does not come off, then you can cover the title with frosting spray and peel the spice bottle label after some time.

    19. On what type of bottles can I use spice bottle labels?

    You can use spice bottle labels on bottles made up of different materials.

    You can use glass bottles or plastic bottles.

    You can rest assured that your spice bottle labels will be pasted firmly on both bottles perfectly due to the adhesive layer used on the spice bottle layer.

    20. Which type of spice bottle label individual packaging method is best to use in machines?

    Spice bottle labels on rolls are the best label packaging if you intend to paste spice bottle labels using a labeling machine.

    You can easily install and replace rolls of spice bottle labels from the labeling machine.

    The labeling machine helps roll the spice bottle label to quickly spin and present the spice bottle label to be pasted as compared to using sheets, which is a time-consuming process.

    21. How can I remove the remaining glue from the spice bottle label from the glass jar?

    While removing spice bottle labels from bottles, some of the glue stays at the spot often.

    You can conveniently remove this residual or remaining glue from the bottle by the use of acetone.

    If you do not have acetone, you can soak your bottle in dishwash and water mixture.

    It will help the glue to come off the surface of spice bottles.

    22. Are spice bottle labels environmentally friendly?


    Spice bottle labels are made of paper which is an environment-friendly material.

    Spice bottle labels pose no significant threat or harm to the environment and nature.

    You can take care of the environment-friendliness of spice bottle labels by using nature-friendly printing options and inks.

    23. What do you mean by die cut and kiss cut spice bottle label?

    Die-cut and kiss-cut labels are different types of packaging types in which spice bottles labels are formed.

    Die Cut And Kiss Cut Spice Bottle label
    The die-cut spice bottle label contains the backing that is cut equally into the shape of the design.

    Kiss-cut spice bottle labels have back lining that is greater than the design of spice bottle labels.

    24. In how many shapes can I have my spice bottle labels?

    You can have spice bottle labels in a variety of different shapes.

    Spice Bottle Labels Shapes
    You can custom make your spice bottle labels in any desirable shape.

    Some of the shapes that you can make your spice bottle labels in are:

    • Square
    • Oval
    • Heart
    • Triangle
    • Circular
    • Star

    The shape of the spice bottle label is dependent on the shape and size of your bottle.

    25. Why should I use spice bottle labels with adhesive over another type of label?

    You can prefer spice bottle labels with adhesive over other brands because of the ease of application.

    Self-adhesive spice bottle labels require your minimal effort in the application as no additional adhering material is needed in pasting labels to spice bottles.

    26. Do I need to worry about spice bottle labels from the surrounding temperature?


    You should keep in consideration the environment in which you will use spice bottle labels.

    Because the adhesive of spice bottle labels can be affected by the temperature and other environmental factors.

    It can affect the working and durability of spice bottle labels. But normally the spice bottle labels are OK in the environment.

    27. In what sizes can I make spice bottle labels?

    You can make spice bottle labels of different sizes.

    The size of the spice bottle label can be desirable and dependent on the size of your bottle.

    You can measure the required size of labels and order them from spice label suppliers.

    28. Do spice label manufacturers from China offer custom printing options?

    Of course!

    You can avail yourself of the option of custom printing for your spice bottle labels if you are importing them from China.

    You can select from various printing options and surface finishes to develop the best grade spice bottle labels.

    29. Why is it better to order spice bottle labels from Chinese spice bottle label suppliers and factories?

    Some of the reasons that make spice bottle label suppliers from China make the best option to order spice bottle labels are:

    • You can avail of fast delivery irrespective of the quantity of your order.
    • Cost-effective spice bottle labels
    • Environment-friendly production
    • Option to customize your spice bottle labels
    • No compromise on quality
    • The best printing machinery
    • QC inspections at every step

    30. Can I order my personalized spice bottle labels?


    You can always order personalized spice bottle labels from spice bottle labels suppliers and manufacturers.

    Many credible spice bottle label manufacturers offer the option of personalization of spice bottle labels.

    You can claim this option and personalize your spice bottle label the way you want, from choosing paper type to pickling spice bottle label design and dimensions.

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