Shrink Sleeves For Bottles

Need your own logo on the shrink sleeves for bottles? Shrink sleeves for bottles are essential for your bottled products, such as shampoo, milk bottles, juice, beverages, and so on.

Shrink sleeves for bottles could be printed in any color and sophisticated artwork, Best4U will make shrink sleeves for bottles in quality printing and premium for perfect performance.

Fast and sufficient production with our expert team for the best result, we produce waterproof shrink sleeves for bottles to protect your brand.

Don’t hesitate to contact Best4U for your shrink sleeves for bottles now!

Why Global Brands Choose Best4U

Best4U is a professional manufacturer of labels, stickers, and any packaging, we control every single detail with high standards and conduct solutions for branding needs.

With different advanced machines, Best4U could maximize the quality of printing and the durability of materials used.

High-standard QC inspection is also one of the important factors in ensuring high-quality output. Best4U reduces your inventory risk by small quantities even if you want to customize your design.

Start your successful branding with us!

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  • Packing Method

Non-adhesive heat shrink sleeves are packed as single folded pieces normally.

  • Printing Art

Bottle shrink wrap sleeves could be with PMS printing, foil stamped, or UV printing, etc.

  • MOQ and Price

Shrink sleeve packaging for bottles MOQ is much higher than self-adhesive label stickers because of its different process requirements. MOQ is 1 roll material, different shrink label size, finished shrink sleeve label quantity will be different, but normally it’s about  10,000pcs.

Bottle shrink sleeves need a labeling machine when you put the labels on your containers, They can’t be pasted on containers manually like sticky labels.

Because of the special printing method, this kind of label will need to check the detailed design colors before the quote, there is mould cost for each color, so we recommend this kind of label when:

  1. Large Quantity
  2. Irregular Bottle Shapes
  3. Designs with Relatively Few Colors
  • Design Tips

The bottle shrink sleeve is a kind of stretch sleeve, it can wrap around the bottle, so when you design it, you can design it in a rectangle frame ( when it’s unfolded ).

  • PET

PET shrink sleeve packaging is with bright features which could make your design little bit more brighter, it’s waterproof, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and strong.

  • PVC

PVC bottle shrink sleeve is waterproof and oil-proof; durability, tear resistance, flexibility, shrinkage, opacity and chemical corrosion resistance.

  • BOPP

BOPP bottle shrink wrap label is a very good kind of flexible packaging. BOPP film is flexible, waterproof, oil proof,  corrosion-proof and good transparency. It has good printing adaptability and can show colorful printing perfectly.

Best4U Labels and Packaging Manufacturer

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Best4U One-stop Custom Solution

Best4U manufactures labels, stickers, all kinds of packaging, washi tapes, catalog brochures, and so on, we also provide related products.

Best4U has over 10 years of productive experience in the printing field, we have professional designers and printing teams to assist your design, and we provide excellent labeling for various products.

Global brands recommend Best4U as their expert manufacturer for labels and packaging since 2009, we will help you increase your profitability rate in the market.

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    Why Choose Best4U

    Best4U is a manufacturer of shrink sleeves for bottles in China. We perform a distinctive manufacturing process of shrink sleeve labels including the excellent printing service, quality sealing process, and stable shrinkage and we used premium materials for the high-quality performance of your shrink sleeves for bottles.

    We have a highly competitive company that can sustain the needs of every brand and will help you increase brand awareness. Best4U offers competitive prices for your shrink label that will never break your savings. Our shrink sleeve for bottles is highly recommended for different bottled products – drinking water, cosmetics, juices, pesticides, herbal products, food products, and more.

    These heat shrink bottle sleeves can enhance the product packaging with customized shapes and sizes to adhere to the uniqueness of the appearance of your shrink sleeves for jars. This is recommended for a wide application for most businesses to begin the increasing growth in marketing your products. Start making your products productive and known in the market with us and you will see the difference.

    Best4U has a wide variety of premium materials for your plastic shrink wrap for bottles that has higher sustainability to your products. You can choose – BOPP, PET, PVC, and PE materials for your bottle shrink wrap sleeves. We apply the proper methods in making durable shrink sleeve for bottle caps and make them easier for you to utilize without using adhesives or glue.

    Each of the shrink sleeve packaging is subject to strict quality inspection and we are driven by our highest standards to sustain your quality needs. We will ship your bottle sleeve packaging on time with a 100% error-free and complete satisfaction will be served to all the customers.

    In different industries, our shrink sleeve labels for bottles have an enhancement capability and boom your product from the shelves. Customers will never doubt n purchasing your products using our non adhesive labels. Shrink labels for bottles are the most popular around the world that can be manufactured with adjustments and creative designs that fit your individual specifications.

    We produce various types of shrink sleeves for bottles including – bottle neck shrink sleeve, pet bottle shrink label, wine bottle heat shrink sleeves, etc. You can get whatever you need here at Best4U with a guaranteed lowest MOQ for custom printed shrink labels for a starter. We will provide a free sample of bottle heat shrink sleeves for you to testify how good our products are and decide to order at any time.

    Best4U shrink sleeves for bottles manufacturer uses advanced types of equipment that has the ability to print quality designs and we produce custom printed shrink bands with fully colored printed that are appealing to consumers and absolutely cost-effective for your products. We offer this opportunity for you to help you establish your brand in the market with proper packaging.

    We can make a wine bottle shrink wrap sleeves for any occasion like graduations, weddings, bridal showers, and so on. With the benefit of our printing technologies, your bottle shrink wrap labels will amazingly stand out. We can do embellishments to your wine bottle shrink labels such as – UV printing, cold foil, hot stamping, CMYK printing, PMS printing, digital printing, and so on.

    Best4U provides proper labeling with a 360-degree pet bottle sleeve that wraps around your bottle and the images are enhanced and can be larger than what you need. Your sleeve bottle labels can be printed with your logo, nutrition facts details, net contents, ingredients, and even a photo or an image can be printed on your plastic shrink wrap bottle labels.

    Creating wonderful designs of shrink sleeves for glass bottles can be difficult, but don’t worry because Best4U is always here to guide you and if you don’t have the time to make your designs, we have professional designers to make it up to you. Best4U is open and available 24H for your queries and quotations for your shrink sleeve bottle labels, we will be glad to serve you better.

    We do the materials checking of PVC shrink sleeves for bottle caps before we proceed to the step-by-step production. No matter what season or event, we accept orders worldwide. You can start to order a small quantity of bottle cap shrink sleeves, usually, our repeat customers from different countries order bulk shrink label for pet labels and we never disappoint them with the quality they wanted.

    Since 2009, Best4U shrink sleeves for bottles supplier has been creative and hard work for the satisfaction of our customers. We money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our output and if you experience damages due to the delivery, we take responsibility to replace your stretch sleeve packaging.

    However, Best4U always secures the packaging of your shrink sleeves for bottles with secured boxes to avoid any damage. We guarantee you a safe and secured shipment of your shrink sleeve label. Experience our excellent and friendly service just like our repeat customers, be one of them!

    Make your brand successful with the Best4U shrink sleeve label now!