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  • Free Sample
    Free Sample
    Best4U provides you with a free sample of shoulder box for quality assurance
  • Strict QC
    High Standard QC System
    Best4U does multiple times of quality checking for shoulder box
  • Rich Options
    Quality Material Options
    Best4U has a range of selections of materials for shoulder box
  • Advanced Equipment
    Advanced Equipment
    Best4U has high-tech machines for the best quality output
  • Assist On Design
    Make Easy & Convenient Process
    Best4U will assist you with designs in customizing your shoulder box
  • Guaranteed Service
    Great After-sale Service
    Best4U offers guaranteed after-sale service with 100% responsibility for the quality problem of a shoulder box

Your Shoulder Box Is Popular To Any Application

Make your brand luxurious and elegant

Custom Candle Rigid Shoulder Box Packaging
Candle rigid shoulder box could be with foam insert to protect your product better
Jewelry Packaging Shoulder Neck Rigid Boxes
You can choose to show the neck of shoulder boxes after close with lid or not
Custom Perfume Packaging Shoulder Boxes
Shoulder rigid boxes is popular for perfume, could be with a ribbon on lid
Custom Rigid Shirts Shoulder Neck Gift Boxes
Best4U can make silk lining in the shoulder neck gift boxes to make it luxury
Saffron Custom Shoulder Boxes Gift Packaging
You can choose UV printing to make setup rigid shoulder boxes elegant
Brown Paper 2 Piece Setup Rigid Shoulder Box
Brown kraft paper is perfect material for 2 piece setup rigit shoulder boxes as well
Essential Oil Custom Packaging Shoulder Boxes
Best4U makes your essential oil more valuable by luxury custom shoulder gift boxes
Gold Stamping Rigid Setup Shoulder Neck Box
Hot stamping printing is very luxury and popular for shoulder neck gift boxes
Luxury Scarf Cardboard Rigid Shoulder Gift Box
Packing your scarf with cardboard rigid shoulder gift boxes to attract more market

Your Professional Manufacturer of Luxury Shoulder Box

Your Brand Could Stand Out With Beautiful Custom Shoulder Box

Paper Packaging Materials

Bottle Labels Printing Art

Paper Packaging Box Style

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    High technology machine for bottle stickers

    Why Brands Give Positive Feedback To Best4U?Get Your Premium Shoulder Box From Your Trusted Supplier

    Best4U shoulder box manufacturer is known and leading in China that collaborates very well with customers. Due to the high demand for custom shoulder neck rigid boxes, our expert team is always on the go for assistance anytime and accepts bulk orders of a custom shoulder box. Bes4U is highly competent in producing premium rigid shoulder box for high quality packaging you need.

    The custom shoulder boxes are famous to utilize in different industries that can carry or store your products in a luxurious way, however, Best4U offers a good demand pricing for your shoulder box that is to value your brand and your money. Choose quality over expensive packaging, our customers trust us because we supply them with the quality they need at the cheapest cost.

    We make sure that every shoulder neck rigid boxes can be customized according to your needs, we meet all your design requests. Your shoulder box can be with any color, printing arts, and custom artwork. Best4U is able to make your custom shoulder boxes as beautiful and premium as it is! No matter if it is in rush, we can do it for you!

    Most brands in the market use this type of packaging that we produce to secure the product inside and shoulder box can be used so easily and it is designed with a lid and base which has a gap in between. Best4U shoulder box supplier can make your brand luxurious and your custom shoulder boxes can be with a foam insert or EVA that is inserted inside.

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    Guaranteed Service
    Best4U offers 100% compensation for shoulder box quality problem
    1000+ Global Brand Trust Best4U
    Best4U has supplied shoulder box to over 1000 global brand for long term
    24H Standby
    Best4U will reply your inquiry within 8 hours for your shoulder box
    Simplify Your Job
    Best4U will assist your custom shoulder box design anytime

    Secure Your Brand With A Premium Packaging You Need

    Best4U shoulder box manufacturer can highlight your brand logo with Emboss printing, we can also do various printing methods for your options, like Spot UV printing, hot stamping, Deboss printing, cold foil printing, and so on. Don’t worry if you have no idea of which printing art you choose, our experts will give you suggestions for your custom shoulder boxes to look more enticing.

    Your rigid shoulder box is very useful and by all means, it is fully recyclable and eco friendly to utilize. Whether you use your shoulder box in cosmetics, jewelry, pastry products, and so on, it will be safer to use. This packaging is associated for marketing purposes to easily market your brand in the market which will give you an enhancement to make your brand look attractive and presentable.

    However, this rigid shoulder box can also be used on various occasions that would bring meaning to your special event. You can have custom shoulder boxes on your wedding day, birthday celebration, family gatherings, or proposal with your girlfriend, it can also be recycled as a storage box at home, or can be used in your school projects. See how flexible our shoulder box is, that will not cost you a lot in getting this.

    You can design your custom shoulder boxes or have an option with our limited designs. Best4U can be contacted anytime you need us with your orders and questions, whether it is peak season or not, we will cater to your needs and we will make you fully satisfied with your shoulder neck rigid box orders. We provide you with a sample shoulder box so you can see the quality we are making.

    In sending your orders, you must have the required sizes, colors, and designs you need. If you have no time to create yours, no worries because we can handle it all for you! The size of the shoulder box must be determined by the size of the item or product that will be stored on the rigid shoulder box. We will help you identify the proper sizing of your custom shoulder boxes to avoid mistakes.

    Best4U has a fast turnaround system in order for you to get your orders on time. We make it very convenient for all our customers whether export or not. 70% of our customers are from different countries and they trusted us as their shoulder box manufacturer and supplier for the long term. We supply their packaging needs to market their products in the market and also for personal needs.

    We always make sure that we meet all the requirements of our customers, starting from the quality, fast processing of orders, wonderful service that we provide to them, and the excellency we have as a reliable shoulder box supplier. Best4U has earned more positive feedback from the market since 2009 and we humbly say that we give our best service to give satisfaction to all of you.

    Before we do the shipment, Best4U ensures the quality standards are met. We conduct multiple times of QC and we always make sure that we deliver your rigid shoulder box in 100% excellent quality. Quality is the most important factor which is why Best4U strictly check with each of your orders to avoid disappointments to our customers, instead they will be amazed when they receive our quality output.

    Get your premium and luxury shoulder box at Best4U now for your successful branding!

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