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    Shampoo Label – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    The shampoo is a personal care product that needs to be used safely and effectively.

    Incorrect use of the shampoo can lead to significant damage, e.g., using the wrong type of shampoo.

    To ensure the proper use of the shampoo, labels are thus printed on the shampoo bottles to communicate information about the shampoo features, usage instructions, and warnings to the consumer.

    This guide can give you the answers to frequently asked questions such as materials, printing, customization, how to order, and many more.

    1. What is a shampoo label?

    A shampoo label is a paper or plastic tag put on a bottle or jar containing shampoos.

    With the help of personal images and coloring, they can make your product look more attractive.

    Shampoo Label

    The role of the labels is to fulfill precisely what they are needed for, which means that you have to make sure you match them to your needs.

    A bottle label attached to a shampoo product provides immediate communication to the consumer using the product.

    The information on the label helps give information about how to use the product, its ingredients, and other information.

    A label is the written information and graphics that appear on the outside of a shampoo package.

    Not only can you include information such as the ingredients, company contact info, barcode, and expiration date, you can also have eye-catching graphic images for consumers to view.

    2. What are the types of labels based on materials?

    A critical component of shampoo labels is the material they are made out of.

    Some labels are made of paper and plastic, but many other materials can be used for soap labels.

    Shampoo Label

    Different labels have different properties depending on what material they are made out of.

    For example, some labels are waterproof, and others will resist long exposure to sunlight.

    These are the materials that can be used in distinguishing labels:

    • Eggshell or destructible paper
    • Textured paper
    • Kraft paper
    • Synthetic paper
    • Coated paper
    • Transparent and colored PET
    • PE
    • BOPP
    • PVC

    Synthetic paper labels

    Synthetic paper is one of the most durable materials in the market today for labels.

    Known for its environmental friendliness, it is made from non-wood fibers and resin.

    Synthetic paper labels can be laminated with various materials, including specialty coatings such as silicone, plastic films, metallics, U.V. coatings, and more.

    Labels made of synthetic paper are acid-free.

    They are also available in recycled and renewable sources.

    BOPP labels

    BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) is a material that shampoo label producers use to create durable labels.

    There are many options for BOPP labels, including the adhesion and release properties and the physical properties such as thermal stability, corrosion resistance, tear strength, and transparency.

    Kraft paper labels

    Kraft paper is a type of paper that is not bleached.

    Unlike ordinary paper, it does not contain chlorine.

    It is made from recycled fibers and then immersed in a natural cellulose pulp suspension.

    Kraft paper labels have prominent tear resistance and are lightweight, but it is not waterproof.

    In addition, it has a natural feel and touch.

    3. How do shampoo label manufacturers make labels?

    A shampoo label is one of the labels used in the creation of a shampoo product.

    It is made from several different materials pressed together to form one large sheet and can be printed on through several other color processes.

    Shampoo label manufacturers start by using high-quality materials, including U.V. inks, foil stamping, and a special laminate that helps prevent your bottle from leaking.

    They consider how the shampoo bottle or jar will be used and manufactured to create a fresh and modern design for your brand.

    They preserve the integrity of the artwork you supply through extensive color controls before printing on synthetic paper labels in extreme detail.

    Depending on a customer’s needs, they offer multiple gloss levels to give you that premium looks without a premium price.

    After the printing process, the cutting of labels is done using automated cutters.

    Next, the labels are packed and sent to your doorstep.

    4. What can printing technologies be employed for label printing?

    Shampoo label printing is done in an eco-friendly manner using state-of-the-art eco-efficient printing presses.

    Shampoo Label

    With a combination of new generation pigments, low VOC content solvents, U.V. inks, and lamination, printers can create the best quality products for customers while being good to the environment.

    There are the below-mentioned printing technologies that consumers mainly consider:

    • V. laser printing
    • Inkjet printing
    • Lithographic printing
    • PMS printing
    • CMYK printing
    • Digital printing
    • Offset printing
    • Cold and hot stamping
    • Debossing and embossing
    • Flexographic printing

    U.V. printing

    U.V. printing is a revolutionary process that allows you to add beautiful color and high gloss to your bath product labels at a cost-effective price.

    The U.V. printing process uses special ink that is best for non-absorbent surfaces.

    When the label is exposed to ultraviolet light, the ink melts against the heat and flows onto the label’s surface, creating a shiny, even appearance.

    U.V. printing will never fade or wear off as long as your print stays out of harsh chemicals.

    Cold stamping

    Cold stamping is a creative way to enhance product packaging.

    It is a process that involves the application of foil or film to a substrate.

    When cold stamping is applied to a label, the effect can be striking and highly durable.

    The detail of the imprint depends on the design of the die and can be tailored to your individual needs.

    In addition to this, printers offer additional value services like scratch-resistant or super glossy lamination options.

    5. Why do shampoo bottles need labeling?

    Shampoo labels are a must for any company that makes a variety of types of shampoo.

    Your main objective is to communicate important information about your product to both customers and salespeople.

    Shampoo Label

    The essential information your shampoo label needs to provide is a description of the shampoo’s outstanding qualities, the fragrance in the instance, and its ingredients and purpose and directions for use.

    It is also vital that you include an ingredient statement on your shampoo label to allow people with allergies or sensitive skin to use your product safely.

    Shampoo bottles need labeling for other reasons as well, including:

    To help avoid counterfeiting and protect manufacturers, retailers, and consumers against substandard and potentially dangerous product substitutions.

    6. What is label lamination?

    Lamination is the process of adding plastic to each side of a label and adhering it to a product.

    Shampoo Label

    It combines different materials, such as paper, polyester film, and adhesive, to produce a label.

    The result is a label product that is more durable and easier to print on than just paper.

    Label lamination allows for easy adhesion onto most container or packaging materials.

    Laminate provides protection against water and chemicals, creates gloss or matte effects, and acts as a barrier for contents during shipping or storage.

    Two basic types of laminations can be done using different laminates:

    • Matte lamination
    • Glossy lamination

    7. Do matte labels resist water?


    A matte label finish is not entirely waterproof.

    Matte labels are water-resistance to some degree due to their less glassy nature than conventional gloss coat labels.

    However, the ink will smear and run if washed in the washer or submerged in water.

    Shampoo Label

    Matte means a dull sheen, which is different than a water-resistant coating.

    The best way to achieve water resistance in any print job, including labels, is by laminating with a coating that can endure daily handling.

    Unlike a matte coating, glossy labels are designed to resist water.

    The smooth surface of a matte label can easily be damaged if in contact with water as it would catch water in the tiny holes of paper and cause the title to tear or wrinkle.

    8. Are conditioner labels different from shampoo labels?

    Not exactly!

    When it comes to the products, conditioners, and shampoos, then they have varied uses.

    Shampoo Label

    The former concentrates on the health and beauty of your hair, while the latter is intended for use on your scalp only.

    But labels for shampoos and conditioner bottles are not strikingly different.

    They have pretty much the same information, such as ingredients, barcodes, etc.

    However, it is crucial to state the product statement declaring that this product is shampoo or conditioner.

    9. What are the general sizes of labels for shampoo bottles?

    There are multiple sizes of labels used for labeling shampoos.

    It is an element influenced by the size of your product packaging.

    Here is the list of some standard sizes.

    Each of the label sizes refers to the height of your shampoo bottle.

    Shampoo Label

    Sr. No.

    Dimensions in inches

    Length x Width

    Sr. No.

    Dimensions in inches

    Length x Width


    1.25 x 1.25 1. 2.375 x 3
    2. 2 x 2 2.

    2.5 x 1.38


    1.3125 x 2.75 3. 2.5 x 1.75
    4. 1.95 x 2.5 4.

    2.675 x 2


    2 x 5 5. 3.91 x 1.324
    6. 3.5 x 1.75 6.

    3.9375 x 1.9375

    The size of labels is one of the customizable factors that allows you to create tags precisely the size of your shampoo bottles.

    10. How to get a template for shampoo labels?

    There are innumerable paid and free templates available online to make personalized shampoo labels.

    You can access the templates depending on your budget to edit them.

    If you do not want to edit templates, you can also leave this job to your printer.

    Most manufacturers enable their customers to send the artwork in a digital file to handle the rest.

    However, if you are printing at home and want to test the labels out, you can use templates to make eye-catching labels.

    11. Are there clear labels for shampoo bottles?

    Of course.

    There are beautiful clear labels for enhancing the charm of shampoo bottles.

    Transparent labels are labels that are made from translucent material.

    Shampoo Label

    Since they let light pass through, both sides can read these labels without removing the tag.

    Transparent labels are used on many products, including shampoo, body wash, lotion, and other types of bath and beauty products.

    There are several types and designs of unambiguous labels with various materials, colors, printing, and custom design choices.

    12. How to read shampoo labels?

    Shampoo labels can often be confusing.

    There are many numbers and other symbols on the labels that give you information about the product.

    Shampoo Label

    Many different brands of shampoos have many of the same ingredients, but they are put in a separate order.

    This makes choosing a shampoo difficult.

    Here is a bit of each item listed on a shampoo label, including all the numbers and how to use them to pick out your next shampoo.

    According to the FDA guidelines, the ingredients must be listed in a way where ingredients having more than 1 percent value come first while ingredients having less than 1 percent volume can be listed in any order.

    It is necessary to know the surfactants or soaps used in the shampoo, the surfactants on the label are listed after water.

    Other ingredients are listed on shampoo labels, such as carrying agents, lubricants, emulsifiers, humectants, fragrances, proteins, and preservatives.

    13. What is a shampoo bar?

    Shampoo bars are liquid shampoos in solid form.

    These solid shampoo bars weigh less and take up much less space than conventional liquids shampoo bottles.

    Shampoo Label

    There is no fancy equipment or complicated chemistry needed to use a shampoo bar. It is like using a bar of soap with a higher foaming ability.

    Shampoo bars are also labeled for promoting and selling products.

    Shampoo bar labels are the same concept as soap bar labels.

    14. What are the seven required elements on a product label?

    According to FDA regulations, there are seven required elements on a product label.

    These six compulsory elements are:

    • Signal word
    • Pictograms
    • Precautions and hazards related statements
    • Product identification statement
    • Statement related to product supplier such as name, contact number, email, etc.
    • Net contents or weight
    • List of ingredients

    15. Which regulatory act is responsible for shampoo labeling?

    When it comes to shampoo, it is essential to know what and how it is regulated.

    Two acts are responsible for the regulation of labeling shampoo and related products.

    Shampoo labeling is harmonized under:

    • The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act)
    • Fair Packaging and Labelling Act (FPLA)

    The FDA regulates the labeling of cosmetic products, including soaps and shampoos.

    Many states have additional regulations that govern labeling.

    The U.S. Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA) is responsible for shampoo label requirements in the USA.

    16. Are shampoo stickers self-adhesive?

    Yes, they are.

    Shampoo labels are self-adhesive with an air release liner.

    In addition to this, there is an adhesive for the place that you want to apply the label.

    To remove the release liner, you need to peel it off lightly at one end with your finger.

    It will be adhesive and need to be peeled off carefully from the logo down to the sticker’s bottom.

    17. What colors are printable on shampoo stickers?

    There is a multitude of colors that can be printed on your shampoo labels.

    You can even have different colors on the front and back.

    Each specific bottle or jar is unique in its material specifications, meaning each content type is different in its printability.

    Depending on the type of color and texture you desire for your label, the material, ink, printing method, etc., will directly impact the quality of print you are likely to receive.

    18. Are there degradable shampoo labels?

    Yes, there are degradable and recyclable shampoo labels to consider.

    However, the key concern when it comes to environmental friendliness is the adhesive used for the labels.

    There are numerous glue types available.

    Generally speaking, water-based and solvent-based glues are considered to be “green.”

    The look and feel of the glues vary from one manufacture to another.

    Materials like PET, BOPP, kraft paper, etc., are easily recyclable materials.

    19. What are the packaging methods available for labels?

    Label producers often offer three types of packaging methods for label packaging.

    These three methods are:

    • Roll form
    • Sheet form
    • Cut into shapes

    You can choose the method that seems best to your budget.

    There are two types of labels cutting processes that you can obtain when ordering labels when it comes to packaging.

    • Kiss-cut labels

    Shampoo Label

    • Die-cut labels

    Kiss-cut labels have appeared to be significant compared to die-cut labels due to the extended paper out of the design margin.

    Die-cut labels are cut into the shape of the design, and thus, they have a release liner equal to the front face material.

    20. What should be on an herbal shampoo label?

    The labeling guidelines for herbal shampoos are identical to synthetic ones.

    In addition to name, ingredients, manufacturer, etc., you can add a statement declaring that this product is a herbal product or this shampoo contains herbal ingredients like such, etc.

    21. What do you mean by the lash shampoo label?

    Lash shampoo is a product that gently removes even the most stubborn mascara, waxy build-up, and sunscreens from your lashes.

    Shampoo Label

    The labels that are intended for lash shampoos are called lash shampoo labels.

    Like other shampoo products, it is crucial to mention the ingredients used to make lash shampoos.

    That is why lash shampoos are also labeled to let the consumer know what the product is composed of and avoid any potential mishandling.

    22. Do dry shampoo bottles also need labels?


    Shampoo Label

    Every product that will be placed on shelves of supermarkets and shops is supposed to be labeled correctly.

    If the shampoo is the dry, bar, or liquid one that comes in different containers and packaging media, you have to label them to promote your business and product line.

    Without labeling, there will not be much awareness of your product among the public or consumers.

    You can custom make labels for any shampoo product.

    23. Are there printable shampoo labels?

    Of course.

    Shampoo Label

    Printable labels refer to the blank labels that are not printed yet.

    You can have printable labels for your products and print them on your own.

    Printable labels are also writeable so, you can make a handwritten label for your homemade shampoo products.

    24. What is the purpose of the shampoo warning label?

    The purpose of shampoo warning labels is to alert users of the potentially harmful effects of misusing shampoo and point out that it contains ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction for some.

    Mistakes wise people made in the case could be labeled as carelessness, and therefore is highlighted as a reason why the warning must be taken seriously and followed.

    The warning label must be in a format that the user can quickly notice at first sight.

    25. Can I get custom shampoo labels?

    You can make custom labels for your shampoo products.

    Shampoo Label

    Custom making option saves your energy to find a label that perfectly fits your packaging bottles.

    Rather than that, you can order the labels according to your bottle dimensions with instructions, format, information, etc., in the first place.

    26. Are there trusted shampoo label suppliers online?

    Yes, there are a lot of trusted shampoo label suppliers online.

    Many people think that the internet is full of sales that are too good to be true, which is mostly true.

    But you can still find reliable label suppliers online if you know what to look for.

    27. What is the cost of shampoo labels in China?

    Shampoo labels in China range from $0.5 to $2, depending on several elements.

    The cost influencing factors are:

    • Quantity of order
    • Printing method
    • Packaging media
    • Dimensions

    The more labels you order, the more will be the discount offered by the Chinese label producers, which means that you can have them at low prices in bulk amounts.

    28. How to import shampoo labels from another country?

    For importing labels from another country, you have to check for certain things before placing an order.

    First of all, inspect for their credibility.

    You can check customer reviews on their online website.

    You can then send an inquiry for your order by leaving them your email and order details.

    After receiving your email, the manufacturer will contact you for further procedures.

    29. How will I receive the order?

    You can receive your product parcel in either of the three ways.

    • By road transport
    • By sea
    • By air

    Many of the renowned producers have all these three solutions to provide convenience for their customers worldwide.

    You can opt for the delivery medium while placing your order.

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