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  • free sample of bottle stickers
    Free Sample Of Self Adhesive Labels
    Best4U provides free samples of self adhesive labels for quality checking
  • High quality assurance
    Excellent Quality Assurance
    Best4U checks the quality of your self adhesive labels very well
  • Material options
    Great Choices Of Materials
    Best4U has many options of materials to meet your needs for your self adhesive labels
  • High technology machines
    Modernized Machines
    Best4U has high-technology machines to ensure that your self adhesive labels will be in high-quality printing
  • Fast delivery
    Fast Shipping Of Self Adhesive Labels
    Best4U will deliver your self adhesive labels on time
  • Great service for your self-adhesive labels
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    Best4U provides after-sale service and guarantees 100% compensation for the quality problem of self adhesive labels

Your Best4U Self Adhesive Labels Will Make Your Product More Durable

You can use your self adhesive labels in many ways and in different industries. If you have your own bar, bakery business, fruit shop, homemade products, etc, self adhesive labels are very helpful for your brands.

Transparent self-adhesive labels
Transparent Self Adhesive Labels could be in any size you want to look nice
Kraft Paper Self Adhesive Labels
Best4U makes your Kraft paper self adhesive labels more beautiful
Synthetic Paper Self Adhesive Labels
Synthetic Paper Self Adhesive Labels make your product more durable
Silver Self Adhesive Labels
You can customize your own silver self adhesive labels whatever you want
Brush Gold Self Adhesive Labels
Best4U will make your brush gold self adhesive labels a more prestigious look
Hologram Self Adhesive Labels
Custom hologram self adhesive labels can really catch the eye of the consumers
Skincare Self Adhesive Labels
Best4U has low MOQ and offers lowest cost in custom designs you desire
Food Self Adhesive Labels
Catch more eyes for your food or fruit products by self adhesive labels
Thank You Self Adhesive Labels
Large stocks and many design options for famous thank you stickers

Your Professional Self Adhesive Labels Supplier Will

Help your Product Profitable And Durable

Bottle Labels Professional Manufacturer

Best4U provides many options for your self adhesive labels. Your self adhesive labels will be more attractive and high quality.

  • Kraft paper, Synthetic paper, transparent, hologram, etc.
  • Custom self adhesive labels could be in any shape and color.
  • Self adhesive labels could be in any print design.

Printing art options for self-adhesive labels: CMYK printing, UV Printing, Hot stamping ( gold stamping, silver stamping, red stamping, green stamping, purple stamping, and more )

Tips help you get an instant quotation for your self-adhesive labels :

  • Confirm self adhesive label size according to the appearance effect you need.
  • Confirm self adhesive label materials.
  • Confirm the self adhesive label quantity of your orders.


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Your self adhesive label orders will be processed smoothly in Best4U, and after delivery, Best4U offers guaranteed after-sale service.

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Best4U supports self adhesive Labels on rolls, or sheets, or cut them in size individually, depends on your demand.

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    Why Best4U Is Popular In The Market? You Must Look For A Trustworthy Supplier

    Best4U is a reliable company and is well known for its capability for your self adhesive labels in China in 10 years. With the help of the professional team, authentic materials for your custom self adhesive labels, modernized pieces of machinery to create a wonderful and premium design for your self adhesive labels.

    Your custom printing self adhesive labels could be in any print and you don’t have to worry because Bes4U has specialists in artwork to assist you better. Best4U has CMYK, PMS, UV, and hot stamping for your custom printing self adhesive labels. Pick your print design and you can send the exact detail of your self adhesive label orders directly.

    Best4U offers choices of materials for your personalized self adhesive labels, like Kraft paper, synthetic paper, PVC self adhesive labels, BOPP self adhesive labels, coated paper self adhesive labels, textured paper self adhesive labels, etc.

    You can use your self adhesive labels in many ways. It can be in chemical products, homemade products, medicinal products, bakery shops, beverages, cosmetic products, water, etc.

    Best4U can supply your self adhesive labels in large quantities of orders like 30,000 pieces of custom self adhesive labels in 5 hours even in the high season and holiday season. Best4U will always serve your order of self adhesive labels and you will not regret ordering with us.

    Best4U allows you to choose different shapes and colors of your personalized self adhesive labels, you can have it like oval self adhesive labels, colorful self adhesive labels, transparent self adhesive labels, round self adhesive labels, triangle self adhesive labels, gold self adhesive labels, silver self adhesive labels, etc.

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    Best4U provides a 100% excellent customer service for your self adhesive labels
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    Best4U is a reliable company for over 10 years and it is proven for your self adhesive label products
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    Best4U will assist your self adhesive inquiries 24 hours
    Simplify Your Job
    Best4U will assist your self adhesive label design so that it will be more easier for you

    Best4U Will Make It Happen…

    As a trustworthy self adhesive labels manufacturer, Best4U remain its standard for over 10 years in producing your custom self adhesive labels of excellent quality. Best4U allows you to choose your own color for your self adhesive labels, we have 8 colors available for your self-adhesive labels to be printed wonderfully.

    Best4U is an outstanding supplier for your self adhesive labels and consistently produces a high-quality standard of self adhesive labels. With modernistic types of machinery and competent designers in Best4U to meet the durability of your orders.

    Best4U self adhesive labels are highly versatile and flexible. It is easy to put on your product without the hassle and without wetting. Self adhesive labels can be easily applied on most clean surfaces. Best4U self adhesive labels are one of the most requested products in the market.

    Best4U is capable of shipping your self-adhesive label orders beforehand. Best4U provides 100% of quality checking of your self adhesive labels before shipping. We manage it carefully and ensures that all your self adhesive labels will be in good hands.

    Best4U will give you a free self adhesive label sample so that you can able to check the quality first before putting in a large quantity of self adhesive orders in time. You can also check our website to see some pictures of the product, production videos, and related products of self adhesive labels.

    Aside from self adhesive labels, Best4U can manufacture other labels including transparent self-adhesive labels, brush gold self-adhesive labels, silver self-adhesive labels, and more to mention.

    Best4U is flexible and can also produce bottle seal stickers, tamper proof stickers, eggshell stickers, etc.

    Send your inquiries now for your self-adhesive labels at Best4U and we will serve you!

    Self adhesive Labels – The Definitive FAQ Guide

    The Self adhesive labels FAQ guide is a comprehensive collection of frequently asked questions about Self adhesive labels.

    Does it reveal answers to frequently asked questions like what Self adhesive labels are? How do you print them? To how do you apply them? And much more.

    This guide pertains to the properties of Self adhesive labels, such as label material, Self adhesive label printing process, label application area, different types of labels, etc.

    It provides a wealth of information about Self adhesive labels and numerous tips and suggestions for using Self adhesive labels in everyday scenarios.

    1.    What are Self adhesive labels?

    Self adhesive labels are labels printed or coated with a sticky layer of glue, and they are not intended to be detached.

    Because the adhesive is on the back, you do not have to purchase a bond or apply an adhesive separately.

    Self Adhesive Label

    This label is used in wine bottles, food packages, CDs, books, shoes, clothes, etc.

    There are various kinds of Self adhesive labels, including special ones such as barcode labels, glow-in-the-dark labels, and thermal (heat) sensitive ones.

    They provide long-lasting durability and are available in multiple colors, sizes, and shapes, and can be printed with your message or logo for an extra personal touch.

    2.    How do you use Self adhesive labels?

    Self adhesive labels are versatile and practical.

    They can be applied to almost any surface yet removed easily without damaging the surface.

    With a wide variety of uses, you can find the best Self adhesive labels for your home office, school, etc.

    They can be used for product identification, price marking, inventory management, control of parts and pieces, etc.


    Self adhesive labels are commonly used for shipping, storing, and moving items around in the warehouse and quickly identifying products at a glance.

    These labels can be placed on just about any product you can think of in almost any packaging, which will allow them to stick to the object without having tape wrapped around it or a tonne of sticky glue everywhere.

    3.    What adhesive is used for Self adhesive labels?

    The adhesive used on Self adhesive labels is standard of three types which are as follows:

    • Rubber
    • Acrylic
    • Acrylic Blend

    Rubber: Rubbers used in the adhesives-making process have a meager resistance to heat and light. When overtime, the adhesive loses its strength, it becomes less suitable for outdoor use. This means labels picked off household items can be removed with solvents.

    Acrylic: Studies show that on plastic surfaces, acrylic film adhesives offer the most resistance to solvents. It provides more stickiness and can thus create stickers that will adhere to plastics noticeably for longer times.

    Acrylic Blends: This type of acrylic is made with a bit of modification in acrylics. They have a more flexible stick than rubber and acrylic alone and are typically waterproof. They work well on all kinds of surfaces and are resistant to solvents and heat but are prone to wear off under UV light and cannot be moved once applied.

    4.    What are the types of Self adhesive labels?

    There are many different types of Self adhesive labels available on the market today.

    Types Self Adhesive Labels

    They’re categorized by their size, shape, and functionality, along with the material they are made from and how they are printed.

    • Dry peel labels
    • Fold-out labels
    • Reseal labels
    • Expandable reseal booklet
    • Specialty Die-Cut Labels
    • Tag and Board labels
    • Prime Labels

    5.    What is the material used in Self adhesive labels?

    Many people wonder what material is used in creating these Self adhesive labels.

    The material used in Self adhesive labels is varied according to the characteristic of the product.

    There are several different types of labels, but the most popular are made from: paper, PVC, BOPP and PET labels are seen in different industries for different purposes.

    They are easy to use and work well on smooth surfaces.

    These materials allow Self adhesive labels to have the flexibility of being able to conform to a variety of surfaces and be made with different colors.

    It can also be made from recycled material.

    6.    What do you mean by permanent Self adhesive labels?

    Permanent Self adhesive labels have the same features as a regular removable label, but they are meant to adhere permanently to whatever surface you stick it on.

    A permanent label refers to a label with glue or adhesive and writing permanent, impervious to water, acidic water corrosion, the alkaline environment cannot change color.

    Permanent Self Adhesive Label

    Permanent labels are used in almost every industry for labeling everything from storage containers to medical instruments, despite being in a harsh environment.

    These multi-purpose Self adhesive labels are printed on premium coated paper stock with permanent adhesive, making them ideal for multi-purpose applications, including shipping and inventory control.

    These Self adhesive labels are designed to be used in many different market areas, including clothing, shoes, toys labeling, advertising, promotion labeling, outdoor labeling.

    The Self adhesive labels are mainly used for consumer item labeling promotion purposes.

    7.    How to remove Self adhesive labels?

    There are a few methods that can be used to remove Self adhesive labels.

    To remove Self adhesive labels, we need the following items: a plastic spatula, gum remover (remover), scissors, and a clean cloth.

    First, you need to remove the labels with a plastic spatula, gum remover, and scissors in turn. Finally, clean our two bottles with a cotton cloth.

    Remove Self Adhesive Label

    You can peel off the label from its backing. Without damaging the product or the label, it will also help warm it up with a hairdryer.

    Another most straightforward way to remove Self adhesive labels is to purchase a water-soluble adhesive remover. This will naturally dissolve the adhesive in a matter of minutes.

    8.    How to print Self adhesive labels?

    To print your Self adhesive labels. You can use an online graphic design tool or use software like adobe illustrator or photoshop.

    There are two ways. You can then click on the links under the “My Albums” section on the left-hand side of the page, or you can choose from ready-to-use templates.

    Select the Self adhesive Label album/ desired template that you would like to upload your artwork to.

    Just click on the “Edit” button located on each product page, and choose the photo you’d like to use.

    Design your bottle labels using an easy-to-use interface.

    You can even add personalized text and stickers to create a customized look for your bottles!

    When you have completed the design of your label, you can take print at the very instant.

    9.    Can Self adhesive labels be recycled?

    Yes, Self adhesive labels can be recycled using adhesive label grinders.

    Adhesive label grinders are specialized pieces of equipment used to pulverize the labels after being removed from their packaging.

    This process is safe for the personnel because it utilizes a non-contact method of grinding the labels.

    They cannot be sorted or separated by machinery because of the pressure-sensitive adhesive that would cause them to stick together during recycling.

    If not adequately removed, these labels will contaminate other recyclables causing them to be downcycled rather than recycled into a new product.

    Many companies today have expanded their green practices.

    This has meant developing ways to recycle materials such as Self adhesive labels or labels in general.

    10.      How are Self adhesive labels made?

    A Self adhesive label is generally made in 4 steps: film making, printing, lamination, and the adhesive coating of labels.

    The film will then be texturized according to the needs of different products so that the label’s surface has a certain degree of anti-slip function, which minimizes slippage.

    A Self adhesive label is made by a process called digital printing with an industrial printer. This is not the common printing, but the new technology with great impulsion.

    Self adhesive Label manufacturers want to make money with the most high speed and lower materials cost, so they choose to use the digital printer.

    Self adhesive labels are a durable and effective way to keep track of your belongings, identify products, or create product packaging designs.

    They can also be customized with text, images, logos, and other graphics according to your needs, available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

    11.        What are the machines used in Self Adhesive labels?

    Several machines exist in the market that is known for Self adhesive labeling; Popular among them are listed below:

    • Mophorn Round Bottle labeling Machine
    • Primera label applicator
    • The label wizard
    • The label wizard adjustable

    The Self adhesive labels are used to cover the original bottles to make the bottles noticeable from far distances.

    This label helps in impressing people with beautiful, eye-catching colors on them.

    It helps you distinguish your product from other similar brands in the same category.

    This makes it easier for your customers to identify the product more efficiently every time they walk into a retail store or soda section of a supermarket.

    12.      What are waterproof Self adhesive labels?

    Waterproof Self adhesive labels are a type of label used on products and objects designed to be exposed to water, moisture, or any other liquids for a long time.

    Waterproof Self adhesive labels are labels that are suitable for many different applications and purposes.

    Water proof Label

    Whether they need to be resistant to moisture, hot or cold temperatures, these labels will continue to stand up to whatever is thrown at them.

    These labels are perfect for outdoor use on items and objects exposed to harmful UV rays.

    Restaurant owners can also gain maximum impact with the use of waterproof Self adhesive labels in their kitchens.

    They will continue to withstand splatters and spills from their sinks without losing adhesion.

    13.      What are the advantages of using Self adhesive labels?

    The most significant benefit of Self adhesive labels is, they let you customize to your exact specifications.

    A custom Self adhesive label will help you identify an object or a box to make it easier to find or identify.

    It helps brands to stand out from their competition.

    The labels are waterproof.

    It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and you can also write on the labels with permanent markers.

    Suitable for most smooth and hard surfaces. Permanent once applied, cannot be easily removed, especially in wet conditions.

    Suitable for various materials, including leather, metal(steel), glass, painted materials, plastics, and rubber labels are designed to be stuck onto smooth materials including metal, wood, glass.

    Their main feature is that they do not require a sealant of any kind to stay on smooth surfaces such as glass or metal.

    14.        What is the size of Self adhesive labels?

    Self adhesive labels should be large enough to fit across the water bottle and small enough that they do not flop down the side of the bottle.

    Some standard sizes are listed in the table below:


    Sr. No.


    Label Size (in)



    1.75 × 0.50



    2.635 × 1.0



    4.0 × 2.0


    Soft drink

    4.0 × 3.33



    8.5 × 5.5

    15.      What do you mean by personalized Self adhesive labels?

    Personalized Self adhesive Labels can be customized in any dimension and size according to the requirement of the clients.

    A single or multiple color label can be printed on each sticker.

    Custom fonts, effects, images, and textures can be added in just a single click.

    Personalized Self adhesive labels are made of durable material and are waterproof, and our Self adhesive labels can withstand a wide array of products, weather conditions, and temperatures.

    Multiple color printing ensures that these labels can be used for boundless application areas and make them function as a perfect promotional tool.

    These labels can be used for everything from retail price tags, product identification, inventory control and shipping, and safety labels.

    16.      What do you mean by Self adhesive labels roll?

    Self adhesive Labels rolls are long sheets of adhesive labels, which can be cut into any desired size or shape and used for labeling and decoration.

    They are single-sided, vinyl-based labels that are coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on the remaining surface.

    These labels have a glossy finish on one side and a matte finish on the other. If you need a different color or finish on one side than on the other, we recommend using two separate labels and merging them before application.

    Self adhesive Labels roll also named custom stickers to move; it’s a set of labels printed by a digital printing machine in a single sheet, and each label on the sheet has an adhesive on the backside.

    Hands or machines must separate it before use.

    17.      What is a custom Self adhesive Label?

    Custom Self adhesive labels, also called tag labels or adhesive stickers, are used for product identification and brand differentiation.

    You can customize them, including text, fonts, themes, sizes, and colors.

    They are perfect for logos, shipping instructions, promotions, lottery, and other games to enable companies to advertise their services or products.

    These labels are commonly referred to as pressure-sensitive labels due to the generally accepted theory that pressure is the main factor in whether a printed label will stick to a surface.

    Custom Self adhesive labels are made from high-quality, industrial-grade materials.

    They are printed by using the latest digital technology, enabling us to deliver gorgeous color prints on a wide variety of materials.

    18.      What is the Self adhesive vinyl label?

    The Self adhesive vinyl label uses vinyl as a primary material in label manufacturing.

    A Self adhesive vinyl label is a label put on or applied to an object by simply peeling off the backing or liner and pressing the flexible material onto the surface.

    The Self adhesive vinyl label is a small-size adhesive product, and it has attributes such as durability, waterproof feature, strong adhesion strength, and simple installation.

    Vinyl Self Adhesive Label

    19.      What are the tips for choosing adhesive for Self adhesive labels?

    The adhesive is one of the essential components that must withstand various outdoor environments.

    There are various types of adhesives available on the market.

    Before you go out and buy adhesive for Self adhesive labels, you should consider some factors: performance requirement, the label’s size, adhesive thickness, printing technology, application type, and type of paper so on.

    When it comes to choosing adhesive for your Self adhesive label application, you’ve got a lot of options.

    Some adhesives can be used at higher or lower operating temperatures or provide more repositionability than others.

    20.      How to import Self adhesive labels from China?

    There are two options to choose from if you are looking for a cheap and reputable Self adhesive labels supplier to buy Self adhesive labels.

    If you are looking for retail, you can search online stores. These stores offer high-quality Self adhesive with the lowest price on the market.

    In case you need wholesale Self adhesive labels, you can search the manufacturer for Self adhesive labels in China. These places offer high quality at the lowest price.

    You can customize your Self adhesive labels in a lot of different sizes.

    Custom Self adhesive labels can help you identify your bottles quickly, and you can also feel free to add the logo if needed.

    All the items are shipped directly with clear instructions on how to stick them perfectly.

    21.      Can we get Self adhesive labels on sale?

    Yes, many companies on the market put their Self adhesive labels for sale to increase customers’ numbers.

    They do this because they want to add new stock and get their old store emptied.

    Therefore, they also put a discount percentage to attract a variety of customers.

    These companies provide you with an opportunity to get your Self adhesive label at a much lower price than anyone in the market selling the same label at a higher price.

    Some great companies on the market also provide you with a discount if you increase the number of Self adhesive labels you will purchase. For example, if you are buying 1000 Self adhesive labels, they will give you 300 for free.

    22.      How to use Self adhesive label printer paper?

    When you use the Self adhesive label printer paper, unique labels are printed following your needs.

    The Self adhesive label paper is a unique material, and it can print on various surfaces, including a variety of demanding metal label materials.

    The label paper is an essential media with a Self adhesive layer for labeling.

    The narrow width Self adhesive label paper is laser printer compatible, and it has a wide range of printing and encoding applications, such as text, graphics, bar code, logos, photos, and so on.

    The advantage of labels is that they can be used to replace the barcode.

    If you want to do a follow-up inventory, production management or inventory storage management is convenient, and you have to modify the original data manually.

    23.      How to apply Self adhesive labels?

    Applying Self adhesive labels is a simple process. The labels are peeled off of their backing and pressed onto the surface of the product.

    They can be applied to any surfaces, either round or flat or rough, etc.

    Apply self adhesive label

    While applying, keep it straight and never tilt it. First, place its center on the surface, and then with the help of your fingers, press towards the right and left direction.

    This will help prevent developing any curves on the surfaces and reduce the chance of air trapped while labeling application.

    24.      What are the shapes of Self adhesive labels?

    There are many different shapes for Self adhesive labels, including round labels, Circle labels, Oval labels, triangular shape labels, square shape labels, Special Shape Labels, and Custom Shape Labels.

    Self adhesive labels with full-color print, custom shape labels, custom size labels, specialty labels like Die Cut Label, and Custom Printed Labels for any Self adhesive labels industry or application are also available at your convenience.

    More Options Labels come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

    For example, round label options include 1-inch diameter adhesive labels as well as 2-inch diameter Self adhesive stickers.

    There are also rectangle adhesive label shapes, including those that measure three by 5 or 4 by 8 inches.

    25.      Where to get Self adhesive label templates?

    Browse a large selection of online Self adhesive label templates.

    You can select an existing template or make a new one by building tools available on these websites.

    The easiest way is to use pre-made templates to download from the internet or make your new template.

    These templates may come with a design already on them that you can choose to replace or leave it as is.

    You are doing a slight change in the size, text, font, colors, themes, etc. You can build a design of your bottle labels.

    After complete formatting, you can print your bottle label and paste it where you want.


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