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  • Free Samples of bottle labels
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    Best4U does 4 times QC for every product label to ensure its premium quality
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    Material Options
    Best4U has a variety of options of materials for your product label
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Your Product Labels Are Versatile And Useful Everywhere

In whatever business you have, the product label is very useful for your products, such as chemical products, beverages, food products, homemade products, toys, bath products, and more…

Product label for wine
Product label for wine makes your wine luxurious in custom printing
Product label for lotion
Product labels could be waterproof and attractive for everyone
Product label for diesel oil
You can custom it is sizes and designs in whatever you desire
Product label for sauce
Whether it is small or big size, Best4U can make it elegant
Product label for fruit
Custom printing product label can make your brand popular
Product label for bread
Best4U will make it stand out in the market
Product Label for Supplement
With Small MOQ at a very affordable price on any kind of supplement
Roll Form Labels For Shipping
Best4U Makes Large Stock for shipping label like battery UN3841, fragile, etc..
Thank You Self Adhesive Labels
It will make your items attractive and enticing to buyers
Cosmetic Bottle Stickers
For cosmetic and beauty products in any color printing you desire
water bottle sticker
Adhesive label for water bottle is more popular and easy to apply
Hologram Self Adhesive Labels
A nice choice for warranty, security, VOID Labels, etc.

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For your product label, Best4U has a variety of choices of materials that you can choose :

  • Waterproof, oilproof, and anti-corrosion.
  • Product label could be in any custom printing.
  • Product label could be cut in any shape.
  • Product labels could be glued by automatic labeling machines.

Printing art options for bottle labels: CMYK printing, UV Printing, Hot stamping ( gold stamping, silver stamping, red stamping, green stamping, purple stamping, and more )

Help tips for you to get an instant quotation :

  • Confirm product label size according to your needs.
  • Confirm product label material.
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    For every product that needs a product label, Best4U is what you need to help you and your products recognize in the market. For over 10 years in the printing industry, Best4U is consistent in producing premium quality product label with high-tech machines, skillful designers, fast service, and an accommodating team.

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    Best4U product label is durable, stylish, and sophisticated in designs, surely can be attractive in the market. You can use product label in different products like shampoo product label, essential oils, chemical products, beers, cosmetics, food jars, candles, and more…

    For your product label, you can choose different types of materials that you can use for your product label such as textured paper product label, Kraft product label, PVC product label, PE product label, PET product label, BOPP product label, etc. Coated paper is commonly used for school and office supplies, electronics, etc.

    To make it more elegant and eye-catching, you can select any type of printing arts that Best4U offers, like hot stamping product label, UV product label, PMS product label, CMYK product label, etc. The product label could be packed according to your demand, it could be on a roll, or pack on a sheet.

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    Best4U is a product label manufacturer that can make your product label in any color, shape, and design. You can have it like transparent product label, oval product label, colorful product label, square product label, etc.

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    If you have some problem with your designs, less worry because Best4U has expert designers to assist your designs for your product label and we assure you that Best4U can satisfy all your needs. Best4U will offer a free sample of product label for you to check the quality of our output before you place your orders here in Best4U.

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    You can also order different kinds of product label like product label for wine, product label for perfumes, product label for homemade products, product label for water bottles and etc.

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    Product Label – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Product labels are highly informative and compelling.

    Product labels often play the role of alerting the user to potential dangers in the product, directions of use, directions for preparation, ingredients, nutritional information, precautions, and other essential features that will make it more convenient for them to use it.

    Product Label FAQ Guide is a highly informative guide that provides answers to commonly asked product label questions.

    This guide contains information about the different kinds of product labels and outlines the advantages of using custom labels for various products.

    This guide also covers how product labels should be designed for maximum effectiveness.

    1.    What is a product label?

    A product label is a piece of plastic film, paper, metal, cloth, or other material on which information about a product or item is printed or written.

    The information that is printed on the product can also fall under the definition of the label.

    product label

    Labels can be printed and written in many different languages.

    Product labels do not always contain information about the product but may also include other information, such as information about the company, its products, the distributor, and usage instructions.

    Product labels are essential in today’s world of online retail.

    They allow customers to inspect your products more closely and can give your business a more professional appearance.

    2.    How do I make a product label?

    You can make a great product label by following the given steps:

    • Before you begin the design process of the product label, it is essential to do some research.
    • It is your responsibility to produce product labels that work well given the intended audience and communicate effectively about your product.
    • Get a sneak peek at the packaging materials that you will use for your product assortment.
    • Include the information on your product label that is vital for your customers.
    • Figuring out the right colors can make or break your product label.
    • It would help if you designed your text using hand lettering to reflect the actual image of your product.
    • Think about your product label’s competitive advantages at all times.
    • Find out how you will use visual elements to convey the meaning of your message.
    • Determine what is prohibited
    • Make sure you involve your customers in the decision-making process to put the sales forward.

    3.    What information must be on a product label?

    The following information must be included on the product label:

    Brand Name:

    The most important thing is to include your company name prominently on the label to build recognition for your brand. In addition, it helps you generate more sales down the road.

    Product Name:

    The product name is what describes the item inside the package. If the name isn’t clear, a brief description should be added next to it.


    A product label not only helps you sort warehouse information but also helps you rise your market with attractive slogan or beautiful designs.

    Series Name:

    If your product belongs to a series, the name of the series should be on the label. The name of the series should be as visible as possible on the label.

    Package Size:

    In some cases, the packaging size is a legal requirement. If this is the case, you need to include it in your description.

    This will ensure that consumers are not surprised when they receive the product.

    Contact Information:

    Providing your company’s name and address on your product label is a convenient way to track products easily.

    It is also a valuable tool for government agencies and your customers to reach out to your brand if there is an issue with a product.

    Bar Code:

    If you want high-volume sales, you’ll need a barcode. Barcodes are used in high-volume stores to track inventory that can’t be scanned by hand.

    4.    What are the functions of a product label?

    A product label can be used for several purposes.

    The most basic purpose of a product label is to provide the product’s name so that the consumer can identify it.

    Product labels are also used for marketing purposes such as brand development.

    A product label is used to describe the product and its content.

    A well-designed label helps you increase sales of that product and protects your company by improving brand recognition and preventing intentional or accidental product tampering.

    Used to help keep track of inventory by grading the products concerning their product labels.

    They can also feature nutritional facts or warnings.

    5.    What are the types of product labels?

    There are several types of product labels. Some of the widely used types are listed below:

    types of product labels

    Dry Peel Product Labels:

    Dry-release labels are labels that are included in the product packaging to make them easier to remove.

    They are placed on the product container or package using an adhesive, but the label can easily be removed with minimal damage to the item.

    Fold Out Product Labels:

    Fold-out labels aren’t necessarily the same thing as dry peel labels.

    Extra content can be printed on a fold-out label and folded out to provide additional information or offer different redemption offers.

    Reseal Product Labels:

    Reseal labels are used to seal the opening of a package or container.

    They are usually placed under the flap that covers the opening on the exterior of a package or container.

    Expandable Reseal product Labels:

    Expandable reseal product labels are a combination of two features – expandable and resealable.

    These product labels maximize the amount of content displayed on one label.

    Specialty Die Cut Product Labels:

    Product Labels with unique shapes are usually specialty die-cut labels. These are often utilized for branding or aesthetically pleasing effect.

    Laminated Tag or Board product label:

    Laminated tags and boards are some of the most common printed packaging materials used for product labels.

    It can be easily printed with a similar process as a label. It’s often a more accessible option to use when your product is packaged in a way that requires labels.

    Prime Labels:

    Prime labels are the front labels of your packaging. They can be used to stand out from the rest of your packaging with design, color, text, or graphics.

    6.    What machine should I use for my product labels?

    The machines you can use for your product labels are listed below:

    Machine used for product label

    Handheld Product Label Applicators:

    Handheld product label applicators (also called dispensers) are perfect for all kinds of labeling and packaging, from personal items to large-scale jobs.

    They’re portable and easy to use for customers and employees alike.

    Manual Operated Product Label Applicator:

    A manual labeling applicator is an affordable option for people who want to apply labels with their hands and can’t afford to buy a sophisticated automatic labeling machine.

    Semi-Automatic Product Labelling Applicator:

    As a step above manual labeling, semi-automatic labeling machines are an ideal solution to labeling containers.

    They’re compact and can label from a variety of container types.

    In-Line Automatic Product Labelling:

    More expansion may require more equipment in your production line. For a quicker and more consistent production process, you should invest in automatic labeling machines.

    Rotary Product Labelling:

    Top-of-the-line rotary labeling systems are the priciest yet offer superb label control at high speeds.

    They aid you in the 24/7 production of your product labels. Normally professional product label manufacturers have this machines.

    7.    How much do product labels cost?

    The cost of product labels depends on the type of label being used, the size, the shape, the size of colors used to print it overall, and the quantity needed.

    Some materials are more durable than others as well.

    The cost of thermally printed shipping address labels lies in $1.45 to $3.5 per 500 pieces.

    The price of custom printed UV resistance, Waterproof Vinyl product label lies in the range of $0.001 to $0.1 per piece.

    The cost of a high-density woven garment product label lies in the range of $0.04 to $0.15 per piece.

    8.    Why is the product label important?

    A product label is a label that provides a lot of information to customers, including how the product they’re consuming is grown or manufactured.

    The business needs to display the ingredients of the products on the product label. This is important because some people may be allergic to certain ingredients.

    Product labels are not only an easy way to make your customers aware of your brand, but they can become a great promotional tool and sales tool.

    A well-designed product label will continue to impress your customers and create loyalty.

    Customized product label approaches to help customers differentiate your products from the competition.

    9.    Do you need a label printer to print labels on the product?

    It depends on your product label’s desired quality and aesthetics, which determines that you need a label printer.

    Usually, you do not need a label printer. However, if you want to print your address on paper for shipping, a normal printer or standard printer can do the task.

    If you don’t want to print only shipping addresses, a Label printer must print your product labels, including special effects, colors, text, artwork, themes, fonts, and much more.

    Label printer helps you print great product labels with the number of elements embedded to make you stand out from your competitors.

    If you need the product labels with high performance for your products packaging, it’s better to find a product label supplier, the product label manufacturers have advanced printing machines to help you.

    10.      Can I use templates on product label design?

    Yes, you can download thousands of ready-mades, printable product label templates with the click of a button and customize them for your needs.

    templates on product label design

    Convincing people about what your product can offer is all about how it looks. These premade product label templates help you converting people into your customers.

    The customizable product label templates empower you to create modern, attention-grabbing product labels for printing or sharing online.

    You can edit colors, text, logo, insert an image, customize themes and fonts, etc., to make it just according to your product.

    11.      Can I make a product label in photoshop?

    The steps you need to follow to make a product label in adobe photoshop are listed below:

    product label in photoshop

    • Select the paper size and adjust the dpi or pixel size.
    • Create layers to simplify the process.
    • Set up the blending options and modify the level adjustments depending upon your needs.
    • Draw your product label with the help of line or point tools.
    • Draw a suitable shape for your product label
    • Start coloring your labels by locking and unlocking different layers to fill multiple colors.
    • Use bright and dark colors to create an aesthetically pleasing design.
    • With the burn and brush tool, work out on background and foreground colors to adjust as needed.
    • Add text, art, and logo
    • Now you can print out your product label from the File tab on the main menu.

    12.      What is the difference between product labels and packaging?

    Product packaging is defined as a process used to create and design a container in which a product is placed.

    The product label is how product information is communicated to the consumer and displayed on the packaging material.

    Product Label is given to a promotional packaging element containing the product name and an informative message.

    Different from the packaging to protect the structure and prevent the product damaged in transit order.

    Product labels are meant to help the customer understand the product. They may also be used to give instructions on how to use or dispose of the product.

    Product Packaging can help you differentiate your brand and products from competing companies with advanced designs.

    But when product packaging has printing limit, for example, you can not print colorful attractive designs on glass bottle or PET bottle, at this time, your personalized design product label will help you improve this in huge degree, and rise your market.

    13.      What materials could I choose for the product label?

    Several materials exist in the market to choose from for your product label.

    Some of these include Coated Paper, Textured Paper, Kraft Paper, Synthetic Paper, PET, BOPP etc. while others are listed below.

    Plain Paper:

    Businesses use paper labels for all their products, not just consumables.

    They are an excellent option for many products, including stationery, packaging materials, and other items that move fast.


    Paper is the foundation for most glossy labels. However, it also provides a glossy surface. In addition, the gloss makes the label more durable in harsh environments.


    Polypropylene is a clear, durable plastic. It resists both water and oil, making it ideal for skincare products such as shower gels, oils, and lotions.


    Polyester labels are durable, insulating, and water-resistant.

    They are, in fact, excellent for a variety of products, including hazardous products, frozen foods, long-distance shipping, and outdoor items.


    Foil is a type of paper that gives products a more unique look than plain paper. It’s used for products like cosmetics, drinks, and frozen foods.

    14.      What software is used to design product labels?

    There are several software’s used in designing product labels. Some of the widely used software’s are listed below:

    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe InDesign
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • MS Word
    • PowerPoint

    The adobe creative suite provides vector art higher in quality than other software, which is why they are popular among users.

    15.      What is a custom product label?

    A custom product label is a sticker that is customized to your specific needs.

    The custom Product label is designed to fit the shape and the size of the product that needs a good label.

    You can choose from the same shapes, colors, and sizes of labels for your different products.

    You can even have the names of your products printed on the labels.

    Many product labels are available for everything from cosmetics and food to office supplies, glassware, tires, and beverages, etc.

    The custom product label is a comprehensive and flexible platform that designers, companies, offices, shop owners, and public organizations can use to print out their labels.

    16.      How to measure your product label?

    To ensure that your label is perfectly aligned with your product, the first thing to do is measure your labels. This means measuring the height and width of your label.

    You can use flexible tape or a ruler to measure the size of your labels.

    There are two factors to consider when measuring your label.

    The first factor is the overall dimensions you are looking for because each label is sized based on how tall and wide it needs to be.

    The second factor is the minimum dimensions you require, meaning the amount of information you want to display on your label.

    17.      What is the difference between raster and vector product labels?

    Vector product labels are vector-based and are scalable without loss of quality.

    Raster product labels are composed of pixels that distort when you scale them to a specific limit.

    raster and vector product labels

    Vector product labels work better than raster for custom labels for packaging and labeling.

    Raster product labels will contain blotchy textures that are not clear when placed on a label.

    Instructions describe vector graphics for rendering the image elements, which incorporate geometric formulas

    18.      What does the product label barcode reflect?

    Product label Barcode is an identification system that stores information about a product.

    It can also include information about the product like; weight and price, date of expiry x and expiry, manufacturer’s name, and more.

    Product label barcode is an international standard for marking products. Every product has a unique barcode, identifying it in every country around the world.

    The most widely used product label barcodes reside in the range of 8 to the 14-digit number and can be read by a machine that scans the data into a computer.

    19.      Where to buy product labels?

    You can buy product labels from different sources.

    • Online
    • Offline

    Both Online and offline stores are best for purchasing product labels.

    The online and offline product label manufacturers provide a custom product label option that you can create according to your needs.

    You can customize the color, art, fonts, shape, and size of the label.

    By offline, you can physically visit your local retail stores to purchase the desired label that best suits your intended function and the product.

    Finding product label manufacturers from China is a wise option, it’s cheap while guarantee high quality, and it’s very easy to import.

    20.      Is there any free online product label maker that exists?

    Yes, there are thousands of online product label makers exists.

    These online product label makers contain premade templates that save your precious time from making a new one and enable you to build up a professional image in the market.

    These online label makers contain a wide variety of tools to add colors, themes, fonts, text, and designs to your product label in a single click.

    21.      What are the shapes of product labels?

    There is a massive range of shapes that you can choose from when creating your product labels.

    The most popular shapes are square, circle, rectangle, and oval, but this will differ depending on the packaging’s product.

    shapes of product labels

    You could use a unique shape to stand out on the shelf or in the shop.

    You can also make a custom product label shape depending upon the size and shape of your product.

    While choosing the product label shape, keep in mind the exact measurement of your product label.

    22.      How can I apply product labels?

    There are several methods from which you can choose anyone to apply product labels:

    • Manual application
    • Machine application

    In the manual application, you can use your hands to apply product labels.

    Place the center of the label first on the product and then stick it to the product by moving your fingers slowly to the right and left in such a way that no bubbles should remain intact.

    On the other hand, in machine application, you can install your labels in the label applicator and place the product on the opposite end, which needs to be labeled.

    Then power your product label applicator it automatically paste the product label on your product.

    23.      Is there any waterproof product label?

    Yes, there are waterproof labels!

    Waterproof labels are made up of waterproof material or coated or laminated with a layer to make them waterproof.

    These product labels are long-lasting.

    Waterproof labels can be used to label any containers that are exposed to harsh external conditions.

    24.      What printing technologies could I choose for the product label?

    Product labels can be printed with various printing technologies. Each has its advantages or disadvantages.

    These technologies are listed below:

    • PMS
    • CMYK
    • Ultra Violet
    • Hot stamping includes holographic stamping
    • Solid Color Stamping like gold, silver, red, green, purple, etc.

    You can choose any one depending upon the intended function of your product.

    25.      What laminated film could I choose for the product label?

    There are several laminated films you can choose from for your product label. These product label laminated films are listed below:

    laminated film for product label

    • Glossy
    • Matte
    • Gold Foiled
    • Thermal Films
    • Wet Lamination Films

    Each laminated film has its feature and application. These product-label laminated films are widely used for either protection or attention-grabbing purposes.

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