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Best4U playing cards are extraordinary and versatile with the lowest price but of top-grade quality. For daily use or in any business, like wedding photography cards, sports, business promotions, games, etc.

You can add photos and custom designs that you desire
Custom business logo that is eye-catching with Low MOQ
Standard Deck Of 52 Black Playing Cards
Best4U will create a high-quality and amazing nice-looking design for you
Custom Printing Funny Playing Cards
Fun custom designs for adults with premium materials used
Custom Playing Cards Front And Back
Best4U supports small orders with low MOQ
Beautiful Pink Printing Playing Cards
It's OK for 108 cards/set with a wide range of materials to choose
Premium Printing Gold Playing Cards
Durable quality with affordable price and fun designs
Custom Matte Christmas Playing Cards
You can have it beautifully made by Best4U high tech machines
Black and Gold Small Poker Cards
It could be waterproof and tearproof, so you can use it anywhere you like

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Best4U Is Trusted By Many Companies For Over 10 Years

Best4U can manufacture your ideal playing card with high-quality material choices.


  • white core paper,
  • blue core paper
  • black core paper

You can also choose coated paper ( not standard material for playing cards ) to print for small quantity orders.

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    You Must Find Your Best Partner For Your Playing CardBest4U Is Always Here To Cater All Your Needs

    If you are looking for high quality custom playing cards, you are on the right path. Best4U poker cards manufacturer is your great choice for a top-grade custom playing cards that is one of a kind and has professional look. A quick procedure to process your customized game card is hassle-free and Best4U offers a budget-friendly playing card for your satisfaction.

    Best4U is an expert in manufacturing high-standard personalized poker cards that would fit your needs. With over 10 years in the deck of cards printing industry and continue serving customers for more than 1000+ top brands worldwide. Best4U playing card manufacturer is one of the reliable companies in China that will give you the right choices for your joker card.

    For printing technology, Best4U playing card supplier has advanced digital machines to print out wonderful high image quality for your personalized memory card game and that includes a wide range of materials for selection, including white core paper, black core paper, blue core paper, etc. Many customers also choose coated paper to print when they need a small number of orders.

    Your joker playing card is environmentally friendly so everyone can use it. Best4U has a huge capacity poker cards factory in China that can manufacture as many plastic playing cards as you need. Best4U supports small orders and can produce a large number of orders for more than 30,000 pieces of custom deck of cards for just 5 hours in any season.

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    Best4U poker cards supplier has a flexible and efficient process for all your deck of playing cards to meet your standards. We secure all your needs to a quality standard by adding special designs to your personalized poker decks. You can also add high-quality printing arts, like a hot stamping playing card, UV printing playing card, CMYK playing card, PMS playing card, etc. Best4U will make your custom poker cards fun and attractive, like black playing cards, gold playing cards, luxury playing cards, funny playing cards, etc.

    There are different ways to use your standard deck of 52 cards, you can use them on your business promotions, wedding favors, anniversaries, birthday giveaways, personal use, etc. Best4U poker cards manufacturer provides a free sample of a poker playing cards, so you can check first the quality before ordering a large number of orders.

    You can be creative with your personalized deck of cards, with fewer worries if your artwork designs are not yet ready. Best4U has expert designers to assist your artwork in the best way and can create exactly what you need. Best4U has wonderful after-sales service, we offer 100% compensation if you encounter some quality problems with your poker playing cards. Best4U will always satisfy you.

    If you are just starting your business and working on your business promotions, it is a great choice to choose the Best4U custom printed playing cards. It could be a big help for marketing and cost-effective branding that would step up your profit in doing business. You can highlight your logo on your premium playing cards or you can emboss the prints to make them more stunning so everybody can notice your brand.

    Your Best4U plastic poker cards manufacturer guarantees you 100% satisfaction with all your black deck of cards orders. We have a strict implementation in quality control to ensure that you will receive high-quality custom playing cards front and back. It will run through 4 times quality checking and must pass the quality standard. That is why many companies trusted Best4U because we are concerned about the quality you will get.

    Wherever you are in the world, Best4U can reach you. We offer fast shipping services, Best4U can deliver your high quality playing cards orders worldwide with no hassle for you. Your Best4U custom poker cards supplier will make you relax and comfortable with the great service that Best4U offers.

    Best4U not only prints minimalist playing cards, but we also offer a wide range of printing and packaging in any kind, including magnetic gift boxes, lid, and base boxes, tuck end boxes, bottle labels, and more to offer. You can visit our website online and send your inquiry and we are always available to serve you.

    You can order different sizes for your cheap playing cards, Best4U can manufacture different designs that you wish for. We will make it possible for you with fast production and accurate process to produce a highly unique creation of bulk playing cards. It will surely stand out among others, Best4U specially made it for you.

    You can select many types of beautiful playing cards that Best4U can manufacture, like blank deck of cards, pink playing cards, black and gold playing cards, small playing cards, animal playing cards, custom wedding photos playing cards, business promotional playing cards, braille playing cards, glow in the dark playing cards, matte black playing cards and, etc. Best4U is highly versatile in customizing and creating your high-quality custom playing card.

    Best4U makes plastic coated playing cards that can last longer and are protected from any liquid splashes. You will not worry about the quality of your personalised deck of cards, we make sure to accomplish and manage the production very well with our experts to produce a quality playing cards.

    You can enjoy playing your nice playing cards from Best4U in different season. We produce christmas playing cards, professional playing cards for businesses, matte black playing cards, etc. Our custom made playing cards are ready to ship any time you need them, contact us at your most convenient time.

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    The Definitive FAQ Guide | Playing Card

    This detailed guide on playing cards is quite beneficial because it contains a wealth of information that can be applied in your business, occasions, etc.

    We’ll explain how playing cards are made, how much they cost, what materials are used, how the printing process works, where to order playing cards, and more…

    Continue reading for more information all about the playing card.

    1. What is a playing card?

    A playing card is a piece of cardboard or other materials with a graphic design on one side and different numbers and symbols on the other.

    playing card

    A deck of playing cards with numbers or visuals that can be used for games, educational, astrology, and even in magic tricks.

    Western playing cards are traditionally comprised of rectangular layers of paper or thin cardboard that are bonded together to create a semi rigid and flat structure of playing card.

    A playing card can also be collected, and bespoke cards with varied designs are more prevalent for tarot playing, events, and business marketing.

    2. What are the different types of a playing card?

    A playing card is a broad term that refers to a variety of card games. Their objectives can differ greatly, giving each one distinct and demanding in its own way.

    Despite the significant disparities between playing cards, they can be classified into several sorts of card games based on their distinguishing traits.

    Here are a few examples of different sorts of playing cards.

    • Cartoon Playing Cards
    • Business Promotion Playing Cards
    • Tourist Playing Cards
    • Black Core Paper Playing Cards
    • Cultural Dissemination Playing Cards
    • Wedding Photos Playing Cards
    • Blue Core Paper Playing Cards
    • White Core Paper Playing Cards
    • Black Core Paper Playing Cards
    • Bikini Girls Playing Cards

    A playing card may have a distinguishing trait that categorizes it, but it is likely that it also contains aspects from other categories and can be personalized using other applications.

    The bride and groom’s images, the wedding date, special quotes, and more can all be included in the wedding photos playing card. Floral artwork, sunflower design, and other features are more likely to make it more appealing.

    3. How to design a playing card?

    The procedure of designing and manufacturing of playing card begins with two big rolls of paper that are laminated together using a special laminator. A high-quality adhesive is used to adhere two sheets together.

    custom playing card

    When the decks are held up to the light, this serves the main purpose of adhering the layers of papers together and rendering the card material opaque, ensuring that you cannot see what is printed on the other side of the playing card.

    Material of Playing Card

    It is indeed necessary to choose the correct material for your playing card if you want it to last and depending on the application of the product.

    A variety of packaging materials, such as cardboard paper, Kraft cardboard, C1S/C2S paper, and others, can be used to manufacture a playing card.

    Printing Process of Playing Card

    UV printing, embossing, hot stamping, and other printing techniques are used on printing playing cards.

    After the playing cards have been printed, a coating is frequently applied as a finishing touch to help shield the cards and make them roll over each other easily.

    The coating, also known as a finish for playing card, serves to seal the cards and keep the playing card from moisture, allowing them to last longer and function effectively.

    The most common type of finish for playing cards is varnish.

    Cutting of Playing Cards

    Each deck is made up of a single sheet of material; it is time to cut the cards one by one.

    The sheets are then cut into pieces, each containing an eight-card row. These strips are manually fed into a cutting machine, which individually cut each playing card.

    Assembling Process

    The playing cards are neatly arranged and stacked and are thus prepared for packing. After that, the decks are placed into tuck boxes and the seal is applied.

    A machine shrink-wraps the finished product in plastic and places it in larger cartons for delivery to distributors and different retailers all around the world.

    The playing card must be examined at the outset of a large print run to ensure that your manufacturer creates a high-quality print, and the finished product must be checked for printing mistakes on a regular basis by line examiners once production has begun.

    4. What kind of printing techniques can be used for playing card?

    This method of manufacturing starts with a full-color print on the playing card and is the best way to make any deck of cards into a luxury playing card and offer your custom playing cards a distinct edge over the competition.

    Different printing techniques for playing cards are used extensively.

    See below for some of the printing techniques for playing cards.

    • UV printing
    • Embossing
    • Hot stamping
    • Debossing
    • CMYK printing
    • PMS printing
    • Cold foil

    The playing card can also be holographic with different laser patterns.

    Holographic playing card

    A common sort of card for collectible cards, sports cards, and business cards is the holographic type of playing card.

    The process of applying heat to deposit a coating of metallic foil onto the material, allowing it to attach to the paper, is known as hot foil stamping. The playing cards themselves can be done in the same way.

    Playing cards with raised and shiny surfaces can have a really spectacular appearance.

    Cold foil printing is similar to hot foil printing in that it includes the application of metallic foil to a playing card, but it is a more advanced printing method.

    5. Can I customize my playing card for weddings?

    Yes, of course!
    The playing card can be customized with any wedding motif for weddings.

    As wedding favors, playing cards will allow your visitors to remember about your special day for a long period of time.

    For that fun and classy wedding, playing cards are the ideal wedding favor.

    wedding playing card

    You can also have your best photo printed on the front, as well as your name and wedding dates as part of the customization.

    The playing card can also be personalized with your favorite romantic quotation and in your preferred color.

    These unusual playing cards are a unique and entertaining gift for all your guests, whether it’s for your wedding day, bachelorette party, or tea party.

    6. What are the packaging materials that are utilized to make a wonderful playing card?

    In every generation, paper materials have been used to make playing cards, and many of the finest cards still exist today are entirely made of paper. Today, the vast majority of playing cards are composed of paper.

    Playing cards made of paper can be laminated to protect them, make them water-resistant, and make them survive longer.

    These are some of the paper materials that playing cards are made of:

    • Corrugated paper
    • Kraft cardboard
    • Textured paper
    • Gold/silver paper
    • Cardboard paper
    • C1S/C2S paper

    Most playing cards are also made of other materials like plastic, metal, wood, carbon fiber, etc.

    However, paper materials are great for playing cards that are often used nowadays if you really want to dazzle while staying on a budget.

    7. Is there a round shape of a playing card?

    Yes, there is a round shape for playing card.

    round playing card

    The custom round form of playing card is ideal for any layout or design with a round theme, such as wheels, round floral, or other circular playing cards, providing a distinctive touch to your business promotion or any kind of event.

    Round shaped playing cards have a particularly round face design comparable to ordinary Index standard-sized numerals and it measures 2-7/8″ in diameter.

    To design a playing card, you can use any shape you choose. You can customize the forms to suit your demands and the use of the playing card.

    The following are some examples of shapes that you can utilize for playing cards:

    • Square
    • Rectangle
    • Heart
    • Oval
    • Pentagon
    • Triangle

    Rectangular playing cards are the most popular and widely utilized shape of a playing card.

    9. How to order a playing card in bulk order from China directly?

    You can order a playing card in bulk from China in a variety of methods.

    Here are some helpful hints for ordering playing cards from China.

    • Choose a supplier who can provide you with absolutely what you want for your playing card.
    • You can go directly to their location or you can place an order online.
    • If you place a purchase online, you can reach out to them via their official website or email.
    • Confirm the quantity of your order to expedite the processing of your order.
    • Your orders will be processed and shipped to your exact location by your Chinese supplier.

    China is a fast and dependable supplier for any product, and their strict quality control will ensure that every playing card is of great quality.

    10. Is playing card cheap or expensive?


    Playing cards are affordable to purchase with various applications.

    The cost of a playing card varies depending on the design and personalization.

    The cost of a playing card ranges from $1 to $3, making it a cost-effective choice for any business.

    Playing cards are a low-cost approach to make your company stand out. They are not only for increasing brand advertising, but also for corporate donations and presents that can be used in a variety of business activities.

    11. What is the purpose of using a playing card?

    Most people consider playing card games are a harmless fun pastime. However, there are often unspoken advantages to utilize the abilities required for many of the games available including the use of the playing card.

    Every product’s advertising and marketing is enhanced and increased with the usage of playing cards.

    Marketers today are innovative, and they place a high value on their companies as well as their customers. Playing cards, in particular, can be utilized for a variety of occasions, including gender reveals, bridal parties, birthdays, reunions, and much more.

    In the production of a playing card, a great deal of personalization is possible. Different shapes, sizes, themes, colors, and artwork designs are possible for the playing card.

    12. Is it possible to add some accessories or decorations to a playing card?

    Yes, of course!

    A playing card, like packaging, can be decorated with various embellishments and decorations.

    Ribbons, heart beads, flower decorations, hemp ropes, and other accessories can be attached to a personalized playing card.

    Playing card with accessories

    The playing card can be with holes that a rope can be inserted and it can be used as craft decorations also.

    By employing playing cards, you can make every occasion memorable and your business grow.

    13. What are the benefits of using a playing card?

    These are some of the advantages of playing cards:

    • Increased Business Profits
    • Socialization is Improved
    • Cost Effective Solution For Branding
    • Make Events Memorable
    • Non-Toxic And Can Be Recycled

    To make things easier, it is actually recommended to use playing cards.

    14. Is there a different color of a playing card?

    A playing card can be in different colors.

    It is significant to choose the proper color for your playing card in order to make it appealing and eye-catching.

    Choose from a variety of colors based on your demands and needs.

    If you’re using the playing cards for weddings, bridal parties, or baptismal ceremonies, light hues like white, pink, peach, light blue, green, yellow or orange, etc. are ideal.

    Dark or medium shades such as black, red, blue, green, gray, purple, and others can be used for marketing purposes.

    Most customers are attracted to light colors as this can be more appealing to them.

    Show off your creativity in personalizing the playing card in whatever application it may be.

    15. Does playing card last longer?


    Playing cards are made of a strong material that lasts a long time.

    It is non-toxic and can be used on a daily basis.

    To ensure the quality of a playing card, it might be laminated. To make it high-quality, it can be matte, glossy, or holographic.

    Magicians, casino gamblers, and fortune tellers all utilize playing cards because it provides them the guarantee that the card will endure longer.

    Here are suggestions for extending the life of your playing cards:

    • Storing the playing card in their respective card boxes or packaging.
    • Keep your playing cards in a cool place to keep it in shape.
    • Keep it dry every time.
    • Avoid soaking it in wet.
    • Keep your playing cards away from the fire because they will be burned easily.

    16. What are the machines used to make a playing card?

    Rollem is used by the most leading playing card manufacturers to turn full press sheets into excellent standard quality cards in a unified fully automated system.

    Compact and heavy-duty Playing Card Sheet Scoring Machines are also used in the production of long-lasting playing cards.

    To construct perfect playing cards, you’ll need a good quality digital printer, a cutter, a side rounder, a die cutter, and a scoring machine.

    17. Is playing card recyclable?

    Yes, a playing card can be recycled.

    All kinds of the playing card are meant to be recycled especially if it is made with plastic, metal, wood and paper.

    It is advisable to recycle the playing card to save the environment.

    Playing cards, in general, can be recycled, especially those made of paper, which can be recycled because the paper is a recyclable resource for any kind of packaging.

    You may help by just recycling the playing cards rather than discarding them.

    18. Are there different sizes of a playing card?

    Yes, there are different sizes of playing card.

    Playing cards come in various sizes and can be measured according to what you prefer.

    We will provide you with some recommended sizes for your playing card.

    Check out below:

    Different Dimensions Of Playing Cards

    Sr. No.


    Sizes (inches)



    3.5″ x 3.5″



    2.5″ x 3.5″


    Small Square

    2″ x 2″



    2” in diameter

    All playing cards are made differently, but they should fall in the middle of those ranges.

    Although most people can identify playing cards, but few only can tell you how big or what sizes they are.

    A standard playing card measures 3.5 inches long and 2.25 inches wide in reality. It measures 8.89 centimeters long and 5.71 cm in width.

    19. Where to order a playing card that stands out in the market?

    The manufacturers of playing cards ensure that any deck of playing cards is produced with any level of quality and in order to stand out from the crowd.

    A playing card can be ordered from a variety of manufacturers and suppliers.

    Online and offline orders are available for playing cards.

    You can search online for the direct ordering processes and fast procedures.

    China is one of the great countries that have many manufacturers of playing cards that produce premium quality playing cards. They have the best and top grade equipment for playing cards.

    You can also look for suppliers of playing cards in your selected areas.

    It is also quite convenient to order playing cards online since the manufacturers will create and produce them as fast as they can.

    20. How to personalize my playing card at home?

    Yes, you can personalize your playing card at the convenience of your home.

    Here’s how simple it is to make your own personalized playing cards:

    • Select the playing card size and shape you want to personalize.
    • Create your own card fonts and you can also use online templates, or just modify using editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Pixlr, Canva, and others.
    • For the best outcome, choose a suitable color for your playing card.
    • For your playing cards, you can include a photo, other graphics, or accessories.

    With excellent picture resolution, artwork alignment, and precise printing results, you can assure that your DIY playing card designs are nothing short of perfect.

    21. Is a playing card can be waterproof?

    Yes, playing cards can be waterproof.

    Making the playing cards waterproof is as simple as laminating them.

    To obtain the waterproofing and durability of each playing card, simply print them out, cut it out, and laminate each card separately.

    In fact, this may require the purchase of a laminator, but it is a practical at-home alternative. If you are too busy to make playing cards on your own, you can place an order with your supplier for orders and they will handle the process.

    One amazing part about card laminating is that it can be done with almost any laminating machine since the width will be suitable for any playing card.

    And once the lamination of a playing card is done, it will surely be anti-splash and resistant to various moisture and typically it can be used outdoors.

    22. What is the time frame for making a playing card?

    The production period for playing cards ranges from 3 to 10 days. Depending on the quantity and the techniques that have been adjusted or customized.

    The production process consists of four important steps: creating the paper stock, printing onto a stack of paper, cutting the sheets, and finally putting the deck together and packed it on their tuck end boxes or other kinds of packaging.

    23. Can I put photos on my playing card for any occasion?

    Yes, you can put photos on playing cards.

    playing card with photos

    Another interesting option is to put a photo on the front of the card rather than the back. You can use any photo on the front of the card as long as the reverse remains unchanged.

    Family photos, bride and groom photos, baby photos, sexy model shots, cartoons, and other images could be used to create playing cards.

    These are ideal as a gift or giveaway for a lot of events.

    24. How many ways or sides could I custom my design on playing cards?

    Both sides of each card per deck could be customized with different designs, but each deck needs to be the same.

    For example, if there are 54 cards in each deck, you can customize 108 different designs for these 54 cards, but each deck needs to be the same as these 108 designs.

    Customization of playing cards is really important also as this will enhance your creativity and also if you are just starting your business, it could be great.

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