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How Best4U Creates High-Quality Plastic Stickers

  • Free Sample
    Free Sample
    Best4U provides free plastic sticker samples for you to check the quality of our works
  • Strict QC
    High Quality Assurance
    Best4U thoroughly inspects the quality of your plastic stickers
  • Rich Options
    Best Material Choices
    Best4U offers high demand of materials for plastic sticker of your choice
  • Advanced Equipment
    Advanced Equipment
    Best4U uses high-tech machines to ensure that your plastic stickers are of the highest quality
  • Assist On Design
    Artwork Done Easily
    Best4U will help you with the designs of your plastic sticker anytime you need us
  • Guaranteed Service
    100% Guaranteed Service
    Best4U provides excellent after-sales service & takes full responsibility for any problem

Your Plastic Sticker Can Be Applied Anywhere

For whatever products you have or even occasions such as cosmetics, perfumes, weddings, etc.

Custom Printing Clear Plastic Stickers
We can make your clear plastic sticker protected from splashes and long lasting
This can emphasize your brand name, easy branding with lowest cost deals
Sticky Custom Printed Plastic Labels For Jars
Best4U has special printing arts to choose, you can have your brand unique
Waterproof Personalised Plastic Stickers
Personalize your own designs and we will assist you all the way
Custom Printed Die Cut Plastic Stickers
Could be custom in size, shape and in any color that you need for any use
Self Adhesive Circle Plastic Stickers
Best4U is expert in making your plastic sticker premium & unique in designs
Vinyl Lip Gloss Labels
Best4U offers small MOQ to start your brand
Holographic Custom Logo Plastic Sticker
Attract your customers with holographic plastic sticker, we make all possible
Removable Sticky Plastic Stickers
Best4U provides a durable quality materials for a perfect application

Your Trusted Plastic Sticker Supplier Helps

Your Products More Organized and In Premium Quality

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    High technology machine for bottle stickers

    Why Best4U is Trusted by 1000+ Global BrandsYou Must Look For A Better Supplier To Satisfy Your Needs

    Best4U is in the market since 2009. Your reliable plastic sticker manufacturers accept bulk orders even during peak hours because we have a wide manufacturing capacity that produces high-quality plastic sticker.

    Best4U is an established manufacturer of plastic sticker in China since 2009 producing superb plastic labels in the packaging and printing industry. The expertise of Best4U in manufacturing plastic label sticker will surely make your order more.

    Plastic labels could be water and oil-resistant depending on the need of your product. It will add beauty and Best4U will assist you with the designs with our 3 professional designers whether it is customized or given designs. You just have to send your requirements and design for your plastic sticker and Best4U will do the rest.

    Best4U plastic sticker labels are widely utilized in cosmetics, drink bottles, bakery shops, fruits, consumer electronics, and a lot more. Be inspired by you and our creative designs that will surely be an eye-catcher to your consumers. This will surely make your customers want to have more of your brands and guarantee you a 100% satisfaction rate.

    Depending on your requirements, you can also have your plastic labels in a variety of shapes. Best4U has plastic label sticker materials that are water and oil-resistant. Choose from different materials like PVC vinyl stickers, PE, PET, and BOPP plastic labels. They can be customized in any color, clear vinyl stickers are also popular in the market. 

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    Excellent Customer Service
    Best4U has a great customer service to attend to your inquiries and concerns
    Trusted By Global Brands
    Best4U supplies plastic sticker all around the world with different brands since 2009
    Fast Shipping
    Best4U guarantees that your plastic sticker purchases will be shipped as soon as tomorrow
    Make Your Job Easier
    Best4U takes care all of the process and makes it all convenient for you

    Best4U Can Be Your Perfect Partner For Your Business

    The plastic sticker could be plastic sticker rolls or sheets, depending on your product needs. If your product just needs pasting it manually you can have your plastic labels in both two packagings. But if you will have your plastic logo sticker paste those via labeling machines you can request it to have it on roll direction. Best4U has everything that you need so less hassle for you and saves you more time with it.

    Since 2009, Best4U plastic sticker manufacturers specialize in custom plastic stickers that can bring your brand to the next level. You may choose from a variety of high-quality materials for your custom plastic stickers at Best4U. Given the competition in the market, you have to find a supplier that has credibility, and Best4U plastic sticker manufacturers is the best supplier for you.

    Best4U also provides free samples of plastic adhesive labels that you can check and feel the quality of our materials. You are welcome to have and check it before ordering a big number of plastic sticky labels orders from us. Best4U guarantees that you will receive only the highest quality products. In case of quality problems, Best4U will surely find ways to resolve the problem.

    Best4U customer service is available 24hours for your concern and inquiries about plastic sticker. Any concerns regarding the product quality and shipping, our great customer will handle it in a friendly manner. This would make you feel complacent with us and with your orders during especially during shipment.

    For quality assurance. Your self adhesive plastic labels undergo 100% strict quality control. Best4U professional engineers and staff do four times quality checks before sending it for shipping. So we assure you are of 100% quality plastic sticker labels.

    As an experienced plastic sticker manufacturer for more than 10 years, more than 1000 global brands worldwide depend on Best4U. Best4U can export your custom plastic decals anywhere in the world, with Fast shipping lines that will ensure that your plastic labels are delivered on time. You don’t have to be concerned because Best4U will handle the entire shipping process for you; all you have to do now is wait.

    We can manufacture your custom printed plastic labels in high-quality plastic sticker printing using our high-grade printing machines and with the help of the Best4U expertise in creating every plastic sticker durable and stylish in a great way.

    No matter where you will use your plastic labels, this will be a big help in branding your products in the market. You can get plastic stickers for bottles, plastic jar labels, plastic jar labels, round plastic stickers, vinyl plastic stickers, removable plastic labels, and more.

    Every personalised plastic stickers are made with innovative and professional designers of Best4U. You can always be satisfied with what we produce because Best4U your plastic sticker manufacturers really cares about your satisfaction and the quality of each plastic vinyl stickers you receive from us.

    Best4U accepts small orders of plastic vinyl labels with 1000 pieces minimum orders required. We support small plastic stickers orders to help you start and eventually order big next time. Best4U will assist you in achieving that goal. Just send us your requirement and sticky back plastic labels orders, Best4U will have it done.

    Best4U ensures your orders are handled with care. A plastic sticker is placed inside a strong box that will secure your products, especially during shipment. With our fast shipping lines, your removable plastic labels orders will be at your doorsteps on time. Less hassle for you!

    Send us your plastic sticker orders now! Best4U is waiting for you!

    Plastic Sticker | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Labels play an important role in marketing your product. It is very essential in grabbing the attention of a consumer. A great packaging label is used by companies to encourage buyers to buy and purchase your products.

    Choosing the right material for your labels is very important. This should go with your products. Choosing the right label materials is an important component to ensure that designs and texts are correctly printed.

    The plastic sticker is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The type of stickers are strong and can last longer than other types of sticker materials.

    You can also customize your plastic label stickers with the help of your manufacturer.

    1. What is a plastic sticker?

    Plastic labels are durable, tough, and are very resistant. This makes them beautiful.

    Plastic stickers are perfect for products that get disorganized from time to time.

    Plastic Label Sticker

    This type of label is known to adapt very well in surfaces that are smooth whether you are putting or sticking it on a bottle, jar, plastic bottle, or cardboard boxes.

    2. Are plastic stickers waterproof?


    Plastic sticker labels are waterproof.

    There are some types of plastic label stickers that suit your product.

    For example, BOPP is recommended for drink bottles. They are waterproof and can last long outdoors.

    PVC, PET, PE are also some of the examples that you can choose for a waterproof plastic label sticker.

    Plastic Label Sticker

    It is best to test materials especially when you require waterproof labels.

    This would allow you to choose the right material for your product.

    3. How to apply plastic sticker by hand?

    Applying plastic sticker would require a simple process. With just following a few simple steps.

    During the application process, you may avoid bubbles that appear behind your labels and enjoy the professional look of your products.

    Plastic Label Sticker

    The following are some of the easy steps in applying plastic sticker by hand:

    • When applying a plastic label sticker, you need to clean the surface. You need to remove the oil and dust that prevents your labels from sticking properly
    • Steadily hold your product with the surface facing on top
    • From its backing, peel off the plastic label sticker
    • Secure both ends of the plastic label sticker and check its alignment with your product
    • Start pressing from the middle to the right and same with the other side.
    • Smooth out your plastic sticker and make sure it is properly placed on the surface of your product.

    These plastic label stickers are a great way to professionally present your brands. Sharing important information about your products.

    4. How do you get air bubbles out of labels?

    It is very important to remove air bubbles in your plastic labels after applying them to your products

    These are some easy ways to remove air bubbles.

    • Press down on the bubbles using your thumb and smoothen them.
    • Remove any air bubbles around the sticker’s edge using a squeegee
    • You may also lift the corner of the sticker to get rid of the bubble

    You can also secure the air bubbles right after applying your plastic labels on your product to avoid unpleasant views and easily removed plastic label stickers.

    5. What is Spot UV plastic sticker?

    Spot UV is a printing technique that is a coveted printing finish. This adds a very attractive effect that is glossy on a selected area of your label.

    To make sure that your labels are attractive, you have to plan your designs accordingly.

    Spot UV also refers to application on a specific area with a clear polymer coating that highlights a printed piece on your label.

    This also will create a highlighting of your logo or any spot of your labels that you want to be highlighted. Spot UV makes your brand stand out with custom spot UV labels ad adding extra custom flair and characters.

    6. How are plastic labels manufactured?

    Your plastic stickers are manufactured carefully by your supplier.

    These are some of the steps in manufacturing your custom plastic label stickers.

    • Material checking
    • Adhesive checking
    • Checking of templates
    • Manufacturing process
    • Checking of quality
      • Packing
      • Delivery process

    Each of your plastic sticker is properly checked by your supplier. This is why you need to find a supplier who is reliable and trusted with experience.

    7. Can I customize a plastic sticker?

    Yes! You can!

    You can customize your plastic sticker with your ideal design.

    Most of the China manufacturers offer pre-design plastic sticker or you may request to put your artwork.

    Plastic Label Sticker

    Customization of plastic sticker is very common for branding. This will give your brands a personal touch by adding your artwork.

    Most manufacturers in China have their design team to assist you with the layout in improving the look of your brand.

    If you have already a prepared layout, you can send it to them and let your suppliers know the requirements or the ideal plastic label sticker that you want.

    Choose wisely the material, colors, and especially the printing arts that will surely make your brand more attractive to consumers.

    8. On what products can I apply plastic sticker?

    A plastic sticker can be applied to almost all types of products.

    Plastic sticker are popular due to their durability that can last long in outdoor areas.

    Plastic Label Sticker

    Some of the products that can be applied with plastic labels are the following:

    • Beer
    • Wine
    • Water bottles
    • Coffee
    • Food containers
    • Milk
    • Tea
    • Cosmetics
    • Bathe products
    • Skin care products
    • Chemical products

    If you are to find a label that is waterproof and oil proof, plastic labels stickers are the ones that you are looking for.

    9. What materials are used in plastic sticker?

    There are several options of materials used in creating excellent plastic sticker.

    If you are having a hard time choosing the right material for your plastic sticker, your manufacturer can help you in choosing the perfect one for your products.

    Considering its durability and how long it will last with your products.

    Here are some of the types of plastic sticker:

    • PVC
    • PE
    • PET
    • BOPP
    • Vinyl

    The costs of the materials vary from their type. They have different unique capabilities that give your product more durable and attractive labels.

    10. How can I order plastic stickers in China?

    It is very easy to order plastic sticker labels in China.

    You can search online for a manufacturer in China that best suits your brand. You may check the supplier’s website and contact them.

    You may also fill in the required information given by your supplier’s website. Send them your requirements and your ideal plastic adhesive labels including your artwork.

    When you receive the quotation for your ordered product, you may now arrange payment with your supplier. You can ask them if they require a partial payment or a full payment before starting your ordered product.

    Your supplier for plastic sticky labels in China will arrange the shipping right after doing all the quality checking.

    You may request from your supplier to deliver your plastic label stickers on your doorstep or depends on what you have agreed with your plastic sticker manufacturer.

    11. Are plastic stickers affordable in China?


    In China, plastic label stickers are affordable. They offer the cheapest price plastic label stickers with a high quality of materials.

    This usually costs around $0.01 to $5. Many suppliers in China also offer discounts for bulk orders of self adhesive plastic labels. Prices also will vary on the design, size, and customization of every label.

    You can ask first for a quotation from your supplier before placing large orders of plastic labels.

    However, this is relatively affordable that will help your brand stand out in the market.

    12. Why do plastic sticker important?

    Labels are very important in branding and marketing your product

    Having an attractive label would attract possible buyers. This would benefit you more and make your products more popular.

    Plastic Label Sticker

    Plastic label stickers are tough and are durable making your brand labels last longer.

    Depending on your brand, plastic label stickers are waterproof and oil-proof. They would last outdoors exposing sunlight.

    13. How do you pack the plastic label stickers?

    Plastic sticker labels could be packed in different methods.

    Let your supplier know what you want to be your plastic label sticker to be packed.

    • On roll

    Plastic Label Sticker

    The custom plastic stickers roll is compatible with almost all labels. This would also give you a faster way of applying your labels to your products.

    • On Sheet

    Plastic Label Sticker

    Sheet labels are label form of printer paper

    These sheet labels are in a wide option of sizes. 12×18 inches, 8.5×14, 11×17 in.

    • Cut in shapes

    Your plastic sticker will be cut in shapes depending on your layout.

    14. Can I make my plastic sticker?


    You can create a plastic sticker on your own.

    There are available steps online that you can check and try.

    You just need a printer and a tool for customizing a plastic sticker.

    These are some of the steps that you might want to follow in creating your own personalised plastic stickers.

    • Select a shape of your plastic sticker
    • Measure the size that you need for your product.
    • Choose a tool that makes you comfortable in creating your plastic sticker.
    • Make use of the numerous available font features.
    • Upload an image or design of your choice
    • Choose a material to use for your label.
    • Use ready-made glue or use your adhesive glue.
    • Print your label designs and stick them to your product.

    15. What are the options in printing arts for plastic sticker?

    Making an attractive plastic sticker is very important in marketing your product.

    Aside from its material and layout, you may also want to consider the type of printing technique that would make your label more attractive.

    These are the options for the printing techniques

    • UV Printing
    • Hot Stamping
    • CMYK Printing
    • PMS Printing

    It is good to have a supplier that has these options for your custom printed plastic labels.

    Having many options makes you have the chance to perfectly choose the right printing arts for your product, making it more attractive to consumers and marketable.

    16. Does the manufacturer accept rush orders of plastic sticker?

    Yes! Definitely.

    Most manufacturers, especially in China accept rush orders of plastic labels.

    Rush orders are special so expect some changes on the price like most manufacturers.

    No need to worry because most manufacturers in China offer orders now and ship now depending on your order and the number of orders of plastic label sticker you place.

    Big manufacturers often have large stocks on hand to avoid delays in shipping orders. So your supplier might have the number of orders and products that you need and can ship them as soon as possible.

    Inform your supplier on the day of placing your orders that you like to rush an order and arrange with them the delivery time.

    17. Are plastic labels can be transparent?


    Clear or transparent plastic sticker labels are a common material in labeling products. It provides consistency in clarity and also it is waterproof and oil-resistant.

    Plastic Label Sticker

    This will allow your product to stand out and will enhance the look of label designs and while drawing attention to your goods.

    These clear plastic labels are very ideal for customizing fully your packaging look.


    Clear BOPP is a durable and water-resistant type of label material. This provides the benefit of making your product more visible.

    Applying BOPP looks like there is no label at all and this makes your product shine more.

    18. Are plastic stickers safe to use?


    Plastic label stickers are safe to use. They are made of premium and raw materials.

    These labels won’t affect the consumers. This also should be handled properly.

    All materials for labels are made to suit all products like foods and beverages.

    19. Does the supplier provide a free sample before ordering to them?


    Most of the plastic sticker manufacturers in China offer a free sample of their finished product for you to check the quality of their output.

    You must have a sample before placing an order to them.

    This will allow you to verify if you are in the right supplier or not by checking their finished product first.

    You may ask your supplier to have a sample of their finished product of plastic label sticker for you to check and can choose properly both the materials and the printing technique that your brand needs.

    20. How can I find a reliable and affordable supplier in China?

    It is not an easy task in finding a certified, reliable plastic sticker manufacturers.

    However, China’s manufacturers of plastic label stickers are affordable.

    Different manufacturers offer different services, products, and styles.

    You need to find a supplier that would fit your requirement and that also would not break your bank.

    Suppliers in China offer discounts especially on a big number of orders.

    Bulk orders are usually ae given with discounts and comes with quality and durability.

    21. Is there a minimum order required for plastic sticker?


    Manufacturers in China require a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for custom plastic stickers.

    This is because custom plastic labels manufacturing products would take time and also it costs money that is why manufacturer requires minimum order, especially on customized plastic label stickers.

    But several manufacturers have a low minimum order to purchase that would fit your budget.

    Look for a supplier who accepts small orders of plastic label stickers.

    22. Can I use plastic sticker for my cosmetic products?

    Yes, Definitely!

    You can choose a plastic label sticker for your cosmetic products.

    There are different types of materials that you can choose for your cosmetics.

    Plastic Label Sticker

    You may also customize your labels by choosing the right materials and printing techniques for your labels.

    You may want to ask your manufacturer what materials are best for cosmetics since they have already long experienced in the manufacturing industry.

    But if you already have an idea, you may request what type of plastic sticker should be used on your cosmetic products.

    23. Why should I choose manufacturers in China?

    There are several reasons why you should choose plastic sticker manufacturers in China.

    Reasons include:

    • Fast turn around
    • Certified Manufacturers
    • Wide option for manufacturing and printing arts
    • High-quality materials
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Follows strict quality control system
    • QC Report with delivery

    Manufacturers in China are certified manufacturers that have been serving the market with experience and professionalism.

    You will never regret choosing China’s supplier for they do what is best for their clients.

    24. What are the sizes available for plastic sticker?

    Your plastic sticker should fit the required size of your product.

    You must also consider that labels should be easy to read and customers should easily recognize your logo or brand name on your label.

    The following are just for reference.

    Plastic Stickers For Bottles
    Sr. No. Product Label Size (inches)
    1 Water Bottle 8.25 x 1.75
    2 Wine 3.5 x 4
    3 Beer 4 x 3
    4 Mini Coffee Bottle 1.75 x 8

    Ensure to properly check the size of your labels on your product to avoid labels falling down the sides of your jars or bottles. Make sure to accurately measure the sizing.

    25. Are plastic sticker removable?

    There are many types of plastic sticker materials that we need to consider.

    Most of the materials can easily be removed. But some labels are used to be permanent labels.

    Plastic Label Sticker

    You may look online at how to remove plastic sticker on a bottle.

    Here are some of the tips in removing plastic sticker from a bottle;

    • A bucket should be filled with hot water enough to submerge a bottle or a jar
    • Add drops of dish soap. This will help lose the label.
    • Add a cup of vinegar. White vinegar is acidic. It is easier to remove the label.
    • Place your bottle inside the water mixture. Ensure to sink the bottle to the bottom.
    • Let it sink for several minutes
    • Take out the jar, peel of the label, and clean it with a dry towel.

    26. What are PVC plastic sticker?

    PVC vinyl plastic stickers are designed only for indoor use. Yes, they are tough, strong and also PVC vinyl is waterproof but inks used in the process are not weatherproof, staying outdoor for a long time would destroy the surface of your label.

    Plastic Label Sticker

    PVC plastic label stickers are widely used in cosmetics, body care, detergent, food, household, etc.

    27. Can I make different shapes for my plastic sticker?

    Yes, you can!

    You can choose whatever shape of plastic sticker for your products.

    Plastic Label Sticker

    Custom labels are welcome in every supplier of plastic sticker in China.

    You can customize your plastic label sticker in whatever size, layout, and color that suits your brand.

    For example, most of the beer bottle labels are square or rectangle in shape depending on the type of bottle they are applying the plastic label sticker on.

    28. Are plastic labels can be stored in the fridge?


    Yes, you can definitely store plastic label sticker inside a fridge.

    Since plastic label stickers are waterproof, they are best to use for beverages, milk, and others.

    Plastic Label Sticker

    Plastic labels are also resistant to low temperatures making them perfect for beverages and other items that need refrigeration.

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