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Best4U pillow box is versatile, can be used in many ways, including pillow gifts for cosmetics, apparel, chocolates, surprise gifts, etc. It is durable and can help to protect your products.

Eco Friendly Recycled Kraft Paper Pillow Boxes
Customize your kraft pillow box with custom size, color, designs
Wedding Favour Embossed White Pillow Boxes
Gift pillow box is very popular and impressive for wedding party
Cardboard Pink Gift Pillow Boxes With Handle
Gift pillow box with handle is attractive and easy to carrry
A4 Frosted Black Pillow Boxes With Ribbon
Pillow boxes could be with ribbon or rope handle as well
Colored Holiday Gift Christmas Pillow Boxes
An elegant gift pillow box for someone that you want to surprise
Custom Logo Hair Extension Large Pillow Boxes
Trendy and elegant pillow box with handle that Best4U made for you
Custom Print Jewelry Pillow Boxes With Window
Pillow box can be creative with the help of Best4U designers
Custom Logo Square Soap Small Pillow Boxes
Pillow boxes in small size could make your handmade soap unique
Decorative Halloween Treat Standing Pillow Boxes
Custom standing pillow boxes for treats is good choice

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    Best4U is a great choice of pillow box manufacturers in China, specializes in packaging and printing services since 2009. Our ultimate goal is to give you high-quality pillow boxes at the best price, with highly advanced machines, professional creative designers, friendly staff, a wide range pillow box factory that can sustain your orders accurately, and an experienced manufacturer for over 10 years.

    Best4U offers the best price for your custom pillow boxes with premium quality materials. You can personalize your pillow box packaging with your own design, making it with a fabric handle is an awesome choice for gifts.

    Your pillow box packaging can be used in various ways and in any season. You can use it for smaller or lighter items such as Christmas gifts, candy, wedding favors, wig bundles, and clothes, etc. Best4U can also manufacture large pillow boxes for bigger items.

    Best4U is known to be number 1 in a pillow gift box with unique creations and innovative ideas that you can surely love. Best4U can supply your pillow box with as many as you wanted. We give free samples of gift pillow boxes for you to check the quality of our pillow gift box before you will send your orders. Best4U can produce 30,000+ custom pillow box per 5 hours and supports small orders for your convenience.

    You can select what is the right materials for your pillow boxes wholesale, including corrugated paper, Kraft paper pillow box, cardboard paper, C1S/C2S art paper etc. But C1S/C2S paper is the most popular one for printed pillow boxes.

    Grab this chance and send your inquiries here in Best4U now!

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    Best4U printed pillow boxes are a great way to package your products and can make an impact on consumers, they can make your packaging unique and eye-catching. Best4U pillow box in China always does what is best for you and for your products.

    Best4U provides rich designs of pillow boxes bulk and printing services worldwide. Best4U is trusted by 1000+ global brands for over 10 years in the printing industry. With our automatic production line, strict quality control for every pillow box, and systematic procedure for every process.

    Best4U has a wide capacity for your pillow favor boxes, to assure that we can make your pillow box orders ahead of time. For packing your pillow box, we secure your paper pillow box with stronghold cartons to prevent it from being damaged. Best4U cares for you and for your products.

    Before Best4U delivers your orders, your pillow favour boxes must go through 100% quality control to check their quality individually. Best4U pillow box manufacturers manufacturer is capable of protecting your custom printed pillow boxes orders. Your pillow box is safe here in Best4U.

    You can also order any kind of pillow box, including Chinese pillow box, pillow favor boxes, jewelry pillow boxes, gift card pillow box, gold pillow boxes, etc. Best4U has many options for you to choose from and we can handle it all.

    Best4U has a lot to offer just like, mailer box, magnetic gift boxes, packaging box.

    You can personalised pillow boxes, the artwork designs, color, size, and printing methods, as well as the materials. With a quick turnaround time of orders that are being processed immediately, cheapest cost and we have low minimums of ordering custom pillow boxes wholesale.

    Quality is all that matters to us, you won’t regret choosing Best4U as your pillow box manufacturers. Best4U provides the right quality pillow pack box for your brand, and also we provide the designs, we have professional designers that can assist you if you don’t have time to create designs on your own. Thousands of free templates for your options to create a stunning custom pillow box packaging that you can find on our website.

    Our beautiful pillow box printing using advanced printing machines is highly qualified and capable to produce elegant printing designs for your corrugated pillow boxes. You can request to have pink pillow boxes, pillow shape box, wedding favour pillow boxes, medium pillow boxes, shipping pillow boxes, etc.

    Special coating for your pillow paper box – Gloss pillow shaped gift box, Matte pola pillow box, and Holographic craft pillow boxes. Select the right option of coating you want for your eco friendly pillow boxes, our experts will guide you through and give you the right information about finishes and coatings of personalized pillow boxes.

    It is a clever decision to choose recycled pillow boxes to pack your products. The Best4U’s personalized pillow boxes are handy, unique, and appealing to the customers. You can get more of our pillow box envelopes in bulk or in small orders, we accept any quantity of cheap pillow boxes for start-ups or for beginners in the business.

    Your cardboard pillow is amazingly beautiful with Best4U. You can trust the process with us, we ensure a 100% quality assurance where we conduct a strict quality checking of your card pillow boxes individually. We make sure that every gift box pillow is high-quality with no damage, strictly packed with hard boxes to secure its quality.

    Brand logos are best to be visible on your pillow box gift packaging, even names, etc. This can boost your branding and consumers will always remember your brand with good packaging and a good product inside the cardboard pillow packaging. You can buy pillow boxes any time you need, just contact us with your preferred needs, we are right here to assist you 24/7.

    Some of the Best4U’s creations are frosted pillow boxes, silver pillow boxes, soap pillow box, blue pillow boxes, easter pillow boxes, square pillow box, Halloween pillow boxes, wedding pillow boxes, long pillow boxes, embossed pillow boxes, pillow favours, holiday pillow boxes, etc.

    We can also make different colors of standing pillow box, such as rose gold pillow boxes, purple pillow box, red pillow boxes, blue pillow boxes, pink pillow boxes, green pillow boxes, and any colored pillow boxes. Making your cardboard pillow boxes wholesale colorful is a stunning way to attract buyers and your guests inside a venue or reception.

    If you need assistance in bringing your special occasion memorable and elegant, talk to us and we will present to you our works and give you a lot of options in making luxury pillow box gift boxes as favors or giveaways. You can have a4 pillow box or any size you need that can fit your items inside the printed pillow packs.

    There are many pillow boxes for sale online and even near your place. You can purchase printed pillow boxes wholesale anywhere, but always remember to prioritize the quality of what you are purchasing, and doesn’t cost a lot. It is very convenient to order corrugated kraft pillow boxes online, however, you have to choose your pillow box manufacturers wisely to get quality pillow boxes for gifts prior to your standard.

    Why choose Best4U as your pillow boxes manufacturer and supplier? No matter what event or for what application, Best4U is one call away for your packaging needs. Best4U is a leading manufacturer of different packaging and stickers and custom labels since 2009 that trusted by many brands globally.

    Pillow treat boxes can stand out with the Best4U’s cute and enticing designs, choosing your own designs is also acceptable here to be more creative and explore your style in various ways. No matter what size or how small and how large your pillow pack gift box is, we can manufacture them accurately with our best designers and experts.

    There are 90% repeat orders of gift boxes for pillows and mostly are recommendations from our loyal customers. Best4U has supplied branded pillow box since 2009 to various brands all around the world with positive feedback from them on how we make them satisfied with our decorative pillow boxes.

    You can be one of our satisfied clients and we assure to give you what you exactly need from us.

    Send us your inquiries for the Best4U pillow box now!

    Pillow Box | The Definitive FAQ Guide

    Pillow box FAQ Guide comprises a series of questions and answers to assist the newbie or professionals alike in pillow box packaging.

    This guide provides valuable information about pillow boxes, custom pillow boxes, different sizes, uses, benefits, cost, design methods, and much more.

    Pillow boxes add a memorable flavor to a specific occasion. First, however, you must give a shot to pillow boxes to have a practical experience.

    1.    Can you post pillow boxes?

    Yes, you can post your pillow boxes around the world.

    While sending gifts or items through the mail, some people like to use sturdy items to withstand the rigors of traveling through various shipping containers.

    Thankfully, pillow boxes are one of the most common types of packaging boxes.

    Pillow box

    They offer a solution for those who want an eye-catching look but also provide extra insurance against breakage.

    When posting your pillow box, keep in mind that a specific weight is permissible. Above that weight limit, you will not be allowed to post your pillow box.

    You can post anything which you want using your pillow box.

    2.    How do you assemble a pillow box?

    You can assemble your pillow box by following the given steps:

    assemble pillow box

    • Fold along the lines you have scored, apply slight pressure, and pull out the paper. This should give you a clean edge.
    • Stamp the paper with a pattern, and decorate it depending upon your needs.
    • Glue the pieces of a pillow box so that it is snug against the sides.
    • First, glue the sides together and then glue the bottom of the box together.
    • Tuck one end into the box, then tuck the other end into itself to close the pillow box.

    While gluing, make sure that all the edges are completely sealed, and there is no gap left in between.

    3.    How do you make a large pillow box?

    The process to make a large pillow box is given below:

    • Select the type of material with which you want to make a pillow box.
    • Cut the material into the relatively larger and desired shape in which you want to make your pillow box.
    • Now paste the edges together that you have cut before with the help of tape, glue, or folding technique.
    • Leave your pillow box until it dries completely.
    • Now decorate it or put the elements like logo, image, or artwork on your pillow box.
    • After you have finished decorating, you can now do the final test for its strength and use your pillow box for the desired function.

    4.    Are our pillow boxes sturdy?

    Yes, a pillow box is a great option for packing fragile or heavy items.

    The construction of a pillow box is typically sturdier than a regular box you might use for other packaging purposes.

    Besides being made from carton board, these boxes are usually harder to get into.

    Pillow boxes can be easily opened or closed because they were constructed to fit the product inside.

    The sturdiness of the pillow box can be increased by increasing the thickness of the material and type of material used in the manufacturing of the pillow box.

    Materials with higher load-bearing capabilities are also used in the construction of pillow boxes to increase sturdiness.

    5.    What are pillow boxes used for?

    Pillow boxes have several uses.

    The essential functions of a pillow box are to protect and package the contents.

    Depending on the style and material used, pillow boxes can be used as decorative items or gift packaging. In addition, pillow boxes are ideal for most party favors, extraordinary items, and more.

    Pillow boxes are widely used in cosmetic product packaging, including cream, mascara, eye shadow, hair extension, etc.

    Embossed pillow boxes are used in brand promotion or advertising to increase the net revenue.

    Pillow boxes are also used to house large products bigger in size, including handkerchiefs, cups and saucers, candy, bath products.

    6.    What printing technologies are there for pillow boxes?

    Several printing technologies exist today that are widely used in the printing of Pillow boxes.

    You can select any one depending upon your budget, intended application, life, and aesthetics.

    Some of the most common printing technologies include:

    • CMYK
    • Ultra Violet
    • Flexo-printing,
    • Thermal transfer printing,
    • PMS
    • Hot stamping includes holographic stamping
    • Laser direct thermal printing
    • Inkjet-printing.
    • Solid Color Stamping like gold, silver, red, green, purple, etc.

    Each printing technology has its features and applications.

    7.    Why is pillow box so popular to pack wig bundles?

    Because of the thickness of the bundles, people always have a hard time packing them in a standard box. The biggest reason may be the size of the piles.

    Wigs are valuable products, sometimes worth hundreds of dollars.

    However, they are very fragile and often get tangled while being shipped to the final destination.

    This is why pillow box is so popular to pack wig bundles.

    Another reason we choose a pillow box to pack the hair bundles is, it’s resistant to damage.

    A pillow box is a relatively big carton with one end that can be opened flat while the other end has a flap that folds over; hence it provides cushioning to wigs bundles.

    8.    How do I make a pillow box template?

    There are several approaches to making a pillow box template.

    Here’s what you’ll need to create your pillow box template. – cardboard (Kraft paper and cardstock are best) – bone folder or ruler – pencil – self-healing cutting mat – exact knife score the sides of a rectangle to make more folds easier to make, slice the cardboard into three the same pieces.

    Pillow box template

    The first piece will be for the template itself. The second piece will be for the lid of the box. Finally, the third piece will be for the bottom of the box.

    To make a pillow box template, start by making a pattern. The pattern depends upon the intended application or end-use.

    A few dimensions, including the desired length, width, and depth, will need to be marked on the cardboard to play out accurately.

    Now glue and paste all sides to form a pillow box template. The option exists to make either side a closed lid or open flap.

    9.    What are pillow boxes made of?

    There are different materials exist used in the manufacturing of pillow boxes.

    • Art Paper
    • Fluorescent and foil paper
    • Coated Paper
    • Textured Paper
    • Kraft Paper
    • Semi-gloss and high gloss paper

    Each material has its surface finish, durability, and service life. Therefore, you must select the type of material that suits your product function and application needs.

    10.      What is a custom pillow box?

    A custom pillow box is a packaging box that is made explicitly following your needs.

    Custom pillow box allows you to change the size, color, material, shape, texture, and artwork depending upon the desired function.

    The Custom Pillow Box is perfect for your special occasion, like birthday parties, wedding events, or anniversaries.

    Custom pillow box allows you to develop a strong market presence by standing out from your competitors with your specific customized pillow box aesthetics.

    When creating your custom pillow box, as you increase cost, the finished pillow box features increase, such as durability, decoration, artwork, looks, etc.

    11.      What are the sizes of pillow boxes?

    Pillow boxes are available in different sizes. You can select any one depending upon your need.

    sizes of pillow boxes

    Some of the pillow box sizes are listed below:

    Sr. No.

    Product Size (in) Sr. No. Product

    Size (in)


    Pillow Box 2-3/4×2-3/4×7/8 8 Pillow Box



    Pillow Box 4×3-1/4×1-1/2 9 Pillow Box



    Pillow Box 4×3-1/4×1-3/16 10 Pillow Box



    Pillow Box 6×4-1/2×1-1/2 11 Pillow Box



    Pillow Box 6-3/8×5-1/2×1-5/16 12 Pillow Box



    Pillow Box 7×5×2 13 Pillow Box



    Pillow Box 9×4-1/2×2 14 Pillow Box


    12.      How can I print the pillow box?

    There are a variety of methods on how to print your pillow box.

    You can start by creating a pillow box template or picking a premade template.

    You can create a template using online or offline tools.

    There are thousands of pillow box premade templates available online. You can also print them after editing or customizing them.

    In premade templates, you can change color, text, size, image, and artwork.

    After modifying, you can easily take print from the attached printer using preferred printing technologies.

    Premade templates help you save designing costs and time.

    13.      What do you mean by a clear pillow box?

    The clear pillow box is a transparent, non-tear, and cheap kind of pillow box.

    The clear pillow box is a type of box widely used in packaging.

    Transparent pillow boxes are partially or wholly transparent, depending upon the type of product they are intended to use.

    clear pillow box

    The product, or in this case the pillow, sits inside of the transparent box for retail sale.

    Clear boxes have many purposes and can be used for a wide range of merchandise. However, they are primarily used to display products for sale in retail settings.

    Other uses include wedding favors, party favors, and more.

    14.      What are the machines used in pillow box printing?

    Several printers in the market are widely used in pillow box printing. These printers are listed below:

    • HP Offset Jet Pro 9025E
    • Pantum P2502 Wireless Black and White Color Printer
    • Epson workforce pro-WF 3820
    • Canon LBP113w image class wireless laser printer
    • Brother Genuine Drum DR420
    • HP Envy 6055 Wireless All in One Printer
    • Brother HL L2300d Monochrome Laser Printer
    • Zebra ZT411 Thermal Transfer Industrial Printer

    Each printer uses different printing technology and special ink. These printing machines found their use on both commercial or industrial scales.

    But if you need it print more perfectly, custom your pillow box in professional manufacturer factory with advanced big machine is the best, pillow box supplier will print them with industry printing machine.

    15.      Where can I buy a pillow box?

    There are two options to choose from: looking for a cheap and reputable supplier to buy a pillow box.

    • If you are looking for retail, you can search online stores. These stores offer high-quality pillow boxes with the lowest price on the market.
    • If you need a wholesale or custom pillow box, you can search for the manufacturer in China. These places offer high quality at the lowest price.

    While placing an order, you can customize your pillow box in many different sizes with different shapes, colors, fonts, and themes.

    Custom pillow boxes can help you identify your pillow boxes quickly, and you can also feel free to add the logo, text, or art if needed.

    Pillow boxes are shipped directly to your doorstep with clear instructions on how to use them ideally.

    16.      What do you mean by a pillow box with the window?

    A pillow box with a window is defined as a box with an embedded window cut out of the lid.

    The purpose of a window is to provide the customer with easy access and a view of the content inside without having to cut or open the box.

    pillow box with window

    The window size can be made larger or smaller depending upon the size of the product you want to exhibit.

    The window usage prevents the extra cost of material used in constructing pillow boxes.

    It’s a design packaging strategy that makes the most open area for business logo, brand name, and product information while keeping in the essential parts from the product and the actual parking space.

    17.      Is there any pillow box with a handle?

    Yes, there are pillow boxes with handles.

    The handle’s size and shape depend upon the size and shape of the pillow box and on the weight, it needs to carry.

    The most common shapes for handle include oval, ellipse, and circle.

    pillow box with handle

    The handle is attached to the pillow box with the help of glue, tape, or perforations.

    Handled pillow boxes provide significant assistance in carrying pillow boxes from one place to another and play a vital role in the organizing process.

    You can put your fingers through the pillow box to have a firm grip which ultimately helps you in convenient transit.

    18.      Can I decorate my pillow box?

    Yes!  Decorative paper, fabric, lace, and ribbons are all excellent materials for embellishing your pillow box.

    Options exist to decorate your pillow box with markers, inks, paints, or adhesive stickers.

    These pillow boxes are designed to be decorated. Cut and score the top flaps of your package before assembling.

    Pillow box with decoration

    Lightly dampen the fold lines with a sponge or damp rag and crease them using a bone folder, tool, or another smooth object that won’t tear the paper.

    Finish decorating the boxes with decorative paper and embellishments.

    The embossed pillow box is a decorative cardboard pillow box that can package gifts or other items.

    19.      What can a pillow box do to your wedding?

    Pillow Boxes are an excellent way to add that special extra touch to any wedding event.

    A practical, elegant, and affordable decorative pillow box is a great way to package the programs for your reception, or you can decorate the boxes as place cards to make your table settings simply unique.

    wedding pillow box

    A great way to give your guests something to do while expecting something. Pillow boxes are also perfect as favors.

    Wedding guests will be happy to receive and take home these little boxes as a gift.

    You can create a custom fold-top pillow box for a wedding favor or presentation.

    Add a special touch by decorating the box with ribbon or lace, then fill it with extras such as candy, coins, confetti, pins, or flowers. The possibilities are endless!

    20.      What is a vector or raster pillow box template?

    The template for making vector or raster pillow boxes is a floor plan of the coveted pillow box formed by folded pieces of paper.

    The key to designing such templates lies in ensuring that the folds meet perfectly on either side so that when the pieces are assembled, they look seamless from both sides and don’t show any traces of the inner or outer folds.

    The difference between vector and raster pillow box templates is listed below:

    Sr. No.

    Vector Pillow Box Template

    Raster Pillow Box Template


    This template graphics are made of lines

    This graphic template is made of dots


    The color profile must be applied to the images for optimal viewing. Photos must be converted into the appropriate color space before being processed.

    Conversion to a specific color space is not required.


    Vector graphics are used in web design because they can be drawn continuously, and no distinct shapes or objects have to be created.

    Raster graphics can draw Bezier curves, with fidelity and precision limited only by the pixel resolution of the graphics hardware.


    The cost associated with vector graphics is more. The cost associated with raster graphics is less.


    A more storage space is required for the vector pillow box template

    A less storage space is necessary for the raster pillow box template


    File Format: TIF, JPG, GIF

    File Formats: SVG, EPS, PDF

    21.        What is the software used in making pillow boxes?

    There is various software that is widely used in making pillow boxes.

    If you plan to make a pillow box, you can easily use standard software like MS-Word, MS-Excel or Power Point, which will help you create pre-designed pillow boxes of any size.

    This standard software is easy to use, and it requires almost no technical knowledge to create attractive pillow boxes.

    In case you want to create a design by yourself, you can make use of the software’s listed below:

    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe InDesign
    • Canva’s
    • Acme insight
    • Nextar Pos Software
    • Prime Label Printing Software
    • Label Follow
    • Guttenberg ERP
    • HDPOS Smart for Electronic
    • GNPrinting Label Printing software
    • Zebra designing

    These software’s require somehow pro skills to successfully operate them.

    But this software’s provides you with the high-quality result that helps you build confidence in your customers in the market.

    22.      What is the cost of the pillow box?

    The cost is quite different when the pillow box order quantity and size is different, and beside quantity and size, material, printing technology and attached accessories will also affect price.

    Unit price range is about $0.1 to $2 for normal paper kind. Because printing machine prints pillow box rapidly, the quantity is bigger, unit price is cheaper.

    23.      Can you recycle the pillow box?

    Yes, you can recycle it, but you need to know if your pillow box is made of recyclable material before you do that.

    These pillow boxes are easy to recycle in any regular paper collection facility.

    The recycling process for pillow boxes begins with the sorting process.

    The sorting process involves separating the different types of paper that are in the recycling stream.

    The pulp and fibers are separated from the other materials. The paper pulp is then re-pulped and processed to create a clean, white fiber for new production.

    With the Pillow Box Recyclable Boxes, you can utilize the same space for multiple uses.

    You could use a pillow box size to hold business cards, jewelry, a small index cardboard book, or other special items and designs.

    24.      How to measure your pillow box?

    You can measure the size of the pillow box with the help of flexible tape or a ruler.

    To measure the Length: Locate the longest side of the pillow box and hold it up with your other hand. Face it towards you on the left, holding it with your right hand.

    Measuring pillow box

    To measure the Width: Measure from one side of the back edge to the other.

    To measure the Height: To find the height of the box, measure from the center of the top flap on both sides.

    25.      Why import pillow boxes from China?

    Importing a pillow box from china is an excellent choice.

    The option exists to order your custom pillow box.

    Chinese pillow box manufacturers provide you with the option to make pillow boxes according to your specifications or needs.

    They allow you to choose from any material, shape, dimensions, material thickness, artwork, decorations, embellishments, and colors.

    These manufacturers directly deliver the order to your doorstep with instructions on how to use these pillow boxes.

    They provide high-quality pillow boxes at an affordable price as compare to the market.

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