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Best4U is an expert in creating your packaging sleeves perfectly, durable and stylish, and it is useful in many industries such as food packs, bath products, chocolates, perfumes, and more…

Cardboard Coffee Cup Bottle Sleeve
Customize your packaging sleeves for cups to be more attractive
Color Printing Food Sleeves Packaging
Whether it's a food packs, bar of chocolate, or tray of eggs..
Printed Sock Product Sleeve Packaging
Best4U will help your brand look professional and it is very cute
Custom Design Soap Packaging Sleeve
Soap sleeves will make your product alluring and will look better
Custom Paper Eyelash Packaging Sleeves
Best4U will help your products enhance and highlight the product
Custom Printing Tie Sleeves Packaging
It's a perfect branding solution for your tie products in custom designs
Recyclable Kraft Paper Sleeve Packaging
It is a like a paper carrier, custom your own printing to stand out
Logo Printed Clothes Shirt Sleeve Packaging
Could give your shirt a tidy looking in sale, custom print to show your brand
Cardboard Eyeshadow Sleeve Packaging
It is very functional and eco-friendly, simple but high performance
Chocolate Bar Sleeve Packaging
Chocolate bar sleeve package makes your chocolate more appetite
Custom Packaging Sleeves For Gift Box
Custom packaging sleeves could be for gift box and postal mailer box as well
Custom Yogurt Packaging Sleeves
Printing yogurt packaging sleeves could be together with your milk in fridge

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    You have many choices to select the printing technologies you want for your custom packaging sleeves. Except for CMYK and PMS printing, Best4U also provides UV printing, gold stamping, silver stamping, or other solid color stamping and laser stamping, etc for your custom box sleeves.

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    It started in 2009 when Best4U gave all its best to all the customers who need assistance with their brands. Best4U can manufacture packing sleeves in any kind of packaging sleeve printing arts like hot stamping, emboss packaging sleeves, PMS printing, CMYK packaging sleeves, Spot UV, cold foil printing, etc.

    Select what you need with two types of hot stamping that Best4U recommends such as solid colors like red packaging box sleeve design, gold packaging sleeves, purple custom sleeve boxes, green packaging sleeves, etc., and the other one is a holographic laser.

    Best4U makes your sleeve boxes wholesale flexible in many ways, it is easy to put and it wraps around your product. From the Best4U sleeve package, there are options to choose to like cardboard box sleeve for socks, packaging sleeves for soap, custom sleeve boxes for towels, packaging sleeves for food, eyelash sleeve packaging, and more…

    There are more options of packaging that Best4U offers such as lid and base box, lip gloss box, mailer box, etc.

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    We can print and highlight your logos in your sleeve paper box, just how you wanted to look them, we ensure that every printed design is noticeable and elegant to look at in sleeve box printing. You can also add images in front of your sleeve in packaging for the wedding, colorful prints on corrugated box sleeve for birthday favors, floral designs for your wrap around sleeve packaging for reunion giveaways, or minimalist designs for your cardboard sleeve box for branding, etc.

    No matter what your needs are, Best4U is always willing to help and give professional suggestions in creating your kraft box sleeve in the best way we can. We support on time delivery of your tie sleeve packaging at your designated location or address.

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    Packaging Sleeves | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    This guide is all about packaging sleeves.

    Packaging sleeves – The Ultimate FAQ guide contains all the related information that you might need to know while researching about the stylish packaging solution for your business.

    This guide contains information about what packaging sleeves are, why they are used, what benefits they can yield to your business, how packaging sleeves are printed, the best printing options, why you should consider ordering packaging sleeves from China, etc.

    1. What do you mean by a packaging sleeve?

    Packaging sleeve is also known as belly band packaging, box sleeves, and sleeve packaging.

    The packaging sleeve is a wrap that has no ends like a box.

    You can wear a packaging sleeve on your products.

    A packaging sleeve is an over sleeve that you can use to make your product more attractive and appealing.

    Packaging sleeves can slide over the product, so it should have a size greater than the product, but it should not be much bigger to be attached to the product without friction.

    Packaging Sleeves includes a design that protects the product and allows the customer to see the product for purchase.

    You can custom print your packaging sleeves for any product.

    Packaging sleeves can increase your product packaging value.

    Packaging sleeves are often used on various products such as clothes, food boxes, jars, etc.

    2. The packaging sleeve is composed of what elements?

    Packaging sleeves are usually made of paper.

    Different types of papers are used to make high-quality packaging sleeves with varied features.

    You can use the following paper types to make your packaging sleeves:

    • Kraft paper
    • C1S and C2S art paper
    • Recycled paper
    • Textured paper
    • Gold and silver paper

    Different types of paper give varied durability to packaging sleeves.

    While choosing the kind of paper for your packaging sleeves, you should consider the type of product you will use it.

    Every type of paper gives different print quality, so you can also choose the best kind of paper regarding the quality of print you want on your packaging sleeves.

    3. How are packaging sleeves manufactured?

    The manufacturing process of packaging sleeves is very simple.

    All you need is your preferred paper for the packaging sleeve and some glue.

    Packaging sleeves are made using the advanced bending and drawing technique to produce a long plate with curved curves.

    The manufacturing process of packaging sleeves includes the following steps:

    Designing packaging sleeve

    In this step, the packaging sleeve is designed according to the size of your product and all the dimensions.

    The die lines are made to prominent the cutting lines and crease lines.

    Then a machine prints these die-lines on the paper.

    Printing packaging sleeve

    After the die lines are printed on the paper, then that paper goes through the printing process.

    In this stage, your required design, logo, background, colors, or any information related to your product is printed on the template of packaging sleeves.

    Different printing technologies are employed to give you the desired printing quality.

    Cutting packaging sleeve

    At this point, the template of the packaging sleeve is cut on the die lines.

    A cutting machine cut down the template from the rest of the paper stock.

    The paper now acquires the shape of packaging sleeve with the crease lines

    Assembling packaging sleeve

    The packaging sleeves are then bending at the crease lines, and the sides of them are attached with glue to make a sleeve.

    After this, the packaging sleeve is all ready to be used on your products.

    4. How do you measure a packaging sleeve?

    You can conveniently measure the size of the packaging sleeve that you want for your product.

    All you need to do is have a piece of paper and wrap it around your product, such as a jar, box, etc.

    After this, mark the point where both ends of the paper meet.

    Some points that you should keep in mind while measuring your packaging sleeve size are

    • Make sure that the packaging sleeve can slide over your product.
    • It should not be too tight to cause friction while you wear it on your product.
    • It should of the size that stays in place and does not displace its own over the product.

    It is very important to correctly measure the size of the packaging sleeve before you make your own or place an order to the packaging sleeves manufacturing company.

    5. How packaging sleeves enhance brand importance?

    Packaging sleeves are commonly used to enhance the brand importance of products. Ideally, packaging should distinguish products from each other and make them stand out in the market.

    Packaging sleeves come with an iconic look that makes customers pay attention.

    For example, expensive packaging sleeves can attract a lot of customers.

    A good packaging sleeve comes with a standout logo design that is eye-catching and appealing to many.

    Using ready-made packaging sleeves can be a much faster and more cost-effective approach for increasing brand awareness.

    Custom products of all kinds are available in the market, especially today, where there is a proliferation of online retailers.

    For commercial businesses, these online stores are a big source of competition.

    Some online retailers come with attractive offers, which may be financially beneficial to the company.

    This is where the importance of appealing packaging comes into play.

    Impressing customers with creative designs helps companies maintain loyal customers and prevent them from switching brands to those who use similar or even better packaging.

    6. On what products packaging sleeves can be used?

    Packaging sleeves are versatile to use.

    You can use packaging sleeves literally on any product.

    You can employ packaging sleeves on products such as

    • Books, magazines
    • CDs, DVDs, video, audio products
    • Toys
    • Food jars, bottles
    • Cards, pamphlets
    • Clothes such as t-shirts, pants
    • Socks
    • Hair extension bundle
    • Soap
    • Coffee cup
    • Boxes of different products such as a shoebox, toy box, etc.

    You can use packaging sleeves on the product you want because packaging sleeves increase brand importance by enhancing the eye-catching look of your product.

    7. In what sizes are packaging sleeves available?

    Packaging sleeves are available in unlimited sizes.

    There is no actual size of the packaging sleeve, as it all depends on the size of your product.

    The size of your product measures the length of the packaging sleeve.

    Some common sizes that various companies use for their products are as follows:

    Packaging Sleeves sizes

    Sr. no. Dimensions in inches

    Length x Width x Depth

    Sr. no.

    Dimensions in inches

    Length x Width x Depth


    1.75 x 1.72 x 3.00 7. 1.55 x 1.55 x 4.66


    2.50 x 0.84 x 3.84 8. 2.75 x 2.25 x 2.25


    2.44 x 0.91 x 2.88 9. 3.75 x 1.77 x 2.56
    4. 2.28 x 0.88 x 2.28 10.

    1.50 x 0.25 x 2.50

    5. 1.60 x 1.60 x 4.70 11.

    3.38 x 0.50 x 3.00

    6. 1.67 x 0.53 x 2.20  

    You can custom make your packaging sleeves of any size according to the size of your product from packaging sleeve manufacturers and suppliers.

    8. How are packaging sleeves printed?

    Packaging sleeves are printed in the packaging sleeve printing press.

    The printing process starts before obtaining the die-cut piece of packaging sleeves.

    The design is made digitally and is printed on the packaging sleeves.

    The design made should be following the dimensions of the packaging sleeves.

    If the printing design is not within the dimensions, then the print will not go well.

    You can custom print your packaging sleeves.

    If you do not have a design in your mind or want some professional help, you can contact the designer teams when you order your packaging sleeves from packaging sleeves manufacturers and printers.

    9. Can a packaging sleeve be with a window?

    Yes. It can!

    The window on a packaging film is not covered with transparent material.

    Usually, the window shape is cut down on the packaging sleeve that shows the product when the packaging sleeve is applied to the product

    A window on the packaging sleeve can be in different shapes and sizes as well.

    The window attracts consumer’s attention three times longer than traditional packaging.

    Each packaging sleeve is a custom product with an optional window and can be made in any size.

    Packaging sleeves with windows play a key role in visualizing the product.

    It has evolved into a communication tool that adds dimension and depth to the brand.

    Packaging sleeves with windows provide a great opportunity for branding with your logo or product description.

    A window helps customers purchase your product because the window will give the consumer a look at the product while keeping them from having access to it.

    10. What type of printing techniques are best for packaging sleeves?

    Various printing techniques produce remarkable print results on paper packaging sleeves.

    You can choose any printing technique depending on your own choice.

    You can consider the environment of the product on which you will use the packaging sleeve.

    Some of the printing technologies best for the packaging sleeves are:

    • CMYK printing technique
    • PMS printing technique
    • UV printing technique
    • The solid color stamping technique
    • Laser stamping technique
    • Gold stamping
    • Silver stamping
    • Hot and cold stamping
    • Embossing technique
    • Debossing technique
    • Holograph printing technique

    PMS printed packaging sleeves

    PANTONE Matching System is a color system.

    It offers two-color matching and three-color matching to make your design match as closely as possible.

    Using PMS printing for your packaging sleeves, you can save time and money because they are easy to control.

    Embossed packaging sleeves

    Embossing is a process of adding raised design elements onto the surface of packaging sleeves.

    For example, the texture of embossed text looks 3D and can be used more easily than a flat printed packaging sleeve.

    Hot-stamped packaging sleeves

    In addition to making unique custom designs, hot stamping is an eco-friendly way to mark various designs on packaging sleeves.

    The process is safe, clean, and requires fewer chemicals than other techniques.

    11. How many sides of packaging sleeves can be printed?

    Usually, the packaging sleeves have front and back sides to be printed.

    You can choose whether you want to print on the

    • Front side only
    • Backside only
    • Front and back both side

    Many packaging sleeves manufacturers and printers offer options for the sides of packaging sleeves to be printed.

    You can also custom print your design on the packaging sleeve.

    You can select whether you want the same design print on both sides or a different print on the front and backside of the packaging sleeve.

    12. How can I make a packaging sleeve at home?

    You can make a packaging sleeve at home without any hard and fast rules.

    You can follow these steps to make a packaging sleeve at home.

    • Measuring your product

    Measure the product for which you want to make a packaging sleeve.

    This will help you determine the exact dimensions of your packaging sleeve that fits nicely with your product.

    • Designing and cutting of packaging sleeve

    When you have got your dimensions, then you can design your packaging sleeve by using the software.

    Then you can print the template of the packaging sleeve and cut the paper according to that template.

    • Assembly of the packaging sleeve

    After cutting your packaging sleeve, you can glue its sides and use it on your product.

    Do not forget to leave some margin on the ends of packaging sleeves for gluing the edges.

    13. Are packaging sleeves a cost-effective solution in printing?

    For sure.

    Packaging sleeves are a cost-effective solution for companies that need to print multiple items and labels individually.

    The packaging sleeves allow you to customize each with your designs and images.

    Packaging sleeves also saves money for the overall printing of packaging boxes.

    The printing cost of packaging sleeves is way less than printing all the four sides of the box.

    Printing of packaging sleeves can be done on either of the two sides, front and back.

    The dimensions of the packaging sleeve further affect the cost of printing.

    14. Are packaging sleeves best for the handmade soap business?


    Packaging sleeves are best for handmade soaps.

    While making packaging sleeves for handmade soaps, you should consider the paper type and printing technique applicable for the product and the environment in which it is placed.

    Packaging sleeves go well with any product. That is why you can use it in any business.

    15. What are the uses of packaging sleeves?

    Packaging sleeves are the mediums used by manufacturers and businesses to store, wrap, ship, and sell products of any size.

    Packaging sleeves are used to protect products from dust, liquids, light, heat, or chemicals.

    The advantages of packaging sleeves over traditional packaging means include the fact that they are often more affordable and lightweight, being made of paper.

    Packaging sleeves provide various uses, including shipping, supply storage, and organization, while providing unique marketing possibilities for organizations using them for advertising campaigns.

    16. What can I print on the packaging sleeve?

    You can print anything on your packaging sleeves.

    You can print

    • Artistic design
    • Images
    • Information including ingredients, company address, etc.
    • Background designs

    You can custom print your packaging sleeves by conveying your design or art to the packaging sleeves company while ordering.

    17. What do you mean by tub packaging sleeve?

    Tub packaging sleeve is a type of packaging sleeve used on bowls and tub-shaped packaging boxes.

    Tub packaging sleeve can be in the form of the individual pack or as one packaging sleeve used to hold multiple tubs at once.

    Tub packaging sleeves are usually built differently than normal packaging sleeves.

    The tub packaging sleeve has cuts on the side through which the edges are exposed.

    It helps in holding the tub without removing tub packaging sleeves.

    Tub packaging sleeve is mostly used on food tub boxes.

    18. Can I use packaging sleeves for cards?


    There are packaging sleeves for cards that you can use

    Packaging sleeves for cards serve the purpose of a paper cardholder.

    You can custom print your packaging sleeves for cards to transfer a VIP feeling to the recipient.

    19. Can I use kraft paper packaging sleeves for coffee cups?


    Kraft paper packaging sleeves are made of kraft paper

    Kraft paper packaging sleeves are ideal for the food business.

    You can use kraft paper packaging sleeves if you want your packaging sleeves with additional strength and durability.

    Most cafes and restaurants employ kraft paper packaging sleeves for the customers who want to take away their orders, be it coffee cups or any other beverage.

    20. Can I have packaging sleeves of different colors?


    You can order packaging sleeves of different colors from packaging sleeve factories.

    You can print your packaging sleeves with any color you want.

    You can have a solid color packaging sleeve or custom print your desired color in different shades all at once on the item.

    Many packaging sleeves sellers offer pre-made packaging sleeves, so you can also order your favorite one if you do not want to customize it on your own.

    21. What do you mean by custom packaging sleeves?

    Custom packaging sleeves mean the packaging sleeves that are catered according to your demand.

    Custom packaging sleeves have all the features that you want in your packaging item.

    Packaging sleeves manufacturers offer custom packaging sleeves options for their customers to choose their desirable features to be added to their order.

    The customizable features of packaging sleeves include size, shape, with or without window cut, glue type, peel or seal option, printing options, art designs, surface finishes, etc.

    22. Can I order custom packaging sleeves from China packaging sleeves manufacturers?

    Absolutely, yes.

    You can always order your custom packaging sleeves from Chinese packaging sleeve manufacturers.

    Most packaging manufacturers offer the custom-made option to their customers to make a packaging sleeve that is your absolute favorite.

    You can select your preferred options from custom options and make your own unique custom packaging sleeves for various products.

    23. Do packaging sleeves suppliers make biodegradable packaging sleeves?


    Packaging sleeve manufacturers make biodegradable packaging sleeves.

    It means you can follow the path of saving nature by using harmless packaging solutions for your products.

    Packaging sleeves are made of paper, so you can rest assured that your packaging needs will not negatively affect the environment.

    Moreover, you can easily recycle your packaging sleeves.

    24. Can I use packaging sleeves as takeaway carriers?

    Yes, you can.

    There are packaging sleeves designed in such a way that enables you to take away your products from one destination to another safely.

    Packaging sleeves as takeaway carriers are helpful when you are in transit and want to deliver your product without any damage.

    25.    Can a packaging sleeve be with a magnet?


    Packages sleeves are not made with embedded magnets.

    This is because packaging sleeves are famous for their lightweight, and the use of magnets on packaging sleeves increases their weight and violates their fame.

    There are magnetic closure boxes that you can get if you are looking for a packaging solution that has a magnetic feature.

    26.    What do you mean by packaging sleeve with the hanging hole?


    Packaging sleeves can be made with a hanging hole.

    A hanging hole enables you to hang your product that is protected with the packaging sleeve in your shop or supermarket.

    Packaging sleeve with a hanging hole saves up your space on the shelve and enhances the product’s visibility.

    27. Can I make a packaging sleeve with a handle?


    You can make a packaging sleeve with a handle.

    A packaging sleeve with a hanging hole enables you to hang your product. The packaging sleeve with a handle allows you to carry the product while holding it without any inconvenience.

    28. Can I order a packaging sleeve with ribbon?

    Of course.

    You can order packaging sleeves with accessories like silk ribbons if you want to plan a promotional campaign.

    Packaging sleeves with ribbons enhance the elegant presentation of the product and pictures an eye-catching look.

    29. Why should I buy packaging sleeves from packaging sleeve factories in China?

    Various factors are considered for customers to order packaging sleeves.

    Some of the points that will cause you to order packaging sleeves from China are:

    • High-grade quality
    • QC inspected the manufacturing and dispatching process
    • Faster delivery
    • Lower prices without reducing the quality
    • High-quality prints
    • Custom option
    • Sophisticated designer and customer care team
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