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    13 Top Design Ideas for Packaging and Labelling of Shampoo

    In the morning shower, shampoo is a regular necessity. The bath products made by the hair care sector are among the most well-liked types of cosmetics. Numerous hair care products are available on the market. Therefore, I’ve decided to challenge your thinking today with some shampoo label and packaging ideas in the hopes that they will provide you with a ton of inspiration for your upcoming design work.

    These types of enterprises always have the potential to attract devoted customers, given that beauty products are essentials on the vanity table. In this situation, there are a lot of competitors for haircare brands. Playing around with the labeling and packaging of hair products is one technique to win these competitive events. But coming up with a fascinating one is not simple.

    We put so much emphasis on our hair. It represents femininity, masculinity, freedom, beauty, and everything in between.

    Shampoo tops the list of hair products about to high expectations as people choose them with great care.

    If you’re selling shampoo, your product must persuade customers to trust it with the maintenance of their hair.


    This labeling and packaging design plays around with detailed illustrations and minimalist ideas. The pack’s logo and straightforward language highlight the feminine nature of the product. Additionally, it features pastel hues like cream, pink, and baby blue.

    The labeling and packaging for the shampoo product employs a standard pump design and includes additional outside packaging in the form of a tote bag.

    Orga Pure

    Orga Pure is another shampoo and hair product that uses its labels and packaging to communicate with its target market. The hair care product uses pale green and greenish bottles to display the organic material contents.

    The labeling logo is rather straightforward, with pleasing graphics and percentages. The design is simple to interpret and stimulating because it has a 90% mild recipe indication.


    Designed to make your hair more natural and healthy, the GoodHair collection of premium, handcrafted hair care products is of the highest caliber. As a reflection of the new mindful urban lifestyle and self-care, the branding is upbeat, thoughtful, and responsible.

    The packaging and labeling express the satisfaction of self-care as well as the joy of handcrafting. The product names, Heal, Senses, Grow, Shine, and Calm, also reflect this.


    The logo reflects the contemporary sensibility of urban culture and is wise, responsible, and upbeat. Designs for labels and packaging are intended to convey the enjoyment of using properly chosen natural ingredients and practicing self-care.


    This idea was developed for a line of kid-friendly hair products. They want to create a product that kids would like to use in the bathtub and that parents would find appealing.

    Borabella Gloss

    With its choice of colors, the labeling and packaging for Borabella Gloss are quite feminine. On top of the glossy material, it uses pinkish pastel hues that look opulent.

    It adheres to the brand name. The use of a gentle natural color scheme and a white bottle highlights the label designs, which clearly explain all the information.


    Gyre Meredith uses color and distinctive patterns in their shampoo and hair care labeling and packaging. It seemed overpowering at first. However, it supports the brand’s actual objective.

    The hair care items are designed for coiled, curly, and wavy hair types. To represent the many purposes, various curl patterns, numbers, and colors are used.


    In the vintage-inspired labeling and packaging of Ofrose, the black and earthy brown color scheme works well. The hair product’s non-square label is complemented by the usage of old logos and illustrations.

    Additionally, the business sells conditioners also in a variety of labeled packaging. Both share a similar color palette and aesthetic, which highlights their specialization.


    The Ecocraft labeling and packaging design use a straightforward logo and a gentle pastel blue color to emphasize the quality and natural feel. The only colors used are light sky blue, white, and black. The minimalist and natural themes permeate the entire image.

    Additionally contributing to the appearance of elegant, contemporary, and sophisticated goods are the use of soft geometry.


    BLOK is a coriander and fennel-scented shampoo for guys. The initial challenge was to create a shampoo bottle that would add aesthetic interest to a bathroom’s decor and turn into a priceless item that you would not want to throw away.

    Take off the labels and packaging, and the bottle will transform into a character. The labeling and package include all the product information. That man will now reside on the bathroom shelf.

    Master Guo

    Isn’t it curiously gratifying to see a shelf of neatly arranged goods with the same elegant box design? Since you said “yes,” here is the label design produced for Master Guo, a shampoo manufacturer.

    Ann Carol

    Shampoo product labels and packaging with a minimal, stylish style. To set the product apart from the competing products on the market, use bold typography.


    They employed a minimalist, modern aesthetic with a dash of retro geometry to define Semilla, a new hair care company. Matte charcoal and copper tones contrasted with a calming sandy beige.

    Inspiration for Shampoo and Other Haircare Product Labels and Packaging

    You can find plenty of labeling and packaging examples for hair products to draw inspiration from. One strategy is to go with the flow. Some of the concepts that aid in defining your brand identity might be combined by you. Consider using distinctive custom typefaces to help your branding stand out, for instance. Bold and striking patterns are an additional exciting concept.

    It became more popular to pay attention to stipples, typography, or erratic patterns. It is entertaining and simple to understand. The same is true for a complex line drawing that frequently draws female viewers. On the other hand, a sleek black color packaging design also excels. Other concepts include florals, warm tones, and contemporary pastels with a basic aesthetic.

    Build Your Brand

    You can start by designing hair products based on your style. Choosing the approach will assist you in creating other packaging and design components, such as typography, color, or natural aspects. Three factors should be taken into account when choosing a color for your labeling and packaging design: stand out, grab attention, and fit your brand personality.

    If you make wise color decisions, your hair and beauty items might seem appealing and unique. However, you must experiment with fonts to make them stand out. Having something distinctive and identifiable will aid in building a brand identity. It is also important to mention that labels that adhere to FDA regulations and list the components should be included in the container.

    Set The Standard For Designs

    When designing labels and packaging, various design components must be taken into account. The style comes first. It is the design’s attitude and character. Do you want it to be traditional and minimalist or bright and bold? It will be simple to select more components to make the design coherent after the style has been determined. The choice of colors goes along with fashion.

    A common color scheme that complements the chosen style must be established. To provide an example, try to utilize pastel hues like soft pinks and yellows if you want to come off as kind and empathetic. Avoid using strong or daring colors like purple and crimson. In other words, using colors that are absolutely at odds with the identity you are attempting to express might appear weird.


    You may find a ton of labeling and packaging design samples and inspiration online, so you can determine the most recent style. Most frequently, earthy or natural hue tones are used in hair and cosmetic products to denote the key component. Some of them are also audacious enough to employ some text and distinctive fonts, making the brand obvious.

    The packaging for your hair product might be designed similarly. Delivering the message will be aided by mentioning the objective, constituent, method, and advantages. The company stands out from rivals by using certain distinctive colors, patterns, fonts, and other packaging design components.

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